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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 27, 2019 8:30pm-9:01pm EST

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stated quote the same people that are charging you for prostitution are the people turning around and buying it from you. and tragically my friends this isn't just a problem isolated to the beautiful islands of hawaii no no no no no no in fact it's only recently in the last few years that states like hawaii alaska and michigan saw legislation coming down the pipe that actually outlaws police from engaging in sex acts with victims of trafficking during the course of their investigation because apparently our fine friends in blue needed a law to tell them that sleeping with victims you should be saving was a bad thing but i guess when according to the a.c.l.u. more than half of the states in the united states of america allow police to use consent as a defense when charged with raping a person they had in custody is that really such a surprise now let's start watching the hawks.
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it looks like. it's really. at the bottom. like you that i got. was that we. would. welcome everyone watching with a robot and i'm to have a lot less than not shocked not i wish i was that i'm not i'm not shocked at all that the police. don't police themselves yeah and you know kind of kind of what we talk about on the floor. yeah i don't i'm not entirely surprised to say here that. i think it's the number zero percent edge of people who were involved and some of that issues that i thought was disturbing part of it is i mean we're
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going over the report earlier today and you know when you see numbers like that on average the age of those being trafficked is just fourteen years old all together you know sixty eight point two percent a report of child welfare child protective services involvement as a minor sixty two report that they were involved in that and then without being dr a good victim sixty three percent were placed in foster care during their childhoods forty four percent reported being seen by medical providers during their sex trafficking experience and then only one cases all in hawaii and only one case where they're dead of by medical personnel as being a victim of trafficking so it's not just not see that you know nothing about as a doctor as a policeman that these are people who are you know it's just stress it just it truly hurts and then when you know what this report shows and look i don't think hawaii is the outlier in there so i mean we don't normally just seeing how the law enforcement those are the people you expect to they should be there for victims of
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trafficking may should be there for process oh my god this man is trying to kill me not abuse them not to take advantage of the situation or act and when you look at what i what. what happened and what we're talking about here because i have a lot of people go oh well if you're arresting a prostitute money pays like there's there's a lot of questions about what it is and i think most of them end up taking you to a place where they're blaming the victim in order to make what they did ok. carlos with the hawaii state commission on the status of women explain this actually i said this range from cops asking first. actual favor is to marco worst of situations like i'll let you go if you do x. y. or z. for me bring customers after an hour is in exchange for cigarettes or gas money so all of this happens despite the y e ending the legal exemption that allowed undercover cops let's be clear about that there was
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a rule that allows undercover cops to solicit prostitutes but that even the trolls traced back in twenty fourteen to make it more clear would still have been taking advantage of someone who is not protected by the law who is in a very unprotected very oppressed class and taking someone who's at risk and instead of helping them taking advantage of them getting advantage of them and you know this is one of those things we've talked about it i've been before on this show and know we've talked about it just when we see there's some of these are really good some of our skin is like ok great they've changed the laws now to work undercover cop can't have sex with a prostitute that he's trying to bust or if she's trying to bust great yeah but a buzz feed in the house is a buffalo news database problem that there is such a terrible thing as the consent defense and back twenty six out of the least one hundred fifty law enforcement officers charged since two thousand and six with sexual assault sexual battery or unlawful sexual contact with a person in custody have been acquitted or had charges dropped against them after
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using the term said deep as meaning that if you're in custody the police and they have sex with you and let's say you know you can send it out of whatever reason fear whatever they can use that as the debate over this person even though they're handcuffed in the back of my car while they're it's consensual sex i mean you know consent to do anything when you are in handcuffs in police you can't even breathe the wrong way well if you look like me you can but if you are going everywhere you can you know the idea of the you know we the idea of what when consent is possible and when it is impossible is something that i think people need to understand children cannot consent. ok we have laws for this and when you have someone in custody someone who they breathe the wrong way or do something is going to get a resisting arrest charge and everything else they don't they're not in a position to give consent willingly. that's just costing and i mean what he has like well they're sad it's ok so you're a scumbag. and. cope through of the cop shouldn't be having sex while on
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duty most powerful woman go to their jobs are in a lot of their jobs first sex workers and which should be illegal to have sex at their jobs the rest of us we don't get to have the loophole of well you know if the guy shows up and. i go to disco yes fact is it's mind blowing you know is there anywhere we can protect women not even from cops just taking advantage of them like we're just meat oh well ok that's not shooting us they're trying to have sex with us to what for cigarettes that's what this comes about and that's what this comes down to is just the abuse of women and abuse by people in power abuse their power so are more awful. on february fourteenth of this year. member of the pakistan based armed terrorist
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group mohammad or army of army of mohamed rammed a bus carrying indian state security personnel with a vehicle carrying over six hundred fifty pounds of explosives killing forty including himself the suicide bombing is the latest in the series of attacks between india and pakistan based groups since one nine hundred forty seven the crux of the argument is which countries should control the region known as cush mir since the suicide bombing india conducted air strikes in pakistan they claim killed three hundred militants in pakistan then shot down two indian warplanes on wednesday after which they captured one of the pilots who are still being held as these two nuclear. power is battle among civilians the civilians of both countries are taking a much more peaceful approach to the crisis starting the hash tag say no to war. broke. president of the all india professionals congress tweeted the only war india and pakistan should fight is illiteracy poverty and violence joining us now from miami with the latest on the crisis of kashmir is r.t.
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america is john had a welcome john. thanks tabitha good to be here with you john i've got i got to start is it possible this could lead to an all out war between these two countries something that many people are fearing because they're both new nuclear powers. tyrrell it's a good question it is possible though it appears at this point that pakistan really doesn't want this to escalate any further one because of what the pakistani prime minister said earlier today basically raising the question to his country and india look we are nuclear powers do we want this to go any further do we want to miscalculation to lead to war and then too because of the fact that pakistan while attacking indian targets did so without actually crossing into the country's airspace that so-called line of control leading into india so there really has been a certain level of restraint involved and also keep in mind no one has actually
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declared war so that's an important point as well. john what did the u.s. say because we've heard a lot from other countries out a lot of them are saying please sit down please have diplomacy but what are we hearing from the you asked about this they found. yeah well u.s. secretary of state might pompei o has talked to both foreign ministers of both countries urging them to avoid an escalation and to prioritize direct communication to try and essential to temper the overall situation and deescalate it but you know keep in mind the trumpet ministration has been more politically aligned really with india in fact last year as you probably know the white house cut one point three billion dollars in military aid to pakistan because of what president called the country support of terrorist groups and obviously pakistan the nies those allegations from both the white house and also from india you know it is it's such a complex situation and a lot of times it's easy to kind of give law you know
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a lot of the people you know directly affected it gets lost without the soldiers civilians things like that so that while the first questions i think a lot of people have is you know what is the word on the fate of the cops or to be a pilot of the exchange but you know ships are allowed to go airplanes cut shot down and now there is this indian pilot what what what is the state of him or do we know what's happening with. well pakistan says that they're treating him well and there was the various videos today released by the pakistani military first of all one of the pilot on the ground being kind of roughed up by villagers before the pakistani military intervened and you know him and took him into custody then there was another video that was removed that has since been removed showing the pilot with what appears to be bandages being questioned and then a third video with him drinking a cup of tea being asked some questions only very politely kind of a pointed back and forth exchange so at this point he remains in pakistani custody
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but india is as you can imagine demanding his release and safe return. to the country and i think it's safe to say tyrone tab if that were to happen there would likely be a deescalation in the overall tensions remember both countries almost went to war back in two thousand and two so this is definitely you know as close as it's coming now with both sides you know going in gauging this arab battle but again no one has declared war and i think everybody is hoping that it remains that remains the case and it doesn't go to that next level because again he's are both nuclear powers. i could have said about it i think we're open about thank you very much for the great report on how do your two murders drown out about i mean thank you so much. as we go to break or watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook you tube and twitter and see our poll shows that are t.v. dot com coming up author and speaker d watkins joins us to discuss the seventh
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anniversary of the murder of trayvon martin i don't want to miss this they are watching the. banks gooders survival guide stacey just like all the stores. that are all these are. you sure there you go to the back. repatriations to look at the rest to seventy years. philippus every year that's kaiser report. what politicians do you
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should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to the press it's like them before three of them or can't be good. interested always in the waters about how. this should be. my son versus doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse he started going after the users in a prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became
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convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are true with numbers of people who are in prison for. certain sins for warren or minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. when the whole make this manufacturer come sentenced to the public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. it's time to ignore middle of the room sick. leave room for the real news.
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on february twenty sixth seven years ago a murder took place inside a gated community in sanford florida and uncovered a long history about the state of race relations in the united states of america the event was the tragic shooting death of seventeen year old trayvon martin by then twenty nine year old george zimmerman superman claim the shooting was a legitimate use in florida's controversial stand your ground laws as his defense for killing the black teenager a jury later found him not guilty however the circumstances and actions by zimmerman on that fateful night the handling of the case by the u.s. justice system and mainstream media would showcase the racial bias many us institutions and white americans still have today despite the great leaps forward in civil rights fought for by black americans in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's today let's look back on trayvon martin george zimmerman and the
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tragic events that would lead to the rise of the black labs matter movement as we examine the seventh anniversary of the killing of trayvon martin with author and speaker to walk it's welcome. a thanks for having me yeah this is you know seven years of it's kind of surprising it's actually a feels like yesterday you know. looking back now seven years later you know what stands out to you. about the killing of trayvon martin you know now that there's been you know that's a seven hundred. seventy years i can i can say historic hypocrisy you know because you know we see what we saw what happened what marissa alexander in florida who fired a warning shot in the air now because her husband was abusing her and she was just trying to protect herself or her child she actually went to jail and there you have george zimmerman this clown. who murdered innocent kids who police actually told
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him. pursue. jill or continue to go to jail over the past seven years this guy is a breath she you know robert downey jr jr he's a real criminal he's a real criminal and you know the fact that he's still able to function and nobody's able to bring up this case is just. well that's one of the things when you look at the two people involved in this directly involved in this case of trayvon martin and george zimmerman on one side trayvon and his death has inspired black lives matter has shown us it showed congressman it showed politicians just how scary it is to be a young black teenager in this country. he became a civil rights icon while as you said george zimmerman's life has spiraled out of control he's had health issues run ins with the pulley stocking assaultive point
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a gun at somebody obviously he's got to have it out but he also is apparently two million two point five million dollars in debt with zero income so he should be rich i mean no people have paid to speak places he's made appearances. he read about when he was on the scene one of the first big interviews he ran up to ten thousand dollars bill and hold him his brother and he started treating people who worked in the past we were so it was like he should have money like it's just he's a horrible person trayvon did more with his life interest even in death trayvon martin seemed to have done more with his life and more with you know who he was and what he brought to the world but george zimmerman has living every day since that. terrible sort of cross with his parents at a table last year the door promo for a documentary about the life that is the life and death of this son and just you know to sit in the look in tracy. i just feel that pain
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that he has to know that this person is still walking around in the systems that are put in place to protect all of us is not going to do anything is one of the most i know it was her feel for him but it was hurtful for me too because i felt like you know you want to be rational you want to do the right thing but this guy was allowed to be rational disguise was allowed to do the wrong thing and if you retaliate against him you're a bad person and all he does his best stuff over and over and over again he's a stocker what else you know and one of the things that really got to me too when you look at this case is the media coverage of speaking to one of the great institutions of the united states and how they failed this case because it's like if you remember early on in this case he got shot everyone was like this is a tragedy i think even bill o'reilly called it a tragedy early on and then suddenly like the media switched and suddenly became the victim that is george zimmerman and everyone suddenly start. yeah. like it was
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a white man you know and so i have to ask you know. have those mistakes i mean maybe i don't have those mistakes been been fixed at all in your opinion as the media learned anything from the mistakes they made in that coverage and let you pick in the sides choosing to pick sides and is going to go smart people like you but you have you are ready with making the right decisions anyway smart people smart people always wait for the facts smart people always consider everything and in come up with that mentality to say stupid people in media say oh the conservatives in the races we're going to be behind them in a way is even is even why well. you know we got around him and then people on the other side you know sometimes do the same things and i'm saying like at the end of the day you know at some point somebody needs to stand up and say the. we
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need this stuff in the victims on trial of trayvon martin was the victim trayvon martin and wasn't being charged with anything but if we talk about somebody like freddie gray or michael brown they didn't get a day in court so they can't be the bad guy we can demonize them we can't pick their record apart because they were in a. virtual virtual no. as you said that the the death of trayvon martin was absolutely politicized highly politicized but both the left and the right how do you feel that that hindered civil rights that that hinder it that that set us back because it felt that way watching at where you were watching the left and the right just jump on everything on either side and sort of miss the tragedy of it i think a lot of people. you know like i said i feel so bad for his family but a lot of people. or use this viral experience to promote themselves even. before all this or against this. or both
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and i think we missed the point and the point is someone. just is me giving his speech to a bunch of people who get excited about speeches but not excited about actually contribute in some type of way to fix some of these issues. it doesn't say anything and this is why every so often you know every couple of these shootings happen every day but every couple of months one picks up steam. it gets a lot of attention people will rally around their cause into the next thing comes they may bounce from the goal to next and it's unfortunate when we really should be we really should be addressing the issues we should be you know telling people young kids like trayvon to not wear a hoodie in a pool your parents should be telling clothes like zimmerman to not be every says it and not follow people when you're not even a cop you know what i mean like we need to be doing things to solve problems instead of just demonizing victims or creating you know creating creating demons
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out of the victims that exist and it was the thing you have to remember about this and the thing that always bothered me was anybody trying to excuse george meant and zimmerman's actions and try to make trayvon martin out to be some kind of you know that was the thing he was and he was that he was all he was a child. he's a seventeen year old child he's not legally allowed to do much of anything at seventeen years old we don't let them buy cigarettes we don't buy booze but somehow we make them responsible for the fact that they scare a grown man twenty nine year old man that's something that never got me with that connector how are you going to have the bones that you were scared of a seventeen year old boy you're a twenty nine year old man in a same breath cry about freedom talk about freedom yeah he had the freedom to go to school go to the store and buy skittles he had the freedom to walk and he doesn't have to stop and put his hands up because. stupid learning challenge one of the little security guard god told you to stop freedom sort of people care about his
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country deserves freedom i'm afraid of my freedom where he only took this young man's freedom but he took his life in the affected the lives of a lot of people by you know that kind of wrap up i want to ask you know looking back seven years what's the most important lesson we have learned that we still need to learn from this. the most important lesson i've learned is that you came to kill a black person and live a quality life so as a black person i need to move in a way where i know that's the reality that's what i took from it. a lot of people came together again when when the march is when the peace rallies want to send you to go home with a concert it's not up anymore we've got to go back to living in this world. the world has not changed he has not apologized he's not sorry and the people who supported him follow suit they don't do anything book until you do push the same b.s. stroup you never see that really you don't see somebody saying oh i learned from my
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mistakes and you very rarely have seen you had a lot of second amendment people and quite frankly the second amendment is there to protect you and me from people like george zimmerman. the idea that we're all you know that that somehow trayvon martin wasn't allowed to protect and. if that george zimmerman is allowed to make that decision then i think that's the sound part is that we're all looking at each other like how are you going to hurt me. and i know that doesn't get us anywhere it doesn't it doesn't and you know you're the one thing i look at this that i say i wish it didn't have to happen but i'm glad it did not the death of trayvon and i wish that never happened but i'm glad it was part of a catalyst that got us to black lives about the brought these things back into the forefront again because i think this country far too quickly it's like oh well the sixty's happened civil rights happened over the expects this showed it was a de thank you so much for coming on always a pleasure having you think it was. in july of one thousand nine
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hundred seventy two russias of america eight space probe became the second known manmade scrap to land on the surface of the planet venus but it's crap the cosmos for eighty two venus probe that launched on march thirty first nineteen seventy two didn't even get out of the parking lot see a bomb launch it suffered engine failure was forced to jettison parts of the craft which ended up landing in a farm in new zealand the rest has remained in earth's orbit for nearly half a century until now seems it's picked up speed in its orbit of the earth it now orbits the earth every one hundred twelve minutes a pretty fast food scientists say to speed up means the cosmos forty two payload engineer in it will probably fall to earth this year probably in a place say that and scientists are excited to study whatever survives to better understand not only effects of space but all the junk we leave out there it comes
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right back with former new zealand but also there's something coming out of the sky so if you find it and jam and if there's something out russia don't worry you're not being invaded it's going to be ok the space deserves over there remember everyone in the world record holder of the sword so you all i love i am a robot i'm top of. watching the hawks over and over great. join me every first week on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. need. all my dough for one hour six dimmable five months on
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you know we're number one the capital in united states we all slow number one. for dick cheney. i mean. for most. he will you selling crack rock or you got to we can jump shot in order to excuse. you've got to act like a lion amongst all the one. piece of the beast so this is somebody who it is at the root for. yeah yeah. never ever. was.
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you know. i mean i mean you know you're not. going to shoot me a little. pakistan says it hasn't shot down two indian air force jets over disputed kashmir capturing two pilots on the nuclear farm deprival violence escalates. the claimant that wiki leaks founder julian assange has met with the trumps of former campaign chairman paul metaphor could take a new turn as are two receives a response into a freedom of information act request sent to the london police. and of the issue of wiki leaks is also raised in the u.s. congress has trump's disgraced former lawyer.


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