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miche you. can say by barriers or walking out of this. both the russian and u.s. resolutions on venezuela in the un security council with the two nations each other's proposals for the deepening of the stalemate of latin american countries. the second summit ends up properly with no deal in a stall over sanctions north korea says washington mr rat chance to make progress over denuclearizing the korean peninsula. and facebook is accused of censoring conservative voices of the whistleblower reveals how the social network suppresses content and limits exposure. in the course of
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doing my duties i noticed other things that were going on accounts i would see it appear on several different conservative pages. and it's midnight here in moscow and you're watching all t international live from our studio with me welcome to the program. russian and u.s. resolutions on the venezuelan crisis a failed to pass in the u.n. security council but countries put their proposals to a vote however moscow and washington both rejected each other's motion the american resolution was put up for a vote first nine members voted in favor three abstained and against with russia and china among them exercising their veto power the russian proposal was supported by four votes on the post by seven with four abstentions here's what the russian
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and american ambassadors had to say during the session. again you have them with ashley the we have finally arrived at the u.s. double sanders show and venezuela a month ago and the day before the security council meeting it became absolutely clear that the majority of countries in the western hemisphere irrespective of their political affiliations years are advocating for the resolution to the problems in venezuela by venezuelan people themselves on the basis of dialogue the time for a peaceful transition to democracy is now. each member of the international community that joins in recognizing the government is supporting the people of venezuela as they strive to claim their democracy. there were high hopes in hanoi but both dawn and came on have come away empty handed from their much anticipated second summit the talks ended earlier than expected with the u.s. president blaming north korea's demands of the lifting sanctions for the failure to cut a deal it came as
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a surprise to many after the optimism shared by both leaders before the talks. took the first summit was agreed to just what hopefully will be equal or greater than the first right here pretty. safe. if you're going to. deal. with me that. always have to be prepared to walk i could have
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started to the greens today and then you people would have said all of what a terrible deal what a terrible thing to do you know you have to be prepared to walk we actually had papers ready to be side but it just wasn't appropriate i want to do it right i'd much rather do it right and do it fast. and. korean foreign ministry has since issued a statement claiming they did not all sanctions to be lifted most of them they also said washington had missed reiterating that their position on denuclearization will not change. what became a fleeting second day of the summit. talks were cut short because no agreement was made the two were actually supposed to have lunch and have a signing ceremony which never happened the reason behind that was because the
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leader of north korea actually wanted the sanctions unappealing lifted. what we propose was not the removal of all sanctions but their partial removal this proposal was the biggest equalization measure we can take at the present stage in relation to the current level of confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the united states our principles remain invariable and our proposal will never be changed even though the united states proposed further negotiations in the future basically they wanted these sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that. they were willing to do new go largely portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for the donald trumps he could not give up entirely the sanctions that cannot give just whatever the leader wanted so what he said is that it wasn't a good time to actually sign the deal and sometimes that's what great leaders do they just walk away for something to happen later on to potentially get actually get a bit of a better deal and what's interesting also here to point out is that he also
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mentioned that it's been a productive time between the two but i guess you also repeal the seeing that the whole deal was made because of the u.n. sanctions that he didn't agree with now didn't decide on what's going to happen on the korean peninsula whether they're going to dismantle all or the nuclear facilities but what he did promise was no missiles will be flying over the korean peninsula and the time being now if there's going to be a third summit that not clearly see if it's going to happen but there was kind of open when it when it was mentioned another interesting factor to point out is that the two leaders of the regional leaders of korea and japan would be very very interesting the un their reactions on the how what they have to see the outcome of this deal because if anyone has to lose it's pretty much them to. project. has exposed what it claims is a series of tools used by facebook to target a politically conservative state content without warning they include it as hate
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speech limiting live streams and suppressing their. presence known as. his. i handled copyright and trademark claims and in the course of doing my duties i noticed other things that were going on in accounts and that is why i came forward i would see it appear on several different conservative pages are going to go. right we're going to go live to new york to talk about cutting into the to the u.n. security council meeting where rival resolutions from russia and the u.s. on venezuela have both failed to pass. once again rob an entire nation of billions of dollars on our forces and really imposing handouts which are contingent upon regime. first you'll create a colossal he and i turn problems and then you call upon the world to resolve that
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. we were forced to exercise the right to a veto because the u.s. draft is not geared towards resolving the problems and as well for this reason we propose an alternative draft resolution a draft resolution that could have helped to the venezuelan people independently without foreign intervention to resolve their problems today many delegations have said that is necessary as soon as possible to hold elections in venezuela. actions are no elections and this is this isn't to be taken by the venezuelan people themselves do not decide for them you know most important is most dialogue and you are literally and figuratively burning down the bridges that are documented contained support for the montevideo mechanism for dialogue and mediation clearly are not what washington and those delegations supporting it are not what they are
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aiming for today we've heard of utter a by the distinguished percent of the united kingdom all an old song from a few of the russian grad wasn't asked and the us was vetoed. so for the sake of this this entire thing that was concocted and tomorrow this will be making front page headlines and yet the fact that our draft was killed that won't be mentioned at all. and we have to call and we remember that this was done in the past this was done deliberately. specifically for this purpose as you are deliberately fracturing the unity of the council as has been mentioned today and it's not the first time that you are doing so. you must lose a. little seventy members as you can council vote seventeen now vote against our resolution and this was an alliance of latest thinking aligned surveys discipline
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whereas a majority of those on board not just not even venezuela but international law gone out of the country and there are far more of those it means sixty as has been reflected by their recent meeting has always held indeed the numbers of far greater more than one hundred of them are here seated in this chamber. is a vote is that when you larry examine all of them what they say why the veto is necessary in order to houma louisiana and their right. of peoples to determine their own military said today it was made evident that had the strong not been conscientiously exercising the council itself would risk transforming itself into a threat to peace and security it's a good thing that this did not happen today thank you. and i thank the representative of the russian federation for his statement. to appear in the phone or to the representatives of all of our republican venezuela. let it out and
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over here thank you very much mr president. minutes well i think when they're all in as we're learning today i thought it was completely a piece a piece preserved by the constitutional government of president nicolas maduro who is in full exercise of his legal powers and who guarantees the protection of national territory as well as the well being of the venezuelan people and effective control over the country let me repeat. there is no type of violence in venezuela if there are threats against peace those threats come from abroad but again but if an album with regard to the draft resolution presented by the united states and the government of president trump did we denounce first of all that it falsifies the content of resolutions mentioned in that resolution of the organization of american states because at the very charter that regional organization that will not
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establish is that states do not have your thora t. to determine the legitimacy of the electoral processes of another country if that authority does not exist too little but by then it's a group of countries that decide not to ignore the electoral results of president maduro they did so in a national class city which has no regional fight application at all yet if this is a failed operation and in that today our country fully exercises or not on its rights and privileges within the organization of american states it will feel so it's not true that we've been sanctioned or not or ignored by the oas that's false if you will and it's quoted as an example within that resolution. we also reject the fact that our constitution continues to be used to attempt to justify a colonial intervention in supporting
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a fictitious entity which does not exist. basically all out a. government of a south korean leader is a dictatorship without legal basis in iran is where. and on how much people have also done it and all intentions to elections. without consulting the model that aleppo you know that but it's not all they have is the support of president of european country i said will be able to but if you will he'll ask this thing the united states and us adventure i thought of the case i'm doing it despite the fact that their legal experts of their own parliaments have warned them. that i have that interfering in our domestic affairs as well as that coercive illegal action constitute hostile and we're going to file this against our nation. the international community cannot understand how the security council can permit the him to leverage violation of the fundamental charter of the united nations and then
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that be done by those that have the obligation to ensure that the charter is complied with mr president we denounce the fact that no mention has been made of the violent acts that took place last week until from ambien territory towards venezuelan territory. thieving this was an international incident incident and not a national incident. and being an international incident this is the responsibility of the security council but it has been deliberately ignored it will have a good long yeah well the government of colombia even a puppet of us here today has not given us the photographs of supposed proto hours that would show that this was a humanitarian operation and not an aggression while we're still awaiting this evidence but there is no international law mr president you have not which it allows the government without any kind to show up at the border with another
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country and attempt to. force its way into that foreign territory and force in an unknown cargo with using unknown protocol that was about back three days after the attack. on al those at those points there were. no more. people with masks on throwing bombs into venezuelan territory. and i still haven't seen any so not a single mention of others or any condemnation of these aggressions get him we want the world to know but i thought i would buy that when some countries here are expressing concern about the humanitarian situation in venezuela they never refer to the causes of the problem if they called me at it's a legal acts of economic i.e. war be conducted against our country violating the human rights of our people using them as hostages who in a policy of your own calculated cruelty in violation of the united nations charter
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. and in addition to that every calculated cruelty. good evening they deny that those responsible of the crime legally and i'll name them here the governments of the united states and the united kingdom will also denounce the fact that these two colonial powers will pay you one of them still very strong another one in decline that i don't want to manage that in the course of one not be in two weeks one week carried out the biggest robbery of our country more than the thirty billion dollars that was stolen from the venezuelan people. and they want to justify this is if they really are interested in the humanitarian situation in the well being of the venezuelan people the first thing that they should do is return what they stole no money yet really united states and the united kingdom we're involved in with and i wonder which cannot be hidden under the cloak role for
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humanitarian aid or tell you that. i think it's the same as covetousness colonialism of two centuries ago but today it's just guys out with a salvation and i see ideology of solving it is you know likely messianic or salvation but i love those in the third world we don't need them saviors mr president. let me know they're going to you know these covetous saviors world end up destroying every nation that they enter i mean we do not need the savior now matthew but at this point in time they are involved in a massive explosion against all the countries who are legally trading within israel or no you don't by not have them in the united states and europe are not a world government governing train throughout the world. and these illegal acts are causing suffering for our people at the security council must ensure that we comply with international law. and that we connerly of these weapons of mass
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destruction employed by the united states and united kingdom will had was not and not just conducted with bombs there or it was also connected with banks and banks are being used to conduct war against our people in my opinion if indeed mr president the main function of this body is to maintain international peace and security nobody will understand why the government of president denies it but refuses to approve a resolution which prohibits the use of the threat of use of force when it comes to mind as well you know why they don't do this because president trump is continuing publicly to threaten the venezuelan people with the military option and it's immoral it's irresponsible to extort money from the whole of the whole people in amply dilation of international law and fundamental charter of the united nations yesterday that the president of costa rica off your indicated that he could not yet only i followed him but would agree to the can only k emitted in
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a bunker tower which we got i mean last monday we go. to the situation in venezuela specifically because at that meeting that they discussed military force against venezuela and both costa rica as well as other countries of the region are refusing to support the violence of the united states and their allies against our people that we would like to denounce is very important to denounce mr president we'd like to denounce the fact that there is an ongoing military threat against venezuela that's why the united kingdom had a warship last saturday that was located at less than eighty kilometers off our coast and they still haven't been able to justify their presence but the same reason the united states that we thought it was involved in a display of troop movements on the colombian side close to our border at the same time that they were threatening to kill our head of state i mean we also denounce that u.s. works people than working for a president trying that are currently not fabricating a narrative of a number number of suppose a deserted stretch of the bolivarian armed forces or with the aim of justifying the
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standing up of the so-called liberation army of venezuela colombia and having with the buy in. within for treating our country and destroying the peace of our nation one of my libido this is a criminal in group critical to get you on the. ballot and that. they and we hear about them in colombia media this is no secret. that this is. the not a clandestine use little thing of militarism all these are mercenaries just the same as we saw in nicaragua in the cruel contra way that you know both u.n. and it got to gallop but it's very cruel mr president that i thought when i feel the person in charge of that contra operation and nicaragua was mr elliott abrams who's with us here today he's the same one who is responsible today in charge of the operation against venezuela at the same one that you still want to. planes
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laden with arms disguised as humanitarian aid to bring about death and destruction on nicaragua and now we're supposed to believe that he's been so interested in humanitarian aid in venezuela but what we're seeing is you know knowledge to have doctors into a country it's a heap of ethical for inclusion mr president we demand of the security council a clear pronouncement against illegal enough words that mean yes and threats of use of military force in all its forms and manifestations again spent as well because we know it's a public knowledge that the united states is currently attempting to arm he. wore it with a moustache that will enable it to appear in the same don't have first way as it did after military operations in the past as at the suppose it savior of our nation but in summary look at the bond that he had while you're simply asking what any responsible member of the international community in the united nations would do
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were asking for the defense of the principles of the overling charter wonderful namely a respect for sovereignty. political independence and territorial integrity and you know no intervention in domestic a lot of the right to self-determination of people and legal out equality between states but above all mr president we've come here to ask this council for our right to peace thank you very much. and you know to. be representative of the people of aryan republic of venezuela that's ok been watching the u.n. security council meeting there we're going to bring in richard becker from the anti war answer coalition to discuss what we've just been listening to now thanks for coming on to the program richard so much as said there wasn't. we've seen two resolutions on venezuela fail the u.s. and the russian can anything in your opinion be achieved through the u.n.
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security council. i doubt it very much actually at this point i mean i think that what we just saw from the u.s. . with is a colonial colonising countries that particularly the us. which is the most brazen power proceed cynicism i mean. because humanitarian crisis in the world today is not in venezuela i want it is in yemen we're happy christian is bracing hunger and starvation and we're the u.s. and the u.k. i'm providing the weapons and the support and the training part of this out for the saudi forces which are carrying out this terrible number and they have the gall to turn around and talk about humanitarian concerns in venezuela and there is no real evidence that people are starving in venice where the government is pure i'm not
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a very rigorous program to try to feed their population to the greatest extent possible it's not to say that there are problems but they have no comparison whatsoever to what the people of yemen place today at the hands of the u.s. and u.k. and sorry libya which it will obviously stick to venezuela today. what was interesting if you've been watching that is obviously russia vetoed the u.s. is proposed resolution the u.s. did the same to the russian resolution. what mechanism do you think will is there an alternative mechanism that could or should be used to paul from the u.n. because it's obviously not working i mean the next thing is to go through this whole process again isn't it and the possibility of vetoing is immense again so when do they have are going to agree what is the alternative. well i very much doubt. because i think it was. previous grossly like when
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you're going to slog through the night it was impossible. and saw what happened in there it was that nato became the instrument for the yugoslavia we could see the same. we could. see the nato is winding up with the united states and. against the gentleman. and threatening over and over and no options are excluded and we all know what that means but there is. also true a new military intervention i think despite the right wing sort of. what the people of let me. ok we'll leave it there richard back from the anti war coalition thank you for coming on to the program.
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of a story that we broke and so earlier transparency can project has exposed what take claims is a series of tools used by facebook to target politically conservative pages and restrict that content without warning they include it classing posts as hate speech limiting live streams and suppressing the reach of post a process known as a deep pasting has the whistleblower behind the claims. handled copyright and trademark claims and in the course of doing my duties i noticed other things that were going on in accounts and that is why i came forward i would see it appear on several different conservative pages but what exactly did the former facebook employee find out more on that from correspondent nikki allen. what has been revealed all this whistleblower is alleging to have uncovered four she described as methods of suppression being used by facebook tolls that would de boost the traffic
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of accounts considered to be a conservative leaning meaning that their followers would receive notifications whenever these pages these accounts dates their profiles in some cases content was allegedly removed without even letting the users know now this insider who formerly worked in the intellectual property department of facebook has stumbled across these goings on she said when she noticed some unusual goings on with some accounts first i was wondering whether this was something that. i had a couple working theories i was like maybe this is an independent versus mainstream thing maybe independent thinkers on the left are experiencing the same kind of d boosting but i didn't see that i looked at. the young turks page i love that column capper next page none of them had received the same boost but you know she's not the only one that's coming out with similar allegations there's another
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facebook employee who is exposed how such tools are being applied to certain accounts that facebook deems to be offensive or contain hate speech conservative side of things but that's what your point is that there's a lot of stuff being said on the left that is not involved in these posts it's essentially what you see it's all one sided exactly and facebook is targeting certain post it doesn't particularly like with terms such as offensive in haste these terms of being used broadly things that are actually hate speech but that might. offend somebody. you know anything that is perceived as hateful even though no court would define it as hate speech now if these allegations are proven to be accurate it would be another blow for their facebook name especially seeing how it contradicts what the c.e.o. mark zuckerberg told congress when he said he didn't want his company acting on the political ideology of content we have reached out to facebook for comment on these
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alleged boosting tools they haven't got back to us so far he also said they're going. after the twenty sixteen election so it's conflicting kind of comments from mark zuckerberg it seems his point would be though how do we know these claims are actually credible when they're going out into the press that is a whistleblower or how do we know she's telling the truth what we do know that she definitely did work for facebook because although facebook didn't get back to us they did respond to another media outlet who they told. must have been a disgruntled former employee so we know she definitely worked for them and they say that she was fired when they found out she was working with project veritas what she brought out is has been verified that this is happening on the conservative side of things but what we know well it wouldn't be surprising because it's not the first time a social media giant has been ousted by project veritas as well last year we had
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the allegations with twitter when project veritas released undercover first to twitter employees staff apparent to admit to silencing conservatives they were saying how they used the algorithms to bury particular tweet. of them were exactly so users weren't seeing what these a particular people were posting because they were being buried by these algorithms twitter at the time denied any complicity in the actions of its stuff but the most worrying thing here is that it exposes this impression that these social media giants like facebook and twitter that so many of us use pretty much on a daily basis could have political leaning or not has to resist implication. years ago he would have been that important because it didn't have so much import in the lives of young people there are millions of people becoming voters sixteen year olds and they put a lot into social media so this is why it's becoming a huge issue we're not going to hear the end of this for some time indeed the power
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of social media.


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