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both russian and u.s. resolutions on venezuela fail in the un security council. proposals for deepening the stalemate over the latin american country. the united states will pursue all avenues to increase humanitarian assistance to venezuela and washington . and entire nation billions of dollars you first of all create great humanitarian problems on the world solve. the second. kim summit. with no deal in a stall over sanctions says washington missed
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a rare chance to make progress over denuclearization of the korean peninsula. and facebook is accused of censoring conservative voices as a whistleblower reveals how the social network suppresses content and limits exposure. in the course of doing my duties i noticed other things that were going on i would see it here are several different conservative pages. are broadcasting live. glad to have you with us. in the un security council with both russia and the us bringing forward draft resolutions on the venezuela crisis however both proposals failed to pass. the can use them with a. finally we have reached the culmination of the american orchestrated double
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standards show over venezuela we look forward to genuinely free and fair elections and to a government that reflects the will and aspirations of the venezuelan people so you wouldn't go so money at the today's vote is an excellent example of why the veto rule is necessary for protecting the peace and people's right to determine their future today it was made very clear that irresponsible use of the veto actually makes the council a threat to peace and security of ogle's immunity because opposed the united states will pursue all avenues to increase humanitarian assistance to venezuelans both inside and outside their country washington and london have both again robbed an entire nation of billions of dollars in the same time pushing them to accept a pittance due to regime change as they say you first of all create great humanitarian problems and then you call upon the whole world to solve them now is the time to strengthen our commitment to the venezuelan people we call on members
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of the security council to join in this commitment. and i'd like to express satisfaction that a clear majority of the council did today thank you. both the russian and the u.s. resolutions didn't pass the voting in the un security council the russian one got less votes in favor that against four in favor and seven against the us draft was vetoed by russia and china the russian ambassador said that if the u.s. resolution had passed it would be the first case in history that the united nations security council deposed a legitimate leader and imposed another one to a sovereign country the venezuelan representative spoke as well calling to stop interfering in the matters of his country the power to this will has to do with having a swelling sovereignty and of an assault on people they behave like colonial east they are planning a clandestine operation against it it's what i write out the same kind of. force at the same time they are just feeding out of money this is something outrageous
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indeed so i want your. time for you to know that there are institutions in this what i work in besides the presidency we have the supremes court and the supreme court is dealing with this mother and they are going to announce their decision in due time i cannot speak for them i believe you would see a very considerable reaction around the world if they detain or otherwise harm. interim president why don't i hope that's enough of a restraint on their conduct so the diplomatic community in the crossroads again the u.n. as thieves members who spoke after the voting called it to all of their colleagues to put their differences aside to resolve the venezuelan crisis reporting in new york treated each other as r.t. . debate at the council hinged on venezuela's opposition leader. is currently in brazil but he is planning to return home in the next few days if. i.
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i. i. mean while hundreds of activists took to the streets of madrid in support of a venezuelan president nicolas maduro they also condemned what they see as a u.s. attempt to intervene in the country's internal affairs demonstrators were seen chanting slogans and holding hands off venezuela banners we discussed the division in the international community over venezuela with investigative journalist under a vulture. called the international community of course is divided between those who are supporting the well yet another coup or what they call regime change . among those who are actually respecting the solar energy and independence going through been as low a country which is
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a democratic state of congress i'm scared to sort of ready money all governments are afraid actually to follow the same part so it's well you support russia and china obviously you are risking that though your regime also called the regime will be changed now on this very important china and russia are standing shoulder to shoulder the friendly good as well also we do have the international community are quite divided between the progressive nations and between the nations which will just either used to fall in washington's dictates or they are too afraid to to actually contradict one of the worst in general. transparency group a project very task has expose what it claims is a series of tools used by facebook to target politically conservative pages and restrict their content without warning they include classifying posts as hate speech limiting live streams and suppressing the reach of posts
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a process known as the boosting here is the whistleblower behind claims. handled copyright and trademark claims and in the course of doing my duties i noticed other things that were going on in accounts and that is why i came forward i would see it appear on several different conservative pages but what exactly did the former facebook employee find you know more from our correspondent there what has been revealed here well this whistleblower is alleging to have uncovered four she described as methods of suppression being used by facebook tolls that would de boost the traffic of accounts considered to be a conservative leaning meaning that their followers would receive notifications whenever these pages these accounts dates their profiles in some cases content was allegedly removed without even letting the users know now this insider who formerly worked in the intellectual property departments of facebook has stumbled across
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these goings on and she said when she noticed some unusual goings on with some accounts first i was wondering whether this is something that. i had you know a couple working theories i was like maybe this is an independent versus mainstream thing maybe independent thinkers on the left are experiencing the same kind of d. boosting. but i didn't see that i looked at. the young turks page i love that column capper next page none of them had received the same boost but you know she's not the only one that's coming out with similar allegations there's another facebook employee who is exposed how such tools are being applied to certain accounts that facebook deems to be offensive or contain hate speech conservative side of things the. point is that there's a lot of stuff being said on the left that is not involved in these posts it's essentially what you see it's all one sided exactly and facebook is targeting certain post it doesn't particularly like with terms such as offensive in haste
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these terms of being used broadly things that are actually hate speech but that might. offend somebody. you know anything that is perceived as hateful even though no court would define it as hate speech now if these allegations are proven to be accurate it would be another blow for their facebook name especially seeing how it contradicts what the c.e.o. mark zuckerberg told congress when he said he didn't want his company acting on the political ideology of content we have reached out to facebook for a comment on these alleged boosting tools they haven't got back to us so far he also said they're going to didn't they after the twenty sixth election so it's conflicting kind of comments from mark zuckerberg it seems his point would be though how do we know these claims are actually credible when they're going out into the press that is a whistleblower or how do we know she's telling the truth what we do know that she
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definitely did work for facebook because although facebook didn't get back to us they did respond to another media outlet who they told. she must have been a disgruntled former employee so we know she definitely worked for them and they say that she was fired when they found out she was working with project veritas what you brought out is has been verified that this is happening on the conservative side of things but we know while it wouldn't be surprising this is not the first time a social media giant has been ousted by project veritas as well last year we had the allegations with twitter when project veritas released undercover first to twitter employees staff apparent to admit to silencing conservatives they were saying how they used the algorithms to bury particular tweet was interviewing the worst of them were exactly so users weren't seeing what these a particular people were posting because they were being buried by these algorithms
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twitter at the time denied any complicity in the actions of its stuff but the most worrying thing here is that it exposes this impression that these social media giants like facebook and twitter that so many of us use pretty much on a daily basis could have political leaning or not has to resist implication. years ago he would have been that important because it didn't have so much import in the lives of young people there are millions of people becoming voters sixteen year olds they put a lot into social media so this is why it's becoming a huge issues and we're not going to hear the end of this for some time indeed the power of social media. one example of how facebook is clamping down is that it has banned british anti islamic activist tommy robinson from the platform as well as instagram. when ideas and opinions crossed the line and amount to hate speech that may create an environment of intimidation and exclusion for certain groups and
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society in some cases with potentially dangerous offline implications we take action tommy robinson's facebook page has repeatedly broken the standards posting material that uses dehumanizing language and calls for violence targeted at muslims he has also behaved in ways that violate our policies around organized hate robinson's ban fired up his supporters online complaining the move is a politically motivated step to censor free speech others praised the ban for targeting hate speech social media companies have been stepping up efforts to block content of that is deemed offensive but there is why disagreement over the point at which online policing becomes censorship it's very clear that if you just joined the social media giant company pages and he set up your own page then you have to abide by their rules and regulations and one you don't peddle hate one two you don't tarnish you know. legitimize the. you know that
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racism and xenophobia towards just muslims are just innocent acceptable and the fact that you are called out for your hatred should be welcome this is censorship the online world is the new public sphere and it's wrong that major corporations like facebook like instagram have the power to remove opinions from public consideration and him drawing attention to what he sees to be the radicalization of britain and i don't agree with his position on that point but i think the really worrying thing is that these arguments about islam are now being pushed out the public square into a sphere where they're not being challenge to not being considered think that inevitably brings with it certain obligations to stand up and defend freedom of speech well it's not about freedom of speech i mean would freedom of speech comes responsibility so if you want to criticize and question you slam on muslims then
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that's ok in a free society and what isn't acceptable is to perpetuate the hatred towards one particular community looking at the crimes of just one particular community and then not expect there to be a reaction so i'm really glad that these or should we do these i work or not it's easy for people to now conclude that there is this mission on behalf of social media companies to and censor right wing opinions out of the mainstream you know the significant precedent for this now the idea that facebook is silence in the far right is laughable what facebook is doing is saying if you peddle hate and lies are a community if you tarnish a whole community if you are the k. or encourage violence towards that community then action will be taken and that's what's been done i'm not someone of the right but i recognise that that is a real problem because it gives all of these individuals a chance to say that their arguments are too dangerous to hear and if the public
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square is good for anything it's good for the child. and beaming with arguments and the more we try and push this underground the more those ideas will go unchallenged they'll reach people without interruption they'll meet will be communicated to people without having any contrary point of view put forward and i think that is why censorship is always so dangerous. there were high hopes in her noir but both donald trump and kim jong un have come away empty handed from their much anticipated second summit the talks ended earlier than expected with the u.s. president blaming north korea's demands over lifting sanctions for the failure to cut a deal it came as a surprise to many after the optimism shown by both leaders before the talks.
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took the first summit was a great space and the just one hopefully will be equal or greater than the first. page. you'll feel you'll join us in this. i'm going to be the best and. always have to be prepared to walk i could have signed an agreement today and then you people would have said oh what a terrible deal what a terrible thing to do you know you have to be prepared to walk we actually had papers ready to be side but it just wasn't appropriate i want to do it right i'd much rather do it right than do it fast.
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in the north korean foreign ministry has since issued a statement claiming that they did not ask for all sanctions to be lifted just most of them they also said washington had missed a rare chance reiterating their position on denuclearization will not change our reporter and annoy sums up the second day of the summit the. talks were cut short because no agreement was made the two were actually supposed to have lunch and have a signing ceremony which never happened the reason behind that was because the leader of north korea actually one of the sanctions on pyongyang lifted. what we proposed was not the removal of all sanctions but their partial removal this proposal is the biggest equalization measure we can take at the present stage in relation to the current level of confidence between the d.p. r. k.
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and the united states our principles remain invariable and our proposal will never be changed even though the united states proposed for the negotiations in the future basically they wanted these sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that they were willing to do new go large portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for the donald trump said that he could not give up entirely the sanctions that cannot give just whatever the leader wanted so what he said is that it was in a good time to actually sign a deal and sometimes that's what great leaders do they just walk away for something to happen later on to potentially get actually get a bit of a better deal and what's interesting also here to point out is that he also mentioned that it's been a productive time between the two but i guess you also repeatedly repeatedly saying that the deal was made because of the u.n. sanctions that he didn't agree with now that in this side on what's going to happen on the korean peninsula whether they're going to dismantle all the or the nuclear
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facilities but what he did promise was no missiles will be flying over the korean peninsula and the time being now if there's going to be a third summit that not clearly see if it's going to happen but there was kind of open when that when it was mentioned another interesting factor to point out is that the two leaders of the regional leaders of korea and japan would be very very interesting the on their reactions on how what they have to see the outcome of this deal because if anyone has to lose it's pretty much them to. although the second meeting between donald trump and kim jong un ended without any agreement on denuclearization it seems that there was some good news elsewhere according to the u.s. president one hundred percent of the territory that was held by islamic state in syria was finally liberated. we just took over you know you kept hearing it was ninety percent ninety two percent the caliphate in syria now it's one hundred percent we just took over one hundred percent caliphate that means the area of the
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land we just have one hundred percent so that's good we made a statement on his way home from the summit during a refueling stop in alaska there are currently two thousand american troops in syria in december trump announced there would be a full withdrawal of u.s. forces by spring however later in february washington said it would maintain a peacekeeping group of around two hundred soldiers in the country former pentagon policy analyst michael maloof believes the timing of the announcement wasn't coincidental. trump has got trying to show success. he and that i think was one of the considerations in the discussions in in vietnam war over over north korean missiles their reality is that trump is looking to make a deal and his show international success and to so that he can have something to come back to and to offset the turmoil the inter the political turmoil he's
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facing back home but if we've taken over isis in syria then the question remains what about the troops u.s. troops who are there in syria what will happen with them those are questions that remain unanswered. any hopes in britain that it might postpone leaving the e.u. have had a hurdle across the english channel the french president is valid to block britain from delaying its departure unless there is a clear objective based on a new choice the break the date is just a few weeks away on march twenty ninth you know to do the deal in these three g. the withdrawal agreement cannot be renegotiated if the british need more time will be able to examine an extension request if that is justified by new choices from the british but we cannot in any case accept an extension without a clear perspective from the pursued objective his own negotiator michel barnier said we don't need time above all we need decisions the time has come for the
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british to make choices and to offer us what we owe each other as partners friends and allies namely a clear vision a joint project for the future. for britain to extend the withdrawal process known as article fifty e.u. members must unanimously agree to it and the french president is not the only one whose patience is wearing thin the spanish prime minister echoed emanuel saying that prolonging uncertainty by postponing deadlines is neither a reasonable nor desirable alternative the german chancellor was more conciliatory though saying the e.u. won't say no if britain needed more time despite having more than two years to get a plan in place for britain's future relationship with the e.u. parliament has failed to agree on a plan prime minister trees in may is struggling to get her deal passed m.p.'s having lost a series of votes if it fails again on march the twelfth she will give him a chance to decide on whether to crash out of the e.u.
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with no deal or seek it to delay the leaving date in the brussels based journalist luke reeve a told us what he thinks micron wants from britain. well based on a new choice he says it's going to europeans for one audience agreement on this and they are right in a way we should ban is that you know we don't need time we need decisions so the brits should decide they have negotiated for two years they have a deal it is a bit wishy washy the remaining in britain don't like it the brakes don't like it so mrs may tries to sell it to our parliament in westminster already for some time and she can't and she comes back to brussels to renegotiate but the european say no thank you you have a real reason for renegotiating or for asking three more months no reason so march twenty ninth should be the right date and if they leave without a deal they don't need to pay the forty five billion euro that europe asks them to
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pay so it would not be such a bad deal to go. to major french sporting goods retailer has dropped plans to sell . version of it the huge job in france said it had hoped to build on the successful sales of the garment generated in morocco. explains why the idea sparked such controversy for even reaching the shelves. it's incredible how such a small piece of material can cause such a commotion but here in france that's exactly what's happened over plans by the retailer to care for him to stop a sports version of a hit job a muslim headscarf. as well as an outpouring of twitter outrage several politicians have called for a boycott to cast the. sport emancipates it does not submit my choice as
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a woman and a citizen would be to no longer trust a brand that breaks with our values the french health minister has also waded into the debate to the gods. it's legal but it's a vision of women that i do not share i think it does not fit well with the values of our country. hearts is a secular country with a hit job as well as the christian cross have been banished from state classrooms and also from government offices no religious symbols outlawed and in fact they were common sight on the streets of france but many argue that face and body covering garments such as those worn by loosely women are seen as being a method to subjugate them but others including castle say such items make it easier for muslim women to take part in activities such as sports interest emotional screwed if. we win should be able to wear whatever they like for between the sale disclosed is just ridiculous shocks me and that they have to cancel the
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sales it's not an act of secularism i will not go so far as to say islamophobia but it's very and to slavic. people should dress a. cording to their own tastes i don't think there's much controversy about this issue with big. to merit a masters practiced so if she was to wear it you know it's her charges but the backlash has been so big that even to castle star say they have been threatening. our customer service team has received over five hundred calls and e-mails since this morning our teams in our stores have been in solid unfriend and sometimes physically before the florida supreme court out of the starting blocks the force of the opposition sort the capital back down it would no longer sell in the sports he job here but it's a no win situation for the retailer which is also being criticised by pandering to
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collective hysteria that reveals the level of islamophobia here in france so that people ski auti paris writer and online activists a money. bag and patricia shared on from the french national rally a party had this to say on the issue. we choose to cover up because it places our body on our terms independent of the male gaze it's necessary for us to have the different options available for different types of when it that's the whole point is that especially in industries like fashion actually take up some fully supported decision to quit the. sport he jet on the french market in their stores it was only after there was a huge public outcry. that state crawled back so you know basically don't has no scruples can become noisy capitalists company they only want to make profits and they weren't forced they were forced to take the. oath of their shows
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here in france because of the huge pressure from the public. that does it for me headlines in thirty two minutes you're watching art international stay with us. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to stay in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw why not if you think. i'm going to talk about football narvi or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of that slide here. in. the world can't afford to
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return to the unrestrained nuclear competition of the cold war that was the plea made by the un secretary general earlier this week with the us pulling out of the i.n.f. treaty and russia rolling out new nuclear weaponry should we be more worried about the weapons themselves or the people who have the codes. what do you do before you came here where did you work before you came here when you lived. death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution and most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up the right to live among us some even proven innocent after years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going
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to take before we as a society realize that this is not working. we actually do something about. greetings and salutation. the search for precious metals as dominated mankind's history since the first diamond piece of gold or copper was scooped out of the earth and brought into the glittery red light of the sun here in the united states the mining of these precious metals has played a massive role in our short history and rapid rise to become a world power but now the minds of the built us may be coming back to haunt us the associated press is reporting that every day across the united states of america many millions of gallons of water loaded with arsenic lead another toxic metals you
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know those from some of the most.


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