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tv   Politicking  RT  March 1, 2019 2:30am-3:01am EST

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electress has cohen's testimony moved the political legal in any direction let's start there is two political experts in form of ebbers of congress joining me in washington bob livingston former republican representative from louisiana author of the book the windmill chaser triumphs and less in american politics and in miami patrick murphy former democratic member of congress from florida one of the first millennialism elected to congress now kim out of the political nonprofit group future forum foundation. all right bob we'll start with you president trump is former personal attorney michael cohen has been testifying what's been your reaction. well i think it'll probably be quickly forgotten i don't think there's any bombshells in anything that i've heard but. time will only tell mr cohen is going to prison he's been charged with lying before congress in the past and i
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gotta believe that anybody puts a lot of credibility in what he's had to say this time. is probably going to be believing in the tooth fairy but that said larry the timing of the cohen testimony is really really suspect i mean the president is in his second meeting with the head of north korea. kim jong un and we don't know whether the not those talks will be successful but he's accomplished already more than any of his predecessors republican or democrat in the white house and i think that frankly decency on the part of the democrat majority in the in the house of representatives would have led them to just defer the kohen testimony for a few days until after this experience had when the mafia convictions
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occurred and there were many in the seventy's in the eighty's it always required people inside the mafia to testify against those. who were not in trouble and in trouble little people in jail it's not uncommon for an insider like michael cohen to testify against those in the inner circle right absolutely not and we should keep this in perspective if it was just michael cohen and you want to discredit him that would be one thing but there's now what twelve thirteen fourteen senior members of the trump campaign that are and guided going to jail in jail already so this is a series of events at a certain point you've got to start to wonder what's really going. on and i've got to push back a little bit on this comment about the timing of this investigation as if that's what we should be focused on when we have all of this happening you know let's not forget this isn't a large part inspired by the senate who called for these hearings to happen with
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michael cohen which of course is controlled by republicans the house is now following on the heels of those. questions with michael cohen but to try to divert the attention to the timing as if that's the conspiracy when we have so many bombshell allegations against this president many of which are being verified with numerous other investigations in the house now finally with the mole investigation which i'm sure is going to come out soon and mr cohen coming out with hard evidence that there was hush payments made you know if that's not your biggest concern you should probably be pretty concerned that are sitting president was in talks with russia during the campaign to get information this is the pitcher me of hypocrisy for republicans to sweep this under the rug bob isn't the actions of the president at least a little embarrassing. larry i'll give you that there's lots of stuff about this president as a bear saying just as there were about obama or clinton or anybody obama officials
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went to jail. actually i think a few may but that point and i didn't interrupt you it's a please give me a chance to respond. the fact is taking a lot of in consequential irrelevant charges against other people for other things that have nothing to do with trump and rundle them up bundling them all in a ball and saying well is trump's at fault it's all his fault and he by the way he talked with the russians muller's been investigating this thing for two years he's going to come out with a report and i think you mr murphy are going to be sorely disappointed in that it's a shoo shoo it's what we call a firecracker that doesn't go off this isn't a lot to do about nothing and i think that unfortunately the setting of this hearing do it while the president is trying to bring peace between the north and south koreans and to avoid a nuclear war this incredibly unseemly. well i hope for the sake of our democracy
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in our country that there is nothing there and that this is political theater but again after ten twelve people now have gone to jail you've got to wonder if there's smoke there's fire and i'm really excited for the next democratic administration to take over and the leeway that they're going to have from republicans with the new standard that's going to be set it's going to be exciting to watch i bet you would have been excited if we live f.b.i. had done their job and brought charges against early clinton to allow a if someone does something wrong they should be penalize for and that's a fact or whatever it is there were eight house investigations into hillary in the legit benghazi investigations and they all found nothing that's going to be what's really going to be bad again i just yours is is cocked and one. justice has not been blind but the fact is everybody has been throwing stuff at trump including the most of the media and it's just unfortunate though i go back to this cohen thing coming up on the day that he's meeting come to kim jong un is just disgraceful.
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on that note pad jig what do you expect from the kim jong un meeting. well of course we want to see progress here there was no doubt that there was an opportunity for progress and that is because of many years of sanctions i'm glad that the president is taking this opportunity to have a second meeting but this can go to very different directions right now if the president is looking for theatre if he's looking to shore up his foreign affairs credentials if he's looking to distract from the more investigation of these cohen testimonies there might be another photo op there might be another tweet that we've you know solve the nuclear threat of north korea that would be a big mistake in my opinion and a loss i hope that we move toward and in turn deal that freezes all movement by north korea which of course hasn't happened from the last meeting with trump and trump is now going into all intelligence agencies and continuing to trust him john
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on our or his own intel agencies put that aside for a second though because we should move toward a deal that is verifiable that has numerous countries very similar in fact to the iran deal where we had a full purview and to what is happening there anything short of that anything short of stopping their nuclear proliferation one hundred percent is a mistake for this country and a very bad precedent to set i'm sure glad you said that because i was thinking the same thing when obama left office and this guy was shooting rockets up and in this mason across japan the fact is obama did absolutely nothing we've had this is the second meeting not the first the second meeting and the second meeting. that any president has had in the last fifty years when this was there's a possibility we could put in the korean war if that's not a pretty good opportunity i don't know what is but then you would rather have the colin hearings. no but i love how a meeting now qualifies as
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a nuclear deal based on tweets and completely disregarding our intelligence so the last meeting till now is complete nonsense as i think you would agree unless you're siding with trump over the intel agencies i'm not sure bob you do trust kim jong il . not as far as i can throw him and reagan used to say trust but verify but reagan also went to the table with gorbachev and the soviet union collapsed i'm not going to prejudge this thing i don't know whether it's going to work or not work but i think it's got a lot better chance than any predecessor republican or democrat has gotten. both hope for the best and for good reason days the president signaled he's moving toward a resolution of the trees stand china you think that's going to punch line. you know i hope so i hope for the best of course i was actually very optimistic that with the new administration we could have a broader t.t.p.
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where we had a large pact with numerous countries surrounding china putting them really in a box and hoping for a better trade deal we have course of pulled out of that which could go down as one of the biggest mistakes in this administration long term but we hope not and now negotiations with china one on one i'm hopeful for me that is of course one of our biggest competitors and biggest opportunities if we play our cards right and really looking toward the future whether that's artificial intelligence in the sharing economy in technology and we are in the middle of this technological revolution right now we can't be thinking about jobs of yesterday and two three decades ago we've got to be thinking forward because china sure is so i'm hopeful that this deal and kathy layton capsulated all of that and it's a good deal for america the fact that it was delayed doesn't bother me at all i'm hoping for the best deal for america. the house no determinate president says
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addict nation of a national emergency and you would have voted the in the way we were in congress to really. yeah i would just like to stop the hemorrhaging of the people across the border not just immigrants from all over latin america but also the drug runners and human traffickers and i think that to not call that a national emergency and my mind is just fallacious is foolish but as far as the people here concerned i frankly don't have any problem with leaving them here as long as they obey the law it would take something like fifty thousand dollars a person to start deporting them and then maybe twenty million people who are here illegally so i'm not really as concerned about the ones that are here but i want to stop the border and if anybody says that's not a national emergency they're just fooling themselves patrick. it's all relative of course you know when the national security agencies put out their top threats to
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america there was no indication of this emergency on that list it wasn't even hinted at nor has it for many years this is a problem if you want to call it that from fifteen twenty years ago that should have been addressed them and we can point the finger in numerous administrations and to think that this is all of a sudden emerged in the last two years calls into question why the president didn't declare this two years ago when there was a republican house and a republican senate i wonder. if you can shine a light on to that why now do this if not i'm going to go back two years when i go forty well what happened to george h.w. bush would happen to george w. bush would happen to bill clinton would have been obama they didn't declare dimension of mercy and people kept pouring over i'm not worried about the past i'm talking about now and to please say because we did all it before we should do it now is wrong. it's politics and these are the president want to draw
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a very clear divide between his base and democrats and moderates in our country so he can have some of the talk about it and point all the way way way way way way too late it was nancy pelosi who said a wall is immoral she didn't say the wall around her house is immoral she didn't say the wall around israel is immoral but she said the wall on the southern border even though in san diego there's a wall there a wall is immoral that's ridiculous thank you very much joe always good seeing you . thanks larry. bob thank you thank you larry bob and patrick two great guests we thank them for their time today and we'll be back with more politicking right after the break.
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aeroflot russian and lights. you know world of big partisan food lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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aeroflot russian and lights. in. my dough sixteen that will i'm not going to say did you know an. honest. just far under our former isis fighters and now boarding a philippine naval ship. but not for. writing on the they. just aren't up to us still don't know what's waiting for them. because it will. be to tell you not to
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. take it out. of the way. welcome back to politicking i'm now joined by our political panel and they're eric beach republican political strategist chairman of the great america pac and pro trump organization he has worked on presidential campaigns for rand paul newt gingrich and rudy giuliani he's with us here in studio and in chattanooga tennessee brian joyce host of the blind to
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a show on talk radio airing on w g o w f m. eric white house first secretary satirist sarah sanders says trump has no concerns whatsoever about michael cohen's testimony shitty and no concerns from a court of public opinion he should have concerns digging into his personal life and as a candidate in the past decade of his services towards donald trump but as it pertains to whether he clearly was a row. jand a lot of those were debunked today even by michael cohen so you know i'm i'm really hesitant to say this is going to be effective in terms of what the original investigation was supposed to be about which was russia collusion but it will be effective in a court of public opinion and you know all presidents and all elected officials should be concerned about those kind of occurrences brian can we compare. kaunda john dean. i was very interested i
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to well to get back to the first question i think that republicans should be very concerned with what michael cohen brought to his testimony today when you have a man on the witness stand who has worked with this president for ten years worked with him for a decade and he is calling the president of the united states a race and a racist incompetent con man you have to be concerned about that now when sarah sander says there's nothing to be concerned about five learn anything listening to sarah sanders over the last two years it's that usually anything she says is more often than not the opposite of what's true you cannot listen to that testimony and not be very very concerned with. john dean the former white house counsel and his testimony about nixon. i think i think it's hard to these people that trump surrounds himself with i think it's hard to compare them to anybody because to me what we're going through here is just with all these comparisons to nixon and
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various other comparisons i just i think what we're going through here today is completely unprecedented because what i'm picking up from cohen now one thing i will agree with with many republicans is i don't know if that there's really any smoking gun or slam dunk that there was collusion between trump himself and the russians but what we learn through almost every one of these hearings is that at the very least he surrounded himself on all sides by people who are either too incompetent to know what they're doing or are directly colluding with the russians and trump himself is either just too thoughtless or careless to really care erika's a trim supporter is this a little embarrassing yes i mean it's embarrassing from the get go but his whole administration and policies have been undercut the last two years by this today did nothing. to further that investigation right so i mean once again people are arguing with his rhetoric and not his policies and his policies towards russia
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haven't been anything but collaborative so people should start taking a look at that how he's treating russia how he has put sanctions on russia how he's also going off to the north korea summit you know and by happenstance you know congress is going to do a first of three days with michael cohen today i think both republicans should be embarrassed by the testimony but i think the democrats should also be embarrassed about their behavior you know it even bring in michael cohen in the first place there in d.c. today i think they should be embarrassed to have a convicted felon come in who will not all in all cases mafia cases you need someone inside well yeah these are the grand he's already convicted these come and then right and he's not talking about anything in the criminal mindset of this administration which again that's how a lot of it's in the media want to portray it talking about things that he did as a private citizen with michael cole in the last ten years is really kind of irrelevant so i think really everybody should be embarrassed the heart of this process cohen testified that roger stone did give trump heads up about wiki leaks
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release of hillary clinton's campaign e-mails that surprise you no not really i mean i think there's been a lot of conversations with jerome corsi and roger so in the talks about wiki leaks you know it's still unclear whether or not the russians were helping wiki leaks you know julius and said that wasn't his source and once again i mean when the president talks about hillary clinton and whether it's a joking manner or an investigative manner you know it was very clear that they treated hillary clinton with kid gloves compared that how you know really the deep state has been treating donald trump so i think he has every right to sort of mock that process and call the hypocrisy for what it was brian what effect on the twenty twenty alexion. i think that will be interesting to see here larry again you know my feeling about the muller investigation from the very beginning i feel the same way having watched the testimony with michael cohen is that again i'm not sure that
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anybody will find a direct smoking gun between donald trump and the kremlin ok but at the very least it's clear that he surrounded himself and his campaign with people who are either too corrupt or too incompetent to know what they're doing people who were directly tied to the kremlin and so you know when you look ahead to twenty twenty i've already been seeing republicans predicting you know some kind of a victory here hey if there's no direct connection made between trump's white house and the kremlin then that's going to give a real tailwind to trump's reelection chances and i laugh at that because i'm saying what what you're saying is that at best we have a president of the united states who is too incompetent or careless to know that his campaign was completely compromised at worst we're talking about a president who did directly collude i mean you tell me which is worse can he ever juvenalia himself with more of the north korea if you if this comes really positive
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not instantly but going back to twenty twenty i mean first of all there's not a candidate on the democratic side that hasn't bear some cells in their rollout so you have to look at the field of democrats come in until and also during these hearings. but the north korea meeting is very important and really and that's a lot what he tried to run against was really the foreign policy decisions of the last twenty years by both parties and he has undercut those and again going back to what brian said and i have to disagree look at what he has done and his stances against russia and his policies that's what he's running on a twenty twenty not whether or not he had somebody on his campaign staff that you somebody that you know from russia or even the governor of russia his version of foreign policy is to diplomacy and has been he doesn't want to be an intervention listen on the. countries and i think come now this north korea one thing where it's very clear there has been a missile test in over a year there's not not the new king at this point in time but he's taken steps toward that process and i think it's going to be very healthy for that he did trust
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over resume intelligence g.'s well yeah possibly i mean what he said was he was going to look into it right and i think he probably made a little bit of mistake on terms of his messaging but you know sometimes our policy and our cia and they also said that there was weapons of mass destruction in iraq right i mean we're citizens we have every right to question the teligent succumbs especially in the last twenty thirty years when intelligence has been wrong brian what do you expect the meeting with the north korean leader. larry i'm still trying to figure out why we're meeting with the north koreans again because donald trump already declared victory here i don't know what it is with republican presidents and prematurely declaring mission accomplished but let's go back to june twenty eighth the last summit with kim jong un and the president tweeted out hey we're at peace north korea is no longer a nuclear threat i mean i read that tweet i don't know how you read that tweet but
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i read that week as ok i'm going to take the president at a at his word north korea is no longer a nuclear threat why are we meeting with them again oh yeah we're meeting with them again because they are still a threat they're producing more nukes or as many nukes today as they were then and when the president said they're no longer a nuclear threat he was lying or again he's just too incompetent to know the difference i'm trying to figure out why we're there when we already declared victory here. it's been a space shift in foreign policy with you know the neo cons in the neo lives. in the past twenty twenty five years once again what is wrong with talking to our adversaries and our allies he says this is a step by step process they have not had a missile test a nuclear missile tests in over a year period of time the willingness of can john and even meet with him is very important so he's going then he's going into vietnam which is should be a model for north korea by the way and i think coming out of it diplomacy works and this is a president that ran on be a more diplomatic than
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a number and eventually and that's something that both parties used to be able to. rally for the public is against that where do you stand on the declaration of a national emergency i mean there's been forty declarations of that past three presidents thirty three of them are still in effect about thirty seven of them in the last three years and congress earlier ones they granted him this power granted presence of power in one nine hundred seventy six his version of a national emergency is the same number one issue that he ran on which is a national emergency not because when people come across the border but because of drugs because of violence and you know congress failed to act both republicans by the way and democrats especially in his first two years of office which was a mistake across the lines for republicans so he has every right to do it as president and i do suspect that it will go to the courts but i see i stand behind him on the clear in this national emergency brian you think it's going to go to supreme court. i think it probably will and larry look you and i we've talked about
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the quote unquote national emergency before the reality is there is no emergency on the border illegal border crossings are at near historic lows or close to near historic lows still the drugs that are coming into this country are not coming over the border they're coming through ports of entry there is no emergency if ever there was an emergency along the border it was eighteen years ago when illegal border crossings were that all time highs now thanks to presidents bush and obama that's no longer the case but again we see a president who has a government that essentially is for fox news viewers by fox news viewers this is an emergency to fox news viewers because they do their best to instill fear and make people believe that there is an emergency on the border and when that's all you watch and that's all the news you get you become convinced that there's an emergency on the border then you look at the numbers and you realize illegal border
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crossings are at near historic lows there is no emergency now as many of the president's declared emergencies sure they have when it was needed there is no need for this there's no emergency we're going to have all the of back soon eric thanks so much for coming from there brian thank you thank you larry i always appreciate it and thank you views for joining us on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget to use the politics the hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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aeroflot russian and lives. in a world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that make history media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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aeroflot russian headlights. something seemed wrong. wrong just don't hold. me. to shape out these days because that's ahead and engaged because the trail. one song many find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground.
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russian and u.s. resolutions are rejected at the u.n. security council as the political crisis in latin american country. with. the combination of the american. standard. by voting against this resolution some members of this council continue to shield. nations has failed to meet their. holding a high level pledging of. the kind of the. political life after his former attorney general says she was.


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