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russian and u.s. resolutions on venezuela rejected at the u.n. security council as the political crisis in the latin american country continue. the combination of the american standard. by voting against this resolution some members of the council continue to shield his cronies. the united nations has failed to meet this year's aid budget for yemen despite holding a pledging event for countries involved in the conflict. and. political
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life after his former attorney general says she was pressured to quash a corruption case. one of the afternoon one is kevin zero in this is out international. headlines first again no end in sight to the political crisis there as both russian and u.s. draft resolutions have failed to pass at the u.n. . by voting against this resolution some members of this council continue to shield maduro and his cronies and prolong the suffering of the venezuelan people the time for a peaceful transition to democracy is now the going use them with us finally we have reached the culmination of the american orchestrated double standards show over venezuela washington and london have both again robbed an entire nation of billions of dollars in the same time are pushing them to accept
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a pittance due to regime change as they say you first of all create great humanitarian problems and then you call upon the whole world to solve them we look forward to genuinely free and fair elections. and to a government that reflects the will and aspirations of the venezuelan people. today's vote is an excellent example of why the veto rule is necessary for protecting the peace and people's right to determine their future both the russian and the u.s. resolutions didn't pass the voting in the un security council the russian one got less votes in favor that against four in favor and seven against the us draft was vetoed by russia and china the russian ambassador said that if the u.s. resolution had passed it would be the first case in history that the united nations security council to pull is the legitimate leader and imposed another one to a sovereign country the venezuelan representative spoke as well calling to stop interfering into the matters of his country the power to be this will has to do
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with having a swelling sovereignty and of an assault on people they behave like colonial east they are planning a planned this kind of peroration against it is sort of right out at the same kind of talking about the body to any force at the same time they are just feeding our money this is something outrageous indeed so the diplomatic community in the crossroads again the u.n. as thieves members who spoke after the voting called it to all of their colleagues to put their differences aside to resolve the venezuelan crisis reporting in new york treated each other as r.t. meantime hundreds of activists involved in the spanish capital madrid as a part of this when the president nicolas maduro demonstrators chanted slogans and waved off venezuela banners they condemned what they see as an attempt by the united states to intervene in the country's internal affairs we discussed the division of the international community right now or venezuela with investigative journalist and drivel chip. international community is divided between those who are supporting the. yet another coup will be called regime change.
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those who are actually respect the. independence of the group but as soon going through a democratic system. it's gone through some skin are gone through sort of. governments aren't really that sure to follow the same part so it's well you support the notion china obviously you are risking a good thing or your regime will some conclusion will be cheering now on this very important china and russia are standing shoulder to shoulder to claim the good as well also redoing have the international community divided between the progressive nations and between the nations which will just either be used for inclusion thems dictates all of the or two or three two to actually contradict one of the worst general got a news alert in on this as well for just to let you know imminently our cameras trained on it we've got the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov the venezuelan
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vice president tells me or drink is that she's here in moscow at the moment they've been holding talks the foreign minister the jew to speak to the press to the media any minute now this is a was a break in what we're doing taking the he was going to say so next story away from venezuela with elections just months away canada's prime minister is facing calls to step down as a political scandal is threatening a topple his government justin trudeau has been accused of leading a campaign of pressure against his former attorney general to prevent a prosecution of one of the country's biggest companies and cut a deal instead. i experienced a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to politically interfere in an inappropriate effort to secure a deferred prosecution agreement with s. and c. level and the prime minister asked me to help out to find a solution here for s n c. the scandal surrounds a canadian company where you just heard of which is one of the world's largest
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engineering and construction firms in twenty fifteen it was charged with bribery and fraud over the payment of nearly one hundred million dollars in kickbacks to libyan officials the dealings allegedly involved family members of former leader moammar gadhafi they were meant to secure contracts in a lucrative irrigation project just in trudeau is denied any appropriate behavior assisting he was simply trying to save jobs. i and my staff always acted appropriately and professionally we of course had discussions about the potential loss of nine thousand jobs in communities across the country including the possible impact on pensions former attorney general joe di wilson raybold resigned over their first citing the veiled threats allegedly leveled out oh by the canadian provinces office to those principles secretary also called it quits as well amid reports that more officials are ready to leave illustration political analysts said xander bruno explains why the case could cost the prime minister
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a seat. it shows that the politics and interests do mix encounter as well as other places and this is the problem it's the image that we're breaking into that as promised russian foreign minister sergei lavrov just been meeting with the vice president venezuela does he rodrigue is in moscow this speaking now taking questions that this nation is its independence and sovereignty we believe that we need to fully comply. you know fundamental principles of the united nations charter and i mean every country. i'm on this principles is of course the principle of nonintervention is their face because other countries this is especially important to remember about that today when we see such a cynical campaign aimed at. visiting with the government of venezuela. which groups put him through rats of use of force or simple direct intervention
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russia has been consistent in supporting the peaceful resolution of the crisis inside millions well it is clearly that the attempts to batter the limits almost by the beautiful of venezuela as a result by this venezuela without any implication of. well from abroad without any al to me to express our solidarity was a friend the people of venezuela we support the efforts exercised by my douras government to prevent a situation from further destabilize a should i reaffirm our commitment to join you. those efforts regional efforts international efforts. aimed at mediating the carpet and someone finding a way to start an inclusive national dialogue we are ready to participate in such activities if venezuela if you keep political forces inside we agree to
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that but why is president rigorous said many times. after the present mother were there the leadership of venezuela is ready to have. some in that context as it is very regrettable that the opposition has been consistent in refusing to have that dialogue but you fall in direct orders from washington and this was one of the biggest problem for the new that was rhetoric this brave me on the current developments inside venezuela. told about the work which is being done to stabilize the economic situation social situations because it's deterioration as we know was caused by these reduction by the united states. illegitimately about all sanctions against the key sectors of the news whelan's economy and blockade freezing of venezuela's assets and it's with great britain's human spirit is that in the u.k. and in the united states this will serve as an issue of contagion age should not be
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politicized. we need to solve this problem frew the established international procedure not money pilate the public opinion not mob allies we enter a governmental force inside the country and. there should be no excuse for this divide interventionism you will deal with this rigorous reaffirm the commitment of the when is well in government to cooperate on the issues of the new terran hey what's what's helped with this innate it's united nations bodies with russia will continue to have an image that is one of authorities in solving social economic problems by. supply humanitarian aid. and support which we believe that the best way to support it is well is to have him with a broad with a dialogue and it's a peroration of everyone we need to take steps which are necessary to reinforce our
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ties to such sectors as a vast finances. in compliance with their arrangements of mosque that the two presidents reached was in december should we also discuss they prepare seaboard for the fourteen's meeting of the high level intergovernmental commission which is planned to take place with you in early april this year in moscow and we agreed to use this platform as a good opportunity for us to discuss the further prospects for implementing major projects in that survey for months if secure and exploration works in the joint project since you are such sectors as peaceful a tim miller three technical cooperation hyde acknowledges we agreed to continue our close you most operation and dialogue and we reaffirm our commitment to coordinate our actions closely in the united nations and its security council and other international organizations thank you.
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i know which i. didn't get thank you very much mr minister. talking to the media here i would like to say i would like to express our gratitude to president putin and mr chalabi roaf and all russian people for the support support of the people of venezuela and the constitutionally elected government of our president. nicolas do role we know that there are a number of maneuvers aimed at. worsening the situation in venezuela and these attempts mostly from the united states who want to change the regime that they don't like legitimate government and the constitutional institutes
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of. well we have been interesting program for a russia our president instructed us to deepen our strategic partnership with russia in december last year president visited russia. it was an official visit and he signed new agreements and who are getting ready to expand our cooperation in new agreements. in addition to the two hundred sixty four agreements that we have already signed. in april they will be a new conference between in charge governmental commissions and new agreements will be signed we are here to underline it to underscore that venezuela is looking for new ways. this new geopolitical situation we support the contras who defend the international law and we welcome and then for the creation of the
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informal group in the un. to proceed to defend the u.n. charter and international law. when. more people support us more people of the world it's the countries. who support the multipolar world order and. oppose the one polar. world warder and saying sions that. one of them want to destroy our economy but they will not be successful on fortunately the west is excluding itself from the global arena because they're now trying to undermine the international community and several countries countries who resist that respect international law and strengthened by a literal relations and i would like to say that president. instructed us.
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instructed the lisbon. office of our oil company to close the office there in lisbon and move it to moscow you know what's happening with oil assets in the usa and other countries that are not friendly with the venezuela our assets are being frozen like in the u.k. for example that used the bank of england. and basically stole our gold to and we will. defend our rights. through accords and. in bring back our assets i mean. we are thankful grateful. for the friendship that we see and i would also like to confirm what mr lab or often i discussed in person.
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we need some mechanisms. permanent mechanisms for our dialogue. we are for the dialogue we are ready to work and talk with the opposition in venezuela. will support the initiatives proposed by mexico and ergo i don't mean israel or does not want military intervention our continent does not want a military intervention from the us or any other country we want peace steve bell stability. and we are convinced that. we can only achieve our goals through peaceful dialogue as far as human need to humanitarian aid issue this has been happening since twenty fifteen. the head of pentagon john kelly
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back then said that if there is a humanitarian crisis in the country then the united states is going to intervene but the kind of jumped the gun on this one the government of venezuela is working with international agencies including. different agencies making sure that we receive humanitarian aid through the u.n. or other friendly countries like russia for example but we would not allow a unit of unilateral illegal humanitarian aid that has its goal to. venezuela that is our agenda and we will continue to strengthen our relations with russia and our stance on the global arena will expand our trade opportunities and present madura gave a specific instructions. and we know what our people need like
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medication. and other things we will buy them from russia and we will manufacture everything we can in our country with the help of russia and that's good news for the world for the venezuela for russia. we are strategic partners and we work for the good of our people. you so little to that but it's a lot when i was a person to tell you so it was full of hello. this is vice president vice president rodriguez. and the first question we would like to know what measures. can the supreme court to venezuela. use. if wydow comes back to venezuela and also what do you and minister lavrov think about the plan the united states plan
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to. create. illegal military units and make the situation similar to what's happening in syria and i. think you. would like the whole world to hear mr why don't. you who was elected by seven thousand votes. a second. term to say well you got ninety seven thousand votes and he was not the most popular m.p. . and he was not he did not hold a prominent position on the national level either but he. proclaimed himself president because he has the support of the united states and other
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countries who do not like venezuela it's just it's all part of a big plan. to damage our country it's crime against our constitutional order and this person is working with an international government to undermine a lawful legitimate government of venezuela minnesota has all necessary mechanisms to protect its institutions its constitution. if as far as the u.s. plans go mr lavrov and i have already discussed this information in a way exchange important data important information it's not something new you know that they've already used this mechanism in syria and other countries as far as an operation against venezuela a very experienced person is heading up that operation mr abra he
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has already been involved in this kind of activities and there are certain plans and certain steps aimed at stablish ing some illegal military units. that is. what the u.s. always does basically they create terrorist groups and the whole world knows that they do that that they have the practice and it's no secret in the united states supports these extremist groups these illegal terrorist organizations and uses them to destabilize peace but it will not happen in israel and i will explain why in our independence is basically the connection between the army and the people in our people and our army are together are united they will protect in defend the territorial integrity and independence of our current. as for the plans as the us to destabilize the situation with the help of local
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military groups. to plan the disposal of these plans certainly a very has arming the us. about. the information we have shirts that say in the upcoming future the united states is planning to buy in the one of the eastern european countries light arms and weapons mortars. anti-aircraft portable people who happens and then send it closer to venezuela with the help of the air cargo company. which is absolutely loyal. to the region friendly with you can use washington we know about these plans and many other countries know about them to pursue this in the neighborhood
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of venezuela are aware of that and as well as neighbors colombian was ill said that they would not be supporting in any way plans like that they would not support any military intervention in venezuela so here they are holes that you know it's their promise if they stand strong on their own i think that these plans of the other states would not come true. when you go slowly up scornfully beauty if you will mix them up to the world is all against the military the music you can solutions i hope that will cool down the hard hats in washington but there are some people who will never stop there we will continue working on the basis of the international or we'll continue to demand from the. state's four complies with the international law get it if you who are against the facts in their socks i have two questions my
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first question is for mr lover of do we deliver any humanitarian aid to venezuela and us so do we continue do we plan to continue to do so. then i am going to get over this one and my second question is for our vice president rodriguez venezuela says that there is no humanitarian crisis in the country because it means that there is a law does not need any help including help from russia which i'll start since the question was addressed to me i said already in my policeman remarks that we discussed today when a tear in the shoes of these communities are in crisis which is artificially being turned into something else or the help of sanctions the lateral sanctions through the use of freezing the assets of venezuela brode this crisis certainly takes a stall in the situation the government of venezuela. does all it can to
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solve the current issues under the guidance of the relevant un bodies but. this is happening fully within the framework of the law these efforts fully comply with the international media and law and the rules exist and was in the family of the united nations for such situations and that's relation i would like to. say that it's a special and the one of the united states on venezuela on this crisis mr elliott abrams that the united states will not be cooperating with any u.n. agencies on this issue will not be helping them to transport military and a big us. of the united nations that's what he said to you to cause. operate with the government of mature a little that's the u.s. position the position of a country which. says it scares so much above the people of venezuela which going
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into creates provoke cation set ups on lives of border as it happened already and all the us once is to destabilize the situation topple down the murderer regime as for russia's position and this is according to the request from venezuela we send you the first batch of mad certain drugs but seven point five. that was done the expense of our contributions regular contributions to the international organization shows with the help of the hand american companies ation we received and expanded least of the madsen's that when israel a needs will be assessing most carefully dividing best ways to supply what is needed. it was thinking about this crisis
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about the humanitarian situation in venezuela in general i think that. must we must of killer subscription you russia's deliver a set of agricultural products is what you should helping to solve the situation. we but i want to. thank you very much for this question because it allows us to. see how we. were building this inclusive model of social justice in venezuela you know that there is very little inequality invidious to. the lima group countries if we take them they have a horrible social and economic. situation there the
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poverty in colombia as horrible. there are serious social problems in those countries but that's not because of the humanitarian crisis but it's because of the neoliberal model that the lima countries and colombia chose and now they're talking about. humanitarian crisis they're doing that to justify their military intervention they want their pretext for this military intervention the situation in venezuela. let's compare it to honduras or part of paraguay for example. what's happening in those countries is horrible compared to venezuela. human development index is very high in venezuela venezuela just needs. this illegal economic blockade to stop because. because of this blockade we cannot bring in. food and medications into the countries and we cannot manufacture
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of them and that is the reason for the humanitarian crisis they was artificially engineered by the united states this crisis they are stealing our asses. literally stealing our financial asses it is basically an armed robbery was happening we are just they are stealing our resources our finances and we've already said that venezuela. can get. finance medications and food. we spoke with the european union and. we gave the list of the food that we can pay for. we want to get that food and medications first now there is the sea blockade and all this all these things cannot be brought to venezuela.
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they're so intolerant that their engineering this crisis this is what our president . is saying they're choking you but they want you to respond the first condition is for them to stop talking choking us so we're calling our international community to stop this illegal blockade or of our country and that will help venezuela and also our assets that have been frozen in european banks they can be used to buy food and medications and. that can be done through international agencies the u.n. agencies which is a real cooperation mechanism not some pseudo humanitarian aid we know what happened just recently that.


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