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tv   Boom Bust  RT  March 1, 2019 5:30am-6:00am EST

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blockade and all this all these things cannot be brought to venezuela they're so intolerant that their engine nearing this crisis this is what our president. is saying they're choking you but they want you to respond the first condition is for them to stop talking choking us so we're calling on international community to stop this illegal blockade or of our country is that will help venezuela and also our assets that have been frozen in european banks they can be used to buy food and medications and. that can be done through international agencies the u.n. agencies which is a real cooperation mechanism not some pseudo humanitarian aid we know what happened just recently that was fake humanitarian aid it included materials for. escalating violence in venezuela that was not
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a real humanitarian aid we've seen this before there have been cases when. weapons were delivered to venezuela as humanitarian aid and my distinguished colleague has already mentioned that. these are these weapons were. were sent to arm some illegal groups militant groups in venezuela and now colombia is letting use its territory to organize these attacks on venezuela and that's the there are thanks. for our help in the peace process but this peace process. was not finished and now their pain as back. by allowing this aggression to be planned on its territory so this is what we need we need this blockade to end but yeah i'm afraid that it won't happen because
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now sanctions have become the business model so you just push a button here and you take away some of those resources where in the digital era now they need your imperialist in your colonial era and you can basically steal resources of a whole nations with just one click. just like. you. mr lover of. do you think the direct military intervention u.s. intervention is possible because president trump has already said that and it has been agreed to rated that all options are on the table. and why is your government. your government against
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a new election in venezuela. i said already there is not a single country this we should move and there were also you said for probably one of the closest allies or not is your states who would support for your own good for you in the military intervention in venezuela. so everyone including his well as neighbors have already voiced. their determination not to accept that but not to support this mission. but i know the ways of the current us administration and that is why i can say that yes everything is possible i cannot rule out that the us administration can really . do. something that would again violate every international law and principles on allert abberations who was appointed
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a special u.s. envoy for venezuela which makes no secret of his functions. including any peace solution you know the only thing he does is to spur up. spittle th of the situation which would provoke the march to the like in the us and the explosion inside even as well and bloodshed inside minister well and that would be just defying the us intervention no one makes any secret of that in washington i cannot rule out that these statements. but it would again be. just a stepping stone for search. things outrageous adventures. and this situation if washington was its goes in circumvention of the positions of the countries of this region. and. of tries
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to invade venezuela school that forward just show immediately the motives. you know behind the u.s. policies in latin america these policies have nothing to do is democracy even though it's all about democracy the only thing the u.s. does here is imposing its will making everyone bow to it's the world they said already that it's not about venezuela it's about cuba and nicaragua or to school next day the u.s. may dislike someone else it may say that elections of this of that country are not democratic and. it will all happen again it's again i don't think that this kind of attitude like you know what it feels a little and they set it to you it is outrageous. it's a school it will not help washington score any points in latin america.
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those that americans who have deep rooted tradition together with other countries this part of the region organizations they would say what they have in mind right away just as the rest of the international community if that as that happens i hope that common sense would prevail i'm on the u.s. establishment and i think you. know before i answer your question. i would like. c.n.n. journalists well you broadcast my full answer. well the c.n.n. show my answer. thank you.
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you said that against the election but we defend our constitution the election already took place in due time in twenty eighteen. and. present majeure a won that election and he's going to be in office until twenty twenty five we've had twenty five elections in the last twenty years. and you. ideology has lost only twice during those elections in the united states. they like to talk about elections but even in the u.s. it's not the majority of votes that decide who's going to be president in venezuela we count all the votes and people supported president maduro
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so we are defending our country and nobody can demand that we break the constitution of our country so we are defending protecting our constitution thank you. yes. hello. my first question is for mr rove russian resolution in the security council. had fewer votes and if not the veto. of china and russia and russia the u.s. resolution would have been passed and for the first time in history they security council would vote to change the regime in venezuela so in this situation . are there any ways for venezuela to decide its own future and my question is for. vice president rodriguez as well there is
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a. debate in the u.n. are there. goes your candidacy of go i don't know because the u.s. threatened venezuela if go i don't know was detained is there any way to stop this intervention. we're looking. at right now we're seeing that other countries are imposing their will on venezuela. and i would also like to me to ask you to talk more about that equipment relocation of their oil company office why are you doing that. to this noble soul and as for the yesterday's vote in the u.n. security council let's not voices in favor of those of that resolution the main thing is that neither of the theories of lucian's were adopted it was it doesn't
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mean that one project was more legitimate and the other one was less legitimate the u.n. charter. says for for procedure for making decisions we would be obligatory for the international community and best procedure means that which a resolution can be passed only if there is no veto if the veto right is exercise then that resolution. cannot be illegitimate. sons and it. cannot be presented as something more positive than some other draft resolution these are the rules and these are the rules on which the international law is based on the united nations is founded on these rules like to remind you of that. because as the new
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ones when the u.n. was created it was the united states suggest it and with that insisted that the security council members permit security council members had that veto right the founding fathers of the united nations believe that it's positions of. position a one currency firm and representative of the security council with us that bring you much should not be ignored. because there is too much experience for our past than words when decisions are taking in the wrong way. the car sequences. cannot be good for us as for the ocean sun the table. and whether it is possible to. make it so that when you say well the word decided so in the future today were talked about the montevideo mechanism to was created thanks to mexico or why the
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caribbean community and mexico use that mechanism so it's you says for finish it i have to organize an inconclusive dialogue between all political state holders inside when his well the president must do or has already positively. mansion this initiative and he is ready to join the dark without any preconditions but unfortunately mystic why do appointed some kind of leader by the united states. is categorical it against this initiatives of that's how matters stand at this point we have a group of countries who stand up for you much are starting a dialogue with your school system that a group was supported by the legitimate president of venezuela and then there is a different camp during the camp of countries that are under full employment of the
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united states they refused to accept that initiative there is also an international contact group created by the e.u. back last year. the european countries were considering this they were very constructive at that point they wanted to facilitate a dialogue inside with his other but at some point later on this position transferred. them to them into a different field of action they said that there is an l. to meet him and there should be early elections with the european countries and that cantor group was. at the meeting in a world wide where it formulating a document but that document does not include anything which comes close to a dialogue no word dialogue at all only which is calling and demanding for early
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presidential election of venezuela that's all it contains this position is not constructive that's near colonialism. look i understand the sometimes it's difficult to drop all the habits existing for centuries but they need to feel that this structure this international can't a group. the legitimate government of israel is ready to talk to it and that is a very good example as to how constructive madurese and his government is and how destructive and comfort intentional the position is and that man appointed leader. well the study didn't from the ocean from abroad and it violates the u.n. charter i didn't a national or. start with your second question the question number relocation
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of the. office to moscow we are doing is in accordance with our plans to expand our cooperation. with russia. and this is a good moment for us to do that we are reformatting our relations and europe has not given us enough guarantees because the capitalist world is breaking its own rules and they cannot guarantee that our assets will be intact the bank of england expropriated are gold they broke it it broke its own rules you can also. think of what happened to see call this company was basically stolen from us by the united states it was basically just armed robbery as far as your first question
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about the intervention. the situation is complicated. including the situation with the opposition in venezuela it's not a united group and they don't really know how to get support of the people how to get more votes and that's what why they're screaming about a military intervention because that is the only way for them to take power they failed to do this through an election that's why i now want to use power. and we're going to go. on february twenty third it was an operation. aimed at attack in venezuela. mr duke. came to kill. mr brown as he was there to the president of paraguay they were all in kolkata.
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for this big operation against venezuela and. you know. why does. one of the why doe's comrades almost died because he was spending the night with prostitutes in the same city he was poisoned by the prostitutes and he was hospitalized so while there were pain some criminal groups in venezuela to start the violence in venezuela. they were celebrating but they were entertaining themselves and i think that just goes to show what kind of people the. opposition in missoula consists of they cannot win the votes of the people in venezuela so they just always ask all the others to do their dirty work so i
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conclude our press conference thank you for participating. well delta road ragers their vice president of venezuela and also the russian f.m. there talking at length about boosting cooperation i won't repeat at all if you've been watching of the last twenty five minutes or so briefly. they need to fully comply the world with the fundamental principles of the un i know an intervention into affairs of the countries i even israel he said russia reaffirmed its commitment to join the regional international efforts aimed at mediating the conflict he said the leadership of venezuela is ready for dialogue the opposition is not said russia will continue to help authorities in helping in humanitarian aid and support for those road ragers she expressed gratitude at length to russia for support of the people of venezuela and the constitution the elected government she said the u.s. wants regime change should they don't like president. and last year he came here to russia and wanted to expand future cooperation with russia didn't
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like that other search said the u.s. a hundred fifty agreements were signed here in russia last year and more are planned she said the venezuelan the democratically elected government is ready to work and talk with the opposition in venezuela she said categorically venezuela does not want military intervention goals can only be reached with peaceful dialogue also needs as well as more cooperation with rosneft and gasp the moving of a regional office from lisbon portugal over to moscow to. make that happen to facilitate it just a couple of the things that came up in that live news event that we just brought you we're going to get more feedback on my play and more excerpts from it as well as the after new continues let's take a quick look at some other news stories now as you see we go in full hour now you know be here about ten minutes time but another few bits news for you in a bid to ease the humanitarian crisis in yemen the un's raise more than two and
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a half billion dollars at a high level pledging event in geneva but it's well short of the target some of four billion dollars needed to fulfill this year's a plan on top of that many of the donor countries the ones linked to an almost four year old conflict in yemen now either ironically other involved in the fighting there or selling arms towards it. the.
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middle east advisor for the norwegian refugee council spoke to me he's joined calls for donor countries to stop selling arms to saudi arabia. but it's up almost twenty four million yemenis in need of age of some sort either because they haven't received studies because they are sleeping hungry at night i've met children a ten year old haifa was telling me they go to sleep hungry every other day because they can't afford to have a meal every day they've been displaced my at the present time save lost their houses there is no safe place in yemen and there's no yemeni who hasn't in one way or another witness this war be it on land and sea and air strikes artillery tank fire it's happening every day across yemen the united states so the united arab emirates further down the road the united kingdom they are the top dollar as they
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have been traditionally the was most generous in funding and where it's our united for yemen but at the same time they are always so the most active directory or indicted to meet with the sales of weapons or dropping off bomb site if you want to yemeni civilians so we're calling for and and so the hypocrisy. under that list if he also feeding it was one of the yemenis to keep them alive destroying their cancer with the outlet while aid is desperately needed they themselves are to be a think the need for that through the war through the fighting so the blockade of of yemen these weapons this fighting this having a direct impact on women children the civilians who have absolutely lost a in this conflict. a shooting range in the u.k. has been branded distasteful for allowing pictures of eisel broad begun to be used as target practice the teenager in the notoriety lately after an interview in which she showed no remorse or regret about fleeing to join the terrorist group in syria
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one of her images use in the rain is shit covered in bullet holes by the way it has been widely shared online and mixed reaction. in a society where hate and violence against muslims particularly muslim women is most prevalent on the rise it's deeply concerning that people requested an image of a real person as a shooting target it's clearly wrong to use photos of people as targets in a shooting they should stop why you're so worried about a traitor they're just blaming with her poster her isis friends tast real human hands of beheaded victims like a football and she wasn't faced remember that was the part of history a shim a beggar was born in britain but stole her sister's passport and fled to syria four years ago to join eisel she was just fifteen there now though she says once go back to the u.k. britain has moved to revoke her citizenship here's why the shooting range according to their shows to me even to their targets the targets provide some fantastic
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reactions and conversations and allow people to have some lighthearted fun and bring out the in a child in us all the targets we provide do not necessarily always reflect our personal opinions after watching footage of big i'm being interviewed and the lack of remorse and empathy she shows we chose to go ahead and run the targets. good idea i guess had some comments on it. the issue is how it's going to actually impact on muslims in this country and muslim women in particular and the fact that we need to recognize that she whether we like it or not because she is a muslim woman she is going to inevitably represent something that the people who are going to range people are saying this is something that is going to be targeting muslim women in the second what is more what is more offensive to muslim women the fact that should be pagans picture was at the shooting range almost nobody is going to go to all the fact that somebody is appearing on
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international television to say that should mean begum is a vet present state of muslim women in britain that is not what i said that is a caricature of precisely what i've actually precisely what you said that night if you have knowledge of the need to actually think about why do you allow me to finish what you allow me to finish what i'm talking about plane that is being made is that a racist environment this is a racist environment which you are a part of which is encouraging the targeting of muslim women she is a terrorist and they're law abiding citizens and frankly you should take that back you should apologize to muslim women in this country for suggesting that she is like them this is a process of desensitization of children from a very early age and this is problematic because it is saying that it's ok to shoot and kill women in her job because that's exactly what is being suggested in this to call it harmless fun i think it's important that we recover the child advocates on the t.v. channels that we should take military action to get the child by its u.k.
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who after all is an innocent victim she can take a hike i don't care about. the release idea because she will also say it's not true and be so unfair they want to raise all of that they are all going to face all ireland percy's a terrorist as american base or no. that would be taken away but for a white person that would not be an option that their citizenship would be taken away he said i should on that alone recognize that there is a structural outside all racism that exists through everything that you are actually saying is a sense of what you would define i think should be i would say you have to use your bring her back to defend the grain have arrived and try her and that's the issue there is an environment of hate that exists i think what we have to think first of all who all the real victims here should be to pay jim he's a terrorist she supported a brutal terrorist regime the disgraced full idea in the media that we should be seeing her as the fake said i think it's sad and pathetic that it would not be the role of the british state to tell british people what they can and call they just
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cause one or two people are offended by it if we lived our lives bonding everything that some one person found offensive nothing would exist in the world and thank god i live in a country where we're never going to do that. for three minutes to two o'clock in the afternoon moscow time this friday the first of march thanks so much money as kevin i would say goodbye from the union o'neil's here for the next six hours with all the latest breaking news when i get in this friday have a good one. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice or the biggest raid in truth to stand out of the news business is just the dance the right questions demand the right answer.
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questions. the maternity town the slums go in and you may never get out so do most of. my teenage gang rules here. you know one of the few moves then let the mind of those who were through with. the navy will. come. to. mine or seeing her the spirit of bliss. and now it's looking for the wood on the news that as soon as me and melanie when the woman who.
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you know mccain who commutes all i see. what we really need is someone from outside. we had some very. lost because the. series they lost. so as they say could not intermediate between cause of the palestinians. would lol maybe just manufacture come sentenced him to public wealth. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the financial merry go round to listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room i mean real news.
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headline stories international. borders the european headquarters. company to be moved from the portuguese capital. meeting between the country's vice president russia's foreign minister. to the un security.


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