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of the most contaminated mining sites in the us and into the flow into the surrounding streams and palms without even being treated yes my friends i said millions of gallons over fifty million gallons of contaminated waste water to be exact that flows daily from some forty three different mining sites across the country that a.p. was able to look at twenty million of that fifty million completely runs completely untreated into our ponds rivers and groundwater systems while the rest of it is captured or treated in a costly effort that will need to carry on indefinitely for perhaps thousands of years often with little hope for reimbursement thousands of years this my friends is what's called blowback blowback as we know is the unintended adverse results of a political action or situation in this particular situation was caused by letting hundreds maybe thousands of private mining companies dig pillage and rape the land of its natural resources with little to no oversight all while leaving the
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environmental care and cost of cleanup in the laps of us the taxpayers here in the us when asked about this dangerous legacy mining montana mining association director tammy johnson told the associated press quote well back in the day there really wasn't a lot known about acid mine drainage i just don't think but today's companies bear the responsibility. then who should tell me let's find out as we start watching the whole. world would you treat the. real that this would. be the part of. the day like you got. to sleep. with. the.
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welcome or want to watch it harks i am tired and i'm tapped a while ascend i am not a mining expert but i'm pretty sure asset in the ground of bad in generally i make many errors there are some there career such models just not really running in to our water of her are natural streams and rivers and lakes and i'm going to show you pics scariest they all are bald laden know. i'm not a sure if you said out of it's like well we can't be held accountable for the sins of the past i. don't care it's your industry. but if you want to give doing those business you have to do it i'm sorry they're just me and sometimes you have to clean up for your fellow industry people that's the right thing to do you make your whole industry look bad which is why they don't have a whole lot of help when they do this now the e.p.a.
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has spent about four billion on cleaning up any number of these mines earth justice attorney amanda good one actually stated when something gets on the superfund site that doesn't mean it instantly and magically gets cleaned up having money immediately for avail available from a responsible party would be a game changer in the world and so the maids as each of these mining companies or associations in the mining industry if they would simply band together and say we do need to clean up the sense of the. asked we have to you know i we've got to take responsibility for actions even if it's this board this company's not direct action and you're still profiting off of what came before you right you have to understand this isn't something where it can just be fair some of the know can't just be fixed and you need a lot more money than just the small amount that the taxpayers are footing the bill for so he found i mean highlighted eight sites or eight states with mining sites that were untreated water harms the environment threatens the drinking water they
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include north and south carolina. vermont missouri oregon colorado oklahoma and california and the problem is at some of these sites is that they are what they call quote intractable and that essentially means that they can't actually. go in and take all of it out what they have to do is just keep kind of scooping the bad stuff out as it comes up that's as far as they know how to fix this now and that's literally where you get the term it will take us thousands of years and think about the money that you've mentioned. four billion on the taxpayer . and these companies don't really get hit with this they get to keep making money they get to keep selling their precious metals the copper the gold you know things about nature what's when you look at like the map that's coast to coast yeah you know that's not what he likes to say it isn't with us in the south or it's just an area it's everywhere and was just the this is happening in other states as well where they have a little bit more under control but this is still we're talking about drinking
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water we're talking about our nature you know we're talking about thousands of fish dying and things of this nature that we see in atlanta fall of its own ecosystem it is and i want to focus in the focused on two states there's more obviously that are affected by this but i want to hear their stuff in eastern oklahoma as tar creek mining district thanks to the lead mines there was no life in the waterways and elevated lead levels persist in the blood of children despite my friends despite a two decade cleanup effort two decades of trying to clean this up you still have elevated blood lead in kids more than three hundred million that has been committed to that clean up since late two hundred eighty three. in northern california's iron mountain lion a former copper and zinc mine the drain highly is to the water in the sacramento river tributary despite cleanup team's best efforts in fact before the e.p.a. got involved the mine discharge six tons of toxic sludge on a daily basis six tang's we now spend five million dollars dollars
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a year just remove that poisonous sludge but guess what that's neverending apparently we have to keep removing that over and over another five another five the mining industry needs to put the money into the research and really start paying that toward figuring out how to clean it up and how to prevent that from happening again yes i couldn't agree more so you can do. in one nine hundred fifty four the supreme court ruled that segregation was indeed unconstitutional if the education provided to children of color was either not available at all or is nowhere near equal to white public schools in the areas however despite over half a century passing public schools with primarily children of color still aren't getting as much money as their white counterparts a new report from nonprofit ed builds paints a stark portrait of our education system of funding researchers found that predominantly white school districts take home more than twenty three billion dollars more per year than non white schools even when they have the same number of
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children the national average cost to educate a public school student per year in the united states is thirteen thousand one hundred eighteen dollars. white students get on average thirteen thousand nine hundred eight dollars while their peers of color average ameerah levon thousand six hundred eighty two dollars per year what this means is that children of color are being shorted about twenty two hundred dollars per year in education in order to have true equality and to finally bury the stink of segregation we must free the most important asset we can give our citizens an education that is absolutely true and it's sad. see that this kind of. financial segregation still exists because really when you look at it it's basically i mean ok these schools that are part of the problem primarily white are getting more money than these schools over here it's hard to argue with that but you can't just argue with there is if you're
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under the national average i'm like why are you under the national average or why are these over and some of them has to offer stands a very common it has to do with school funding and part of that is that if you're in an area that has more money and you take a big tax refund to that whatever property taxes things where you know it's not the whole quality if there were you know it's not i mean look at the national level there was a fifteen hundred per student gap between white districts who received twelve thousand nine hundred ninety seven per student and equally disadvantaged nonwhite district with just eleven thousand five hundred per student so big gap yeah when you when you look at the inequality by social economic group it's still an equal so you'd still like even if you're poor and white you're still getting more than someone who is poor but correct poor kids should not get simply less because they are poor to no one degree and nor should poor kids who are of a different skin tone than the popular skin tone in the united states they should be getting less education everyone should be starting on an equal footing i mean
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look at the chart white schools in high poverty are getting between nearly thirteen thousand and fourteen thousand per year while their non white peers in high and low poverty are still only getting between eleven and twelve thousand a year that's ridiculous i mean look at that there are still you know even in high poverty low poverty areas there are still above the national average even and white high poverty area i mean it's a massive difference between high poverty eleven thousand to twelve thousand and part of this comes up and what this is and the thing you have to understand is there's a difference between a quality and equity and this is the thing with segregation that's always been the part that people don't get the whole part of separate but equal was shot down because it was an equal right and when you're talking about equal. a quality is when we treat everyone the same everybody gets the exact same amount so if we say every came to america to get at least twelve or thirteen thousand dollars per year and that's how it is that's one thing but we're not even doing that we're not even
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making an equal we're not even saying all children in america deserve this and sticking to it the worst part is so equity is what you give people enough to be successful that people are getting enough to be able to do that when you have schools that have been segregated for half a century and took you know even into the seventy's and eighty's still fighting jim crow laws they actually need more money to get to where these white schools are those for and you can see it from the charts and that's children predominately black public schools are there. basically because of the effects of racist segregation that never went away we have to had best in those true children and really worked hard equity for them so that they have the same chances that everybody else and this goes on a socio economic front as well the children who happen to go to a public school in a nice area with expensive houses and high property taxes shouldn't have
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a wild amount more than someone who is the poor kid who live in the neighborhood whose parents clean most people's houses that's the basic purpose of the country right is life liberty and the pursuit of how to be right that there is there until you have produced what means you can pursue it and seven equal ability to do the right isn't any will ability to pursue how think it is and you can't certain say well if everyone is going to part of a listers like you're saying really let's just give everyone the twelve or thirteen or whatever we're going to start a great start but guess what you're also discounting the factors that greatly pointed out that there is a lot of kids in this country that are starting out five steps behind you have already from they're not at zero you have to coach them up to zero and then bring everyone else so you know if. it's numbers one way street you have to there sets of you have to go on is it should have a quality everyone is there should be a basis and everyone has to do. that and then as you said at some point there needs to be equity that's placed into communities and whether you're you know whether your parents or the people who claim the mansion or the people who live in the
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mansion both their children deserve the same opportunities in life as far as public school education is concerned could miss out about her all right as we go to break or khwaja don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook you tube and twitter see our poll shows at our tea dot com coming up we examine the now ended u.s. north korean talks in hanoi and what the political fallout about will be with conservative commentator your favorite of mine mr steve malzberg states who are watching the. game here where did you work before you came here when you live well death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend
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years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up the right to live among us somebody even proven innocent is on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about it. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't. let me. get to shape out these days become educated and in gain from it because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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my son doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse he started going after the users in the prison population. we started treating sick people people who were addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for inconceivable long sentences for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of this it's just it doesn't get easier.
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the self-proclaimed master of the art of the deal united states president donald trump apparently flexed his wheeling and dealing skills this week by up and leaving the deal making table five million rather unexpectedly the u.s. president left the much anticipated controversial hanoi summit between the united states and north korea when asked about the abrupt and claimed quote sometimes you have to walk and this was just one of those times our own scotty now he was the host of news for us he was as in hanoi this week and has the story. that's right a whirlwind summit between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un came to an abrupt end the thursday afternoon as the press was lined up to resettle to the j w merat and hanoi reports came from the white house press poll that the talks would end early a lunch between the leaders would be canceled and the scheduled press conference would have been two hours ahead of schedule. i was in the briefing room this
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afternoon when president and secretary of state mike pompei o explained the disconnect that ended the summit early but we literally just left we spent pretty much all day with kim jong who is. he's quite a guy and quite a character and i think our relationship is very strong but at this time we had some options and at this time we decided not to do any of the options unfortunately we didn't get all the way we didn't get to something that that ultimately made sense for the united states of america i think chairman kim was hopeful that we would we asked him to do more he he was unprepared to do that but i'm still optimistic i'm hopeful that the teams will get back together in the the days and weeks ahead and continue to work out it's a very complex problem now president trump did talk about how positive he felt it was but that he had the ability to walk away giving the room the kind of the feeling that he was the one that walked away however once again there was no specifics
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a given by either side as to why this could not be accomplished we'll see where that goes but it was. it was a very interesting two days and i think actually it was a very productive two days but sometimes you have to walk and this was just one of those times now going forward from this there was also talk of whether or not there would be a future summit president trump said there had been not a planned however conversations are talking about china south korea as well as other asian countries involved makes one wonder if the next step would be to have a conversation with several asian countries and the united states and china has been very helpful president xi is a great leader he's a highly respected leader all over the world and especially in asia and he's helped us mike i would say he's helped us a lot we've. actually called him just recently to say hey you know whatever you can do on this but he has been very helpful at the border and he's been very very helpful with i think north korea generally while the president and secretary of
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state were mostly positive about the meeting with kim some experts think that despite hope for the nuclearization of the korean peninsula this meeting here in hanoi was a failure. thing up all. their greed on the dole. on the korean peninsula but no real substance no progress and no the time so this is a pedo but it was good that. showed some interest in continuing the conversation it will mean some peace talks will go on and there were also many issues that were not addressed during the president's press conference whether there would be a declared end to the korean war the humanitarian crisis in the north or a possible troop draw back in south korea one a future summit with north korea was discussed the positive nature of president trump's comments after the truncated talks open the door for more negotiations reporting from hanoi of vietnam for watching the hawks i'm scottish now here. and
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joining us now is the one and only steve malzberg out of new york city steve always a pleasure having you on donald men no one to hold them no one to fold them is kind of what. donald men no one to hold them no one to fold them was kind of had that ring that old song ring in my ears first and foremost obvious question on everyone's mind is how will this move by in your opinion affect future talks between the u.s. and north korea is this a setback for you know better relations or is this just kind of a bump in the road we're going to still see this move forward. well great to be with both of you as always i think it's a little more than a bump in the road because after donald trump left the country. if the down troops left the country the the north koreans held a press conference the foreign minister blaming donald trump and saying we didn't ask for all the sanctions to be lifted as donald trump said we did in fact he said
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we only asked for some of the same kids to be lifted in return for us closing down our biggest nuclear facility and he also said as far as the future summit goes we may not be changing our position this could be our position so it was a very unusual press conference that took place at midnight local time and they waited till left to donald trump and left the country so that kind of casts doubt on the future of the talks in my view. it's interesting because going into these talks the trumpet ministration had dropped the demand that north korea agreed to disclose a full accounting of its nuclear arsenal and i am sorry but was that one of the main issues that everyone had and had and issue with with your brand d.l. and that's why secretary of state kerry dropped the demand for the full accounting of iran's nuclear history so i have to you know i mean i think somewhere the iran
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deal is saying well. you know i was right you know bravo i'm so i'm confused are we not do we know what well there was and there was a there was an n.b.c. report which i think there's been discounted although in b.c. seems to be sticking by it the administration certainly denied it that no longer would the administration ard ministration be seeking the you know the elimination of all the nuclear weapons that north korea as but i think by the you know by virtue of the fact that donald trump walked away because he didn't get enough i think. obvious that the united states figures you have to disarm all your nuclear weapons account for them tell us what they are then let us in to see that you're getting rid of them or there's not going to be a deal yet we're not going to lift the sanctions. i'm wondering why i mean it seems to me this was so well planned for so long can you make somehow i guess the
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illumination for me is where is the political advantageous nature of going all the way there and then sort of skipping out on a one key and leaving like how does that what's the move there how is this positive well i think he's sending a message to cam i mean you know donald trump if we could tease but he does consider himself the great negotiator and whether you like it or not that he has renegotiated bunch of trade deals he's on the precipice of doing the same now with china hopefully so his tactics to work don't forget when he took office they called him every name in the books to be a little rocket man and we couldn't i await the country and kim was firing missiles and testing nuclear weapons and now all that stuff and now it's constantly i love kim we get along he's a great guy which i'm not thrilled about but that's the style ok but i just think that walking away could you imagine if he had said ok we'll lift the sanctions and all we got was one nuclear facility closed but there's still missiles this still of
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fissile material there's still other rockets other facilities he'd be getting murdered in the media right now although some of murdering him in the media now for saying he's lost he walked away so he can't win with the media but i think he did the right thing and you know what you get i'm sorry actually kind of what i want to go into next steve was is one of the great reasons i love having you on is you give us the perspective you know from that side of the political spectrum and of the political side of the progress spectrum is where were we were going strong go now because you know he's being attacked for obviously you know we left in. it was a complete denial that you know and then while that's happening you had the you know the circus back home with cones testimony to congress and all of that so we're trying to go next what's his next move politically i think maybe if in fact president xi i know they have the ear of north korea some say they pull all the strings for the north korea and he's good no he's just kim is just trying to pop it
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but i think he reaches out to she i just i mean maybe he reaches out to kim again maybe there is you know that i think pompei when his counterpart are going to meet again way before you ever get to see trump and kim meeting again that's for sure and maybe there is not room for agreement you know he's trying to entice kim he says look at vietnam look at this country you got starbucks kentucky fried chicken burger king he came towards plant in the north of hanoi seventy seven thousand workers south koreans samsung plant all this could be yours trump is saying you know what vietnam is a communist country but kim is communist country is a family dictatorship that's been around for over seventy years he may value power and nuclear weapons more then opening up his country to the outside world and that is people will say we don't need you. it's that you're going into this you know
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we're talking about that area of the world and since world war two it's trying to come up with this sort of magical calm you capitalist society that everyone can be . a man on how come you capitalist you know give me we can find a middle ground given given the heart disease and things like that i don't know if we want to i don't go see them and see and some of our fast but. of course there was some doubt or do you have to always a pleasure having you on like this it's great to hear from your side of the your side of the political spectrum thank you so much for coming on always a pleasure love being here next time i'll leave the frog in my throat. it's. in the one nine hundred fifty five fifty nine ed wood film classic plan nine from outer space aliens are raw of on earth to stop us earthlings from building a doomsday a weapon now a new theory regarding the size of the mysterious planet not even from outer space could ultimately lead to things becoming the aliens but at night as
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a hypothetical world that has not been photographed as of yet but how showing up in energy readings to jest it's there it's hypothesized to have an elliptical orbit around the sun and could even be the missing link of planet formation now according to a paper in a scientific journal physics report it could also be up to ten times larger than earth and actual super whether or not it's how beautiful is still an enduring mystery as is existence at all but i don't expect the search for planet nine will slow down because i bet earth just hasn't seen the last of the space weird. wild the web would references for it's just there in the show i don't know where it's got a little planet for hours now the game live on the super planet where the aliens know what it's going to be interesting i'm really excited to see where this kind of shake solution if they actually can prove that it's a bit extra planet in our solar system would be groundbreaking all right that is
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our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are now told that we are loved up so i tell you all i love you i am tired robot and on top of the always keep on watching those hawks never great day and night everybody. you know will. be careful who you know in the states. we all slow number one and get her to ditch in here. how many also some of you shall before. us was for most. people you selling crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot in order to excrete good. job you
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got to act like a lying in amongst all the lines. most of them bs so this is somebody who also fit is at the root for. what we really need is someone from outside. we had some very good. because of. series they lost. souls a day could not intermediate between the cost of the palestinian. the maternity town the slums go in and you may never get out some sort of the most of. my teenage gang rules here. don't want to move they're not letting my.
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name he will be. minus a murderer. and now it's looking for the yeah. and melanie when not in. the monkey little musical i see. i.
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venezuela moves to protect itself said spy ordering the state oil companies european hates q to move to moscow made concerted shared by rush over a u.s. led attempts to destabilize the country. it is very clear. going on to seeking to arm terrorist groups and rebels in order to destabilize in undermine our pizza he only creates tension from situations that might trigger as the us wants an explosion and bloodbath in venezuela to justify military. out of as prime minister fights for political.


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