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keep. doing the state oil company. attempts to destabilize the country. it is very clear what's going on. in order to. undermine or create tension situation. as the u.s. wants an explosion.
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has been handed over to india. after escalating tension. and restart to saudi arabia. thanks for joining us tonight. the president of crisis stricken venezuela has ordered the european headquarters of the country's oil company to relocate to moscow the concern is over securing national assets off the key figures in europe sided with the united states backing self-proclaimed interim leader. who they want to run the major oil exporter at a news briefing with the russian foreign minister the venezuelan vice president said her country doesn't trust u.s. allies in europe. the relocation of. the from
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europe i'll see that it's been a part of our plans in terms of deepening relations with russian companies like gross and gas prom europe has not given us enough for sure and says that he will respect our assets look at the bank of england which is we holding venezuelan gold there has been an armed robbery on his watch and we want to ensure our relationship with russia. venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world u.s. sanctions have blocked seven billion dollars worth of the state owned companies assets russia says it shares venezuela's concerns over u.s. led attempts to destabilize the country with more details here how to use what if a tosser. friday's visit delvin as well as vice president to moscow has become yet another one in a series of meetings between high ranking officials from russia and this like an american country here in the russian capital meetings to show solidarity and ensure
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support of course russia is among the countries totally and fully back in venezuela defending its sovereignty and protecting its future and made just as foreign minister lavrov has said today cynical complain aimed at overthrowing legitimate authorities of venezuela using open threats including one of a military intervention. knowing the approach of the current us administration i wouldn't be surprised if it takes action that violates any reasonable standards of international law has specially when the u.s. special envoy on venezuela at the u.n. elliot abrams makes no secret that his functions don't include looking for a peaceful settlement he only creates tensions and situations that might trigger as the u.s. wants an explosion and bloodbath in venezuela to justify military interference needless to say a lot has been said about the possibility of military intervention of course that's especially after america's president trumps claiming that all the options are on
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the table meaning including military operation armed operation invent as well what thorough when i'm on your way to there is a concerted effort there is seeking to justify an international intervention in venezuela headed by do you hear us and their regime change doctrine this is nothing new we've seen these tactics and here and now the country the person in charge of action against minutes well is known for there is to burst of activity as an attack to a foreign state and that's mr abrams it is a very clear was going on to seeking to arm terrorist groups and rebels in order to destabilize in undermine our peace. which it's no coincidence that we heard venezuela is not. only goals cuba nicaragua are on the horizon and if the u.s. doesn't like someone else tomorrow if they say the election results in any country don't meet democratic standards now answering r.t. question venezuela's vice president has added also that she believes
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venezuela will not become second syria because the people of venezuela and the country's army are as united as never before in fighting for their future and peace the u.s. special envoy to venezuela was asked about the russian foreign minister is warning that washington is planning a military intervention. for mr love growth for. fifteen years. known him for quite a while i don't. think he actually believes that we're attempting to to do that and i think is you know you're not attempt to do that we continue to say and we always will but all options are on the table because they always or but i think anyone who actually looks at american policy in venezuela would not reach that conclusion abram's or else the u.s. sanctions on six individuals from venezuela and security forces for not allowing
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u.s. aid convoys into the country last week president were duros concerns over the years because back in the eighty's defended the smuggling weapons the nicaraguan rebels disguised as aid when he was assistant secretary of state after announcing those new restrictions abrams was pressed by an associated press reporter about whether go outdoors running out of steam and the effect on american officials threatening language towards what they were. i'm wondering are you guys meaning the administration at all concerned that and the initial. for lack of a better word excitement over when the recognition is losing some momentum and in giving given the majority of those seem to be going anywhere he certainly not taking the national security adviser's advice to those on the beach outside of venezuela i wish him a long quiet retirement on a pretty beach far from venezuela and the sooner he takes advantage of that the
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center is likely to have a nice quiet retirement on a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like guantanamo so are you concerned that you're losing momentum and then such and relieve that. there is one member of congress in particular set a senator who has you know suggested the might meet the same fate as got off the libya and just that helped or hurt you or your cause or your efforts to build momentum. i'm not actually going to get into that commenting on what particular senators everything forget it. forget it forget the line about any senator i used to do comparisons between with duro and and suggesting that he might meet the fate of the do that does that help your posts or i'm i'm not going to get into that other than to say that i think that. dictatorships come to an end some last for a very long time. others
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a much shorter time this one in venezuela will also come to an end we hope that it comes to an end quickly and peacefully former un human rights committee secretary alfred disaster was also the first to visit one his way to thinks the united states is waging war on international law. preparations have been already since year in the southern command has had the plans already prepared but the question is what will the. international price in pristine be for the united states will the united states take the risk of a flagrant aggression against. the united states did so in two thousand and three when the coalition of the willing. bombarded
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iraq the war which. kofi annan on repeated occasions declared to have been an illegal war so the united states if. specially with a president like trump is capable of doing there is a danger of violence and it should be the function of the united nations to prevent that on the other hand i listened last night to the bait in the security council on venezuela which i consider to be so realistic i mean it is quite clear to me that the united states is waging war on international law now that trump does that does not surprise me. an indian fighter pilot who was captured by pakistan after his jet was shot down has been handed over to india transfer held at the border between the two countries it was televised live pakistan's prime minister
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described the pilot's release as a peace gesture tension between the two nuclear countries has escalated in recent weeks i can stand also released a video recording made of indian pilots while he was in that case that. i was trying to look for the target when i was shot down by the pakistani air force as soon as i injected my. the parachute opened and i came down i had a pistol with me i tried to run and people chased me their emotions were running high then two pakistani army officials came in save me pakistani army captain save me from the people and did not let any harm come to me they took me to their unit when i was given first aid. reporting from pakistan his local journalists. that class decided to hand him over to india because of what is the law to let the people in india and elsewhere in the world know that pakistan believes in shorting the regular enemy gathered by india are merely an. underdog. the rest
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of the better off their laws nor the result which was you know that is what everybody else you don't focus on to tell you that there. is a billion side and. this thing in the pilot or the whole virus or not decided to hand over for nonetheless the signatures and invited. that because those fields is not formally positive i wish to assure the nation that we are fully prepared and in a heightened state of readiness to this point to any group looking by pakistan could you envision all out war between india and pakistan i hope not. that would be mutual suicide and that is. where this incident all started bombing. on forty repairability what may be more going for. india than
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want to kill. the status of kashmir has been an insurmountable obstacle between india and pakistan for many years. this is a very dangerous situation because both these countries have nuclear weapons right up against each other of all the troops and suspicion and so if we think back so to
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the cuban missile crisis in one nine hundred sixty two whatever with tensions between moscow and washington american and soviet soldiers didn't shoot at each other in more recent times in korea huge tension between north korea and the americans but there's been no shooting here we've actually had casualties and so the risk of things spiralling out of control because somebody is trigger happy or somebody makes a miscalculation is really a very serious one and that's why of course china russia and america and other countries around the world are very worried because. in one column so it would be carnage and protest given the huge numbers of people who live within range of these missiles. there's a split in germany's governing coalition with the two main parties at odds over whether to of prolong the freeze of arms sales to saudi arabia they were initially halted in response to the brutal killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi for which several saudi officials were blamed for use was initially introduced as a temporary measure is due to be evaluated in a few days the social democratic party has expressed its concern over saudi
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arabia's involvement in the war in yemen where there are numerous reports of civilian casualties while the conservatives argue that by halting saudi arms sales germany risks losing the trust of its international partners. is germany pretty stupid it's a new european or supernational project then partner should find common rules otherwise such projects could take place without germany in the future britain and france have already urged germany to exempt a big defense projects from the moratorium all risk damaging its commercial credibility that's partially because top british defense systems could suffer as the result of the german sale suspensions saudi arabia has been involved in yemen for around three years now over the country has become one of the largest arms importers in the world most of the weapons saudi arabia purchases come from britain and the united states and german arms sales to the country had been steadily
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growing until they were frozen late last year all while the saudi led campaign in yemen has led it to being branded the worst humanitarian crisis since the second world war saudi officials insist they investigate all reports of civilian casualties. we heard from mars and also who is an m.p. in hamburg state parliament he suspects elements of the coalition are inflating reasons just to secure weapons exports. drew this is the international cooperation colonel at the consular tips they want to go over all the restrictive german exports regulations in this no because we have some kind of restrictive regulations which do not forbid arms sales or weapon exports but if it's regulations which
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limit. the argument that international cooperation should be saved through no more limiting the next falls or arms sales through. is just some kind of trick of course there will be consequences for example of weapons for its rich or literal or true literal. or not to be conduct it easy like before with the restrictions from germany but i think it will out the corporations and between the. police and work and industry because the common interests as well so it will affect a little bit but not that much. afghan forces have repelled the deadly taliban assault on a military base in the south it's being reported locally that twenty attackers including several suicide bombers were killed and at least twenty three personnel
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from the security forces also died journalist sort on fire as he has more details from kabul. what they heard early in the morning that. attack to camp bastion at three am local time and then ministry of defense declared that all the assailants have been killed after a sixteen hour fight and as a result twenty three in a forces have been killed and twenty including eight suicide bombers of the taliban also have been killed some sources are saying that the you know one of the suicide assailants managed to get into the camp and a lot of his. inside a dining room that resulted the you know majority of the casualties. there in helmand local officials said they couldn't breach security was but what we have to actually to know to harm the youth the existing two hundred us forces within the
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camp we still do not know the you know detailed. information about the whole attack because the camp bastion used to be a british force. field in the past back in twenty six two thousand and six and and it was well equipped and you know how to type very tight security with surveillance cameras and very you know no thick walls we can cross live now to antiwar activist and writer david swanson for more on this labor thanks for coming on today good to have you with us negotiations have been going on between the taliban and the united states do you think attacks such as these are going to set things back. i don't see why they should this is been going on and getting worse for each year's in the years and there's no better solution than ending the occupation its foreign occupation is to generate this kind of violence and talk of ending it over the coming five years withdrawing u.s.
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troops it's not a withdrawal at all that's an extension of a war beyond belief that most wars in human history have lasted from beginning to end this one is a eighteen years already and i mean when we look at these types of attacks by the taliban which are getting more frequent dating back territory i mean do you think this is a saw and they're not really serious about those peace talks or is this just the sort of double bluff attack to ramp up pressure united states to increase their bargaining power. i continue to think that both sides believe that it helps in the bargaining in the negotiating in the defeating people in the negotiation room to be in escalating the war and that it looks better to the weapons companies and the militarists back home to escalate a war prior to ending it or even talking about ending it so of course the united states and its allies have been escalating the war as well this past year has seen
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the heights of u.s. bombings and of civilian deaths in afghanistan so the escalation is not just one way here and sources say have been no u.s. casualties in that particular attack at least i mean do you think that. the u.s. will go ahead with trump spreads through withdraw troops programs thought or at least lower those numbers right though. not without significant public pressure in the united states and around the globe and in afghanistan i can't name any past pledges trump has ever kept you know in if this were a war in the name of democracy and trump having campaigned on ending it it would need to be ended but i don't see any signs of that happening to the forces in the u.s. government that never want to end any war or keeping wars going in korea after all these years that in syria and and in yemen and elsewhere they do not want to end wars and you know even defining what success would mean has never yet been done.
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all right david swanson antiwar activist and a writer thanks for your take today here on that story. the global chemical weapons watchdog has issued its final report on alleged chemical weapons attack on the south. back in april twenty eighth in the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons report finds reasonable grounds to believe that chlorine was used in that attack well joining me now the studios igor's dollar for more on this eagle what more do we know about the fighting so for a while danielle well indeed the opi c.w. have for the first time confirmed that a chemical substance was used in the city of duma and the high probability is that that chemical substance with chlorine now it is released a more than a hundred pages long document there and what is important to understand about it is that while it does acknowledge the fact of the chemical attack happening it does
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not assign the blame so really this whole debate as to who is responsible for the attack is really closer it is still closer to a religious debate really so if you say believe that assad is a bloody animal ready to gas his citizens then of course you're going to believe that it's a sign to you for concrete facts the o.p.c. w. report does not provide any of those of course in terms as to who's to blame because it's not their job but russia had warned of a possibility of such an attack a few months ago a few months before it happened have a listen. militant groups in eastern guta are preparing a provocation with the use of chemical weapons to blame the syrian government for a chemical attack western nations will use revealing casualties to accuse the syrian leadership of using chemical weapons against its own people now again one might say whoever has the means to carry out the attack is probably the culprit but
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this is the thing again both the government and the rebels had access to chlorine at the time the attack happened that was acknowledged by the u.n. again let's have a listen. the government of one. which is an organization. having the capability to produce. chlorine have been several cases of chemical weapons use confirm that i can foad accusations flying out of both sides here specifically with duma just from all of you was what exactly happened back there in april twenty eighth well again i'd refer you to the you'll be c.w. report because it does look like they did an incredible job really the document details the course of the investigation this one hundred page long document what they did also there heard from a lot of witnesses who witness who saw the attack happened but more importantly probably who saw the aftermath of the attack and especially
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a lot of those who talked about the events depicted in a video that was surface that was released by a group known as the white helmets the self-proclaimed. claimed you know civil defense organization that was presented to the world really is the gruesome truth about what happened in duma really what you'll be c.w. had found out was that the area indeed was shelled by the government by the government forces as a course of war really so the hospital filmed by the white helmets was packed with wounded but the u.n. bag body says that the footage shown by the white helmets was not consistent with the expected with what is expected from a chemical attack that's according to doctors at that hospital the also told the u.p.c. w. the doctors i mean is that they never really even encountered the casualties or the victims of chemical weapons in their whole practice so that is another what's been
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speculated it's been speculated for a long time that that video was at least to a large degree staged by the white helmets and solve this. so this is something that even bigger outlets now seem to be knowledgeable at least certain employees. after almost six months of investigations i can prove without a doubt that the duma hospital scene was staged no fatalities occurred in the hospital so that was always by a b.b.c. producer for instance so now this o.p.c. w. report it leaves the channel and some other channels that used those pictures released by the white helmets to will to portray the story to use in their coverage in the story well at least with some explanations to do disturbing reports of a chemical weapons attack chemical attack carried out by the acid regime the medics
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are doing what they can but they're overground dozens of people have been killed a jew to poison gas now so there was a lot of hysteria of course about the attack and it led to a direct action from the united states which attacked the syrian forces now with the o.p.c. w. reported still doesn't attribute blame and we're still in this reality when both sides still have the capability of carrying out this attack while we still have no confirmation and no proof and no direct evidence tying this attack to the assad government indeed of course i would also investigating a couple of other incidents in syria as all be interesting to see what they come up with the ego's thought of though the latest thanks for that. well that's their lives for now thanks for staying tuned here at the international join us again that will be one am oscar time for the latest global news updates will see that.
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what we really need is someone from outside. we had some very good. because of. series they lost. souls a stake not intermediate between cause of the palestinians. me . for my dough for not sixteen metal months honestly denoted. by the. isis fighters and boarding a philippine naval ship. but
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not for me ned. nine hundred dollars. just aren't up to those still don't know what's waiting for them. purchases will. be new and i don't know jesus you. can't figure out what. the man on the money. you know will number one movie capital in united states we all slow number one. production here. how many also. awful for most. people are you selling crack rock or you got
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a wicked jump shot in order. it's. like a law in a months although one. piece of advice so this is. at the rules for. globalization lost its moral compass and maybe if to put more values into the system my personal opinion is we have to strengthen multinational multilateral institutions living in a dark ruled it's like room lucille scream having always you know action and come to action so we need to put back to the system and we need stronger leadership and better leadership.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. question. hello in a.


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