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tv   News  RT  March 1, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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and we need stronger leadership and better leadership. as well moves it to protect its assets by ordering the state oil companies european headquarters to move to moscow amid concerns shared by russia over u.s. led attempts to destabilize the country. it is very clear was going on last a seeking to arm terrorist groups in order to destabilize and undermine or creates tension some situations that might trigger the u.s. wants an explosion unplugged in his way that was to justify military. in india in the pilot captured by the pakistanis freed in what the pakistani prime minister called a gesture of peace after the escalating tensions of recent weeks. and
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a split emerges in germany's ruling coalition over whether to restart arms sales to saudi arabia. or broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our team international and sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us the president of crisis stricken venezuela has ordered the european headquarters of the country's state oil company to relocate to moscow the concern is over securing national assets after key figures in europe sided with the u.s. in backing self-proclaimed interim leader who they want to run the major oil exporter at a news briefing with of the russian foreign minister the venezuelan vice president said her country does not trust the u.s. allies in europe. the relocation of p.d.
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from europe i'll say that it's been a part of our plans in terms of deepening relations with russian companies like gross math and gas prom europe has not given us enough for sure and says that he will respect our assets look at the bank of england which is we holding venezuelan gold there has been an armed robbery. and we want to ensure our relationship with russia as well venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world u.s. sanctions have blocked a seven billion dollars worth of the state owned companies assets russia says it shares that as well as concerns over u.s. led attempts to destabilize the country here's r t is money for national. friday's visit as well as vice president to moscow has become yet another one in a series of meetings between high ranking officials from russia and this like an american country here in the russian capital meetings to show solidarity and ensure support of course russia is among the countries totally and fully back in venezuela
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defending its sovereignty and protecting its future and made just as foreign minister lavrov has said today cynical complain aimed at overthrowing legitimate authorities of venezuela using open threats including one of a military intervention. knowing the approach of the current us administration i wouldn't be surprised if it takes action that violates any reasonable standards of international law especially when the u.s. special envoy in venezuela at the u.n. elliot abrams makes no secret that his functions don't include looking for the civil settlement he only creates tensions and situations that might trigger as the u.s. wants an explosion and bloodbath in venezuela to justify military interference needless to say a lot has been said about the possibility of military intervention of course that dispassionately after america's president trumps claiming that all the options are
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on the table meaning including military operation armed operation in venice well worth a thorough when i'm on your would there is a concerted effort there is seeking to justify an international intervention in venezuela being had by do you hear us and their regime change doctrine this is nothing new we've seen these tactics and here and now the country the person in charge of action against venice well is not in for there is to burst of activity as an attack on foreign states and that's mr abrams it is a very clear was going on to seeking to arm terrorist groups and rebels in order to destabilize in undermine our peace. which it's no coincidence that we heard venezuela is not. only goals cuba nicaragua rome horizon and if the u.s. doesn't like someone else tomorrow if they say the election results in any country don't meet democratic standards and i'm sorry no it's a question that as well as vice president has added also that she believes
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venezuela will not become second syria because the people of venezuela and the country's army are as united as never before in fighting for their future and peace u.s. special envoy for venezuela was asked about the russian foreign minister is warning that washington is planning military intervention. for mr lavrov for. fifteen years. known him for quite a while i don't. think he actually believes that we're attempting to to do that and i think it's you know we're not it to you that we continue to say and we always will that all options are on the table because they always are but i think anyone who actually looks at american policy in venezuela would not reach that conclusion abrams announced a new u.s. sanctions on that six individuals from venezuelan security forces for not allowing
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u.s. aid convoys into the country last week president maduro is concerned about the aid because back in the one nine hundred eighty s. abrams defended smuggling weapons to nicaragua and rebels disguised as aid when he was assistant secretary of state after announcing the new restrictions abrams was pressed by an associated press reporter about whether go i go is running out of steam and the effect of american officials threatening language towards my door i'm wondering are you meaning the administration at all concerned that the initial. for lack of a better word excitement over when the recognition is losing some momentum and in giving given the majority of the seem to be going anywhere he certainly not taking the national security adviser's advice to those on the beach outside of it as well i wish him a long quiet retirement on a pretty beach far from venezuela and the sooner he takes advantage of that the
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center is likely to have a nice quiet retirement on a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like guantanamo so are you concerned that you're losing momentum and then such and related to that. there is one member of congress in particular has a senator who has suggested the might meet the same fate as get off the libya and just that help or hurt you or your cause or your efforts to build momentum. i'm not actually going to get into that commenting on what particular senators are then forget it. forget it forget the line about any senator to do comparisons between with doro and and suggesting that he might meet the fate of the do that does that help your cause i'm not going to get into that other than to say that i think that. dictatorships come to an end some last for
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a very long time. others a much shorter time this one in venezuela will also come to an end we hope that it comes to an end quickly and peacefully he suffered a setback had said but no only by the united states for a scene they should have made you see meeting me then isn't it he stated what it was that he gets to try and get a these are the assistant brit ones why don't you think and then they said the man in the united nations security council clients and being cheated on that caucasians and then didn't push on it when they did. to try to bring through me trees form whether you call it you believe that in anything because it was also failed miserably and now one way though it's outside the country and many of the people here is. the socially. because they don't have to live in a sort of completely. the us has also canceled the visas of forty nine
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venezuelan representatives aligned with venezuelan president nicolas maduro according to the department of state people that steal from the venezuelan people or undermine venezuela's democracy are not welcome in the united states special envoy abrams said that the restrictions are intended to punish people who have prospered amid the south american countries dire economic crisis the head of latin american studies at london's middlesex university francisco domingo believes that u.s. efforts have been mostly ineffective. they believe in a sort of deeply the minute she says you know what i see so strong that pressure from the united states in particular almost exclusively on the minute she leave us to three is again and again through those coerce shown. that maybe you name it what is it going on behind the scenes us all thought think
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almost nothing and mr brown says that it isn't but you get these little dots so this is jane concerned that confirms not only the least bit heated by the united states going to slow something much more dramatic. there's a split in germany's governing coalition a with the two main parties at odds over whether to prolong the freeze of arms sales to saudi arabia they were initially halted in response to the brutal killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi for which several saudi officials were blamed for the freeze was initially introduced as a temporary measure and is due to be evaluated in a few days the social democratic party has expressed its concern over saudi arabia's involvement in the war in yemen there are there are also numerous reports of civilian casualties there while the conservatives argue that by halting saudi arms sales germany risks losing the trust of its international partners if germany practice a place in
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a european or supra national project then partner should find common rules otherwise such projects could take place without germany in the future. britain and france have already urged to germany to exempt big defense projects from the moratorium or risk damaging its commercial credibility that's partially because a top british defense firm systems could suffer as the result of the german sales suspension saudi arabia has been involved in yemen for around three years now and the country has become one of the largest on importers in the world most of the weapons saudi arabia purchases come from the united states german arms sales to the country had been steadily growing until they were frozen late last year all the while the saudi led campaign in yemen has led it to being branded the worst humanitarian crisis since the second world war saudi officials insist they
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investigate all reports of civilian casualties. we heard from martin dolts or who is an m.p. and hamburg's state parliament he suspects elements of the coalition are inflating reasons just to secure weapons exports. through this the international cooperation from colonel at the consular tips they want to go over all the restraint if german exports regulations in this no because we have some kind of restrictive regulations which do not thought it. a weapon it's all strategy it's regulations which limit. the argument that international cooperation should be saved through normal or
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limiting the next falls or arms sales to saudi arabia is just some kind of a or a trick of course it will be consequences for example of weapons courts which are literally true. or not to be called dr it that easy like before with the restrictions from germany but i think it will out of the corporations and between the. police and work and industry because they are common interests as well so it will effect a little bit but not that much. indian fighter pilot who was captured by pakistan after his jet was shot down has been returned to his home country the transfer held at the border between the two countries was televised live pakistan's prime minister described the pilot's release as a peace gesture tensions between the two nuclear countries has escalated in recent weeks with pakistan also released a video recording made of the pilot while he was in their custody was addict my god
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we're going to i was trying to look for the target when i was shot down by the pakistani air force as soon as i objected my parachute opened and i came down i had a pistol with me i tried to run and people chased me their emotions were running high then two pakistani army officials came in save me pakistani army captain save me from the people and did not let any harm come to me they took me to their unit when i was given first aid. or reporting from pakistan here. local journalist a job at a rama. that prophesies decided to hand them over to india because buckets of water let me put in india and elsewhere in the world know that pockets on the believe in showing magnanimity at a time when in the admitting cogent to buckle under the god ball spinning so caused a rift at the met office their loves north that wrist look which was good does it look everybody else seen in the four but then focus on of the time you have to
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admit in such an incident inside and just short of the scene in the fight of the whole farmer serve in the undecided to hand over to the number of medical. examiners and the wives told informed that office of the use of not so belief was a favor i wish to issue on the nation that we are fully prepared and in a heightened studio they didn't do the spawn any relegation my focus on could you envision all out war between india and pakistan. i hope not. that would be mutual suicide. where this incident all. old forty one really more going to. india read about it here meanwhile it appears that the clashes between india and pakistan are not over media reports say at least seven that were killed by an exchange of fire in indian
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controlled kashmir on friday or no in casualties civilian wise security forces have launched a search operations as there are reports of a rebel presence in the area locals shared their fears of the growing conflict. with i'm going to think you're going to put him good at letting. you know then we'll be assuming when did he it was a bad thing that we do you. know where do you think the dividend is on us ninety nine on the sun and yes on that it was a little bit of this and that but. you're not a bank good enough of what i mean for the queen mother to be my auntie i want money if i move quick which you know not even the status of kashmir has been an insurmountable obstacle between india and pakistan for decades.
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this is a very dangerous situation because both these countries have nuclear weapons right up against each other over all to the bristles with troops and suspicion and so if we think back safe of the cuban missile crisis in one nine hundred sixty two whatever with tensions between moscow and washington american and soviet soldiers didn't shoot at each other in more recent times in korea huge tension between north korea and the americans but there's been no shooting here we've actually had casualties and so the risk of things spiralling out of control because somebody is
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trigger happy or somebody makes a miscalculation is really a very serious one and that's why of course china russia and america and other countries around the world are very worried because such a cautious imran khan said would be carnage and a test for it given the huge numbers of people who live within range of these missiles afghan forces have repelled a taliban assault on a military base which killed dozens of soldiers one that after a short break this is art international. you know world big part of. a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell. more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the
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middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room. welcome back this is our international now afghan forces have repelled a deadly taliban assault on
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a military base in the country's south it is being reported locally that twenty attackers including several suicide bombers were killed and at least twenty three security personnel died in a journalist. has more from a couple. the heard early in the morning that a target to camp bastion at three am local time and then ministry of defense declared that all the assailants have been killed after a sixteen hour fight and as a result twenty three in a forces have been killed and twenty including eight suicide bombers of the taliban also have been killed some sources are saying that the you know one of the suicide assailants managed to get into the camp and lot has exclusive inside a dining room that resulted the majority of the casualties but they are in helmand a local official said that they couldn't breach security walls but what we have to
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actually to you know to harm to use the existing two hundred us forces within the camp we still do not know the you know detailed. information about the whole attack because the camp bastion used to be a british force. field in the past back in twenty six two thousand and six and and it was well equipped and you know how to type very tight security with surveillance cameras and very you know take was it act happened against the background of negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban representatives of both parties met in qatar on monday to discuss ending the war in afghanistan anti-war activist and writer david swanson thinks obstacles to an agreement are coming from more than one side. it looks better to the weapons companies and the militarists back home to escalate a war prior to ending it or even talking about ending it so of course the the
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united states and its allies have been escalating the war as well this past year has seen the heights of u.s. bombings and of civilian deaths in afghanistan so the escalation is not just one way here and there's no better solution than ending the occupation it's foreign occupations that generate this kind of violence and talk of ending it over the coming five years withdrawing u.s. troops that's not a withdrawal at all that's an extension of a war beyond the link that most wars in human history have lasted from beginning to end and this one is a eighteen years already if this were a war in the name of democracy and trump having campaigned on ending it it would need to be ended but i don't see any signs of that happening they do not want to end wars. the us has increasingly set its sights on europe's a lucrative energy market but the czech president has looked over the numbers and
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says importing gas from across the line tick could cost nearly a third more than russian supplies. buying american car gas would mean an increase of about thirty percent on what spend some buying russian gas. the czech president also back to germany over the nord stream into gas project the twelve hundred kilometer pipeline will deliver russian gas to europe through the baltic sea the multinational project involves five western investors nine point five billion dollars are being spent on the project which is intended to double russian gas imports to europe it is projected to be completed in november. but the united states considers nord stream two to be a geo strategic threat and has been threatening companies and countries involved with sanctions it also wants its nato allies to stop cooperating with russia's gazprom over the project so far though the threats have not really worked. president trump has clearly said that the united states is against this project
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buying gas from the united states would not be a problem for us as russia's price is better than that of the united states russia is more attractive for us as a pawn on this issue. an acceptable one sided tightening the turn of the may because why don't the drum doesn't want the first part sir for germany to get over europe to get russian gas because if they haven't got a factor they have to take a much much more expensive u.s. lead with gas and for the u.s. it is. indeed a threat to measure because the u.s. has less and less what they can offer the world otherwise they know they threatened to get a bankrupt. i but there's a from i'll be back in about thirty five and a half minutes with more news watching they were.
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we came here where did you work before you came here when you live well death row in many u.s. states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up the right to live among us some even proven innocent doctor years on death row but how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. the folks who prayed the money when they want more money they just print more money they don't rely on the workers to go and produce stuff that they have to go sell and then make a profit on. stuff they sell you don't see that the car the stream ours become
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financial eyes to see that the property market anymore especially financial eyes you don't see the manufacturing in the u.s. has been exported to china and financial lives commodified securitized an american as a worker is completely redundant the same as they are around the world so the wages are converging and they converted to wages in china so china wages are roughly i think four or five thousand dollars a year this is where the american wages are headed. in the need. for my dough for sixteen months honestly due to no new. job. isis fighters and no boarding a philippine naval ship. but
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not for me ned sounding name nineteen dollars. just aren't abdulla still don't know who watch waiting for them. if you will. be nearby tell you not to. pick it out of. the man on the right. the maternity town the slums go in and you may never get out so those are the most of. my teenage gang rules here. are one of you. know let the mind
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go good lord you were through with me but. the navy will be. told will come out on you. minus a murderer we're here to listen. and now it's looking for the you know what on the news that has to be done and melanie right now wouldn't. you well i'm looking at the little present i seem. to.
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follow not that there's no call. most folks don't like the truth. we're living in a generation. then. is confused just as it relates to the truth. and the truth is minnie's so build up. donald j. trump say is. sweet. whatever he feels like
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saying. tweeting to his own. destruction. ya need to hit me today. just because you say what's on your mind then what you feel does not mean that you are a good still would over the truth. if you from some weird secret sort of rotten itself would be always surprised if he saw that it was so.


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