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we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. venezuela moved to protect its assets by ordering the state oil companies european h.q. to move to. shared by russia over u.s. led attempts to destabilize the country. it is very clear what's going on. groups in order to. undermine or create tension in some situations that might trigger. an explosion in his way to justify military interference. in indian plot pilot captured by pakistan is him freed in what the pakistani prime
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minister called a gesture of peace after the escalating tension of recent weeks. and a split emerges in germany's ruling coalition over whether to restart arms sales to saudi arabia. this is art international times glad to have you with. the president of crisis stricken venezuela has ordered the european headquarters of the country's state oil company to relocate to moscow the concern is over securing national assets after key figures in europe sided with the u.s. in backing self-proclaimed interim leader one why doe who they want to run the major oil exporter at a news briefing with the russian foreign minister the venezuelan vice president said her country does not trust u.s. allies in europe. under the relocation of p.d.
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see from europe i'll see that it's been a part of our plans in terms of deepening relations with russian companies like gross nothing gas prom europe has not given us enough for sure and says that it will respect our assets look at the bank of england which is we holding venice while in gold there has been an armed robbery. and we want to ensure our relationship with russia venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world u.s. sanctions have blocked seven billion dollars worth of the state owned companies assets russia says it shares venezuela's concerns over u.s. led attempts to destabilize the country. friday's visit as well as vice president to moscow has become yet another one in a series of meetings between high ranking officials from russia and this like an american country here in the russian capital meetings to show solidarity and ensure support of course russia is among the countries totally and fully back in venezuela
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defending its sovereignty and protecting its future and made just as foreign minister lavrov has said today cynical complain aimed at overthrowing legitimate authorities of venezuela using open threats including one of a military intervention. knowing the approach of the current us administration i wouldn't be surprised if it takes action that violates any reasonable standards of international law especially when the u.s. special envoy in venezuela at the u.n. elliot abrams makes no secret that his functions don't include looking for a peaceful settlement he only creates tensions and situations that might trigger as the u.s. wants an explosion and bloodbath in venezuela to justify military interference needless to say a lot has been said about the possibility of military intervention of course that dispassionately after america's president trumps claiming that all the options are
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on the table meaning including military operation armed operation in venice well worth it thorough when i'm on your way to there is a concerted effort there is seeking to justify an international intervention in venezuela being headed by do you and their regime change doctrine this is nothing new we've seen these tactics and here and now the country the person in charge of action against venice well is known for there is to the burst of activity is an attack on a foreign state and that's mr abrams it is very clear was going on u.s. is seeking to arm terrorist groups and rebels in order to destabilize in undermine our peace. which it's no coincidence that we heard venezuela is not. only goals cuba nicaragua roma rising and if the u.s. doesn't like someone else tomorrow if they say the election results in any country don't meet democratic standards announcer in question as well as vice president has added also that she believes venezuela will not become second syria because the
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people of venezuela and the country's army are as united as never before in fighting for their future and peace the u.s. special envoy for venezuela was asked about the russian foreign minister is warning that washington is planning military intervention. for mr lavrov for. fifteen years. known him for quite a while i don't. think he actually believes that we're attempting to to do that and i think it's you know we're not it to you that we continue to say and we always will that all options are on the table because they always are but i think anyone who actually looks at american policy in venezuela would not reach that conclusion abrams announced new u.s. sanctions on six individuals from venezuelan security forces for not allowing u.s.
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aid convoys into the country last week president maduro is concerned about the aid because back in the one nine hundred eighty s. abrams defended smuggling weapons to nicaragua rebels disguised as aid when he was assistant secretary of state after announcing the new restrictions abrams was pressed by an associated press reporter about whether it was running out of steam and the effect of american officials threatening language towards much. i'm wondering are you guys meaning the administration at all concerned that the initial . for lack of a better word excitement over when the recognition is it was losing some momentum and in give it given the majority of the seem to be going anywhere he certainly not taking the national security adviser's advice to those on the beach outside of venezuela i wish him a long quiet retirement on a pretty beach far from venezuela and the sooner he takes advantage of that the
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center is likely to have a nice quiet retirement on a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like guantanamo so are you concerned that you're losing momentum and then such and relieve that. there is one member of congress in particular has a senator who has you know suggested the might meet the same fate as good off the libya and i just that help or hurt you or your cause or your efforts to build momentum. i'm not actually going to get into that commenting on what particular senators are then forget it. forget it forget the line about any senator to do comparisons between with doro and and suggesting that he might meet the fate of that office that does that help your cause i'm not going to get into that other than to say that i think that. dictatorships come to an end some last for
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a very long time. others a much shorter time this one in venezuela will also come to an end we hope that it comes to an end quickly and peacefully he suffered a setback and said but not only by the united states and they should it's an amazing meetings he doesn't isn't it he stated what it was that he gets to trying to get a these are guys this is brittle nine's why don't you think and then wait a minute in the united. nation scared to go to school and be initiated in that school. and then do only one consider the. push to try to bring through me to a form called unity to needing to call on us also fail miserably and one way to go is i was a country and many of the people here some. of the socially cannot be recognized as such because they have been known to live in a sort of completely i think even comments that. the u.s.
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has also canceled the visas of forty nine venezuelan representatives aligned with president nicolas maduro according to the department of state people that steal from the venezuelan people or undermine democracy are not welcome in the united states special envoy abrams said that the restrictions are intended to punish people who have prospered made the south american countries dire economic crisis the head of latin american studies at london's middlesex university francisco domingo's believes u.s. efforts have been mostly ineffective. the people in minnesota particularly the minute she signaled ions he saw a strong the pressure from the united states in particular almost exclusively on the minute she literally for the last three years again and again through those who are shown. that maybe you name it got those words what is it going on behind the scenes and so far they got almost nothing and mr abrams is exactly the
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person to actually get it organized so this is just concerned therefore that confirms not only won't always be shit to the united states going to school something much more dramatic. and in the end a fighter pilot who was captured by pakistan after his jet was shot down has been returned to his home country the transfer held at the border between the two countries was it televised live pakistan's prime minister described the pilot release as a peace gesture tension between the two nuclear countries has escalated in recent weeks and also released a video recording made of the pilot while he was in their custody. with your quit hunting i was trying to look for the target when i was shot down by the pakistani air force as soon as i objected my parachute opened and i came down i had a pistol with me if i tried to run and people chased me their emotions were running high and then two pakistani army officials came in to save me standing army captain
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save me from the people and did not let any harm come to me so they took me to their unit and i was given a first aid. reporting from pakistan here is a local journalist a job. that required decided to end up records as the law to let me put in india and elsewhere in the world know that pakistan believes in shorting the regular enemy of the other by running in your marriage in god you know. underdog. the rest of the reprobate for their roles nor the result which was your day. what everybody else you don't want to tell you. this in the pilot the whole barber service decided well go vote for none but most of these signatures and the wives. i wish to assure the nation that we are fully prepared and in
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a heightened student readiness to spawn any room by pakistan could you envision all out war between india and pakistan i hope not. that would be mutual suicide meanwhile it appears that the clashes between india and pakistan are not over many reports say at least seven were killed by an exchange of fire in indian controlled kashmir on friday civilians were among the casualties security forces have launched a search operations as there are reports of a rebel presence in the area locals shared their fears over the growing conflict. i'm here to tell you the only victim letting. you know that would be assuming when did he get leave to get. there you think and even then it's only just not even under the sun and yet it was not only that isn't that what. you're not of bank good enough now but. i wonder if i mean what you know ninety one
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tensions have been escalating since february fourteenth when a vehicle filled with explosives rushed into an indian police convoy killing more than forty people and pakistan based a terrorist group that took responsibility for the attack in disputed kashmir the status of the region has been an insurmountable obstacle between india and pakistan for decades.
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this is a very dangerous situation because both these countries have nuclear weapons right up against each other all of the bristles with troops and suspicion and so if we think back say to the cuban missile crisis in one nine hundred sixty two whatever with tensions between moscow and washington american and soviet soldiers didn't shoot at each other in more recent times in korea huge tension between north korea and the americans but there's been no shooting here we've actually had casualties and so the risk of things spiralling out of control because somebody is trigger happy or somebody makes a miscalculation is really a very serious one and that's why of course china russia and america and other countries around the world are very worried because cautious in one column said would be college and a test for it given the huge numbers of people who live within range of these missiles. there is a split in germany's governing coalition with of the two main parties at odds over whether to prolong the freeze of arms sales to saudi arabia they were initially
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halted in response to the brutal killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi for which several saudi officials were blamed the phrase was initially introduced as a temporary measure and is due to be evaluated in just a few days the social democratic party has expressed its concern over saudi arabia's involvement in the war in yemen where there are numerous reports of civilian casualties while the conservatives argue that by halting saudi arms sales germany risks losing the trust of its international partners. if germany protists a place in a european or supra national project then partner should find common rules otherwise such projects could take place without germany in the future so if we take a look britain and france have already urged to germany to exempt big defense projects from the moratorium or risk damaging its commercial credibility that is partially because top british defense firm be a systems could suffer as
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a result of the german sales suspension a saudi arabia has been involved in yemen for about three years now the country has become one of the largest arms importers in the world most of the weapons saudi arabia purchases come from britain and the united states the german arms sales to the country had been steadily growing until they were frozen late last year all the while the saudi led campaign in yemen has led to being branded the worst humanitarian crisis since the second world war saudi officials insist though that they investigate all reports of civilian casualties. we heard from martin daughter who is a member of homburg state parliament he suspects elements of the coalition are
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trying to circumvent rules on weapon sales. through this the international cooperation from congo at the consular tips they want to go around the restraint to if german exports regulations the miss navajo because we have some kind of restrictive regulations which do not forbid it salience a weapon exports about it if it's regulations which at least limit and all the document that international cooperation should be saved through no more limiting the next paul's or arms sales through so you are if you are is just some kind of a or a trick of course it will be consequences for example of a weapon exports which are literally true literal will are not to be conducted it that easy like before all the restrictions from germany but i think it will out the corporations and between the. companies in
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a weapon industry because they get common interests as well so it will affect a little bit but not that much. the global chemical weapons watchdog has finally issued its report on an alleged chemical attack in duma syria last year i'll tell you about their conclusion when we return you're watching international. i do think the numbers mean something they've matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars of debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich each week
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six percent of the world market goes thirty percent some would four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and this one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over with. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know bored to miss the one and only boom but. this is. so the global chemical weapons watchdog has issued in its final report on alleged chemical weapons attack on the south syrian town of duma in april two
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thousand and eighteen in the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons report finds reasonable grounds to believe that chlorine was used in the attack john of has commentary. it was a long tiresome probe often hobbled by all the dangers faced by the investigators on the ground but finally we have a more than a hundred page long report carefully unweaving the facts not to point the finger of blame but to establish what happened the verdict chlorine the banned chemical substance was used in duma amid moscow's warnings of an impeding toxic provocation by anti government forces militant groups in eastern guta are preparing a provocation with the use of chemical weapons to blame the syrian government for a chemical attack western nations will use revealing casualties to accuse the syrian leadership of using chemical weapons against its own people again it wasn't
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the o.p.c. w.'s job to assign blame so they didn't an important new and since both the government forces as well as their enemy had the capability to use chlorine and the government on one hand and a little sort of witches or of aviation. the capability to produce weaponized chlorine the report details the course of the probe the investigators talked to many who witnessed the aftermath of the attack and in particular these events at the local hospital that were sold to the world as the gruesome truth about the incident the area was being heavily bombarded at the time amid the ongoing according to what the u. o.p.c. w. learnt the footage that circulated right after the attack was not consistent with that expected from a chemical attack according to doctors that some doctors had never even heard of
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the events shown in the video yet another bit of proof that the initial video from the hospital could have been a hoax after almost six months of investigations i can prove without a doubt that the duma hospital scene was staged no fatalities occurred in the hospital that was a b.b.c. producer for you and employee of the channel there was among those happy to use the video as the real thing to cover the story disturbing reports of a chemical weapons attack chemical attack carried out by the acid regime the medics are doing more damage but they're overground dozens of people have been killed both to tie the syrian government to it but who cares anyway the sentence had already been delivered and carried out by the u.s. and its. canadian government has confirmed that the u.s. has provided enough evidence to begin the extradition process of weiwei executive
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men long. today department of justice canada officials issued an authority to proceed formally commencing an extradition process in the case of miss maine one jo the decision follows a thorough and diligent review of the evidence in this case the next step in the case is as follows the british columbia supreme court has scheduled an appearance state for march sixth twenty nineteen at ten am to confirm that an authority to proceed has been issued and to schedule the date for the extradition hearing when long joe was arrested in canada in december at the request of the united states washington accuses the business woman of violating american sanctions against iran later she was released on bail but had to stay in vancouver awaiting a final decision trying to considers the u.s. and canadian actions against me to be illegitimate to see that canada has made a serious mistake on this issue from the very beginning we edged the canadian side
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to me to be release may one show and protect tenet just cement rights rule so strongly edge the u.s. to immediately correct the mistake with draw the arrest warrant against man one show and not make a formal extradition request to canada. all right economist jeffrey albert tucker thinks the u.s. wants to use maine as a pawn in with beijing. i mean this is just obviously an act of political violence of course if you've got a political enemy out of there out there somewhere that anybody can drum up any kind of charge against you i'm sorry that canada is going along with this but it's seems like it's unlatched last ditch effort of american imperialism and really quite appalling i think it's it's deeply embarrassing for america so to use human beings as kind of fodder and i had to end a trade war is appalling and let me be clear about this when i say trade war i don't mean just sides fighting this is an aggressive and pointless american attack
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on china on a previously mutually beneficial relationship completely a reflection of a new ideology in washington and that's been stoked by fears about the next stage of geo political reality there is no international law judge in this through there's nothing that binds china and it's no us law binds china it's relationships with iran and it's just ridiculous it's really an and forcible except by this kind of egregious acts of political violence. national i will be back in thirty four and a half minutes with. what we really need. someone from the outside. we had a very good. because. saying to review the cost of the palestinian.
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the maternity turns slow go in and you may never get out some sort of people this is. my teenage gang rules here. who want to move to the not be my. minors. and no. that has to be done and well the way. you do when you. see.
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the folks who print the money when they want more money they just print more money they don't rely on the workers to go and produce stuff that they have to go sell and then make a profit on the stuff they sell you don't see that in a car this tranny wars become financial eyes you don't see on the property market any more spend financial eyes you don't see the manufacturing in the us has been exported to china and financial lives commodified securitized and american as a worker is completely redundant the same as they are around the world so that wages are converging and they converge at the wages in china so china wages are roughly i think four or five thousand dollars a year this is where the american wages are headed. what holds. we put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. want. to go.
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this is like the. interstate or was it before. i. i. i. i i. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact on us all i'm daniel brito here in washington filling in for bart chilton we're glad you're on board coming up today the charm cam summit in vietnam may have come up a bit short of what some had expected but that doesn't mean it won't have an impact alex mahela bitch and steve malzberg join us to discuss what kind of market moves we can expect to see on the world's most populous continent plus as technology
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barrels full steam ahead so to finance on the arse lena peet of u.c. helps us analyze the future of ten sec. and final related trash all the varos is standing by to discuss why some american cities are burning their recycling all of that directly ahead but first we've got some headlines let's go. a remarkable reversal on the issue of elicit international money flows leads our global report today as the european commission blocks the blacklisting of saudi arabia and for u.s. territories in the fight against financial crime as we reported here the european commission previously recommended that twenty three countries and territories including saudi arabia and for unincorporated territories of the united states be added to the european union's list of areas where not enough is being done to prevent money laundering and alissa transfers but the commission was handed a staggering defeat on thursday night as representatives of twenty seven of twenty eight e.u.
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nations oppose the commission's recommended additions the commission's express its talks between the commission and member states on the way forward reportedly took place earlier today. and speaking of dirty my.


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