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ha. moscow time headlining the smalling the united states says all options are still on the table when it comes to venezuela they've also slapped the crisis hit country with more sanctions for not allowing u.s. aid convoys to end. meantime washington threatened to close chinese language and cultural centers across the u.s. or forced teachers to register as foreign agents.
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tens of thousands of students skipped school in france and germany to demonstrate a plan which will tell you why they're so angry. around the world other weekend i'm kevin zero in eleven am saturday morning here in moscow a room welcome to you or of your chief first and the u.s. special envoy for venezuela says all options a still on the table when it comes to that crisis stricken country by early day brings come in response to a warning from russia's foreign minister who believes washington is planning military intervention there. knowing the approach of the current us administration i wouldn't be surprised if it takes action that violates any reasonable standards of international law especially when the u.s. special envoy in venezuela at the un elliot abrams makes no secret that his
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functions don't include looking for the peaceful settlement but he only creates tensions and situations that might trigger as the u.s. wants an explosion and bloodbath in venezuela to justify military interference i have known far mr lover of for. fifteen years. known him for quite a while i don't. think you actually believe that we're attempting to to do that and i think as you know you're not it didn't you that we continue to say and we always will that all options are on the table because they always are but i think anyone who actually looks at american policy in venezuela would not reach that conclusion . was announced new u.s. sanctions on six individuals from venezuela security forces for not allowing u.s. aid convoys into the country last week now a footnote to this worth bearing in mind all along back in the eighty's he defended smuggling weapons to nicaraguan rebels disguised as aid when he was assistant
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secretary of state well after announcing these new restrictions about the present rooms was pressed by a journalist about the us is current approach to venezuela and wondering are you. in the administration at all concerned that the initial. for lack of a better word excitement over when the recognition is losing some momentum and in giving given the majority of the seem to be going anywhere he certainly not taking the national security adviser's advice to the beach outside of it as well i wish him a long quiet retirement on a pretty beach far from venezuela and the sooner he takes advantage of that the center is likely to have a nice quiet retirement on a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like guantanamo so are you concerned that you're losing momentum and then such and relieve that. there is one member of congress in particular has a senator who has suggested the might meet the same fate as good off the
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libya and i just that help or hurt you or your cause or your efforts to build momentum. i'm not actually going to get into that commenting on what particular senators are then forget it. forget it forget the line about any senator to do comparisons between with duro and and suggesting that he might meet the fate of gadhafi do that does that help your cause i'm not going to get into that other than to say that i think that. dictatorships come to an end some last for a very long time. others a much shorter time this one in venezuela will also come to an end we hope that it comes to an end quickly and peacefully he suffered a setback and said but no only by the united states they should swim agency
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meetings he doesn't isn't it he stated what it was that he said it's to try and get a these are guys this is brit ones why don't you think and then wait a minute in the united nations security council clients and being defeated on that caucasians and then didn't push on it clinton said. they won't push to try to bring through me transform well the call to military needing medical arts also failed miserably and now on way though it's also the country and many of the people here as an. ambassador socially or not because they don't have to live in a sort of completely i live in a convent in. the us is also canceled the visas of forty nine venezuelan representatives aligned with president maduro it says that anyone that steals from the venezuelan people or undermines democracy is not welcome in the united states we got the thoughts from the head of latin american studies at london's university of middlesex francesco domingo as he says the u.s.
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is pulling out all the stops to achieve its goal in venezuela. the people in venezuela particularly the military civic alliance is solid strong that pressure from the united states in particular almost exclusively on the military literally for the last three years again and again through those who are shown. through blackmail you name it got those words what is it going on behind the scenes and so far they go almost nothing and mr abrams is exactly the person. so this is just concerned therefore that confirms not only won't always hit it but the united states is going to school something much more dramatic. china's language in cultural centers could face closure in the united states after a senate report alleged that they're being used by beijing to influence the minds of the public document also claims the confucius institutes like transparency and
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it suggest chinese teachers should register as foreign agents caleb opens got the latest on this the saturday. u.s. leaders have been very upset over alleged foreign influence and meddling of late and they've discovered a new source of terror behold the vast chai cum conspiracy the confucian institute . a new report issued by the u.s. congress says that the dance workshops and traditional cooking classes here are no laughing matter in fact they're part of a communist plot to get inside of your brain through confucius institutes the chinese government is attempting to change the impression in the united states and around the world that china is an economic and security threat so let's go over their alleged crimes shall we the centers classes apparently describe china as a compassionate and friendly country the centers are funded by gifts from the
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chinese mainland and apparently there is not total transparency when it comes to the cultural centers operations so we decided to stop by the offices of the confucian institute where classes are being held here in lower manhattan and see if the people realize that they're being sucked in by a vast chinese conspiracy against our american way of life so do you feel like a foreign agent. a foreign agent do you feel threatened by existing this china institute where they get language classes and such you know maybe a little bit. you know china's a little you know not something i could imagine china doing do you feel like it's in competing propaganda here i have. i think the entire world just terrible right now pether for and also beyond the fact that the confusion institute is links to chinese language classes in american schools that's right because of this institute a lot of young children might actually learn to speak the mandarin language and we
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all know there's nothing more dangerous to world peace than cultural understanding this type of activity teaching line. which is in culture is not going to move the needle for china in any way politically in terms of how people see china the claim from the us senate report is propaganda propaganda chinese surprise right have a world view that's different than americans f.b.i. director testified to the senate that these are also acting as intelligence collection agencies so chinese intelligence has been embedded all over the united states for decades there are so many chinese and united states working to bury critical positions in security and technology areas to companies military commercial everything the question is do they need the confucius institute to continue that mission probably they don't my expectation going forward is that the u.s. will continue put pressure to close these institutions. this way tens of thousands of students skipped school in france germany and belgium to demonstrate of
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a climate change in the colo governments to tackle the issue of the feel very strongly about it you can say they're part of a growing youth movement which has seen similar action in several other countries too. oh. god. i. hear. you know it's you're not satisfied with this policy has been implemented today a very lovely lace into shall we disagree with what is going on and to ask for a radical and immediate she said we are here because the adults aren't doing anything what people say they use is the future so i think it's up to us to do something well i guess you can argue what he said there the uses the future activists behind the recent use led climate protests published an open letter aired of a global day of action on the fifteenth of march they got planned they demand decision makers around the globe take responsibility and warn that their movement will not
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be stopped they say now although the youth strike for climate movement as it's called is not officially recognized is found its inspiration in this young lady fifteen year old grafter from birth the swedish teenager was one of the first youth activists to probably raise awareness of climate issues are by the here in a minute she delivered a speech to be busy the world economic forum in davos she's addressed the un or the climate change conference in poland has also spoken to the e.u. in brussels in fact according to time magazine grafters among the top twenty five most influential teens of twenty eighteen. we are striking because we have done our homework and they have known it. was a yes we are angry we are angry because the older generations are continue to sealing our future right now and they are continuing to doing this and we will not let them do that anymore. despite the youth marches being set up locally it's not
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stop some senior politicians though suspecting a sinister influence may be from elsewhere. in germany children are protesting over climate protection it's an important concern but you can't imagine that all german children after years and without any outside influence come up with the idea that they have to take part in this protest i know who is behind this movement both the son did in one stray shoots and the truants i have also been told that from state security i can guarantee that i do not see ghosts alone and that clemens or ministrations are more than spontaneous actions of solidarity with their client so on to a smoking trail or not are to spoke to journalist john bolton so slovo mental justice compote george barda. this is clearly being encouraged and i would suggest he even being promoted by left wing snowflake teachers the place for children during school time enjoying term time is in the classroom if they want to get involved in politics that's great but this is clearly being orchestrated yeah i think this is
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just a way of trying to muddy the waters around the messenger rather than focus on the message from these children which is that politicians must do what is required to have any chance of assuring a decent future if these children want to demonstrate they can use the weekend they don't do it during school time no one's disagreeing with children being involved in politics what is wrong is the air of sperm to sponsor will nature of your defense which is you think it's perfectly ok for kids to skip lessons these are children they should be at school getting educated for which we all pay our taxes for a bit like saying people should go to work so why of a strike why have a undertaken strikes of last couple hundred years it's precisely because kids do need to be going to for who need their every word man and every working on her side because to withdraw their labor you are talking about children children should be going to school less weight agitators college level is hmong should not be
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encouraging them to skip it that conceived it sort as her way of interacting the same kind of withholding of her labor which in this case it was he is not labor for money because she is a child she can always win why it is so much what you know polite and you understands this is a serious issue but nothing like the action that is now absolutely necessary and can't be delayed nothing other than that gets us to where we need to be do you not think the children's education is important do you not think this disrupts the whole school not only for the people who are protesting but for the other children as well these are children you should not be encouraging them they should be told to get back to their classrooms children need to understand the facts if they want to have. views they can no problem whatsoever but in a week they should be doing double math or biology not out on the streets you are absolutely failing to engage with the seriousness of this crisis and therefore with that reason only i wouldn't have taken such an exceptional estie. equally that the
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only thing that children can withdraw in a way that is disruptive and this is the analogy with shearing is there is that exactly and they are children that understand much better than most of us it seems that their future is at stake on either side of the divide the talk of the divides in the face of the my group crisis many countries across europe have been building walls and fences against illegal immigration and they and denmark's almost finished one on its border with germany too but this one's got a very different type of migrants in mind as our europe correspondent peter oliver has been finding out. president trump isn't the only one calling for border walls to be built or built that they are built that way. along a seventy kilometers stretch of jim and danish border they see the same thing but don't like this one is close to finishing only technically it's really a fence. so who is this wall designed to keep out not rapists not murderers not
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drug smugglers not even those bought on braze that trump was so concerned about this fence is designed to keith out while the bowl. it's to stop the spread of african swine fever from germany into denmark thing is though the hasn't been documented case over the borne virus in germany to date the danes decision has upset the mayor of one german border town who says this whole thing goes against the new ideal visible border. we do not consider this proportionate this is rather counterproductive the danes erecting the fence say they understand the frustration of the german neighbors but insist that it's necessary.
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especially. in the. sense that this is so that there have been outbreaks of african swine fever in belgium and in east and europe the virus spreads very quickly there is no cure there is no vaccine and it kills just about every animal that it infects in fact the only real good news is that it's not known to be any threat to humans there's twice as many caves as the old people in denmark and the un. new will exports of pig meat from the country said to be worth as much as four billion euros not to mention thirteen thousand jobs directly linked to the industry. just one case in a while for one case in a domestic peak there's enough to close the export so that's what we have fearing when we don't that the parent in china and south korea they close. socially export
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from a country if they know it's a country stricken by a fickle swine fever the same. topic same as happened in the ability of an angry owner and for that matter the states and we suspect that that would signal at will then with a border barrier or a multi-billion euro export industry and the potentially fatal pandemic it's not a good time to be a wild boar in denmark however they are very adept jumpers swimmers and even tunnel is so they sport a wall may prove to be is fruitless is the critics of donald trump's think his whale peter all of a germany is behind you peter all right coming up big hotspot potentially this weekend again what's going on between pakistan and india skirmishes we can tell you along the disputed region of kashmir continue as two nuclear powers tussle for control still still very hot situation there it's among the stories when we come
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back here after international. what politicians do. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. let you go right to the
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pros this is what the three of the more people. interested in the why. do you think this should. i get a good morning eleven twenty year moscow time next tension between india and pakistan shows no sign of abating this week and overnight three civilians have been killed in cross border shelling pakistan says indian troops targeted villages along that line of control in kashmir now the standoff between new delhi and is law about this really escalated dramatically of late since the terror attack on the indian police convoy last month killed at least forty offices the latest violence comes a day after an indian fighter polish when he was captured by pakistan after his jet
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was shot that was returned to his home country made big television news that transfer out on the border between the two countries was televised live to a big audience pakistan's prime minister described the move as a quote paced gesture islam about also released this video coming up a recording made of the pilot while he was in custody. which when i was trying to look for the target when i was shot down by the pakistani air force as soon as i objected my parachute opened and i came down i had a pistol with me if i tried to run and people chased me their emotions were running high then two pakistani army officials came to save me. tony army captain save me from the people and did not let any harm come to me is what they took me to their unit when i was given a first grade school. meantime shared their fears over the intensified conflict saying that when the shelling comes it is mostly civilians that suffer. anything of the liberty limiting. the assuming. he doesn't get leave
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do you. think that even then it's only a guess that you don't understand them yes i certainly love them. now. i might imagine if one were to truck in the aftermath of this story next meg big news in the wake of gyptian authorities have arrested six people in connection with or for the riff train crash in cairo earlier this week that claimed twenty two lives egypt's transport minister has resigned over the incident which is said to have been triggered by a brawl between two train drivers one allegedly then left the brakes off eyewitnesses describe the horror that unfolded around them. now it is possible to get at it that we saw smoke come from inside the station and
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people were screaming we hurried to the station the fire was spreading out it was horrible. i mean but i think it odd there are sort of dead bodies but many dead bodies are sort of it some flesh on the floor but the train was carrying the many people i think i said i removed nearly twenty dead bodies from and carried them to the ambulance were completely burned. up to be out. to try to put out everything in front of the first i used water then i realized that if you pour water on wounds the hurt more we started using fire extinguishers to detonate work and we took the blankets which we had in archaeopteryx and we started covering people with them during the incident i ran and saw people burning in front of my eyes sick and i don't know why i was running back and forth i mean the guy was the most horrible thing i've ever seen in my life
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like i'm a people dying right in front of you you can do nothing about it thank god i did my best and saved some of mine thank god the shampoo don't pack up. at least seventeen palestinian protesters have reportedly been injured this clashes continue on the israel gaza border demonstrations have been taken place every friday for almost a year now as we've been reporting on this channel as part of something that's called the great. ah. but when the government. according to the israeli army nearly eight thousand took part in the anti occupation demonstrations protesters threw stones that burned tires as for the israeli side they responded
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with tear gas among the injured were journalists and paramedics aside to this but interesting to tell you about we want we want you noted from acquiring chief of the israeli navy admiral a me i along spoke to us directly call into question his country's approach to arab israeli relations if you want to see a bit of it spoke to seventy seven hours or at length and watch the full thing in fact in r.t. dot com. idea of two state solution is accepted by israelis but we have to be very very confident. we shall get it. and we should not get more violence and more terror it seems that my government the israeli administration do not have any interest in creating any kind of peace process or any kind of negotiations that we lead to a better future for israelis and for the palestinians we do not seize their narrative they do not see our narrative and what we really need
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is someone from outside in the past we had the americans we lost because. they lost. so if they cannot intermediate between us and the palestinians so somebody from outside should come and. look from outside is exactly what i see. the big names the pretty make is the important people talk to this channel international thank you have so much watching this saturday morning eleven twenty six now and kevin i but with more and spend thirty four minutes time programs for you and your part of the world coming up. after this break.
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you know with. the capital. we all slow number one. how many are. you selling crack rock or you got to we can jump shot in order to escape. it's. like a law in a months almost. a month of sundays so this is the bible that is at the root for. the country's gone into a nihilistic fever that's why i think they got it hit the road and get out the
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traveling across america to find what makes america take them the charlatans the geniuses this is the quintessential american hero this is it we've come a point around which element is done something we always are on the margins something. called the culture listening party. where starting last with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly the be i think i want to leave now governor any more gonzo in a minute we may be completely different but then the mystery. what do you do before you came here where did you work before you came here when you live well death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they do have given up the right to live among those somebody
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even proven innocent of two years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. later. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact on us all. here in washington filling in for bart chilton we're glad you're on board coming up today the truck came summit in vietnam may have come up a bit short of what some had expected but that doesn't mean it won't have an impact alex mahela bitch and steve malzberg join us to discuss what kind of market moves we can expect to see on the world's most populous continent twice as technology
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barrels full steam ahead so to finance on the arse lena peet of u.c. helps us analyze the future of ten sec. and finally trade tensions are causing some people's bank accounts to take a beating and now it's causing troubles related to trash all the varos is standing by to discuss why some american cities are burning their recycling all of that directly ahead but first we had some headlines let's go. a remarkable reversal on the issue of illicit international money flows leads our global report today as the european commission blocks the blacklisting of saudi arabia and for u.s. territories in the fight against financial crime as we reported here the european commission previously recommended that twenty three countries and territories including saudi arabia and four unincorporated territories of the united states be added to the european union's list of areas where not enough is being done to prevent.


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