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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 2, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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luna's lawyer queen's counsellor an internationally renowned human rights barrister geoffrey robertson q.c. said on monday's show there is a mentality in the judges. i determined. to keep him in prison so that. has a clear run would have beaten both scenario not according to the brazilian embassy in london they told going underground unfortunately the words of mr jeffrey robinson do not correspond to the truth in brazil the judiciary is fully independent and due process of law is faithfully observed the specific case of former president lula has already been analyzed by different judges in different levels of jurisdiction mr robertson said justin the president lula's conviction to be politically motivated is completely absurd and a touch from reality the full statement is on our you tube channel website certainly brazil looms over the u.k.'s post rex it landscape with perceived threats to deal with the most in our government on beef tariffs could be used for leverage
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against the irish but britain is not only fighting a defacto self-imposed trade war with the e.u. it continues to fight and something reported by the state mandated b.b.c. back in twenty zero one so the military and humanitarian effort would both ready the war aims clear the allies were already in contact with afghans who might eventually be placed to take over power simple or at least it sounded simple to nato nation journalists before fifteen thousand british service personnel were killed or wounded as for afghan dead wounded or displaced blair brown cameron may never counted them according to the un which belatedly did begin counting nine hundred two thousand afghans have been killed or wounded in the past ten years and the war goes on biggest raise a man or arguably accident prone defense secretary are sending in more troops seeing the terrorist groups operating here in afghanistan evidence of their links not just to the united kingdom but the whole of continental europe what we see is.
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a real threat posed by posed by these groups to the united that's u.k. defense secretary. evan williams in his attacks on china apparently made beijing recently cancel talks with the british government long gone of the days it seems that former colonial power britain had a diplomatic role over say the borders it drew between china india and pakistan that's where the u.k. legacy as well as other factors are threatening global peace after violence in kashmir with me here the pakistani high commission in london is high commissioner mama duffy zakaria commissioner thanks for letting us into that commission i'm going to ask you what's on the minds of those people all around the world right now will pakistan rule out the use of its fifty or one hundred nuclear weapons in this current conflict the tension was. you know caused by the actions of india there after the pre-war my tack the they immediately blamed pakistan the investigations as they always do and. then after that they
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were actually they carried out twice the. you know of parker's son's sovereignty and territorial integrity by sending the aircraft to park sun. this is where we have actually been surprising and the briefing the international community that because of the their actions the situation over there is worsening and our prime minister was very candid in conveying a message that the we want peace in the region and v and he offered twice cooperation in investigating the problem of turkey for which they were believing park sun and the us that if you have any credible evidence please share with us so that they could take action against those people who you allege that they are involved secondly he also offered dialogue so that the.
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contentious issues could be addressed and the tension between the two point two could be lessened indeed ignore to spawn to any of our offers the promise of would it be true to say that the i.s.i. the secret service bugs are currently supports jaish e mohammed theoretically bad in your country since twenty two. in fact this is what we had been asking them that they keep blaming pakistan for any act of terrorism against india and they never provide us with any evidence and i have actually mention time and again that. on the contrary we have credible evidence of indian state involvement in pakistan in perpetrating terrorism in pakistan and terror financing park some i would give it examined years supporting al qaeda and taliban linked groups in pakistan that would not me you saying that we have captured one of the commanders serving commanders can. from what i've just done who
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confessed indian involvement in preparing terrorism and park a son in terror financing part aside because i mean in fairness to india the. had to promise iran i understand you're now in talks with the iranians now about about a fence or a book or a wall it does seem to be always coming from the pakistani side of these. groups these are clearance there is a difference between claims and evidence and that's what we have been seeking if they have the evidence they should share with us so that we are able to take action because. i mean so you're saying that the february attack killing forty eight of the poor and the germans surely hiway the eye as i would definitely not involved in actually you know i would retreat what our promises said that we would not allow anyone to use our soil against any country. determined i mean i want to talk about
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the torah but i suppose i should say because we're going to be speaking to an m.p. for two hundred million people who took british subramanian swamy. the level of rhetoric coming from the area of societies that the pakistani is in a suicide mood we should graciously assist them to go to the help. of the diplomats of the pakistani foreign service used to what's coming out of. certainly elected members of parliament that's really that's what i am referring to that's what our leadership has effort that these statements coming from their leadership from indian leadership is what is actually threatening the very security of the entire region and this is what we had when we had been emphasizing that the international community as to what are the potential of danger lies and this is what our foreign minister in his letters to the. un has written and i'm sure the came across one of
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the great british journalist robert fisk is now claiming that israel as a close involvement with the indian government and the british backed government of israel is making closer and closer ties with the mahdi administration anything in that yes you know we had of it of the growing relationship between india and israel and. this is a matter between the two of them we don't as a matter of policy interfere in the really ship between two sovereign countries or two to any sort of entities. as far as israel concerned of the i have nothing else to say but we don't recognize them when i remember interviewing you the prime minister before he became prime minister and he was often focused on the idea of a news interest conflict often occurred that learn israel's export of arms to india britain has supplied more than half a trillion pounds worth of weapons to the indian government it's sold around forty
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two billion pounds understand of weapons to pakistan you can see that it certainly conflict is good for the british balance of trade in your area i'm sure the british government would deny that they're encouraging it there will be a look at indian military buildup for modeling that how that actually they have become i think the second largest or largest importer of arms and equipment and that is basically the quality arms race that in the region that has also you know given them this sense that they are because they have become very belligerent they don't really care the united states is also improving ties with the modi administration i mean some believe that previous pakistani administrations have been able to leverage afghanistan and the issue of afghanistan
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with the americans there's no sign at all that it is the youth fullness of this is ministration this cause this flare up is one of the worst flare ups for many years in kashmir we are not we don't have a policy of leveraging. you know using the other relationship with other countries or the compositions of any of the country or the situation there. as far as of one islam is concerned and one is a neighbor visionaire the longest border will want to stop we have historical ties with the understand we have we are hosting more than we starting from six point two million afghan refugees to today we have more than three million one half which is still in pakistan for the last forty years beason of one stan is in pakistan's interest there's been historic suspicions of i.s.i. involvement in islam is groups of course across the border where you are still stuck the disposition is in the blame game have we are we have demonstrated
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over determination what intention with all sincerity to work towards bringing peace and stability in afghanistan. will china and russia saying you know that they want it to calm down how long you think china what are you hearing about what is coming out from beijing as to how to calm down the situation so it doesn't a school that we are completely stuck with the fourteenth february incident ok we are completely forgetting the past the ongoing atrocities constantly in but protected by the indian security forces or indian occupation forces in an awkward kashmir one kashmir for for many decades whatever is happening over there is not hearsay that has all been documented the atrocities the mosque raids the gang rapes of muslim women women and the you know.
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arbitrary detention of kashmiris never to return to their homes again or letting up in the mosque then we have seen koran push were incident that they had been more than thirty musée course in ninety four seven. or more than half a million kashmiris were slaughtered so i think we need to see the entire perspective of the main issue. is the issue of kashmir and should have been denied really really know what to do with it with that one in forty seven i could really but we don't to go back there right now i would say that britain is not officially backing the built in road. rage initiative of the chinese government all the governments would deny that this kind of flare up of conflict would benefit them. but could escalation of any kind threaten the chinese pakistan economic corridor which is clearly in that region one of the most important infrastructure projects and there is a stance on this is that in that part of the region. and particularly in
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south asia there's huge potential economic potential to be exploited to be explored to the advantage of the people of that region. and definitely any conflict situation would be an impediment in the valley of attaining the economic prosperity in that region i can stop you there when i commissioner after the break who is really in power in britain when we talk to the widow and son of human rights why i . shot fourteen times with collusion between m i five and paramilitaries linked to the party that made dres i'm a prime minister of the united kingdom all this or more coming up in bonn to i'm going underground.
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lost its moral compass and maybe we have to put more values into the system my personal opinion is we have to strengthen by two national multilateral institutions now we're living in a dog eat dog world it's like lucy we screen having always you know all action and come to action so we need to put it back to the system and we need stronger leadership and better leadership. you know we number one. capital in united states we also number one. way. i mean the mike you shot before.
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some of these. people you selling crack rock or you got a weekend jump shot in order to exclaim. you got like a longing among other one. so this is the bible it is at the root of. welcome back i'm still with the high commissioner of pakistan to the united kingdom saudi arabia and to factor a leader i would sell when do you make of went to china but before then he went to pakistan to feel the need to fly back to saudi arabia and then to fly to india. what do you think. the position of saudi arabia is visa view this as so there is
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a. longstanding friend we have absolutely excellent relationship we have you have heard the sentiment expressed by. the conference during his visit to parker some peace broker given that there are increasing their ties to the moody administration well and this is what i'm saying that first i would bring your attention to the sentiment expressed by you know the conference the kind of investment there are ten actually and made a commitment to work there and then of course as a friend. the friend who wants to who want to see peace and stability in the region so that you know that if they had it they want to invest twenty one billion dollars in pakistan that means they have economic interests there so they would like to see peace and if in that spirit as a responsible country a member of the un they want to contribute to the peace efforts to reduce the tension between amp ourselves we have what was vulcan that i should actually just
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sense it is the world's worst humanitarian crisis yemen where britain is exporting arms to what is pakistan's position on. the crisis at him and these are the saudi arabia where i think the review of a cloned is that there's no muslim countries are there because we want to see muslim united we want to see peace and harmony among in the muslim world whatever the differences are there among the most and countries and we have always advocated that these differences should be resolved to the advantage of the muslim now obviously before this crisis put pakistan on the front pages taking out breck's it even for one of the bridges it was breaks that has been the main story in this country has britain signed any trade deal with pakistan that would kick in on march the twenty ninth or whatever data around them that emerges as britain's
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withdrawal from the european union in excess of any previous deal ok in fact actually we have institutional arrangements mechanism between pakistan and britain and this will provide is the relationship between the two countries where the economic relations or political relations are we have a strategic dialogue also that them headed by the two foreign ministers. we are very closely watching the development in the context of drugs that according to people. from various walks of labor situation for the. from britain but we all believe firmly believe that there are always opportunities in every challenge where we are looking at all opportunities and signed over a new kind of deal here we are in talks at that really nothing with budgets not even though there's a huge spread community here in britain now yeah but viet in talks with them and britain has. expressed interest that they would like to engage part of sun
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to explore the opportunities and to me to devote to your board to countries and i think on this we are working on that sites like mr thank you thank you for that was pakistan's high commissioner to the u.k. it meeting there's been no prospects of breakthrough deal with his country of two hundred twelve million people but like kashmir another story pushed bricks it off the front pages here in britain one of the country's most famous m.p.'s chris williamson was on going underground last saturday talking about alleged anti-semitism in the british labor party we stood with the jewish community in the nineteenth thirties on cable street resisting most of these fascists i and jeremy and many many others of my generation were very active in the anti nazi league fighting the literally actually in some circumstances fighting the national front and you know we have no truck with racists with bigots of any form of the labor party got a proud tradition that's not to say there are isolated examples but any bigot any racist any on c.c. by has no place obviously has no place in the labor party ninety six hours after
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that ally of jeremy corbyn said those words on this show u.k. prime minister theresa may said the m.p. for darby norton the east midlands should be suspended if the labor leader actually wants to take action against racism he would suspend the honorable member for darby no. williams and said labor done too much apologizing for alleged anti semitism but it was williams and the m.p. whose policies are closest to pre leadership jeremy corbyn who did the apologizing call the leadership voters now ask. what happened to the empty fascist and design as to who supported un resolutions on palestine and what happened to the fight over justice in ireland because corbin made no mention of wednesday's supremes court decision on the assassination of irish human rights lawyer pat finn new can add to prime minister's questions for new can was killed amid shocking collusion between m i five and terrorists linked to the party that put to raise a may in power that's according to a u.n. war crimes prosecutor patrick consuelo geraldine also short and his son john who
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witnessed the assassination join me now thanks both of you coming on going underground first of all what has the supreme court ruled on this week because if you gerald inversed what did you think because it was reported here that you failed in trying to get a public inquiry into what happened to your husband. well i think the media didn't appreciate what the supreme court was taking into consideration what they were considering was what the government correct to hold a review and my husband scarce as opposed to an inquiry and they the judgment overwhelmingly said that that decision made by the government was wrong it did not meet article ten it was ineffective and and substantial. i mean the way in goshen famed political hatch it says though that it's
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a political decision as to whether that should be getting quite good the supreme court not have ordered the prime minister they have an inquiry well they were das took the argument that we put before the supreme court which told me was agreed with today is that every investigation and review that the government have imposed upon us over the past thirty years hasn't met the international standard and the obligations that must be complied with under semen rights legislation the silver review was sold to you also in the ward as the food stop the final lines desmond is ill said collusion between i five the british army and police was rocking yes the up was sold that that was the end of the pot for the kids that there was nothing more to say and that was the definitive truth behind the myth was ripped to pieces and the judgment of the supreme court the supreme court have effectively described . this review with one hand tied behind his back he didn't have the power to compel witnesses he didn't have the power to see documents he relied on the goodwill of
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those relevant government departments and to meet the obligations of what we have asked for for a number of years is that there must be a transparent and fully a kind of will process which is what happened and it was incapable of reaching the silly in fact the doesn't of the supreme court it's hugely significant where the political decision comes in as. that this niklas bark very firmly on the desk of dining st they have failed to live up to their obligations for thirty years a police or if you didn't cut up a review by a children review by a barrister didn't meet the obligations what is left we say the only thing that is left is what they should have done many years ago amounts have a fully public independent inquiry it's going to get on to downing street today on the tourism a bit geraldine david cameron invited you to downing street to david cameron appear scared when he was talking to you as to why he was denying an inquiry into them i got the impression that. other people were putting
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a lot of pressure on to david cameron to prevent what needs to come out from coming out i think they titus hounds who's they. the part of the brain who really run the country perhaps. the snow i think john might have mentioned it yeah he gestured he gestured to the buildings whenever he got quite frustrated i think at our reaction and he gestured to the windows in the room and said our people in the buildings right here he don't even want me to do this to meet with the family to give to silva to give a review that there were people who would meet him on top level and go further and give the inquiry that we've campian for resumes now prime minister only only because she is allied to the do you people which was formerly linked to those accused by just silva and others off carrying out the assassination of your father and your husband you can understand why the prime minister now specifically she
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wouldn't have an inquiry now well he wouldn't well we understand that there are press and political realities for trees a man or government to deal with and the build up and the lead up to that and they may do their best to ignore us they come back northern supreme court they can't ignore the daiquiri of that has been made at the british government no matter who is in par house to deal with those children and they often provides ignored the un special riveter or in extreme poverty as at the gate has argued against the decision continually as. he will sort of the d.p. has been on his show said that. i'm not sure whether being accused both of you having achieved gave us even money for an inquiry into something given that there weren't inquiries into soldiers that had been killed during the troubles well i think that's a little bit of a red herring argument by some and i think his views with respect are a degree that there's a degree of irrelevance around bob the decision of the supreme court to significant
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the decorous and that has been made significant the fact that the government of my being fined not to have held an article to comply and investigation over thirty years since my father's murder is also very significant there needs to be a resolution to this and this is not on the desk of ten downing street and whilst they may consider the judgment i would guess that the next steps will be that our family willing he is with both the british and the artist government we welcome the reaction of the suck on the holy spirit simon called me to the judgement and get a reason of their support that there should be a public inquiry and i think we will engage with the british government and we will see what they propose to do my budget say the leader of the opposition jerico been is for a public inquiry geraldine do you see then this week's decision as a culmination of the thirty is of your fight for justice it's certainly a very significant step. it's it sort of puts together the last period of time
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when we were saying what you're doing is wrong and they were continuing to do that i think that must stand because the supreme court has said government you are doing it wrong over all these years the finnegans told you you didn't listen to them but we're telling you you didn't get it right so now i. they have to move forward and get it right there are things in life that you don't want to do no matter how small or high bag and the longer you leave it the worse it is. but when you've done that all you have to do is take the first step and then when you've done not it's fine but are you frightened that some of the people that may have been involved you no longer be alive and. in effects of have called off scot free for their involvement in the killing i think there are enough people still alive who are accountable who will be held accountable do you think that even
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a european court of human rights action would mean the british government having to give up papers that showed u.k. government involvement in the assassination well we'll certainly push to get them when stevens carried out his investigations he said he'd seen everything corey came along and pushed a little bit harder and amazingly more stuff turned up. but he said he'd seen it all and then when de silva came along he saw even more so if you keep pushing you never know what you might turn up there are many many people at home who have lost . someone through collusion and i think they'll take heart from this while that if you keep fighting we'll get to the truth geraldine john thank you and that's of the show will be back on monday to discuss potential rewards for oil with the bill the
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chief of staff for the u.s. exercycle see that. what i see images and hear things with your door. i see people who are afraid might see these young and some women in these white supremacist groups and i see those who. ask you to be losing. all the other all or that is the color of their skin that's all they have going for themselves to their white skin. me. all my dough for sixteen metal months on a city denoted. by the.
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isis fighters. boarding a philippine naval ship. and i mean. i. won by the way not fall i mean ads i mean ninety dollars. dollars still don't know what's waiting for them. because it will. be a semi lucky. but how to pick it out i want to hear from them nobody. told me. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to. have to be right to
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be close it's like that before three of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our age. where should. you live without international the weekend in the headlines this saturday the united states says all options are still the table when it comes to venezuela but also slap the crisis hit country with more sanctions for not allowing u.s. aid convoys to enter. washington threatens to close chinese language and cultural centers across the u.s. pole forced teaches to register as foreign agents will tell you about this to. tens of thousands of students skipping school in france and germany to demonstrate over their worries of a plan.


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