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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  March 2, 2019 6:30pm-6:59pm EST

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journalist max blumenthal this past week and caracas venezuela you can see behind me is truth based which c.n.n. has said this is not exist in venezuela and what is on the plane or basic goods things that aren't available or accessible in venezuela things like nutritional biscuits toothpaste toothbrushes just basic commodities that aren't available oh thank you all not. take this as a sacrifice oh boy no one had gone to vent to a. lot of our the dodgers. overseer of advisors. now it's all right it's all blow. but this is not the first time our lovely governments in our media have conspired to lie us into war so let's go through the top four times americans have been lied into war by our own government number four the spanish-american war this is widely
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considered to be the birth of modern media propaganda because it was the first war actually started by the media this insatiable list of reporting of the sinking of the battleship maine in havana harbor in one eight hundred ninety eight and other agree just reporting leading up to the war might have been considered merely cartoonish if it hadn't led to a major international conflict the scary thing is that that quote comes from the new york times i think maybe they got their quote confused with their mission statement. hard to mislead dragging america into a major international conflict to take if there was. number three the vietnam war us troops were sent into the catastrophic vietnam war following the gulf of tonkin incident in which u.s. navy vessels were fired upon by a villainous north vietnamese torpedo boats those. violent fishmongers following
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that scurvy skirmish defense secretary mcnamara recommended president johnson retaliate and open war then began only one problem there was no gulf of tonkin incident unless you count u.s. naval ships literally firing their weapons at rainclouds they saw in their radars in the two thousand three documentary the fog of war the former secretary of defense robert mcnamara admitted that the august fourth gulf of tonkin attack never happened it never happened it didn't exist it was like leprechauns or dragons or simon callow talent all right figment of your imagination the lies of our government and our founding media led to the death of fifty eight thousand u.s. service members and as many as three point eight million vietnamese number two the iraq war. there we go. of course.
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of course is the most obvious lie about iraq in fact here's an image of all the weapons of mass destruction we found in iraq oh you know took a while to find that image but. that wasn't the only law used to bring about our complete annihilation of that country for example the idea that saddam hussein was connected to al qaeda and perhaps played a role in the nine eleven attacks william sapphire at the new york times in may two thousand and two roads. destined to be the leading september eleventh suicide hijackers was reported last fall by czech intelligence to have met at least once with saddam hussein's espionage chief in the iraqi embassy saddam's involvement with muhammad was of course proven to be nonexistent and seeing as this column is still up on the new york times website i thought i'd show you the correction they now have on that article. for.
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thanks for clarifying that the york times i would say the new york times is only useful for covering the bottom of a birdcage but i would fear they would like the bird into an ill advised war killing millions of people. but it doesn't stop there do you remember the anthrax attacks that happened after nine eleven anthrax was mailed to press outlets and politicians well to this day some people still believe it had something to do with iraq or al qaeda they believe that because of professional embarrassments like brian ross at a.b.c. news who wrote the anthrax in the tainted letter sent to tom daschle all was laced with bentonite and bentonite is a trademark of a rocky leader saddam hussein's biological weapons program so long pointed out all of those factual claims were. completely false yet neither a.b.c. nor ross have ever retracted corrected clarified or explained these fraudulent
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reports but despite all these false stories we don't have a smoking gun showing the bush administration created these lies to get us into iraq oh wait turns out the paper shredder in the bush oval office was on strike for higher minimum wage in two thousand and three donald rumsfeld a year before the start of the iraq war is a memo about war with iraq stated how start us discovers saddam going to maybe a dispute over w m d inspections yes he wrote it down like he was mapping out a bad novel you see you see you see this let's see right here yeah that's a war crime right there and oh here and and here. and there oh. yeah you guys don't find war crimes as funny as i do apparently but. anyway this all laid the most recently number one the bombing of syria as the corporate media will tell us president assad gassed his own people there by guaranteeing more and
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better american involvement and he did it just days after trumpet told the pentagon to begin withdrawing troops of course is would do that it makes perfect stands it's kind of like hell when i'm about to win a fist fight i often slug myself in the over and over and over again just to kind of keep it exciting. anyway on previous episodes i've explained how we know they're supposed chemical attacks didn't happen as have famed journalist seymour hersh and john pilger but there's a new update just last week of b.b.c. for douceur came forward and said the syria do look chemical attack footage was staged at the american media with little or no evidence ran around saying there was a chemical attack those poor baby all and i don't have to thank you steve. marched down to our house there. anyway i hope you've
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enjoyed this installment of how americans are lied into or the point is we've replaced our media we're still not we're first to the ruling elite if you lie well enough to the american people you can win awards or get your own private jet or host a t.v. show with free in the green room now that we're getting to the point where the actual rulers the trumpet ministration etc are not even hiding their true intentions john bolton said we need to go into venezuela to steal their oil but our media continues to protect them even after bolton said that you don't see anderson cooper or what a fox news is a grand wizard saying the venezuelan coup is about getting their oil no c.n.n. and the others keep defending the propaganda lie and you know what we want to help the poor people of venezuela if you want to help people then keep america out of their face all right. still they want them to
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have anything to do with the country that invented drive thru fried food served in a bucket and we're right nasals play is all right at no point does anyone look at the donald trump president say and go wow that country really has things figured out i hope they bring some of their great decision making fun of somebody who was a d.c. based there was. a . come on line candlestick. news from behind we're going to spend the next forty five
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minutes of this half hour show on michael owen's testimony to congress and we're doing that because we're not doing it i've got to get you realize that what cohen said on every other television show i think that you know where i will give you a quick rundown or i'd cohen said john's a racist he's an idiot he's a fraud trump pays women to not tell anyone they had sex with him as if any woman wants to tell anyone they had sex with him from a con man he's greedy and colin said he did not see any collusion between russia and trump which people are pissed off the democrats so so basically michael going told us everything we already knew but now we have the receipts so that's nice. when it's unfortunately don jr has drawn all over so. because john donne jr is has the i.q. of a pet rock it really does i'm sorry abacus i was a joke it was a joke at
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a kiss you know out right i'm speaking because it tells me what to think about stories that are utterly meaningless rather then me having to decide on my own what to think about stories that are utterly meaningless and the first story in featured was that zoe kravitz were eighteen karat gold braw to the oscars after a party that is worth twenty four thousand dollars this is wonderful this is if a beautiful daughter of a famous actress mother and a famous musician father who is himself the son of a famous actress mother can then make it big enough to wear a bra they could feed the average american family for three and a half years then anyone can make it. ok this is the case this is not their gross as. as of an empire on the verge of collapse of.
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the gross access of an empire on the verge of awesome. i mean our empire may be sagging a little but that's what the brothers for. immediately following that story about the twenty four thousand dollars brawl was i'm not kidding a story about health millennialists are facing one trillion dollars in debt and trillion dollars now i can see why two outside observer they see these two stories back to back and they may think the elites in our society are swimming in money while the average americans are drowning in debt creating a society with more inequality than ancient rome just before the collapse i can see why they would say that but that is patently and completely uncomfortable to talk about. so instead i would like to take this news story where they take this and
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we're going to we're going to hide under a rock and we're going to do it put it right here so that we do it we don't have to see that anymore although we disagree. looks like there's another story already under there. every day more than one hundred thirty people in the united states die after overdosing on opioids every day and not only did big pharma corporations hide the reality of the number of deaths but they actively tried to convince people opioids are fine recently a twenty fifteen pro opioid rap a video made by instance therapeutics was unearthed it says we have we have an actual is the actual clip of the. three. great choice. that was just a bad rap a pig farmer is a bad rap. you know to self to not look. well i mean i know
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just. to look under. all right and we'll just put that there for us if you could. to give rocks the grand canyon's museum has reportedly been exposing tourista radioactive your radio for eighteen years the five gallon containers held uranium specimens placed in the museum building in the two thousand next to a taxidermy exhibit that was frequented by standing next to radioactive rods. i'm told we have an update to the story kathryn higley head of the school of nuclear science and engineering at oregon state said the likelihood of people receiving serious radiation exposures from the buckets is extremely unlikely. thank
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god i don't know why we ever fought. i'm sorry i'm sorry although i have to admit after the way the trouble ministration in the e.p.a. corporate goons have been treating national park. i was kind of excited the parts were fighting back finally i guess because we'll just have to go back to killing ourselves the old fashioned way lead tainted with tap water and opioids. to subscribe to the lead of the end of the system this is the. crux there to go to a quick break but i've got to have got it started because. i didn't do that because .
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you know we're number one movie capital in united states we all slow number one her way to death. i mean also so like you shot before brigette. house was for most. people you selling crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot in order to exclaim good. job you
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got to act like a lion amongst other one. piece a month of sundays so this is somebody who also fit is at the root for. we came here where did you work before you came here when you live well death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they do have given up the right to live among us somebody even proven innocent up to years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. it.
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ok. five americans with a large cache of assault weapons were arrested in haiti a few days ago the mercenaries and former navy seals claimed they were on a u.s. government mission they're u.s. citizens were then released and returned to hold without facing any charges that denies there was a you know it was just kind of like a little a death squad vacation. i went to the seafood buffet i was enclosed naomi you know . you don't leave caribbean countries in especially haiti will accuse the u.s. of interfering in their affairs and well yeah go out. during protests against a u.s. backed leader you found five armed american goons to no good so so lock us up and
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then we'll receive diplomatic immunity from anything that you try against us so i don't have believe. they actually have to say they were on a u.s. gulf. with that much artillery like well it seems appropriate considering our past missions of state craft in haiti and one nine hundred fourteen us marines took five hundred thousand dollars from the haitian national bank and transported it to new york for safekeeping that we keep radiating from one thousand nine hundred fifteen to nine hundred thirty six push this wildly popular leader into exile also for safekeeping and then there was this it's never police the tonton macoutes job opportunities for the youth of course. well us subsidize rice destroying the rice market that's that's an economic partnership and then the well we're of course kidnapped and pushed out this wildly by the mention the clintons use the earthquake
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for regime change and corporate enrichment a disaster program so what were those guys really doing on their own they said was our boss will call your boss and refused to say more it said. which sounds like a line from a bad episode of the sopranos you know tony joins blackwater as a private security contractor faces conspiracy charges overseas and then has to ask the f.b.i. for ho that doesn't sound like the sopranos never seen it ocean. ocean's fine didn't exactly pack light they had unlicensed illegal a ar fifteen rifles pistols various nine satellite phones drones and other tactical gear they had to surrender everything including very skittle. over to the haitian authorities generals they brought skittles to a massacre these. were worriedly of the safety is on. many haitians believe that
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these americans might have been hired by u.s. backed president when we see kill in disperse protesters however haitian police handed them over to the american authorities who were scored them onto a plane without handcuffs. and then they were set free like one of those hit men pointed out they were the victims he said we were not released we were in fact rescue were our mercenaries they can't go out there alone. that's why i started this new venture got your backwater. you bring all your repair military men thugs and mercenaries from threats out there such as questions. i mean what do you mean my boss will call your boss right and your boss well go ahead call him i guess they are going to hire. was told that they were going to do the battle over education recently
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a very interesting textbook came out and some are asking where the authors got their well this report. this is a message to a time we finally face reality that we have a coke problem. you know no not that kind of. not that coke either they're bad for other reasons look this coke jesus christ. of course there are some of them who already knew we had a coke problem since their family's money helped fund citizens united suppression laws and climate change denier propaganda for america's teachers like why scientists disagree about global warming which i'm sure texas teachers still use. to replace the siding for their hurricane harvey fema trailers. where americans particularly can't lay off the coke is arizona where the coke family and its donor
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network fund the university of arizona center for the philosophy of freedom which houses the philosophy politics and economics of freedom project a project that touts a limited government and free market economy and classes for arizona high school students by the year two thousand and twenty five will reach roughly a quarter of arizona's high school population seriously at least swap out reach for teach so you don't sound like a cult trying to reach its spring recruitment goal. but a lot of that reach was through a textbook coauthored by the freedom center's director david smith it's called ethics economy and entrepreneurship which arizona teachers work for free but when it came to offering the class in arizona's tucson unified school district citizens an activist in the group coke's off campus were a little more hands on and reviewing the textbook and coax off campus member. who
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has a degree in economics and over thirty years of banking experience wrote in truthout to me the first clue that this textbook lacked academic integrity was when the authors greek philosophy and marketing professors began their section on trade forty thousand years ago the claim that the neanderthals became extinct because they weren't sure. yeah i don't think kickstarter was around forty thousand years ago and even if it was it would be fire starter and if no one backed the project and they all froze to death this economics by dummies book was so bad that it also completely lacked peer review and economist frank ackerman said words that never appear in this textbook include discrimination inequality and household labor and that the word union only appears twice but i think the first warning sign this book was even myself published
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a rod of fan fiction harry potter and the prisoner of stan had one little review the arizona public schools were nearly slammed again. tweedle. funded groups that pushed for state lawmakers to pass the school vouchers law which would give mostly well off families the choice to send their kids to private schools luckily a grassroots group called save our schools fought to get a referendum called proposition three o five on the ballot of last november's election in which sixty five percent of arizona voted to overturn the law give the people who actively tried to gut unions corrupt politicians and deny climate change a pen and paper and they'll rewrite history in a way that our youth will be doomed to repeat it. and if we're going to give anyone a pen and paper it should be me because i have several edits they made to my latest erotic band fiction harry potter and the philosopher stiffy. reporting from the
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university of arizona data let me kill her exactly it's going to. kill your headlines from the future in one month you'll learn anderson cooper finally inducted into the manufacturing consent hall of flame. and tomorrow you'll read. jack nicholson attends oscar's after party and nothing but she clue even talk on forty five thousand dollars was that your show but if you want more growth like stand up comedy special only a little less done. a little later like your life mr lim spencer you still don't start to get the caveat that.
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the folks who print the money when they want more money they just print more money they don't rely on workers to go and produce stuff that they have to go sell and then make a profit on the stuff they sell you don't see that the car this tranny wars become financially you don't see that the property market any more spend financial eyes you don't see the manufacturing in the u.s. has been exported to china and financial lives commodified securitized american as a worker is completely redundant the same as the china wages are roughly i think four or five thousand dollars a year this is where the american wages are headed. home i don't know not sixteen levels i'm not going to say dude you know. just. isis fighters and no boarding a philippine people ship. and
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we. just aren't abdulla still don't know who watch waiting for them. to. be near tell you not to. take it out. my son doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse. users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people who came to the war on drugs. there are countless numbers
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of people who are in prison for. a long sentences for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in wave and say by day as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. venezuelan vice president talks to r.t. about the crisis that has been gripping the country for more than a month sharing her thoughts on u.s. support for the opposition leader and self declared interim president. makes a point at my list of countries but their plan won't work in venezuela we have decided to protect our country. us fighters launched an assault on what is said to be the last i saw stronghold in syria despite having already declared one hundred percent of the group's territory retaking. and cyber.
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