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tv   News  RT  March 2, 2019 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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venezuelan vice president talks about the crisis that has been gripping the country for more than a month. on u.s. support for the opposition leader and declared interim president. and violence two countries and their plan won't work and we have to set it to protect our country. us back to fighters launched an assault on what is said to be the last ice stronghold in syria despite donald trump having already declared one hundred percent of the group's territory were taken. and siberia to go for gold at the. two thousand nine hundred. chinese language and cultural centers are threatened
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with both closure and teachers being forced to register as foreign agents across the united states we get reaction from. do you feel threatened by existing this china institute where they give language classes and such now that's something i could imagine china doing i think the entire world hysterical rate. and. this is our two international thomas glad to have you with us. and the venezuelan vice president has told our team that american political pressure is doing more harm than good to the country's citizens and accused of the washington backed opposition leader of trying to steal the election network. he certainly we know the us uses fake financial help in order to overthrow the governments of other countries than israel is about fake financial help they don't want to help
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economically financially to help with provision with medicines to help commercially and in the twenty third of february the whole world saw that they brought instruments of violence to venezuela and not ate our report in venezuela we have decided to protect our country president donald trump has put a face to the united states imperialist policy it's a policy of cheating and threatening those who did not submit to their wishes instructions and interests specifically venezuela east threatened by day the u.s. has moved to sanctions six venezuelan security forces personnel for preventing convoys of unauthorized u.s. aid into the country last week that is on top of measures against the oil industry and other attempts by washington to force nicolas maduro from office of venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world u.s. sanctions have blocked seven billion dollars worth of the state owned companies assets to protect itself and as well ordered the state oil companies european h.q.
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to move to moscow vice president rodriguez told us the u.s. is going against international law. it all when they don't they will in fact the americans are pursuing a predatory policy appropriating venezuela's asses and therefore violating the legitimate interests of our country violates all existing international investment groups aswell europe where venezuela's accounts were frozen and we have already begun to take specific legal steps we hired lawyers to protect our interests primarily with regard to our gold which is now illegally withheld by the bank of england we also began to take measures for venezuela's legal protection we're talking about the theft of things well in assets which was organized by the united states and venezuela has the right to protect its legitimate interests asked for the transfer of the d.v.s. a office from europe to moscow this is connected with the expansion of the corporation also a russian company in the ground there and the feel of oil and gas together with the european office of p d b s a other branches of the company will also move to moscow
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. self-proclaimed interim leader who is promising that he will get us aid into the troubled nation president woodrow suspects washington made is not what it seems and here is why the man appointed to lead the united states of venezuela elliott abrams back in the nineteen eighties he defended smuggling weapons to nicaragua rebels disguised as aide this was when he was assistant secretary of state after announcing the new restrictions abrams was pressed about washington's current approach to caracas. i'm wondering are you guys meaning the administration at all concerned that and the initial. for lack of a better word excitement over when the recognition is it is losing some momentum and in giving given the majority of the seem to be going anywhere he certainly not taking the national security adviser's advice to those on the beach
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outside of venezuela i wish him a long quiet retirement on a pretty beach far from venezuela and the sooner he takes advantage of that the center is likely to have a nice quiet retirement on a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like guantanamo so are you concerned that you're losing momentum and then such and related to that. there is one member of congress in particular set a senator who has you know suggested that madeira might meet the saying fate as good off the libya and i just that help or hurt you or your cause or your efforts to build momentum. i'm not actually going to get into that commenting on what particular senators are being forgiven. for get it get the line about any senator i used to do comparisons between with doro and and suggesting that he might meet the fate of the do that does that help your cause or i'm i'm not going to get into that other than to say that i think that. dictatorships come to an end some last for
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a very long time. others a much shorter time this one in venezuela will also come to an end we hope that it comes to an end quickly and peacefully the head of latin american step its way. people in minnesota particularly the million she's almost exclusively on the minute she literally. could three years again and again through those who are shown. that maybe you name it got close work what is it going on behind the scenes and so far nothing will almost nothing and mr brown says that. so this is jane concerned therefore that confirms not only one's always been fitted but the united states going to school something much more dramatic. u.s. backed forces in syria have launched an assault on what they call the last i saw
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the area near the iraqi border artie's arabic channel got a glimpse of life in the village of bakos. but i let me just have. some of the. other. animation that. needed a minute to had this endemic and
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a diet short of the. day diet should be anyway due to gender that it dies my mother died they did that for can you go on and let me if you mean it don't. understand me i'm the village of bugaboos has been a hot spot for sarah and democratic forces for several weeks they say hundreds of civilians withdrew from the area a day before the attack most were children and women some of whom gave birth while married had to eisele fighters now a syrian democratic forces spokesman claims that the operation will be swift. speed advancing on two fronts into di i shall territory since yesterday evening heavy clashes are taking place at the moment three s.t.'s fighters wounded so far no information on isis casualties yet we expected to be over soon the author of inside syria reece alberich spoke with us earlier he thinks the u.s. overestimated its one complete just days ago. we just took over you kept hearing it
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was ninety percent ninety two percent the caliphate in syria now it's one hundred percent we just took over one hundred percent caliphate that means the area the land we just have a hundred percent that as usual president trump is playing fast and loose with the truth and he's censored saturate things and i was interesting to me that he said we have taken back control i think there's a strong view in washington that the u.s. is now controlling parts of syria not something that either the s.d.f. or the syrian people are interested in having long term the us didn't hasn't defeated completely anyone the problem is it's even if it is defeated as a force controlling actual territory it has its origins as a terrorist group training suicide bombers having small cell actions the danger is that they go back to what they were originally doing and carry out these kinds of terrorist attacks which are very difficult to stop i think trumps instincts are to
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pull troops out of syria and afghanistan in order to ratchet up u.s. aggression in places like iran and venezuela you can't continue to occupy other countries indefinitely when the people of those countries don't want you there and that's certainly the situation in both syria and in afghanistan stay tuned each day there could be a new development that's the thing about the trip administration. siberia will play host to some of world class winter sports action for the next couple of weeks thousands of athletes will be competing for medals in this year's.
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on saturday evening russian president vladimir putin kicked things off at the official's opening ceremony or to sports correspondent alexia she was there for us but twenty nine winter universidad is officially open now we witness the colorful opening ceremony in this beautiful brand new complex behind me more than three thousand athletes jammed packing this complex here they have come from fifty countries across the world for the third ever you need to see out on this soil now one was held back in soviet days in the russian capital moscow another one was held not so long ago in the beautiful city of twenty thirteen now for the first time russia holds the winter here in the heart of siberia the city of us now yes now in the case of these athletes we're talking about students who are also athletes they
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have in sports for many countries that's why the representation here is pretty huge we actually went with my cameraman to local you village that's where the athletes live and train and we've seen very friendly delegations from different countries i would say probably the asian countries have a bigger representation the huge delegation from china big also delegation from kazakhstan from japan and also huge delegations from countries like norway sweden and even canada some trip from across the world to come here to cross and i was going to hot of siberia we spoke to some of these athletes for the experiences here in siberia before you feel very well. you know after after a few days here that we're just definitely enjoying our experience it was amazing playing football these fans are very dedicated very passionate fans and it was amazing to hear them screaming the whole game no matter what it was it was just something i've never experienced as something i'm going to cherish forever it's
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really surreal to be here in this really amazing because obviously it's a different landscape to be used to in england and. it's. one of the. to the winter you need. special attention for sure we caught up with. she is a unique athlete she is a figure skater believe it or not the united arab emirates probably the only major figure skater right now in the country but she has managed to reduce it i support in a very certain way she is allowed to wear it job during her performances something that the highest you the federation had to change the rules and they did it for one athlete when now obviously applied to everyone else she talked about her experiences here then you go out on her aspirations so. it's the first time my female athlete from the united arab emirates has competed in this discipline and
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the first time wearing a hitch up this is my first international tournament and winter university and as well if there are any contests in russia i will try to participate in them there are a lot of major ice skating events hosted in russia the sport is very developed in this country i hope i will come here again and train even in the summer for the next ten days will be witnessing seventy six medals up for grabs here. in the eleven different types of sports that is obviously snowboarding skiing. and all of the major winter sports. one interesting thing slogan one of the slogans on the winter is one hundred percent real wind and that's something that has been lacking . because the weather has been pretty warm last three degrees centigrade every day we've seen the slopes where the majority of the competitions will be taking place and there is enough snow so snowboarders and skiers have nothing to worry about obviously we'll be keeping you up to date in the next ten days on how the
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university. of siberia goes. eight more people were killed on saturday in clashes between india and pakistan that show no sign of coming to a halt on that story after a short break this is our. you know world a big part of new things a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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what i see images and hear things with their door. i see people who are afraid must see these young men it's a woman and he's a white supremacist group and i see the r.c. really scared. scared they losing their white skin. welcome back this is our t. international so paris and other french cities have witnessed yellow vest anti-government marches for the sixteenth straight weekend police have deployed tear gas to disperse the protesters.
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well saturday saw another sizable turnout at. social estimates say around forty thousand people took part in marches across the country including four thousand and paris on friday president again appealed for calm to avoid some of the violence seen in previous weeks police used water cannons against the protesters and made some arrests what once began as a grassroots rally over fuel prices has long since it broadened into wider anger out the president's handling of the. tensions between india and pakistan has shown no sign of abating at least eight
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people have been killed as fighting along the border continues pakistan says indian troops targeted villagers along the line of control in kashmir and six of the dead are reportedly civilians the standoff between india and pakistan has escalated dramatically since a terror attack on an indian police convoy killed at least forty officers last month.
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south asian politics and security expert misra believes there are internal and external factors preventing a quick solution. what we are seeing at the moment is the low intensity conflict on the ground and the sea is going to go on so what you need to remember here is that although the pakistani prime minister region the indian captured by look at ecclesiastes there's a lot of history at the high end that and that has to do with the prez he's personally coming from the united states saudi arabia and united emulates which kind of forced pakistan to keep the producer in that it took in fact the pakistani military establishment is not entirely oppy that this happened neither of these parties want to go down the path to peace and in pakistan the army has the state so that is a military establishment which is their whole walk on india we have enough specialist
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in divide his own party which is craving for some kind of confrontation that box from which you give it to claxon under my list in the forthcoming election. china's language and cultural centers could face closure in the u.s. after a senate report alleged they are being used by beijing to influence the minds of the public in the document also claims that confucius institutes like transparency and suggests chinese teachers should register as foreign agents are to skim up and has more. u.s. leaders have been very upset over alleged foreign influence and meddling of late and they've discovered a new source of terror. a new report issued by the u.s. congress says that the dance workshops and traditional cooking classes here are no laughing matter in fact they're part of a communist plot to get inside of your brain through confucius institutes the
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chinese government is attempting to change the impression in the united states and around the world that china is an economic and security threat so let's go over their alleged crimes shall we the centers classes apparently describe china as a compassionate and friendly country the centers are funded by gifts from the chinese mainland and apparently there is not total transparency when it comes to the cultural centers operations so we decided to stop by the offices of the confucian institute where classes are being held here in lower manhattan and see if the people realize that they're being sucked in by a vast chinese conspiracy against our american way of life so do you feel like a foreign agent. a foreign agent do you feel threatened by existing this china institute where they give language classes and such no maybe a little bit. you know china is a little you know not something i could imagine china doing do you feel like it's
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in co-creating propaganda here i have on the fact that the confusion institute is linked to chinese language classes in american schools that's right because of this institute a lot of young children might actually learn to speak the mandarin language and we all know there's nothing more dangerous to world peace than cultural understanding this type of activity teaching languages and culture is not going to move the needle for china in any way politically in terms of how people see china the claim from the u.s. in a report is propagate. the propaganda chinese surprise surprise have a world view that different than americans f.b.i. director testified to the senate that these are also acting as intelligence collection agencies so chinese intelligence has been in bed it all over the united states for decades there are so many chinese and united states we're going to be very critical positions in security and technology areas companies military
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commercial everything the question is do they need the confucius institute to continue that mission and probably they don't my expectation going forward is that the u.s. will continue put pressure to close these institutes and that does it for me more news at the top the obvious is are to international terrorists. life expectancy in america is plummeting if you look at the chart it's shocking to look at that almost every other country is kind of inching op on one side of the chart and that has an alibi or if the united states is away over here it is all crashing down from the drugs and the having junk food having junk culture having of politics and fake that is it's all fake and fake doesn't sustain life and you see it in the numbers it's clear.
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what the numbers mean they've mattered us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten or more and. eighty five percent of global will be long to be rid if we pursue the world market world for. some with four hundred forty three first circuit per second and this one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a.r.u. industrial park but don't let the numbers overrule. the only. pretty neat remembering what one just showed you know bored to miss one and only bloom. lost its moral compass and maybe if to put more values into the system my true snooping in this we have to strength to national multilateral institutions now we
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are living in a dog eat dog world it's like i'm lucy we screen having always you know all action and come to action so we need to put spector was a system and we need stronger leadership and better leadership. my seven years doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abusers he started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. then the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. certain
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sins for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. most folks don't like the truth. we're living in a generation. then. is confused just as it relates to the truth. where does have power. and the truth is minutes so built up.
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donald j. trump say is. tweaks. whatever he feels like saying. tweeting to his own. destruction. ya need to hit me that day. just because you say what's on your mind then what you feel does not mean that you are a good still would over the truth. if
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you from some weird secret service brought a missile for me oh we saw but it's and i'm sorry and you could make one shine you know on the bottom you want to get if you got a project. and were still right there are a few of these little blocks like this these little row homes you see people living on top of each other i guarantee wherever you are from russia where your from the only thing i know what a row home is these is called road home. anywhere in this city and this urban in any urban area if you have an advantage you've got people to come out with good insentient you always got people that might not have good sense of living and so much poverty you know you got guys in a ghetto. who have things that are nice things materialistic since then you have what's called the wolves and the wolves or oh you know that's
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a danger to whoever you are whether you're a working man. like you know like right now it is cold out so you see people want stuff like this this had i don't turn to all black men so now me i'm a musician and i'm an actor and i'm a activist so i don't want trouble but. you know it is what it is is what it is. all right now you are in east baltimore like a lot of black people like myself with when i was a kid become a vile close.
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