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tv   News  RT  March 3, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EST

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turbulent week for venezuela both russian and american the resolutions to resolve the country's crisis fail at the u.n. security council while washington's economic pressure problems correctors to transfer the european age to of its main oil to moscow. france sees a sixteenth weekend strait of yellow vest and rest with police resorting to tear gas and water cannon. and u.s. president donald trump a north korean leader kim jong un hold their second summit but failed to reach
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a deal on. accusing each other of making reasonable demands. in watching the weekly here on r.t. international live from our studio in moscow with mina dear tutor welcome to the program. this week saw fresh clashes on the border between venezuela and colombia as tensions over american aid deliveries intensify venezuelan president nicolas maduro says the shipments could be carrying weapons and has banned them from entering the country and international efforts to end the crisis of stalled with the u.n. security council rejecting both russian and u.s. draft resolutions. by voting against this resolution some members of this council continue to shield woodrow and his cronies and prolong the suffering of the
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venezuelan people the time for a peaceful transition to democracy is now they're going to use them with us to finally we have reached the culmination of the american workers treated double standards show over venezuela washington and london have both again robbed an entire nation of billions of dollars in the same time or pushing them to accept a pittance due to regime change as they say you first of all create great humanitarian problems and then you call upon the whole world to solve them we look forward to genuinely free and fair elections and to a government that reflects the will and aspirations of the venezuelan people. you have to do is vote is an excellent example of one of the veto rule is necessary for protecting the peace and people's right to determine their future both the russian and the u.s. resolutions didn't pass the voting in the un security council the russian one got less votes in favor that against four in favor and seven against the us draft was vetoed by russia and china the russian ambassador said that if the u.s.
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resolution had passed it would be the first case in history that the united nations security council deposed a legitimate leader and imposed another one to a sovereign country the venezuelan representatives folk as well calling to stop interfering in the matters of his country the power to this will has to do with having a swelling so very at the end of an assault on people they behave like colonial east they are planning a clandestine operation against it sort of right out the same kind of talking about what he thought and therefore at the same time they are just feeling out of money you see something outrageous indeed so the diplomatic community in the crossroads again the u.n. as thieves members who spoke after the voting called it to all of their colleagues to put their differences aside to resolve the venezuelan crisis reporting in new york treated each other as r.t. . meanwhile hundreds of activists have rallied the spanish capital madrid in support of venezuelan president nicolas maduro demonstrate his way panas reading hands off an israeli and denounce what they see as an attempt by the united states
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to intervene in another country's internal affairs alfred decisiveness the state of venezuela as a us and twenty seventeen as the us is likely to escalate the situation. quite clear to me that the united states is waging war on international law now that trump does that does not surprise me question is what will the. international prize for steve be for the united states will the united states take the risk of a flagrant aggression against his will there is a danger of violence it should be the function of the united nations to prevent that. nicolas maduro says washington has its sights on venice whereas the oil reserves the largest in the world u.s. sanctions have already blocked seven billion dollars worth of state assets to
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protect itself but israel ordered the state tell companies european h.q. to move to moscow vice president is told about the decision. it over there in fact the americans are pursuing a predatory policy appropriating venezuela's assets and therefore violating the legitimate interests of our country violates all existing international investment groups aswell you are aware of them as well as accounts were frozen and we have already begun to take specific legal steps we hired lawyers to protect our interests primarily with regard to our gold which is now illegally withheld by the bank of england we also began to take measures for of in these wells legal protection we are talking about the theft of these well and assets which was organized by the united states and venezuela has the right to protect its legitimate interests as for the transfer of the d.v.s. a office from europe to moscow this is connected with the expansion of the corporation also in russian company in the ground there and the fuel of oil and gas
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together with the european office of. other branches of the company will also move to moscow the u.s. has also canceled the visas of forty nine venezuelan representatives aligned with the president or it says that anyone who steals from the venice whale people or undermines democracy is not welcome in the united states francisco as head of the latin american studies at london's middlesex university says the u.s. is pulling out all the stops to achieve its goal in venezuela. people in venezuela particularly the military you see if you go out and see soldiers drawn the pressure from the united states in particular almost exclusively on the military literally as crude three years again and again through was coerced shone. through blackmail you name it got those words what is it going on behind the scenes and solve far they go almost nothing illegal these raises the specter of all.
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which can be you organize the regular forces and trained and organized by the united states and mr abrams is exactly the person to actually get it organized so loses jane concerned therefore that confirms not only won't always be defeated by the united states going to school something much more dramatic. but the sixteenth straight weekend paris and that the french cities witnessed yellow vest and government largess on saturday clashes erupted at some of the demonstrations with police deploying take us and water cannons to disperse protesters. think.
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according to official estimates around forty thousand people took part in nationwide marches four thousand of them in paris on friday present a money ally call it an appeal for calm urging people to frame for a cultural kind of filed seen in previous weeks police made a number of arrests on saturday of the camp as a grassroots rally empathy. crisis has since poured into wider anger at the president's handling of the economy. because they should at least meet one of our demands to show they are listening to us and we are not doing this for fuel prices are rising and they were supposed to be frozen all the prices are increasing in the supermarkets to ten percent on product it's the opposite of what we want. to give the purchasing power back to the people. on the central crowd it was just
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the citizens initiative referendum those are the two essential demands as long as they don't do this that. you. see this that people in difficult people who have a hard time surviving on salaries i think. are. just the masses you guys. have many different messages. yet. this thursday us president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong il with their news and five thousand of journalists descended on vietnam's capital of how for the two leaders second summit the much hyped meeting failed to produce any deal on north korea's denuclearization and the lifting of u.s. sanctions against pyongyang with trump and kim unable to agree on the terms despite
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little headway being made at the summit washington and pyongyang say the dialogue will continue and as an apparent goodwill gesture the u.s. and south korea have decided to suspend their annual joint military exercises statement says it's being done in an effort to reduce tension and had fallen. on the korean peninsula though the drills have in fact not been canceled completely but rather replaced by another set of exercises. and take stock of the second summit. the talks in hanoi between trump and care more complete failure a blowout bob shrum says the talks failed because of what he says were unreasonable demands they wanted the sanctions lifted. in their entirety and we couldn't do that but that is not how north korea remembers the meeting because what we proposed wasn't the removal of all sanctions but they were partial removal we proposed to the united states to leave articles of sanctions that impede the symbol of economy
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and the law of our people so with conflicting information about what actually took place at the meeting between the two leaders we've now got the u.s. state department issuing an explanation of the explanation after the talks flopped in hanoi jumped on a plane to alaska it was certainly not singing a song of peace as he praised the troops america does not see conflict but if we are forced to defenders we will fight and we will win in an overwhelming fashion you are a powerful warning to the world to never strike american soil you are a warning that everybody knows about in nobody wants to play with you would think that with the utter trainwreck that was the talks with pyongyang that donald trump would be cruising for a bruising when he got back to the united states however that doesn't seem to be the case the epic failure seems to have been met with pretty broad approval both democrats and republicans seemed rather chipper about it it's good that the trend
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isn't good not getting many things was a little bit that he was proposing the north koreans walk away thinking you know they've got they won and gradually they will see they were sanctions regime begin to erode then they've won and frankly that would be unfortunate i was smart to expose the north korean delegation to the god of our economic prosperity but it could be possible it's a good thing that he walked away rather than agreeing to something that was badly flawed democratic presidential candidate gabbert seem to stand alone in voicing disappointment kim jong un has clearly stated that he is holding on to these nuclear weapons as his only deterrent against the united states coming. and waging a regime change war in north korea so well you know i'm deeply concerned about the fact that this summit yesterday ended without an agreement it's not surprising because of this policy this regime change war policy might pompei all laid out the washington consensus with rather sharp terminology america has
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a responsibility to protect itself by pushing back against those evil nations and those evil leaders who intend to do real harm to the world yes much like george w. bush with his rhetoric about evil doers donald trump is not setting himself up to winning nobel peace prize any time soon but most of the political establishment that normally hates donald trump seems to think that that's a ok caleb mop and artsy new york yankees but so he told to believe the trumpet ministrations whole case john south's way and that voting north korea's trust in what promises america's willing to make. it was not no deal versus bad deal it was a missed opportunity and the real question remains whether what was it that caused president or chairman kim for that matter to stand up and walk away hour and a half early i think there's a crisis in confidence between north korea in the u.s.
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you know kim knows what's going on in the world and he looks around and he sees unfortunately and depressingly the united states simply doesn't keep its word around the world trump is going to try to show success. he and that i think was one of the considerations in the discussions in in vietnam over over north korean missiles the reality is is a trump is looking to make a deal and to show international success and to so that he can have something to come back to and to offset the turmoil the inter the political turmoil he's facing back home. but if we've taken over isis in syria then the question remains what about the troops u.s. troops who are there in syria what will happen with them those are questions that remain unanswered. and that the volatile old think about the world's attention this
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week india carried out an asterisk on what they say was a terrible camp in pakistan increasing phase of the minute she confrontation between the two states. south asian politics and security expert a man and mistrust sees a foreign hand in the conflict. what we are seeing at the moment is the low
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intensity conflict on the ground on the sea is going to go on so what you need to remember here is that although the pakistani prime minister region the indian captured pilot as ecclesiastes there's a lot of history hindsight i'm back has to do with the phrase he's fiercely coming from the united states saudi arabia and united i mean it's kind of forced pakistan to stick with what you said that if you do neither of these parties want to. go down the piece on in pakistan the army has the state so that is a major to be established meant to be to use their whole wall on india we haven't lost on the east in divide his own party who choose craving for some kind of confrontation that box from who to give it to claxon undivided is in the forthcoming election of a back in a couple of minutes after his prey. lost
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its moral compass or maybe we have to put more values into the system my personal opinion is we have to strength to national multilateral institutions now we are living in the dock dock ruled it's like lucy was screaming having always.
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action and come to action we need to put back to the system and we need stronger leadership and better leadership. seventeen people were injured at the airport on friday as clashes erupted in the latest great march of a turn protest. that the students have been protesting at the israeli gaza border every friday since march they demand the return of land now all eyes are on the palestinian health ministry and paramedics were among the wounded israeli army says it was responding
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to a talented attacks from the strip. now facebook has made available the pages of the fake media group after a ten day suspension the group's c.e.o. and he said that he and in the now host collects struck back at their critics. back off facebook has heard are calls for freedom after selectively censoring us all for vast expanses including the now were taken down for no reason other than pressure from pro-war think tanks and a lazy report from c.n.n. the messages are slick filled with graphics with ground grabs the crowd. leading america's getting news from social media and the videos have been viewed tens of millions of times billions of times thank you with messages like this it's
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pretty amazing that the same countries that spent two years screaming about alleged russian election meddling in twenty six teams is now up to lobby u.s. meddling and venezuela it was definitely your venezuela piece that got us in trouble i should censor you c.n.n. would love that but not as much as the german marshall fund alliance for securing democracy that's the u.s. government funded thing take that told c.n.n. to launch an investigation to get us censored from facebook in the first place who's the alliance for securing democracy and why would they care about us it's a hawkish project whose advisory council includes people like bill kristol the dude from project for a new american century that sold us the iraq war also mike morrell former acting cia director john podesta former chairman of hillary clinton's presidential campaign jake sullivan former national security adviser to vice president joe biden so in the alliance of neo cons and centrist and former intelligence officials funded by the u.s. government threw a temper tantrum to get c.n.n.
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to encourage facebook to censor us that's creepy as maybe my poulton video and. is that you've got to stop letting me speak my mind this c.n.n. report was deep though showing up at the homes of people who work with us contacting contractors we work with to collect dirt classic stuff and their investigation it was a quick google not the pentagon paper if you don't believe i was speaking to an exposé three years ago revealing what was pretty much widely known and again google but c.n.n. still got us i mean look as much as i'd like to say we did a ton of digging on this if you were to start googling these pages you could quickly sort of work it back to see so what did read through wrong they violate a rule did facebook say these pages violated a policy in short no did we hide our affiliation with russia they weren't necessarily really hiding there were sure there were a really odd name but they were kind of hard yeah what exactly did i say wrong a lot of legitimate arguments. and sounds like you liked what you saw
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great viral videos great design you know and the content was pretty critical of the u.s. government of u.s. mainstream media but nothing that would be totally out of the ordinary necessarily it sounds like we have a great page and were following the rules we did have to change our about us section to reflect our parent company details it's a new policy apparently that suddenly became a rule after we were taken down without warning a verified page with over two point five billion views many outlets that received some kind of government funding and don't have info about it on their facebook pages let's call this what it is a massive area in the us of anything having to do with russia and exaggerated fear of russian influence by media that thinks a few facebook pages one trump the election c.n.n. wouldn't care if we were funded by japan this is the most heart of the it's which time they didn't even bother engaging with our content that donny guy even seem to
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like we've got editorial control over the videos we made and unlike. c.n.n. we get to tell the truth about war and corporations because we don't rely on advertising dollars from weapons companies both of them have to mention their parent company eighty and who help the embassies warrantless wiretapping of americans remember that look all media is funded by corporations or governments so we're going to talk about funding that let's include all media in that conversation let's apply the same standards to everyone not just those affiliated with the country a bunch of neo cons hate we're looking at you facebook in the meantime we're just going to keep doing our thing thanks for the shout out c.n.n. . so this most and so is billy's facebook won't be doing itself any favors if it keeps cracking down on projects that ordinary users like. facebook is donating the
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potential is going to doit commercially if it doesn't time for the respect of the people who use it and that's that that's the dilemma they're in governments are putting the pressure to do certain things but their audiences on put him under pressure to do the opposite and then have to make their minds up which side of the fence they're on you know all of these big mic media companies are actually under scrutiny about what they actually do and you know how they actually operate and what they allow what they don't allow in how they're funded and so on i think the idea that this is to do with misleading information is a red herring it's nothing to do with the general thing about this information and i'm afraid that's the space that's developing the people won't accept genuine opinions which they this they disagree with or just won't try and suppress them because they're involved in psychological warfare and funnies around that for now stay tuned for a documentary next black lines trees appear on r.t. international.
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match geysers financial survival guide liquid assets are those that you can convert is a cast quite easily. to keep in mind though as a tremendous place of. record. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confronting let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only loosely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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the maternity town the slums go in and you may never get out some sort of. my teenage gang rules here. don't want to move then let the mind of those who were. but. maybe will. kill. you. minus a murderer. and now it's looking for the yeah. and melanie when not in.
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the monkey then little present i see. my seven years doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse started going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sins for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of the abyss it's just it doesn't get easier.
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most folks don't like the truth. we're living in a generation. then. is confused just as it relates to the truth. where it's kept power. and the truth is minute so build up. donald j. trump i say is. sweet. whatever he feels like saying. tweeting to his own. destruction. ya need to hit me today. just because you say what's on your mind
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then what you feel does not mean that you are a good still what over the truth. you from somewhere you seek a certain pride in itself would be always surprised if some little stuff like you google something university of pankin university on forty fifth street and you could make one shine you know on the bottom you want to get if you got a project. and was feeling right very cool these little blocks like this these little row homes you see people living on top of each other i guarantee
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wherever you are from russia where they go from you only deciding who to vote who moves these is called road home. city. you got people to come out with good. people. you know you go. and then you have. you know danger to whoever you are. you know. so you see people. now me i'm a musician and. you know.


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