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actually going to be for us it's like before you know more people. interested in the water. there's. another turbulent week for venezuela both russian and u.s. really resolutions to resolve the country's crisis fail at the u.n. security council washington's economic pressure caracas to transfer the european h.q. of its main to moscow. friend sees the sixteenth weekend of yellow vest movement on rest with police resorting to tear gas and water cannon against the protesters. the u.s. and north korean leaders hold their second summit but failed to reach a deal on denuclearization accusing each other of unreasonable demands.
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for good evening great to have your company this is. the border between venezuela and colombia witness further violence this week tensions over american aid deliveries intensified and this will of president nicolas maduro has blocked the shipments from entering claiming they could be carrying weapons and international efforts to end the crisis have stalled with the u.n. security council rejecting draft resolutions from both russia and the u.s. . by voting against this resolution some members of this council continue to shield woodrow and his cronies and prolong the suffering of the venezuelan people the time for a peaceful transition to democracy is now they're going to use them with us finally we have reached the culmination of the american workers treated double standards show over venezuela washington and london have both again robbed an entire nation
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out of billions of dollars in the same time are pushing them to accept a pittance due to regime change as they say you first of all create great humanitarian problems and then you call upon the whole world to solve them we look forward to genuinely free and fair elections. and to a government that reflects the will and aspirations of the venezuelan people. today's vote is an excellent example of one of the veto rule is necessary for protecting the peace and people's right to determine their future both the russian and the u.s. resolutions didn't pass the voting in the un security council the russian one got less votes in favor that against four in favor and seven against the us draft was vetoed by russia and china the russian ambassador said that if the u.s. resolution had passed it would be the first case in history that the united nations security council deposed a legitimate leader and imposed another one to a sovereign country the venezuelan representative spoke as well calling to stop
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interfering in the matters of his country the power to be this will has to do with having a swelling sovereignty and of an assault on people they behave like colonial east they are planning a clandestine operation against it it's what i write down at the same time they're after. a force at the same time they are just feeding out of money this is something outrageous indeed so the diplomatic community in the crossroads again the u.n. as steve members who spoke after the voting called it to all of their colleagues to put their differences aside to resolve the venezuelan crisis reporting in new york treated each other as r.t. . in the meantime hundreds of activists have rallied in the spanish capital madrid in support of press the dura demonstrators that way to homs often as whalebone as and denounce what they see is that attempt by the u.s. to intervene in another country's internal affairs for designers who visited venezuela as a u.n. report turned twenty seventeen believes that washington is likely to escalate the situation. quite clear to me that the united states is waging war on
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international law now that trump does that does not surprise me question is what will the. international crises in pristina be for the united states will. the united states take the risk of a flagrant aggression against them as well there is a danger of violence should be the function of the united nations to prevent that. nicolas maduro says washington has its sights firmly set on venezuela's all which happened to be the world's largest u.s. sanctions have already blocked seven billion dollars with a state owned assets in a proactive move venezuela ordered the state oil companies european h.q. to be relocated to moscow i suppose the us told us more about the decision here or there in fact the americans are pursuing
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a predatory policy appropriating venezuela's assets and therefore violating village about interests of our country they violate all existing international investment rules asked for europe where venezuela's accounts were frozen we have already begun to take specific legal steps we hired lawyers to protect our interests primarily with regard to our gold which is now illegally withheld by the bank of england we also began to take measures for of in these wells legal protection we're talking about the theft of these well and assets which was organized by the united states and venezuela has the right to protect its legitimate interests as for the transfer of the p.d. vs a office from europe to moscow this is connected with the expansion of the corporation for russian company in the for the brand and the feel of oil and gas together with the european office of. other branches of the company will also move to moscow. the u.s. has formed a coalition to hand over power in venezuela from currently the nicolas maduro to
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self-proclaimed president that's accorded to the u.s. security advisor john bolton who says that the plan is for a peaceful transition of power. so i'd like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace bureau to replace the whole corrupt regime work in this administration we're not afraid to use the phrase munroe dr and it's been the objective of american presidents going back to ronald reagan to have a completely democratic hemisphere of the monroe doctrine was unveiled by president james monroe in the nineteenth century basically banned and any european interference on the american continent doctrine and that any such action would be seen as unfriendly towards the u.s. many interpret the declaration as an assertion of complete us hegemony over the entire western hemisphere. it's big. brother who is an associate professor of political science at the george mason university over in the us great to have you on guadeloupe you heard john bolton speaking that
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he wants a peaceful transition of power he says is that possible. i don't think it's possible we know that the military of the majority of the military in venezuela support the collapse mother will and that the problem here is there. a legend there that they will go with a month road duck train they are not really what is i mean what is what is democracy about their valley in the fundamental. of the foundations of the markets the without and so to negotiation by the international community but they are talking about here is. the united states of america for the americans going back to them on board the train and no interference from any other day and the blocks that they create this is very problematic because there can really. be balance because of the fact that we're going to see there are no other option and military
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intervention or another type of balance. you know i mean happenings because of. the fact that the military supports the current government. of elsewhere what do you think venezuelans will feel about you know the mono doctrine being portrayed as the path to democracy. the business when it's very divided and today the way that things are being led by the united states and its allies in the western world. this one and so are not really the ones that are deciding on the country you know that there are many division not everybody is within the last mughal but there is no i mean there's no any class that has seen mediated by any i mean by the international community overall looking searching for a peaceful process of transition mexico your ally other
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countries would like to see and other countries the dean the national i mean the national security council did there the united nations try to reach that agreement no agreement has been reached there so now there is a new position. that my that they could lead to very. very terrible results and you know that the public opinion if you see the media the. comments in the media in the in the social network you see us as a world of the very debated regard to the case of venezuela so this will mean an imposition of government. and good chance that government could chose one way bill could chance to live by way bill and these he said very important question it's not about the people of venezuela it's about one country that has had negotiations with one personally what i think. will be arrested when he returns to venezuela.
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well a chance as well there are chances that he's going to be arrested considering the fact that he is representing the opposition and a possibility of violence and that's that's something that we cannot forget we know that it was a lot this of course is part of his. probably the litter of this opposition group that has been associating with the united states he was in prison as well so there is a possibility definitely. let's see what's what's going to happen next week it's going to be interesting but also very tense in many regards. he is a rested he's effectively taken off the chessboard what happens to the opposition movement then will there be a backup plan who comes who comes to the floor as the leader. that's the thing you know to porting one man with. an effort to do these through the through the former cheerless of the united nations to do this without. the agreement of the international community there are there is no plan c.
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basically there's no plan there's no play an hour an hour argument play and leave it to two other a way to deal with this it's one way they'll. clean president leader up this opposition alertly or or there is who i mean this is a problem if you see a rest and what's going to be what's going to be the result and what is going to the you know what's the united states going to do there are they going to intervene some people say yes some people say no. we didn't. mean the i mean within the united states so it's going to be very difficult quite aloof thanks so much for joining us this evening on our two international pre-show your time my guest. political science at george mason university. through the news now for the sixteenth weekend in a row yellow verse marches have been held in cities across france on saturday clashes erupted at some of the demonstrations police deployed to gas and water
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coming. forty thousand was set to take a pots in nationwide marches four thousand of them in paris and friday president again appealed for calm and urged people to refrain from the kind of violence has been seen in previous weeks police made several arrests on saturday all the speak out as a grassroots rally over fuel taxes this is broadened into wider anger at the president's handling of the economy. like i said they should at least meet one of our demands
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to show they are listening to us that we are not doing this for nothing that fuel prices are rising and they were supposed to be frozen where all the prices are increasing in the supermarkets to ten percent on products it's the opposite of what we want. we want them to give the purchasing power back to the people of the lower fat on essential crowd is the greatest the citizens initiative referendum those are the two essential demands as long as they don't give us that we stop. to think such as this that people in difficult spittal who have a hot time surviving on gas salaries i think constant and. mass and just a mass of gas police violence i have many different messages as. i am was. donald trump has dedicated much of
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a two hour unscripted speech to russian details for you after the break. globalization lost its moral compass and maybe if to put more values into the system my true snooping in this we have to strength multinational multilateral institutions now we are living in the dark cruel but it's like a room lucille screen having always you know action and come to action but so we need to put values specked was a system and we need stronger leadership and better leadership. life expectancy in america is plummeting if you look at the chart it's shocking you
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look at almost every other country it's kind of inching up on one side of the chart and that has an outlier is the united states it's way over here and it's all crashing down from the drugs from the having junk food having junk culture having it's junk politics and fake news it's all fake and fake doesn't sustain life and you see it in the numbers it's clear. welcome back on tuesday india carried out as strike on what it said was a terrorist camp in pakistan increasing fears of a military confrontation between the two nuclear neighbors.
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south asian politics and security experts in the midst of a belief that there may be a foreign power behind the conflict. what we are seeing at the moment lee is there are low intensity conflict on the ground and this is going to go on so what you need to remember here is that all do all of the pakistani prime minister region the indian captured pilot ecclesiastes there is a lot of history hindsight and that has to do with the exclusively coming from the united states saudi arabia and united emulates which kind of forced pakistan to pick that which is from there to do neither of these parties want to go down the
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art of peace and in pakistan the army has destroyed so that is a military establishment which is there for a while and india we have a nationalist. party which is craving for some kind of contractors pakistan which would give it to claxon hundred milers in the forthcoming election. on thursday donald trump a north korean leader kim jong un along with retinues and thousands of journalists descended on vietnam's capital for their bilateral summit the much hyped talks so failed to produce any deal on north korea's denuclearization or the lifting of u.s. sanctions against pyongyang with trump and kim just unable to agree terms so far little headway washington appearing and have said the dialogue will continue and as an apparent goodwill gesture the u.s. and south korea are suspending their annual joint military exercises the pentagon says this is to reduce tension and to advance denuclearization on the korean peninsula but the drills have not in fact been counsel but rather replaced by
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another set of exercises on the scale of mopping take stock of the second something . the talks in hanoi between trump and camera complete failure a blow out a bar trump says the talks failed because of what he says were unreasonable demands they wanted the sanctions lifted. in their entirety and we couldn't do that but that is not how north korea remembers the meeting because what we proposed wasn't the removal of all sanctions but they were partial removal we proposed to the united states to leave articles of sanctions that impede the symbol of economy and the law of our people so with conflicting information about what actually took place at the meeting between the two leaders we've now got the u.s. state department issuing an explanation of the explanation after the talks flopped in hanoi jumped on a plane to alaska it was certainly not singing the song of peace as he praised the troops america does not see conflict but if we are forced to defenders we will
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fight and we will win in an overwhelming fashion you are a powerful warning to the world to never strike american soil you are a warning that everybody knows about and nobody wants to play with you would think that with the utter trainwreck that was the talks with pyongyang that donald trump would be cruising for a bruising when he got back to the united states however that doesn't seem to be the case the epic failure seems to have been met with pretty broad approval both democrats and republicans seemed rather chipper about it it's good that the president did not get in anything was a little bit that he was proposing the north koreans walk away thinking you know they've got they've won and gradually they will see their sanctions regime begin to erode then they've won and frankly that would be unfortunate i was smart to expose the north korean delegation to the god of our economic prosperity that could be
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possible it's a good thing that he walked away rather than agreeing to something that was badly flawed democratic presidential candidate tossing gabbert seem to stand alone invoicing disappointment kim jong un has clearly stated that he is holding on to these nuclear weapons as his only deterrent against the united states coming. and waging a regime change war in north korea so you know i'm deeply concerned about the fact that this summit yesterday ended without an agreement it's not surprising because of this policy this regime change war policy might pompei o laid out the washington consensus with rather sharp terminology america has a responsibility to protect itself by pushing back against those evil nations and those evil leaders who intend to do real harm to the world yes much like george w. bush with his rhetoric about evil doers donald trump is not setting himself up to winning nobel peace prize any time soon but most of the political establishment
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that normally hates donald trump seems to think that that's a ok mop and artsy new york. political experts told us that the trumpet ministrations will cue stunts elsewhere and up the road doing north korea's trust in the white house promises. it was not no deal versus bad deal it was a missed opportunity and the real question remains whether what was it that caused president or chairman kim for that matter to stand up and walk away hour and a half early i think there's a crisis in confidence between north korea in the us you know kim knows what's going on in the world and he looks around and he sees unfortunately and depressingly the united states simply doesn't keep its word around the world trump is going to trying to show success he and that i think was one of the considerations in the discussions in in vietnam over over north korea
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missiles the reality is is a trump is looking to make a deal and to show international success and to so that he can have something to come back to and to offset the turmoil the inter the political turmoil he's facing back home but if we've taken over isis in syria then the question remains what about the troops u.s. troops who are there in syria what will happen with them those are questions of remain unanswered like a very off script still in terms given a two hour speech at the conservative political action conference but it seems that there's been little change to the topics with the russia probe still dominating. america is winning again. is respected again. if you say something like russia
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please if you can get us hillary clinton's e-mails. so everybody's having a good time mom laugh and we're all having fun and then that fake c.n.n. and others. russia to go. for a collusion with russia collusion delusion. and a nasty business transaction with robert. i said why isn't that. he wanted the job as f.b.i. director i mean these are things that. it was in america first in many cases it was america last we are reversing decades of blunders and betrayals you know i'm totally off script right now.
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and this is how i got elected by being off script. but russia's hand was surprisingly also found that with timid putin accused of being the man behind the speech. how many pieces of parts of president putin has to do us was president trying trying to accomplish today he was also saying things that really look like lattimer putin scripted his speech lee's people some of them millionaires and there's the best the brightest squad made up giving you the best and they actually said that nobody came in with a hawk nobody no white coat came minutes today to them and say would you lads when you were at least wait let the russian thing go now i'm not trying to tell people what to do but one could argue that there are some things the president drop
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a said that might be garrulous a peak and controversial your might want to go there this is trump arrangement but there is a trump high finned putin hyphen russia during syndrome this is a preoccupation a pavlovian obeys and it's this weird kind of a connection it's an obsession an obsessive compulsive. reaction that they can not let go. you know denise tell me when it's time for a break i'll be back with more in half an hour hope to see them.
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what i see images and hear things with their door. i see people who are afraid not see these young men and some women in these white supremacist groups and i see those as really scared. stiff of the movie. and all they have the whole or that is the color of their skin that's all they have going for themselves into their white skin. my son in this doing
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drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. when the war on drugs was on the stink there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sins for whom our own are minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up in an issue in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. the country's gone into a nihilistic feed that's why i'm think and they've got to hit the road and get out
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the traveling across america the find what makes america take the charlatans the genius of america here this is it we found the point around which hollywood is gonna say we're starting last with a myth is we're going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think that will leave now doesn't get him. oregon so we may be completely different and in this. journey from. california where the me the thing where can dream remain heading where it all started in st and you know along the way that there is this sort of polarization going made him believe rachel maddow versus sean hannity and that's an easy versus fox is that causing polarization or is that just on the news and actually out in the real world is all when you get down here and you get in touch with the history then you start to realize that the william faulkner quote is really true when you
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when he said that the past isn't dead it isn't even past and what we're experiencing right now is just a continuation of a protracted struggle that really culminated with the civil war when six hundred fifty thousand americans and were killed and millions more were maimed. we're still living out the civil war that's what you see with this kind of polarized dynamic that emmis and we see in fox news exploiting that's what you see with the democratic party really representing the a cell a corridor or when the republican party representing the sun belden increasingly you know the hollowed out economically hollowed out rust belt and trump is just capitalizing on that as his opponents are hillary clinton called a lot of america basically a basket of deplorable but even after she lost the election she said that she won the winner she won in the regions where they're winning and the areas that voted for trump are the losers and i always think about her basket of deplorable comment
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because the fact is donald trump energized openly a part of the republican base that has always been there that is deplorable and this is you know the deplorable who shot up a synagogue in pittsburgh the other day the deplorable mailed out package bombs these are people who are energized and excited by. the energy that trump on locked because he basically stands at the bully pulpit as the president legitimizes their resentment the republican party you know they've always done this but their dog whistles trump doesn't openly and you know it was a successful strategy what hillary clinton was talking about was something that when she talks about winners and losers trump said that from another alternately opposed angle but he said the same thing that he's going to make america great again he's speaking to the people whose jobs were basically handed over to mexico and china with nafta and so many free trade agreements people who outsource the same people that michael moore was you know documenting in raw.


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