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prime minister visit. the full truth of what happened twelve months ago. for the. president. risks arrest for defying a travel ban but washington significant. one. terrorist group stages a deadly surprise attack in syria. british.
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people are allowed to compete with women in sports. testosterone is not the only difference. physical advantage over women especially in. britain's prime minister visited souls year after the poisoning. says that the city is recovering from the incident. there has been a tremendous effort here in salzburg the decontamination has now been completed the key moment for the city in order to move on and recover from what took place last year. but even twelve months on questions continue to circulate around the events
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of march two thousand and eighteen russia refutes the u.k.'s continued insistence that moscow is to blame for the poisoning with the kremlin noting that the most basic questions on the incident remain unanswered while these police reports. i've been talking to some of the people here and many of them say they're still processing what happened take a lesson. and put the two together so. you see. these two great war i mean you really get it it's part of you made people see so. i put my bike cram there the everyday life that's a mobile supporter with me so i just went straight back in for a way so i wouldn't pick anything up any more. or less than i'm sure the contamination is complete so. i don't think me saying well one year ago you'd be
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hard pressed to find many people outside the u.k. that knew much about the town of souls very or perhaps the height of the spire of the famous cathedral here but the attack against the script files that took place here put this place on the map in the international scandal that ensued has really ensured that souls barry has stayed rather famous it was here it was actually on a park bench on this green that on the fourth of march last year so gay and his daughter yulia scrip are were discovered slumped unconscious they were taken to hospital and pretty soon afterwards it became clear that this wasn't an ordinary medical incident that they were dealing with the script had been poisoned with me. terri gray nerve agent a substance known as nova chalk that had been produced in the soviet union and pretty soon after that the prime minister to resign made pinned the finger of blame squarely on moscow and there were diplomatic expulsions and
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a war of words ensued over what really had taken place here london says the kremlin dispatched a hit squad to come here russian military agents arrived in seoul very they say shortly before the poisoning took place they were armed with a toxic nerve agent and this is something that moscow denies that and continues to press for information and access to the investigation saying that actually two russian nationals are involved here and we know nothing about what's happened to them take a listen to the russian foreign ministry spokesperson if people in the west in the u.k. and washington and brussels think russia will just let this slide their mistaken surrogate script files nice victoria's secret powell has also been talking at a press conference in moscow and she says that she still can't get hold of her relatives and she's been denied any information about how they're doing or their
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whereabouts take a listen to. the british embassy have been telling me since day one that it cannot help me that i have to call the russian embassy in the u.k. under pressure from the media to agree to let me make of this implication but i was refused to visa twice on formal reasons and they even didn't return my passport to me personally they said to fire me i'm going to even stay here the border of britain so diplomatic relations between london and moscow are still pretty much at rock bottom and this candle is the cause of much of the animosity between london and moscow and with the decontamination head declared complete to resume made says she hopes that the town can put the script saga behind them that this place will be known for the beautiful city that it is rather than the tragedy that's taking place here over the past year. russia's ambassador to the u.k. alexander yack ivanka told us the questions that remain unanswered in the case.
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almost the next day russia was blamed and the key argument at that time was that russia is the only country where so-called levitch york could be produced but later on i mean the few weeks later we understood that something like twenty countries including europe most of the european countries they could produce novich org. we offered the in the u.k. government the let's see some kind of a joint investigation that was a real proposal from the russian side because we wanted to help certain issues to investigate because this is the russian citizens but so far as. the british ration. from the legal point of view of this is the clear quirk of the international law in the vienna but actual yannick well actual convention and the vienna convention from the one hundred sixty five where the embassy has i leading
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international law. we don't know their destiny you know what happened to them what is their health condition where they live with the in the united kingdom everything is fired and covered you know with the secrecy. if you look at the now let's see media in the u.k. you will never find any decent story about russia most of the stories are very negative quite provoking and as american sate fake. i believe that that kind of statement in the news people was part of the very serious and to russian competing where most of the diplomats which are working in the embassy they are spies so this is some kind of a witch hunt in the meantime the office of ten downing street took to twitter
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publishing the pm statement on souls but unfortunately there was a slight problem. oh. oh. oh. yes. the so. little. us. thanks. thanks thanks thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks few. feet.
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to. thank you thank. us. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you thank you. for life. threatening. illness but as well as self proclaimed interim president has touched down back in the country he left in late february in defiance of a travel ban imposed has been touring latin america to drum up support it turns now and that's opened up the possibility that venezuela north already trying to arrest in this glamorous lucas colonel believes that why those decision to defy that travel ban was deliberate. i think that if the. media.
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to you know further the legitimize a democratically elected government a mix of not i invite your viewer to think of a thought experiment if. bigger than that they were to have declared her up in current president of the united states and with a middling recognized by the kremlin and then they're going to left the country despite a travel ban and proceeded to go on an international or a company by a top russian diplomat and then return to the country without a rat and then go to a government route and it would she would she be allowed to do this or would she be in jail i think you know the answer is rather and if they do it yet but we have very a constitutional ground with regard to what the opposite is a link here is by the open adverse to can book a new coalition of the willing to support regime change in the. us national security advisor john bolton has warned against any attempts to prevent squad those return on twitter he said to be
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a significant response from washington should safety be threatened. in a recent interview bolton as the international community to round as well as elected leader i'd like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replacement to replace the whole corrupt regime block in this administration we're not afraid to use the phrase munroe doctor in this this is a country in our hemisphere it's been the objective of american presidents going back to ronald reagan to have a completely democratic hemisphere. the monroe doctrine mentioned by bolton that was formulated by president james monroe in the nineteenth century is purpose to stop any european interference in the affairs of nations in the americas many interpret the doctrine though as justification for america's own interventions in the region russia's chief diplomat has been blunt about his issues with it. with all kirk since the creation of the united nations in one thousand nine hundred five international law has been regulated under the auspices of this universal
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legitimate organization the theory and practice of backyards is insulting well according to the russian foreign minister the use of the doctrine is insulting to the regional powers to the countries in latin america and you said that this whole thing should also be concerning to other nations because right now the united states have an ambition change the venezuelan government to oust him adorable but have already teased that they have a similar ambition for other countries in the region like cuba or nicaragua now the russian foreign minister also talks about john bolton's statements regarding russia's aid now john bolton in a recent tweet called my duro a liar for saying that russia basically supplied the venezuelan nation with humanitarian aid sergey lavrov pointed out that russia did supply seven and a half tons of medicine through international organizations to sort all of that is easily tracked and monitored. but they were putin's officially suspended russia's
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participation in the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty which is a key cold war era nuclear agreement not easily trying to discuss this earlier with my colleague chaplin. well the i.n.f. treaty which has been banning land based missiles with ranges up to five thousand five hundred kilometers since nine hundred eighty eight is falling apart completely the u.s. and russia have been doing it step by step and president putin has just made another formal one he actually signed a document which suspends it on the russian side but everyone realized it was the beginning of the end of this agreement back in october last year when donald trump started bashing that treaty and that is the only problem for the treaty russia has a legit violations then while on the one hand the donald trump administration has really been trying to make it seem that moscow's behavior is the number one reason
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of the other hand the fact is that the i.n.f. treaty was signed by the leaders of the us and the u.s.s.r. and that's why other countries weren't obliged to do anything under the agreement and in his latest statements donald trump isn't really hiding that he's also pulling out because the likes of china aren't involved in the old agreement decades ago the united states entered into a treaty with russia in which we agreed to limit and reduce our missile capability russia repeatedly violated its terms we really have no choice. perhaps we can negotiate a different agreement and adding china and others. or perhaps we care in which case we will outspend and out innovate all others by far
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russia's been saying all along that washington is lying that moscow is not violating anything and at some point they were actually ready to invite experts from abroad to examine the weapons system in russia that was of particular concern for the u.s. but that invitation was ignored a lot of our putin has made it clear that no initial steps will be made by his country the only things that he's going to order to be done can only be in response to hostile actions by america and the allies in nato. will allow us partners had to be honest and straightforward with those they should not have used trumped up accusations and allegations to unilaterally withdraw from it like they did in two thousand and two which they did in an honest way when they pulled out of the i.b.m. treaty i felt it was done the wrong way but at least they did it in a straightforward manner but how do they act in fact they violate everything and
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find excuses to put the blame on someone russia does not pose a threat to anyone and the actions we take are retaliate that is to say in defense we never seek confrontation we do not want it especially with a global power like the u.s. so again this signature by vladimir putin isn't a surprise at all it is just a formal move what we have what next. because nick professor of history and director of the new clear studies institute at american university thinks the u.s. doesn't want to be constrained by any treaty. in you look at these people they don't want to have any treaty that's good in any way constrain the united states as trump says we're going to outspend everybody we're going to out innovate everybody there is no reason why this cannot be renegotiated and why we should abrogate the entire treaty but the what washington does not want to be constrained by any
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treaties now there are there are legitimate concerns yes there is a legitimate concern about the fact that other countries are not included in this treaty but that was not the point of it in the one nine hundred eighty s. what we need is a much broader structure of international arms control negotiations that can bring other countries perhaps into compliance. syrian army forces suffered heavy losses this weekend in the north of the country eight hundred soldiers were killed during a surprise attack by jove. a syrian offshoot of al qaida the ambush and number of casualties were confirmed to r.t. arabic by the army and with washington recently putting up a million dollar reward for information on the some of bin laden's son it looks like the war on terrorism has fresh impetus because the explains. war on terror. begins with. but it does not in there. the war on terror
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is almost a tradition now a part of the american way of life no end in sight either so traumatic it was nine eleven that it set america off on a seemingly endless crusade there's an old poster out west as i recall that said wanted dead or alive and it does seem endless no matter how many battles they win how many islamist sex they destroy how many bin ladens they kill is always someone else we deliver devastating blows to the al-qaeda leaders that attacked us on nine eleven and deliver justice to osama bin laden we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly now it's the sama bin laden's son hamza bin laden and washington is afraid that he's becoming a new terror i called. bin ladin is the son of the deceased a.q.
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leader who some of the blood and is emerging as a leader in the a.q. franchise has been has released audio and video messages on the internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the united states and its western allies ease thirty also recently praised by the leader of al qaida blacklisted by the un married allegedly to the daughter of a nine eleven plane hijacker favored by his late father sama as his successor he's calling for attacks on the u.s. to avenge the killing of his father same crazy ideology what's unclear his whereabouts the u.s. seems to believe you could be anywhere in south central asia it all. leads to one conclusion apparently al qaeda is coming back showing signs of confidence.
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in the threat from radical islamic terrorism a continuing threat posed by al qaida there are according to various estimates more than thirty thousand active fighters crossing number of countries loyal to al qaida ironically the u.s. stands accused of arming them though unintentionally in syria with weapons intended for moderate groups being seized by islamists in yemen c.n.n. reported made weapons to oil qaeda linked fighters history it seems repeats itself in the nine hundred eighty s. during the soviet war in afghanistan the u.s. funded and armed the mujahideen including asama bin laden. they called them freedom fighters the mujahideen the islamists when they were fighting the u.s.s.r. but it didn't take long for those freedom fighters to move into terrorists and the taliban into al qaida and they just won't go away no matter how many times you
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beat them it seems they just keep rising from the dead it won't get put back in the bottle if the u.s. does not want to put it back in the bottle the u.s. funnel funneled. thousands of tons of weapons into syria to arm forces that it knew very well were. allied with. and allied with the muslim brotherhood and so when it suits the u.s. purposes it will work with al-qaeda and other terrorists and when they become a problem after september the eleventh or after they morphed into islamic state in syria and iraq then of course. it will it will attack them. with more attention being paid to al-qaeda recently opposition forces are besieging
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the last pocket of i saw resistance in syria the town of by militants they claim the offensive could be over within five days around one hundred fifty terrorists surrendered monday according to kurdish media reports before the fighting machines over the weekend civilians as well as the wives and children of the militants were allowed safe passage from the besieged town not the arabic crew the site has been talking to those who've left by groups. how many kids you have. one day one day where is you lose but they killed. me let me just say that. the soul of the.
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murder was ever did michael de vionnet. get bumpus they didn't know but they did and you are listening to him at the moment genocide is a member of the. elite in this year. and. i think what you. see what i will come to that have been the goose. not the no not the you know how he was there in the book was. on sunday a spokesman for the opposition forces said he expected the battle to be over soon
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donald trump has already proclaimed victory over the self-styled caliphate on more than one occasion. we have one good study says now we've won some time probably next week we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate as usual president trump is playing fast and loose arm is even if. defeated as a force controlling natural territory it has its origins as a terrorist group or turning suicide bombers having small so actions and we've seen that continue in iraq for example where there were some horrible bombings of civilians so the danger is. go back to where they were originally doing and care of these kinds of terrorist attacks which are very difficult to start. a british rapper has broken women's weightlifting records while identifying his female to highlight what he calls the absurdity of claims that there's no
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biological strength difference between men and women. i keep hearing about how biological men don't have any physical strength advantage of women in two thousand and nineteen so watch me destroy the british women's deadlift record without trying p.s. i identified as a woman whilst lifting the weight don't be a bigot. viral tweet got more than a million views and it comes amid a backlash against the growing number of athletes identifying us female in women's events british olympic swimmer sharon davis tweeted that women sport must be protected from people born as men however the world's first transgender will champion the cyclists which will mckinnon hit back insisting that trans women athletes have no unfair advantage elim pick rules state that men can participate as women without having surgery so long as they undergo hormone therapy to bring down testosterone levels we spoke to the rapper behind the viral video who told us why
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even more restrictions may not be enough to ensure fair competition for women. so i think the video went viral because it touched on a timely issue and it was somewhat amusing and comical people did find it funny but underneath all that i think it did bring light to important conversation that a lot of that's happening all over the world right now testosterone is not the only difference that gives men physical advantage over women especially in strength and speed there are other factors as well if someone has gone through puberty as a male you you're likely to be considerably taller especially at the extreme ends you're going to have a different bone structure you're going to have bigger hands bigger your entire muscular skeletal system will still remain that of a man so if i were to take some hormone blockers and suppress my testosterone levels for twelve months i still would be still have considerable physical
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advantages over someone who's been a woman for their entire life so it's not just as simple as the testosterone levels i have no nothing against i don't think anybody in this debate has anything against any individuals or groups it's merely about maintaining fairness and not distorting reality in a way that could actually be very harmful and perhaps even you know could actually ruin women's sport if it's let to go to its full conclusion really cap about with updates for you at half an hour. are people who are afraid. see these women. in these ways purposes.
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that is the color of their skin. for the soul to the white skin. life expectancy in america is plummeting if you look at the chart it's shocking to look at almost every other country it's kind of inching up on one side of the chart and then as an outlier is the united states is way over here and it's all crashing down from the drugs from having junk food having junk culture having it's junk politics and fake news it's all fake and fake doesn't sustain life and you see it in the numbers it's clear.
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hello and welcome to crossfire all things are considered time peter lavelle failure in one noise what are the lessons to be learned also the stalemate in venezuela and a briggs it update and much much more on this edition of crossfire. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow and he is a professor at the higher school of economics as well as author of the decay of western civilization and the resurgence of russia and in london we crossed alexander me curious he is a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief of the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk. in effect that means you can jump any time you want and i always appreciate let me go to london first. let's reflect upon the failed summit in hanoi what is the most important lesson to be learned if anyone wants to learn any lessons go ahead well well food named the united states needs to revise its
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approach to negotiate.


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