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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  March 4, 2019 10:30pm-10:59pm EST

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there is a dark dirty secret looming on the horizon here in the united states of america my ark watchers this one you can only see if you have the right set of eyes that can read between the headlines and catch the flashes of lightning in the distance as february came to a close blood blood was in the economic water here in the retail states of america as four major brands announce the closing of more than four thousand shows stores nationwide in a forty eight hour apocalypse now in retail but but but but wait tyrrell the economy is doing great you will all say to me all our talking heads on t.v. are republican and democratic elected leaders and officials and wall street bootlickers are all telling us that it's jobs jobs jobs go or that the economy is booming much like author of the capitalist come back and they're wrote in the washington post he said quote the latest numbers confirm what americans can see all
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around them the trump economic surge it is still in full swing and beating expectations. well. you might be the only be half right andy or really you might just be one percent right because there are two different americas my friend one is the rich in booming land of opportunity that your politicians and mainstream media assures us that exists and the other is the one all of us are actually living in one where inflation has been rising exponentially faster than wages with the cost of an education and health care will put you into debt for the rest of your natural life despite working forty hours a week it's the america where major brick and mortar retailers like gap j.c. penney foot locker and victoria's secret all just announced the closing of four hundred sixty five stores nationwide and just twenty in just forty eight hours it's the america where department stores have lost eighteen times more workers than coal
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mining since two thousand and one. now my friends the only real question is what happens next for all those poor souls who just lost their jobs in the millions more when the retail and service industry of this country has spent the last sixty years living off of goes the way of the dinosaur and the video store. and it's questions like those that keep us always watching the horse. to. get the. real thing this week. as part of. what they like you know that i got. this. week. well tomorrow watching the heart. and downtown
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while if so our retail mall dreams of childhood. still leave. society works you know technology automatically moves beyond things we're talking about a recently tablets like you know you know the horse and carriages went the way of the dinosaur the moment cars came in and brick and mortar retail is probably going to disappear change in some dramatic fashion because of online buying and all of that but. the thing that nobody's doing nobody's talking about what's going happen with these jobs going to the people who work at these places what happens to them next especially when you see these you know forty eight hour bloodbaths like we just saw right and it is i mean these things are going to get bigger and bigger you're seeing larger malls closing you're seeing shopping centers get smaller and you're seeing more and more real tellers even tesla went to a place so it's it's sort of the brick and mortar only works in certain areas you know target somehow target does really well so is this a matter of the industry isn't working or is it that. the money just isn't there
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not stores over the next two years and despite showing a good fourth quarter footlocker announced friday that it would plan to close about one hundred sixty five stores and. will brands which victoria the owner of victoria's secret have to close fifty three stores this year though i feel like that's a very small number i feel like you're going to end up saying a lot more and j.c. penney announced it would it would to shatter eighteen of its department stores and i'm saying i'm like i'm surprised there is a j.c. penny left because most of these are connected to malls and you just don't see them as much growing there isn't all of this there's actually about eight hundred fifty some odd juicy dinners left and these are eighteen closing but what's interesting is bob bibs the c.e.o. of new york based consultancy the retail doctor you actually said j.c. you buy these latest store closing it is mind boggling the j.c. penney's still thinks they have time when the clock is right now and there's no real plan for them he went on to tell box business that still best really needs an
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inspiring vision byrd's brand as more and more costumers are heading to the targets the wall marks and the amazons you know. we all saw this coming of thousand miles away certainly newman's not going about it for ages right but nobody else is it's like everybody in the streets talking about it like hades you know so all these major stores are closing up with no one is really coming in to fit those place i mean you know they say warehouse jobs are going to like make up for it i guess but there's a big difference between being someone who sells clothes for a living and going and likes put you know packing boxes where this is going to walmart come segues i thought wal-mart wants their workers to be more like amazon workers in a warehouse now so one of the things they're changing our member they were they had put out a big announcement last year during me. tax plan i mean republican tax plan and so they had said we're going to fifteen dollars an hour well now we know how they're going to afford it they told greeters around the country that their
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jobs would be eliminated and expensive they'll have to lift twenty five pounds to climb ladders they stand for long periods of times and what that means is. people are a little bit older people who have disabilities who have physical ambulatory issues they can't work a wal-mart so that's how you afford your fifteen dollars an hour you just dumped all bunch of people on this thing but i think the question isn't. a lot of people as usual will blame the people buying the course i mean when you look at like the reporting on these kind of things like there's an example in reporting the story about the split between big gap and old navy you know old movies doing great because they're cheaper gaps taking the hard tumble c.n.n.'s headline kind of declared what old maybe's spinoff says about america's cheap clothing addiction look see it. sorry it's not an addiction to cheap clothes it's because we can't afford anything but cheap clothes because there's no middle class
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because there all the money has been flowing upwards rather than out. magic. the political upheaval in haiti has been largely ignored by the mainstream media but the internet helped to elevate the stories coming out of the island republic and what merge was a tale that seems straight out of a nine hundred ninety s. action movie a group of armed american mercenaries slipped into haiti amongst the violent protests and then got caught by the haitian police to help us better understand the story that no one but social media seems to be truly reporting on is watching the hoax social watching the hawks social media producer devon springer thanks for joining us seven every time of course i'm excited because we've been trying to talk about this story for some time and this is an important story that again not hardly anyone is out there touching i mean in the midst of this massive anti-government corruption protest which we did talk about on the show all across haiti one group of people particularly stood out it was shocking there's this former u.s.
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military members who were arrested now why is this particular group causing so much speculation why were they rested why were they there right well you're right. we have been trying to talk about this on the show for forever i've been following the story so closely basically there were five former u.s. marines and one serbian national who were arrested in haiti about two weeks ago in the midst of the countrywide protests happening and they had a large cache of military grade weaponry this is everything from machine guns a r.'s pistols drones and even communications. communications devices now the speculation online is that these people were there to either arm the government or to sort of even themselves be mercenaries to squash protesters they were u.s. citizens and former u.s. military personnel we know that the u.s. is a strong ally of the corrupt haitian government. so the mainstream media as we said
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this was not a major news story and c.n.n. or anywhere else which is i had to make seven how much effort people put and say you know when everything happened the first time so. this story actually broke on social media not a major network. yeah that's correct so with all the attention going on regime change in venezuela these sort of agile grassroots movement haiti and what's happening there is getting no coverage at all especially this story which involves five u.s. marines now in the print media in haiti specifically on twitter has been monster mental in reporting on these kind of things actually the haiti in fro project which you can see it's weight of theirs on the screen they were the ones who broke the story a centrally it's all citizen journalists local in haiti and the haitian government has cracked down on free press very very hard so what do they do they take to twitter. projects and others online actually expose their weapons the names of some
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of the people who were arrested for the conspiracy with the military grade weapons and still mainstream media like c.n.n. in this and we see them days to eat. write an article about it and most of them haven't even talked about it on air at all. strange to me well that's the next they're going to you know you get these weapons and these people and they're arrested they're. the question is has there been any charges or punishment did they actually break any law like what's what's the situation with these people because you know at the end of the day we don't really know if they did me that. until we say well. but again we don't you know i don't now i'm ready to do anything. i mean this is the question everyone is asking is where are they now they were originally detained and were going to be tried in haiti for a conspiracy of course people running around with military grade weapons in a foreign country right it's i mean seems i think that if you listen to the area
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the haitians times actually reported that one of them told local haitian police that our boss will speak to yours and then within forty eight hours later they were actually sent back to miami with no charges and they've been released last so it's pretty much a wipe our hands clean of a situation let's just ignore the story and let it disappear into the water. like wow can you imagine now five bunch of you know. many arab mercenaries with. machetes and night yeah and they want and machine gun and everything that was roaming around montana right you know i'm here i'm i'm here i'm going to. get they want to know what it really was. it is a really interesting story and it's wonderful because it's interesting like why they were even caught in the first place because a lot of times these types of actions especially for this cove or whatever that was
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going on they're usually they're in and out you never see it yeah you know and the thing to remember too is that the u.s. government strongly supports the haitian government and many say that they even meddled in the elections to sort of install the government. so. of course they're not going to support the protesters who are protesting against corruption right so the dynamic is really strong here and we have to pay attention to this this is definitely a pressing story thank you so much for coming on. springer i want your mark social media producer always a pleasure of you thank you so much for me i'm going to bring court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the profits for a couple of facebook and twitter and see your full show at r t v dot com coming up we delve into the united nations human rights council before dawn is real potential war crime to the girls wall street to watching the.
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live. feel. to the boss but. i'll. say i. told. you all this is tell them. to. thank. you.
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chose seemed wrong but all wrong just don't call. me a little bit just to shape out just to become educated and in detroit because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the government military of israel is in hot water again after an independent commission of inquiry mandated by the united nations human rights council found that israeli soldiers did indeed commit war crimes along the israeli palestine border during last spring's march of the returned protests chair of the commission santiago cunto of argentina told the media that quote israeli soldiers committed
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violations of international human rights and humanitarian law some of those violations may constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity and must be immediately investigated by israel the commission found that israeli military sniper shot more than six thousand that's right six thousand armed demonstrators and killed one hundred eighty three with a live ammunition thirty five of which were children joining us now to discuss these tragic findings as well as the fall out is investigative journalist ben swan thanks for joining us ben yeah hey ted what are you but i'm well let's start with the commission's report what exactly did the human rights council uncover regarding the israeli military's actions during those those very bloody demonstrations that you know i wish more of a saw last year because it was not about much coverage all over there really wasn't that much coverage of it and when you take a look at this report and i brought the reports about twenty two pages it's pretty staggering not just of what was found but the level of detail that's in this report
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it is in no way some kind of generic report but just to go back to reiterate some of what was was just said that there's this report found that israeli forces killed one hundred eighty three palestinians and almost all of them were killed with live ammunition so these were not people who you know were were casualties of a vehicle crashing into something they were not casualties of some. explosion this this is a lie that three thousand people were injured and over six thousand of them were shot by live ammunition so again a report that is heavy on detail detailing every individual name age and incredible levels of detail in this report while it is there now when we look at the response obviously israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu responded to the report and i way i think it's pretty not surprising really declaring that the
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report at the u.n. human rights council was quote setting new records for hypocrisy and mendacity out of an obsessive hatred of israel the only democracy in the middle east then does israel's arguments hold up in this report that they soldiers were in a sense just defending themselves from as they put potential hamas aggression during the protests right so a couple things on that number one it should be mentioned that the report does not only document dead and injured palestinians it also documents injuries to israeli soldiers and so the report did not ignore that it does include that however as we know in these cases many times the use of force on the israeli side is much greater than it is on the palestinian side the other thing is i want to give you an idea of what the actual committee looked at here they said it was it was heavy in detail the commission conducted three hundred twenty five interviews and meetings with victims witnesses government officials members of civil society from all sides and
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gathered more than eight thousand documents including affidavits medical reports opensource reports social media content written submissions expert legal opinions video and drone footage and photographs so the idea that netanyahu was saying that this was just another smear an attack against israel by an organization that doesn't care about israel and hates democracy is just. flatly untrue again this was not a one sided report but there were atrocities committed here that is what the u.n. report finds and essentially so far it's fallen on deaf ears it is really incredible i mean we we watched and witnessed a lot of these things happen and you saw people getting you know with the coverage there there wasn't there was a little bit of response from recruit people back at the time people were a little about rage baghdad a lot of people just kind of chills to look the other way so well of the reporters come out what has been the international response to the report and in particular
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i'm very curious is how is the united states handling this news because you know we were you know it's our soul mate over there that's our best buddy our buddy buddy over there well i think that's part of what you know when you look at this story you have to look at the fact that so far i have not been able to find one mainstream network in the united states that's covered it this report came out on thursday we're now on monday the only source that you that you find for this are you know independent media and non-mainstream sources international sources are about is essentially that the report is bogus and the israelis don't believe it they're not going to believe it the israeli government's not going to recognize it and the fact is that the u.s. government hasn't even bothered to respond to it i haven't found anything so far where the u.s. government has made any kind of formal response to this report why would they need to because it doesn't matter to them if this is the case you know that's really incredible especially given all the outrage and things like that over represent
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people and omar and now we're going to drown legislation led you have a group of us all talking israel right now this might come up in that conversation it's pretty shocking boy can't it can't come up in that conversation because that's not a conversation that's a conversation there's let's hear what she says and the time she speaks out and not in the anti-semitic way as you guys know that that term anti sematic is used all the time for anyone who questions the israeli government it is not anti semitic to question the israeli government and its israeli policies as a nation and yet that's the slur that's used against her on a regular basis and we're seeing more of that as a u.s. representative today. the thing about the ellen omar and it actually is that it would sort of shock me that he said it out loud he said it that it's sort of an american elevating that it's un-american to question our relationship with israel at all and that leaves reason my next question will be election campaign and in the last week aside from that this he has been rocked with potential indictments on
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corruption. he was buried for forming really took a tough or even from a pack of people here in on the side for own lining himself with the sort of racist ultra nationalist political party in the country. looking at the way the wind is changing does do you think he has a chance in this next election are we going to see a major shift in israel and tiredly i think we may see that shift it won't be the results of this report it won't be the result of any actions that the u.n. has is calling it for and the reason for that is because that actually is netanyahu strategy his strategy has been in the past it continues to be continuing to push the idea that israel was hated around the world has has no allies must be insulated from attacks and essentially is protected only by the united states and so as as netanyahu kind of fosters that feeling you know one of the things that as you guys know he's been doing this kind of pushing for the war with iran and it seems like
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he's taking a page out of that neo con playbook here in the u.s. that says when things go badly for you bomb something blow something up because all of a sudden you can get a lot of attention back on yourself in a positive way be seen as the hero defending your people and so it seems like he's leaning heavily into that i don't know if he'll survive this election but that's and it won't be because of any of this it will be because of of those corruption charges and scandal surrounding his administration would be interesting to see although it's going to play out you know finally when you look at this report like this sort of so detailed you know clearly the reports are everyone around the reports saying look more crimes need to be. best to get it but i've heard that happen a lot in my bay where you see the report come out whether it's empty mr national with the un human rights committee where we need to investigate these war crimes will we actually see an investigation of this or is this a kind of another one of those reports that just comes and goes and the country is too powerful too well connected no one ever sees it as our international. i was
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going to say you know and in journalism you guys know we call that a throwaway question because you already know the answer united states is never going to be punished by the u.n. for a war crime and i did not misspeak when i said the united states israel will never be prosecuted for any of this or or there will never be tribunals held because israel is an extension in the un of the united states us its veto power over anything the un decides to do and would never allow that to happen so absolutely not i don't expect to see anything come from it other than the continued refusal to accept that people people matter right people's lives actually matter israeli lives matter palestinian lives matter and yet it is not treated that way certainly in our media certainly in our. governmental apparatus whether they have an r in front of their name or a d. in front of their name lives don't matter and less you fit into that political
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spectrum of being wholly and fully aligned with israel you know thank you very much it was a great great piece and couldn't agree more with what you're so the very there and you know at the end of the day it might be a throwaway question in journalistic terms but you know it's an important question as other people need to hear that answer and i don't want to ask it exactly what do you exactly thank you so much for coming on today but always a pleasure having you thanks guys. where and how would we back up the whole of human history and case earth why damage chap well the arc mission foundation is a little bit closer to that answer the nonprofit launched a thirty million. page archive of human history with israel's bearish lander which landed on the moon last week just forty microns speck the twenty five nickel disks can withstand the toughest space has to offer but if that's not enough maybe you can get china's institute of cultural relics and archaeology in the young to let
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you taste the ancient immortality elixir they discovered in the han dynasty era tomb that's right three and a half leaders of a foul smelling liquid in a bronze bottle was found first thought to be alcohol but now it's a believed to be the first discovery of a mythical olympics or in real life but you might want to hold off on chugging it quite yet not only was it found at a tomb we did not immortal b. ball but one of the main ingredients in the immortality a lexer is potassium nitrate the thing that's used to make rockets gunpowder and fire works. and the other ingredient is essentially. so fertilizer and gunpowder was a listener an absolute thing because i'm not i don't know if you can drink it and live your then you're really knowing what i mean it's not really it's not so much it doesn't make you a moral express to see if you are i can live in a certain way that it works out if you can drink it live god be with you of the
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federal reserve through to remember everyone in this world we are told most doubly are told will absorb tell you all i love i rolled into the top of the well it's fun watching those hawks and have a great day and night everybody. failure and one knowing what are the lessons to be learned also the stalemate in venezuela and the breaks it out today and much much more on this edition of crossfire. but my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's
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public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse which is sort of going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. vents that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. certain sins for our own or minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. i do think the numbers mean something they've mattered us as over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happened this week six percent in the world market rose thirty percent somewhat four hundred to five hundred three first
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second per second and fifth point rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know ford commit one and only bloomberg. oh.
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the british prime minister visits this city of salzburg on the first anniversary of the poisoning of a full russian double agent and his daughter also claims london is withholding the full truth of what happened twelve months ago. and as well as self-proclaimed interim president is back on home soil but risks arrest for defying a travel ban although washington's threatened a significant response if anything happens to find a way to. an offshoot of the al qaeda terror group stages a deadly surprise attack in syria the u.s. affairs office a million dollar reward for information on the song of bin laden's son. of a.
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