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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 4, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the british prime minister visits the city of salzburg on the first anniversary of the poisoning of a full russian double agent and his daughter also claims london is withholding the full truth of what happened twelve months ago. and as well a self-proclaimed interim president is back on home soil but whisks arrest for defying a travel ban although washington's threatened a significant response if anything happens to plan the way to. an offshoot of the al qaeda terror group stage of the deadly surprise attack in syria the u.s. if there's a million dollars reward for information on the son of bin ladin son. of all the latest on these stories you can head to our web site www dot com coming up next though crosstalk looks into the ongoing power struggle in venezuela and if you're
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watching in the u.k. political talk show renegade is next. hello and welcome across the world all things are considered time peter lavelle failure in one noisy what are the lessons to be learned also in venezuela and a briggs it up be and much much more on this edition of crossfire. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow and he is a professor at the higher school of economics as well as author of the decay of western civilization and the resurgence of russia and in london we crossed alexander me curious he is the. writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief
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of the duran dot com regimen cross titles in effect that means you can jump any time you want and i always appreciate let me go to london first. let's reflect upon the failed summit in hanoi what is the most important lesson to be learned if anyone wants to learn any lessons go ahead well what food named the united states needs to revise its approach to negotiation because what the united states doesn't have to get beyond trump. is they they don't really negotiate tool they make demands of maximalist demands and they expect the others to could they too late to look at what happened in hanoi. donald trump came along you made the usual demands the united states always makes with complete denuclearize ation and steps towards denuclearization and he said to kim jong. un not repent or do anything in return. are not prepared to lift all moderate sanctions in any way
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and it was john bolton. mortal not. apparently glenn you know one of the things i found very interesting is in terms public approach right before the summit in hanoi is he was talking and talking about him trying to convince the north korean leader what kind of future his country can have prosperity. making you know the potential is enormous i mean is here's a pearl of language as usual but what was interesting is that the korean the north koreans are first and foremost interested in security guarantees and then we can talk about what can happen after that complete. misconnection between the two leaders in i think. in us all because we're going to straight in effect there are spreading this is a communist country former adversaries of the united states. it's not allied with
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china and now they're becoming more and more prosperous you've got great relations with the us such a disc you if you just fall for the lung get rid of nuclear weapons maybe we won't bomb you and i guess maybe l.n. theory you're going to so you're going to bet the farm on a maybe here or that's of course what the north koreans are thinking about it but it wouldn't that it was a failure i mean there was in terms of getting the grand deal they were hoping for a different it didn't it didn't get it but this i feel was always an overreach however at the end of it they didn't get back in their trenches and begin threatening each other instead kept speaking kind words that in this really blame each other in the beginning he said was about a unified exit yeah and that then of the north koreans said they're going to test nuclear weapons so long range missiles and americans want to any military exercises on their borders how long this lasts not a thing but it hasn't failed yet i guess there is a good one i like your optimism
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a london alexander with the good news about all of this here that. the mainstream media fails to report and the pentagon and the state department are probably behind closed doors irked about is that the two koreas are actually working together this is the real story here ok if the real story is can the united states let go and let the koreans sort out their own affairs because they're they're making progress go ahead in line that's exactly what i tell you just quickly make one very quick point which is of course yes yes now he's no friend of the united states are often conflict which the united states lost in a way that yet man's security guarantees now with korea it's rather similar there are two koreas the two koreas are now negotiate. we the chancellor
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they have concerns about each of them as concerns about security south korea does not wanting you on korean territory it also has an aspiration to move forward with its relations with the north because that's very important south korea economically also and the risk the united states takes by sticking to these maximalist positions and not moving full is that the koreans will start to negotiate with each other and will cut now that you know it's it's ok that's a good way to end this part of this topic let's move on to venezuela i'm calling this program deadlock so we went from annoying now let's go visit been his way or the coup attempt apparently has stalled the the. photo ops in the media coverage of the humanitarian aid over the bridge failed here and then
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we have the random guy chosen by the united states basically in exile where does this cold go from here because the u.s. still has a lot of tools in its tool kit. guess it boils down to temple do because he is still a lot of uncertainty about what kind of a precedent it will be in foreign policy again when he ran for president or was very clear he would have been more for morse now it's a bit uncertain whether or not after syria iran whether or not this is something he will really follow through i think initially it could be quite a scene like hanging fruit in terms of like a nonviolent school something that minimal effort such a change the government completely but now that they have to use the term it's going to be a walk in the park or what looks like a cake walk this sounds like you know the planning for iraq two thousand and three here not only there's a complete misunderstanding of what's going on in venezuela and i guess is a basis looking at him as well because. if he does decide to use military force
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against fairness or law then essentially his are the same like obama bush and everyone before him so it is an interesting time to look at his presidency because so far he has only use kind of the threat of war in order to extract concessions but no it's kind of at a crossroads either push a stimulus us military in or he starts backing off so it's i would be very careful to look at my crystal ball on this one i think everyone here let's go back to london i was going to weigh in on that because it looks like the planning for this they thought it was going to be easy they thought it would be just a. facade of the government would collapse when sleep shows in their their favorite one and now it's not come about and now we have venezuela looking to move them out of its export oil operations to moscow to out of lisbon i mean the material government has resources and of course the most important thing is the military remains loyal and this is something like ten miscalculated you know that i warn you
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about abrams he's a trouble maker he'll make you false promises go ahead alexander well are there miscalculation. because i think what they've done has actually strengthened them as well i think it was actually quite unpopular because of the situation with the economy but it's quite clear that most venezuelans do not want to see their president of the united states very few of them why do individual who none of them and elect and i think what has happened and it's entirely unsurprising is that the people of venezuela and the military of venezuela have rallied to the defense of their country as they see it and i think the great danger here is that now police you can't trace t. all the united states ease. this is in engineering all of the
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venezuelan government and it time as as it went venezuelan painting is rally behind that government and when international look the has very far from moved against that development there is way that has friends that the united states will now double down and you mentioned the name elliot abrams and of course he has used three zero orchestrating wars against latin american countries and there's already talk blockades and tightening up sanctions and secondly sanctions against other countries and of course the day injuries that this could escalate and grow and draw neighboring countries that's a very good point you know because. as we speak right now is the low hanging fruit to look like was going to be a done deal well it's not a done deal and if there were to be a military operation against brazil and i agree with your logic probably doesn't
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want to go there because of his reelection prospects here but colombia doesn't want to be pulled in as alexander macarius just said i mean this could it could be a regional conflict that nobody really needs and nobody wants. but one of the u.s. options right now just continued intensive economic warfare against the population of venezuela and i think the u.s. is running out of options because obviously it could continue. to make life more difficult and hoping that it will do over time bring down the government but. quite correctly pointed out a lot of it's backfiring because i think a legitimate argument can be made that. some mismanagement of the government. has. passed away but of course another quarter was on the record as saying that they might call for the united states to invade his his country his own country so obviously that's not going to sit well with venezuelans so there was all that
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a polarized country but that's not going to win him much support from dollar side and. again. you have invested too much into the intervention just just saying that all the cards are on the table that this all aggressive rhetoric is cheap but he hasn't actually. put any red line such as obama did something that could be used against him so he left him enough room to maneuver to pull back and well the interesting let me finish of a segment where with alexander me curious. rhetorically very interesting here you know this for rhetorical battle against socialism and using venezuela as an example is actually part of his domestic. reelection bid here twenty seconds alex go ahead yes i mean that's exactly the point because of course he's pointing to see economic crisis in venezuela and he's talking about how the like a world opponents in the united states he's left wing democratic opponents in the united states to find themselves socialists and he says well we don't want in you
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know in the united states what's happened in venezuela plays to him politically in domestic ok and it was actually did i mention it's a very interesting dove tailing here are a gentleman we're going to go to a short break i'm out about short break we'll continue our discussion on some real new stakes with r.t. . the maturity to. go in and you may never get out of the. teenage gang rules here. or one of you to move. the mine.
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but. you. might. as. well let me let. the monkey. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing some real news. ok now we're joined by john laughlin he's in france he's a lecturer in political philosophy and i says a big catholic university john welcome to the program glad to have you on my least favorite toy. topic these days is briggs said i'm tired of thinking about it. i used to think long that there was a democracy deficit now i'm convinced there is the worst problem is a leadership deficit here can you do your best to try to sum up what's happening now with briggs and this is like a two year nightmare that never ends go ahead john in france well if you're bored
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peter you're you're not alone there are sixty million british citizen who feel the same way as you do and many no doubt hundreds of millions of observers from all around the world i completely agree with your question and what strikes me about this ridiculous drawn out nightmare is that it's in bodies one of the systemic problems of today's politics and that is the inability to change and i think the inability to effect any kind of genuine alternative to choose an alternative so we see this of course with bricks it the agony over bricks it over mrs may's deal is all the more absurd because her deal is not a deal it is a response to leave everything as it has the last forty years. and the same goes for populism in europe and for donald trump what we see is in all these three
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cases people announcing radical change promising radical change and then sticking with the policies that existed for decades trumps. colonized nation the colonization of trump's foreign policy by the neo cons is a perfect example of this trump just us the opposite of a neo con foreign policy and we have of course now you can you can't move in the oval office for neo cons at the moment and the same goes for the european populists who make a lot of noise and you know claim they're going to put an end to immigration and so on i'm thinking critically of it. but actually with the same policies and particularly of course with their commitment not only to the european union but also to the atlantic alliance so what it's let me live in a wheelchair but let me jump in here you know glenn john brings up a fascinating point i mean it seems that the double whammy here is that you have
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a inflexible neo liberal philosophical outlook and then you have a structural problem where there is no food it isn't fluid enough for for any kind of change so you have this structural problem and this ideological problem reinforcing the worst parts of both. in i think what john mentioned is from our summer isis or what the finance the populist i mean this seems like they ask the right questions this is what brings them into power that is questions which has been suppressed for too long however to what extent is this neoliberal economy going to work for the seller is mistaken thing for two decades to an extent through mass immigration until the social fabric begins to tear away as the right questions which social no one has been allowed to ask but once the rides the wave into office on this elections the effectively don't have any great answer us and they don't. necessarily do much to change you know you're going to go back to john in in
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friends i mean then i ask a very serious question and i'm not trying to be flippant or anything but i mean but what is democracy for if people are given choices they vote vote for choices something different and nothing comes about i mean it's all throughout the continent and brags it is probably the most glaring example but there are many other examples that demonstrate the same phenomenon go ahead john and friends. well we don't live in democracy in europe it's very straightforward i've spent twenty or thirty years explaining that the european union is an undemocratic organization and showing why and showing through with constitutional arguments why that's the case but we can see it in the pronouncements of politicians to reserve may is the absolute epitome of a european politician who regards the brics it vote as an absolute catastrophe she regards her role in this whole thing across the entire continent and certainly of course in the institute actions of brussels cameron david cameron the prime
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minister who organized the referendum is regarded as someone who created a terrible situation for no good reason at all in other words these people are really opposed to democratic choice precisely because of what i just said which is they do not want things to change they do not want there to be a choice they do not want people to say yes or no to something they want people to follow the lines which have been set down and which are institutionalized particularly in things that the european union and i don't think the populists lack the answers that's not my diagnosis what i think is the populists and indeed politicians of all colors lack is courage yes we know that many things in the european union that various individual governments don't like viktor orban doesn't like the immigration thing he's fighting on that but on the russian issue we also no matter who sell beanies party the league has
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a full partnership with united russia they are full allies of the governing party in russia but they have not changed they have not managed to abandon that for example the sanctions against russia even those even though those are prolonged every six months as a result of a unanimous vote see we see this extraordinary phenomenon of groupthink or at least of inertia which means that actually very little ever change. you know again i guess it's crystal clear what john is saying here is it. from an elite perspective it's the people that have failed not the leadership of these countries and not the leadership of the e.u. because they're infallible they're like there it's almost like a power pool ball we cannot be wrong only you can be wrong glenn. yeah it's in the way we actually had a prime minister making that argument that because we we rejected the you twice so she said. it's putting it up the referendum would be
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a mistake because the people devolved quite emotionally while. they all act in their politicians they would know really what's best for our science and they get in it's not that different from britain see a john pointed out it's the political class never wanted this for david cameron this referendum was a way of restoring harmony among the tories and taking some air out of the balloon and then expect the referendum to go through but now that it's gone through there sensually offering two options either the remain the respects it so that only a name or we can say stay in the e.u. so because no deal would be madness well this one would be a better choice because they had two years to try to figure something out here let me go back to john in france here i mean just how much longer can these that lead to hold the populations in voters in contempt. well the situation we're describing is very similar to the one that was going to church by battled back in
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one nine hundred fifty three i was really exactly at this yeah but i'm trying to think of equality as well go ahead. he said well they'll have to dissolve the people and elect another you know the government continues but the people has to change the art so it's not possible to answer your question. peter when when is it how long is it going to carry on we thought or i thought or some of us about it might things might change in twenty sixteen but people were predicting the downfall of the soviet system for many decades before it happened and you know it's very difficult to know exactly when it will happen in the case of the european union which of course as we as i've said many times on your channel bears a number of resemblances to the soviet union yes so it's not possible to say all that we can say is that there are increasing tensions and there is no good news for the european union yet everything is bad news so there's north-south conflict between germany and the southern european countries over the euro crisis and the
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debts there's east west conflict on the liberal values versus traditional values particularly with poland and hungary there's obviously the major crisis with brics it which means the european union is losing the world's financial capital its second biggest contributor and one of its bigger meant biggest member states there and there and there is no good news to temper this series of bad news events which has been going on now for for well over a decade and so at some point you know one of the interesting things is when you look at these populist movements across europe they're very dissimilar in many ways with the way i look at populism is a dirty word apparently in the mainstream here when what these populist movements are doing is is pushing up against the system in an ideology that doesn't work and of course every single country will have its own specific. big elements there but this populism is deemed bad because they're demanding change change or a status quo that isn't working for them i mean i think even on
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a rhetorical level this is trying to pollute any kind of activism i mean people wanting to regain sovereignty in every sense of the word and i think the best thing is to establishments really want to get rid of the populace the best thing they could do is to engage with their arguments yesterday and that's the reason why these people have come to power is because to ask the questions which been denied now. so you can ask this in terms of what is the role of history is it. what should be the ideal like anomic politics there so what about tradition the sense of community i mean this experiment wants to destroy nation states they want is destroyed any sense of community i mean everybody is basically either married to or a ward of the state but effectively they're trying to suppress the populous movement in again with because they want to get in with arguments like be bricks it
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or. pole sanghera stick because they're very different colors because unless they're all portrayed the the rest being a racist. or they're simply kremlin puppets so this is the way of censure of shaming opposition me john a real quick question we got thirty seconds. when is are going to be another vote ok twenty seconds i hate to quarter you on this topic go ahead john. i believe they'll be a series of votes on the twelfth of march twelfth thirteenth and forty march and my feeling this morning is that there will probably be a deal in other words that mrs mazed bill in a slightly. will go through britain will leave the european union at the end of march very soon afterwards but then the battle will really start to get themselves out of all really start i generally have to leave it up it there but will be but we'll be in touch with you on this topic here many thanks to my guests are here in moscow london and in france.
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