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one and only one but. maternity town in congo the zones a neighborhood is a slum. hundreds of teenage gangs operate here then cool the cultural and. the gangs are spreading out to the big cities like a virus is a social epidemic. clune is
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a mainly involved in sept and robbery. supposedly employment opportunities are increasing in the country but the reality is massive unemployment the resource extraction say to is currently booming but is controlled by government officials according to those who live in and zones they only give jobs to their own people and the rest have to survive however they can becoming a kalu nut is one of the popular as. this is sheena the leader of the outlaws gang cian around is the short form of sheen around a character from a nigerian action movie. grabbing a woman. and. son.
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was already young gang members eighteen and over they share a street in the. by thing. the outlaws control the public restroom. loons on the same street it's just three hundred meters from the paras to the precinct. her. nature is the chief of the police station and it's his job to deal with the devil group and other street gangs. and.
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he. yeah. maternity was founded in a rocky place that's what maternity actually means a rock and since its founding the main job quarrying and stone cutting but this kind of work is not to everyone's liking.
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as a rule the devils don't do anything during the day they just hang about. the guys smoke marijuana it's the cheapest drug in congo as in many countries drug use is illegal but it doesn't stop the gang members and they seem unconcerned about the harm it does their health by night for many of. would be literally speech. on my.
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street some like a maze. if you go in there you won't be able to get out on your own. even if the messing around it still has violent overtones that's how life is here. in the public restroom is a regular income for the outlaws. there are plenty of houses here that have no plumbing so the restroom is in high demand. to do a number to will cost you one hundred francs while taking a shower is also one hundred francs. why they. love to. annoy yeah no one will not.
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want to let you. know that. this is a friend of sheen around this he calls himself king. he's a good football player but he can't afford to keep on training. finally to sleep well all you are. the outlaws run a protection racket at the restaurant and every day they get money from the manager . he's been in cahoots with a gang for a long time but he appears to resist them in order to keep up appearances. while they were extorting money from the manager one of the gang members gone six
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what if. you would for a while my friend i was aboard the gold won't do so you don't live on your made up with the mustard it's all work about your job interview so i knew. you'd think. it. wasn't. one of them a little. bit in order. number one. and i want to. come on a new asian. name
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you want. to thank you. for six he you know. good night. do. you. see.
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most of the. soon to. leave. zuki. the paris restaurant hasn't been a restaurant for quite some time now it's been a long time since the denizens of have had enough money flows hangouts. his main goal is to save up enough money to buy a boat and go to sci fi of the congo river a doctor doesn't want to europe or even america. to stone the gang leader speaks about the code of the hood. movie those who would buy the only value of what the. got to. go.
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forward. but. of course the younger ones don't listen to the elders and now sheen around is planting something at the neighborhood southern outskirts. you. know you. will be. you see.
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you know. if you don't. know. you. know what i mean i. really want to know you know what oprah's goes you know what was he. was up on. you know you were seen on the. edge if she ever runs for president is going to be very hard for him to win the ordinary people don't like the crew knows. you also made idea got to him. at going to. warm up so you got to be somebody about do you know who now is up with so good about guy who not not got to go nobody
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quite knows all caught on my shirt you know but we're not going to look at about them i said but you gotta look up at that got out some stuff out about that one down board yes but i get to know it's not like you know back when a friend called my dad got that yes my son about going over there got no not got they got no before you get it. to be taken to the station is not the word. typical in the congo. around a criminal. charge
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shocking almost every other country. politics. clear. to all this is all the truth.
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you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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consists of thousands of little houses that nestled cheek by jowl on the hill which overlooks the city jail will not be good to see who will why am i still want to not . king columbus is packing up a food parcel for one of the gang members who is currently doing time. oh you know i do know what little you know you know we've got one you know. now that was a little i grew up with oh yeah below. zero if you're going to have my face i'll go yeah oh no no yeah i'll go up to the. food must be passed to prisoners not find
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a main entrance but through a hole in the fence. with a gun so to. talk i see it was also a way most of you know. it's like you know you don't need much i felt like. please consider columbus a good lad he's a footballer and can walk around freely. but she has to hide out in the paris's shower room he's a wanted criminal and tries to avoid being seen on the main street there's a police officer there on the beach right now the serial murderer you have reason to believe. he sued the mainly living on was. look most of the.
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so you go up we skewer the one we're using to keep. mineral water what it was you were was a civilian. a brewery. what was it. nothing you see. that was. my you know. it seems something is going on. all the devils are assembling in the paris. i don't see. why did i go out to. the federal if. they don't do this in. the name and.
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you know. your. beats. for this it was. good. night good night. fist and is unhappy with the recent robbery committed by sheena romped so the only devils will fight the younger ones. fighting in the hood could be dangerous so they've agreed to go to the other side of the congo river. but one could contact all those who want
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to fight. to protect from someone who may want to. talk. about what people put up. in the end both gangs travel in the same calm to save on gas. usually there's a huge traffic jam before the. bridge over the congo river. the bridge was a gift to much audio from japan.
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and so here we are. going to come down with. a. close look. at. the very next day the devils go swimming together in the congo river. and understand. oh about the my job know enough. food. to.
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eat. it's not just a group logo it's some magic chum other gangs might ask a sorcerer for help to take over the devil's turf or to kill someone this sign breaks any spell. by the idea because. when you do fear. a machete is thirty two inches. on the outro say it's the optimal ling's for a machete.
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you know. mobile zero. zero. zero i do not feel. the devils are going from door to door they're trying to buy a cat. it's not that easy. to let go is a cat is a magical animal that gives people strength and ferocity. but it requires eating a feline. so the eat cat two or three times a week besides cat is the cheapest meat you can get.
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the devils are throwing a big party tonight friends and neighbors gather for the dinner made of can't meet for. food. but be. my do with the idea of. the main street is the only one in the neighborhood all the action happens in the small alleys between the houses. as soon as the crown gathers for the party a makeshift barbershop starts up. from. will not do much for. wanting to do business. with. them like the show. from. the article. doesn't do much with the white building up there is
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a church. in the lake you know i know something nice was obviously a need to. do. well and she let. me know where they. want to live. if you go up the you'll end up at the restroom if you go down you'll reach the prison. let me live oh we'll pull one of my numbers up but is every. little to maybe buy and then they poke about growth rate and i think i've got to be
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. the young one is looking about. fifty. but that's not what was it about that my disorder going to pick up to almost. just about to me would like. to. know.
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yeah. lance haven't partaken of count yet but they're angry they can't agree on how to share it fairly new order why don't. you know who moved her i don't. want to go work for polygamy all the little i don't. want to. know you know you do not or where. did i do. that then. when you bought my second cd i guess i could. sing in yours oh yeah seema shut memet do what i'm about to but i mess up. and i might shock you i know you think. you.
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know me you're yes. we come to filming sheena rahman right a titan appliance store i'm gonna call the police when they arrived on the scene they opened fire a bystander was killed by a stray bullet. sheena easton a currently being held in the city prison. if you. believe your. son a few. of you for having. me.
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my son doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse he started going after the users in the prison population. we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for inconceivable . sins for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's
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a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of the business it's just it doesn't get easier. the u.s. house of democrats launched a new probe into trying to rush a conclusion during the trying to sixteen presidential election ad and also demand
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that the white house produce all data on communications between trump and. washington keeps pushing for a change of the brutal regime in caracas as fantasy. u.s. back to solve for a claim president safely returns home. and a new poll finds that over half of french people are against the children of french jihad he's returning home as the relatives of some kids held in syria appealed to the u.n. to get him back.


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