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tv   News  RT  March 5, 2019 2:00am-2:29am EST

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please. please. launching a new investigation into the matter. on achieving just one thing. as a whole. with. the children. of the relatives of syria.
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and. paraded around. us as part of some campaign by conservatives by. international live with. the program. we start with the us. democrats are demanding access to all communications between. form and classification after reports that the us president. talks with his russian counterpart. the department produced documents communications. the foreman
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classification the referral relate to any communications between president trump and president putin democrats are expanding the investigation into alleged russia collusion the findings of the current little probe into the issue have yet to be made public and takes a close look. there's an old saying among cops and prosecutors if you throw enough at a wall eventually something will stick and this old saying usually expressed with less polite terminology seems to now be the montra of the democrats in congress gerry navl or has been selected to lead the charge impeachment is a long way down the road we don't we don't have the facts yet but we're going to initiate. a proper investigation so you have peach somebody you have to persuade the american public that it ought to to happen to remember the bob muller investigation that highly expensive two year long probe into allegations that donald trump had colluded with russia not too long ago democrats had many people convinced that it would be
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a huge game changer. well the final report is imminent and some are worried that it won't contain a bombshell or smoking gun revelation but some democrats seem to have the same overall goal because we're going to go in there really. i eighty one people have received a letter from the house judiciary committee they plan on following up on every last lead from the testimony of trump's former warrior michael cohen at this point they are planning to investigate the relations between the white house and trump's family the firing of james komi foreign trade deals and much much more and it won't just be the judiciary committee that is looking into donald trump you have to do is follow the transcripts if there were names that were mentioned records that were mentioned during the hearing we're going to take a look at all of that the u.s.
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constitution lays out procedures for trying and removing a president who is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors the idea is to put a check and balance on the executive branch so that it is not above the law however it seems that as of late invest. ations and impeachment have turned into just another play in the never ending political football game. r.t. new york. the white house has already reacted to the new democrats are calling it a disgraceful and a piece of investigation into tired false allegations former u.s. republican congressman michael patrick from the kind of things that the democrats need a fresh inquiry only because at least special counsel has failed the democrats knowing that it's not going to be much of a report are now trying to build their own campaign and continue the to video more in their own clumsy imperfect way and their goal is to take this president down and
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make sure that he is in no way possibly reluctant next year and so they will do their best to keep this alive if more was keeping his or his a his summer his investigation somehow alive they would be doing this because the need for this investigation would be would be vitiated by above all are doing here this but now more is done and he's apparently not going to report much of anything this has the democrats furious so they're going to build an investigation that they control that they run that they can control the outcome of and what surprise a price it will have the outcome that they wanted to have and no one will believe it. venezuela's self-proclaimed interim president is back home after touring latin america in defiance of a child ban imposed by the venezuelan supreme court washington took to twitter to cheer his return at the same time taking us why the elected power in caracas venezuela has welcomed back who are. good to see venezuelan security forces
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standing on the right side of history the world must unite push to end the brutal murder regime and peacefully restore democracy. the world is watching as venezuela confronts imperial aggression and moves forward with dignity we will continue to hold high the flag of our free people who raise their voices against imperial interference. will return to the streets determined to mobilize in search of freedom the ambassadors of france germany the netherlands and spain created quite at the airport along with a crowd of journalists white flag waving supporters met him for a rally in the capital quite a urge them to mobilize for yet another protest against president nicolas maduro on tuesday meanwhile venezuela's problems become problems up for the region the u.s. has threatened to tighten the screws on economic sanctions against cuba has promised u.s.
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stance america's national security adviser said the new restrictions would target cuba's military john bolton also tweeted that the region's nations should come out and condemn caracas when asked yes takes a look at why washington things it can't police the world. the united states is exceptional literally that by different rules to you and me other nations states groups you see they have the right to decide who rules where like in venezuela they decide who is a dictator and who isn't they decide which dictators rule and which don't know the state supports any number of dictators who violate human rights including the leaders of egypt saudi arabia the u.a.e. you don't see that the united states support for other brutal dictators around the world undermines the credibility of the argument or make no i don't think it does make it separate and i think work in this administration we're not afraid to use
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the phrase monroe doctrine but in this administration we're not afraid to use the phrase monroe doctrine. it's in our care. a nineteenth century policy that basically says no nation in the americas may be colonized by europeans out of bounds for europeans and everyone not from the americas a little later teddy roosevelt twisted this policy turn that inside out instead of protecting american nations the us now toppled governments it didn't like there now they've twisted it again now they think they can do this everywhere all over the world and a zoo ella and a bill that legitimizes us meddling there terry quire threat assessment a strategy to counter russian influence in venezuela see broad support for i
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believe that there is respectful participation of russia in regards to watching the fate of our country but the same goes for other countries that are paying attention here america knows better in syria half the world away it's the same story in syria the united states where used to plumb us in work with our partners to expel every last iranian brute and work through the un a process to bring peace and stability to the long suffering syrian people for the life of me i don't remember syrians are asking the united states to get rid of iranians but america knows better africa too many chinese there thinks washington up to no good now is the time to boot them out china uses bribes opaque agreements and the strategic use of debt to hold states in africa captive to beijing's wishes and demands goes without
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saying it wasn't the africans who asked for this in fact according to the latest gallup poll most africans approve of chinese investment plan. hands leadership in africa but the united states knows better you know why because it's special exceptional better than you or me officially our mission is to reassert our sovereignty reform the liberal international order this is a unique exceptional country. imagine mr monro would turn in his grave if he could see what is but nine policy protecting the weak from european colonisers what that has been turned into a license to kill to meddle to topple governments and politically burn continents oh you've got to be special all right the small little dr will be
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generated especially during the reagan administration and it is now. representing all the ills of the empire or manage to import america so it really preserves for example in southern cone of south america the disappearances of thousands tens of thousands of the south americans imposing to boston style dictatorship baldwin is threatening he's so good either you are going to either we are going to behave as we tell you to behave or it will be another it will be returned to. the ship. and we are going to actually throw out a way to mobilize our mercenaries. rights of the children of french to hardy's have appealed to the un for the children to be allowed back to france they are currently being held in camps in syria kurdistan and the lawyers who helped to launch the complaint says the children would be able to adapt to
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a normal life in france that they're being deceived the eighty four children have already returned to france they have data they're being social license they're ok. according to the save the children charity there are now more than two and a half thousand children in camps in northern syria and from around thirty countries mary the lawyer we just heard from thinks around one hundred of them are french france is currently dealing with the return of these children on a case by case basis the majority of french people seem to be against the children's return a new poll found that sixty seven percent of respondents didn't want them in france we spoke to patrick jarden the father of one of the victims of a paris concert hall attack i saw he thinks the children of jihad is have to pay the consequences of their parents' actions. all parents are bearing responsibility for the future of their children they've left france voluntarily nobody forced them
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out they've decided to fight against france they've crossed themselves out of frauds and unfortunately their children should account for the consequence residence to see what they thought about the children's fate. of all children should be protected and all circumstances. it creates a real friend children they have to be holy writ decayed it's risky to design from these are children since when the children danger need is good environment love is . a best featuring adult hitler in lipstick has been seen in madrid and barcelona the vehicle is part of a campaign launched by a local catholic movement in protest against gender violence laws which the group claims are discriminatory against men the bus is expected to appear in several other spanish cities up until international women's day on lot of the eighth it also displays the group that launched the campaign told us why they have a problem with certain brands of feminism. the gender laws are
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really very. very very bad laws because the discriminate men from women in the penalty of the plane are called discriminate also or in the procession of innocence it's breakin principle of equality but this in our constitution what we're asking is for. this what's always reach i mean these are asking for but in fact there are there are not ask you quality but they are asking for supremacism in a way this group is calling for a two thousand and four law on gender violence to be appealed and writ special courts and rehabilitation center on pain some of them edited pictures of the bus with their own slogans the main criticism seems to be that using hitler's image was inappropriate. the organization behind the ad made headlines first in twenty seventeen when it attempted to launch another bus campaign against the transgender
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community that ad was aimed at children and bore the message that a person can simply change his or her sex however it was suspended and the vehicles were seized body confidence advocate joanna be moralists things the latest campaign fails to get its point across. it has me thinking that it's quite hard to take a group an organization seriously when they use someone that has inflicted so much pain and many people so there's quite a hard to just read a picture understand what the organizations trying to depict people so there's quite a hard to just read a picture understand what the organizations trying to depict and i don't think he's the he's the right person for the face of this campaign especially what they're trying to do that i don't need that because i do think is a bit of an insult to women especially because of what he was about and what he thought about women in particular and just aren't trying to do it and i do agree that something needs to be done but again violence against. men and women domestic
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violence is many when it happened both ways so maybe it's not the right present and down do you think it might be insulting to men directly china is giving its army a say pub with a massive cash injection well look at what difference it will make after this. life expectancy in america is plummeting if you look at the chart it's shocking to look at almost every other country it's kind of inching up on one side of the chart and i'll wire is the united states it's way over here and it's all crashing down. having junk food having junk. present. actually going to be crushed which is what
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before three of the more people. interested in the waters of. welcome back to the program china has announced it's looking to increase its military spending by seven point five percent compared with the previous year to over one hundred seventy seven billion dollars evangelos reports from beijing. i'm understanding in front of the great hall here where the thirteenth a national congress was held this is pretty much the highest organ of the chinese state war elites and powerful politicians come here and they came here today to actually hear the draft of the budget and the economic vision of the next year and
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that he also said here today that there was an increase in the military budget and the outline the reasons why that happened maintaining reasonable and appropriate growth in the national defense budget is needed to safeguard and national security and is in line with the transformation program of china's military the u.s. has been going to great lengths to show to the world how china's military might pose a danger we face growing threat from revisionist powers as different as china and beijing will use its military clout to expand its footprint beijing is employing a whole of government approach using military tools as well as propaganda to advance its influence in the united states trying to modernize and expanding its already considerable nuclear forces but when you compare the two countries and how much they've been pouring into arms it's quite of gap between china and the united states the u.s. last year invest that about six hundred eighty billion dollars in their national
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defense were china has been nothing close to that end it's that's not even enough this year president trump has been pressuring congress to increase that to over seven hundred billion dollars. china's defense spending accounted for one point three percent of its gross domestic product in two thousand and eighteen we're doing the same period some major developed countries spent more than two percent on their g.d.p. on defense all that two percent pretty much rings a bell it's been pretty much the whole time he's got elected he's been saying that the his allies its nato allies are actually not spending enough on defense hoping that they will do up to two percent our allies are not paying their fair share to get a second you have to pay the minimum required two percent of g.d.p. increased defense spending the countries we are defending must pay must pay. what the. so let's have
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a closer look of the military presence of the united states and china was overseas beyond their borders of the united states has more than eight hundred military bases all around the world where china has all the one that's in africa in djibouti while the u.s. has been seeing that they have these bases to maintain peace among the world the chinese simply just say that the just wanted to be there to protect their national interests. and panic and security analyst michael maloof told us the u.s. is seeking conflict including with china to justify its own military spend. the united states. has a budget that's about five and a half times larger than china it needs conflicts all the time in order to justify that kind of spending china as it improves on its economy and grows stronger and bigger and and seeks to branch out they need a military that can. project power so i envision that
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conflicts will continue china sees that inevitably it will have. it will have run ins with the united states. in areas of different areas of the world and it wants to improve on its military i think certainly the united states is watching china's economic and military rise it regards it as one of the along with russia as the other main adversary they regard china as the emerging power that to be concerned about. the male british claims to have broken the women's weightlifting because while identifying as female claims to have broken the women's weightlifting identifying as female he was trying to highlight what he calls the absurdity of claims that there's no biological strands difference between men and women the bass viol tweet got over a million views and comes amid
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a backlash against the growing number of athletes identifying as female in women's events in his post he outlined that he was identifying as a woman we spoke to him. the video went viral because touched on a timely issue according to their own logic they have no proof that i myself did not identify as a woman was doing that video so by their own logic i could easily accuse them of being transferred back or being bigoted by claiming that in fact was not a woman the time that video was recorded. close rachel mckinnon when the female world championship causing outrage comes amid a backlash among athletes against the growing number of competitors identifying as female in defense british olympic some as sharon davis tweeted that women's sport must be protected from people born as men however rachel mackinnon hit back at that insisting that trans women athletes have no unfair advantage and in big rules
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state men can participate as women without having surgery as long as they undergo hormone therapy to bring down testosterone levels he told us why even more restrictions may not be enough to ensure fair competition for women. testosterone is not the only difference that gives men physical advantage over women especially in strength and speed there are other factors as well if someone's gone through puberty as a male you you're likely to be considerably taller especially at the extreme ends you're going to have a different bone structure you're going to have bigger hands bigger your entire muscular skeletal system will still remain that of a man so if i were to take some hormone blockers and suppress my testosterone levels for twelve months i still would be i'd still have considerable physical advantages over someone who's been woman for their entire life so it's not just as simple as the testosterone levels i have no nothing against i don't think anybody
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in this debate has anything against any individuals or groups it's merely about maintaining fairness and not distorting reality in a way that could actually be very harmful and perhaps even you know could actually ruin women's sport if it's let to go to its full conclusion really. now a couple that was separated by will and want to. now a couple that was separated by world war two where reunited after more than fifty is in a time and hassle russia now married it seems that even hof a century can't diminish is the story. we would feel like to get i would. go.
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for that if you. want to. but if you put it to the polls. yes old shoes she was tall. and even though she knew just i'm going to show them a little truth of what picture here you should own will get them. going you more what. do you want. for supper when you. were the average career.
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and. vote for me to give the play you know. if you go commission it was rather the bucket list was to call the so you order will exceed the. limits of. code that you talk to each just believe the way you feel. you know when you're with your thyroid being what they're playing you know you got rid of those most of them. that's on the back in around thirty minutes time but do stay with us for watching the hawks which is up next here a lot of international. manufacture
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consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. the prime. nor middle of the room sit. they all. say yeah but. yes to all this is all the proof.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this spear in dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very good. you see.
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greetings and sal you take a shit. there there is a dark dirty secret looming on the horizon here in the united states of america my ark watchers it's one you can only see if you have the right set of eyes that can read between the headlines and catch the flashes of lightning in the distance as february came to a close blood blood was in the economic water here in the retail states of america has four major brands announce the closing of more than four thousand shows stores nationwide in a forty eight hour apocalypse now in retail but but but but wait tyrrell.


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