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tv   News  RT  March 5, 2019 4:00am-4:28am EST

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do. eighty five percent of you long to be all. the way to proceed to the world market for. some with one hundred forty three for sure for sure and this one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars. but don't let the numbers will be. the only number you need remember the one you know you miss the one and only. amid speculation that the probe into trouble in russia. launching a new investigation into the matter. on achieving just one thing. for you peach somebody persuade the american public to impeach. we don't have the facts yet. as washington ratchet up the change in caracas the
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u.s. back pretended to be venezuelan president returned home from his latin america turning home as the relatives of some kids held and syria appealed to the u.n. for help. and. sporting paraded around may just punish cities on the side of a bus as part of an anti feminism campaign norms by conservatives by gender violence. it's midday here in moscow and you're watching altie international live with me in a day or two to welcome to the program. we start with the. u.s. democrats are demanding access to all communications between presidents donald trump and putin amid allegations that the u.s. need to conceal to some of what he spoke about with his russian counterpart the
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following request was sent to the white house. the committee's request by march fifteenth twenty nineteen the department produced documents communications regardless of form and classification the refer relate to any communications between president trump and president putin democrats redoubling their efforts to put trump and more intense scrutiny of accounting alleged collusion with russia that might be because there's talk that the current one the president into the issue will prove to be a disappointment kenneth maupin explains. there's an old saying among cops and prosecutors if you throw enough at a wall eventually something will stick and this old saying usually expressed with less polite terminology seems to now be the montra of the democrats in congress gary nabel or has been selected to lead the charge impeachment is a long way down the road we don't we don't have the facts yet but we're going to initiate. a proper investigation so you have ph somebody you have to persuade the
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american public or to to happen to remember the bob muller investigation that highly expensive two year long probe into allegations that donald trump had colluded with russia not to. well the final report is eminent and some are worried that it won't contain a bombshell or smoking gun revelation but some democrats seem to have the same overall goal because we're going to go in there really. i. eighty one people have received a letter from the house judiciary committee they plan on following up on every last lead from the testimony of trump's former warrior michael cohen at this point they are planning to investigate the relations between the white house and trump's family the firing of james komi foreign trade deals and much much more and it won't just be the judiciary committee that is looking into donald trump all you have to
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do is follow the transcripts if there were names that were mentioned records that were mentioned during the hearing we're going to take a look at all of that the u.s. constitution lays out procedures for trying and removing a president who is guilty of congressman michael patrick clonic and says a democrat controlled inquiry will. the democrats knowing that it's not going to be much of a report are now trying to build their own campaign and continue the activity of them all or in their own clumsy imperfect way and their goal is to take this president down and make sure that he is in no way possibly real acted next year and so they will do their best to keep this alive if more was keeping his or his and is his investigation somehow alive they would be doing this because the need for this investigation would be would be vitiated by a bible or doing his but now motors done and he's apparently not going to report
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much of anything this has the democrats furious so they're going to build an investigation that they control that they run that they can control the outcome of and what surprised price it will have the outcome that they wanted to have and no one will believe it. and it's made a self-proclaimed interim president. and it's way to self proclaimed interim president back home after touring latin america in defiance of a travel ban imposed by the venezuelan supreme court washington to twitter to chair his return at the same time taking a swipe at the elected power in caracas. venezuela has welcomed back who are. good to see even his own security forces standing on the right side of history the world must unite push to end the brutal murder regime and this will restore democracy. the world is watching its venezuela confronts imperial aggression and moves forward with dignity we will continue to hold high the flag of our free
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people who raise their voices against imperial interference. will return to the streets determined to mobilize in search of freedom the investors of france germany the netherlands and spain greeted at the airport along with a crowd of journalists our flag waving supporters met him for a rally in the capital quite oh urge them to mobilize for yet another protest against venezuelan president nicolas maduro on tuesday. meanwhile venezuela's problems become problems for the region the u.s. has threatened to tighten the screws on economic sanctions against cuba over havana prometa stance america's national security adviser said the new restrictions would target u.s. military john bolton also tweeted that the region's nations should come out and condemn caracas but as deaf takes a look at why washington thinks it can police the world. the united states is exceptional literally thou by different rules to you and me of the
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nations states groups you see they have the right to decide who rules where like in venezuela they decide who is a dictator and who isn't they decide which dictators rule and which don't and i would state supports any number of dictators who are only human rights including the leaders of egypt saudi arabia the u.a.e. do you see that the united states support for other brutal dictators around the world undermines the the credibility of the argument you make no i don't think it does make it separate and i think look in this administration we're not afraid to use the phrase monroe doctrine. it's an odd chaotic nineteenth century policy that basically says new nation in the americas may be colonized by europeans out of bounds for europeans and everyone not from the
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americas a little later teddy roosevelt twisted this policy turned it inside out instead of protecting american nations the us now toppled governments it didn't like there now they've twisted it again now they think they can do this everywhere all over the world and a zoo l.-a and a bill that legitimizes us meddling there terry quire threat assessment a strategy to counter russian influence in venezuela. in effect they're trying to justify meddling in venezuela pogany because it's too friendly with russia and saying no not that then is asked for it not even america's champ there but you don't see broad support for i believe that there is respectful participation of russia in regards to watching the fate of our country but the same goes for other countries that are paying attention here and merica knows better in syria half the
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world away it's the same story in syria the united states where used to plumb us in work with our partners to expel every last iranian brute and work through the un a process to bring peace and stability to the long suffering syrian people for the life of me and i'm chinese they're thinks washington up to no good now is the time to boot them out china uses bribes opaque agreements and the strategic use of debt to hold states in africa captive to beijing's wishes and demands goes without saying it wasn't the africans who asked for this in fact according to the latest gallup poll most africans approve of chinese investment plans leadership in africa but the united states knows better you know why because it's special exceptional better than you or me officially
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our mission is to reassert our sovereignty reform the liberal international order this is a unique exceptional country. imagine mr monreal would turn in his grave if he could see what his but nine policy protecting the weak from european colonisers what that has been turned into a license to kill to meddle to topple governments and politically burn. and the continents oh you've got to be special all right we have all sorts of recent cases libya syria iraq where u.s. intervention has essentially obliterating any possibility of democracy but this is true throughout the decades that the united states has meddled in the affairs of latin america overthrowing one democratically elected government after another
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whether in one nine hundred fifty four with arden's or the interventions that he carried out in the one nine hundred eighty s. supporting brutal military regimes in countries like el salvador although venezuela is in the vise the moment cuba nicaragua are also mentioned by figures like bolton in the same breath this is clearly a concerted effort to buy figures like bolton in the same breath this is clearly a concerted effort to bring latin american countries once again under the iron control. relatives of children of french jihadi as have appeal to the u.n. for the children to be allowed back to france they're currently being held in camps in syria to stop where the lawyers who helped to launch the complaint says the children would be able to adapt to a normal life in france. to speak when the french people every day for three years in a row are being held in these children are not i'm bombs they want to prove they're
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a pedigree little think they're being deceived the eighty four children have already returned to the rounds they have adapted to their being social license of the. according to the save the children charity there are now more than two and a half thousand children in camps in northern syria from around thirty countries where he does the lawyer we just heard from thinks around one hundred of them are french france is currently dealing with the return of these children on a case by case basis the majority of french people seem to be against the children's return a new poll found that sixty seven percent of respondents didn't want them in france we spoke to patrick jarden the father of one of the victims of a paris concert hall attack carried out by eisel he thinks the children of jihad is have to pay the consequences of their parents' actions. all parents are bearing responsibility for the british to fight against france they've crossed themselves out of frauds and unfortunately their children should account for the consequences
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for me these children coming back is out of the question i don't consider them french nationals our sister channel r.t. france spoke to paris residence to see what they thought about the children's fate . of all children should be protected and circumstances. it creates a real threat is children back they have to be hollerin decayed it's risky to these often these are children since when the children danger over the leaders good environment they will flourish. and adult hitler wearing lipstick and long eyelashes has been spotted in madrid and barcelona on the side of a bus the few are mobile is part of a campaign by ultra conservative catholics and protest spanish laws on gender violence which the group claims are discriminatory against men the bus is expected to appear in several other spanish cities up until international women's day on march the eighth it also displays the hash tag stop feminazi is referring to
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women's rights campaigners spokesman of the group that wants the campaign told us why they have a problem with certain brands of feminism. because the screening for women in the. old discriminate all show or. innocence breakin campaign some of them edited pictures of the bus with their own slogans main criticism seems to be that using hitler's image was inappropriate. the organization behind the ad made headlines first in twenty seventeen when it had a bit to launch another bus campaign against the transgender community battle that was aimed at children and bore the bettors that a person can't simply change his or her sex however it was suspended and the vehicles were seized body confidence advocates of joanne to be more obvious things
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the latest campaign fails to get its point across. as many think. quite hard to take a group or an organization seriously when they use someone that has inflicted so much pain or many people that was quite hard to just read the speech i understand what the organization founded to. be the right person to use the base of this campaign specially what they're trying to do that i don't need that we're going to use is a bit of an insult specially because of what he was about and what he thought about women. and trying to do and i do agree that something needs to be done. against violence in. men and women domestic violence many when you have both ways so maybe it's not the right present again do you think it might be men directly or women's weightlifting record has been broken by a male rapper intent on highlighting what he calls the absurdity of settle claims about gender his story in just
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a moment. strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. welcome back to the program china has announced it's looking to increase its
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military spending by seven point five percent compared with the previous year to over one hundred seventy seven billion dollars evangelos tips us reports from beijing. among the setting in front of the great hall here where the thirteenth a national congress was held it's the highest organ of the chinese state war elites and powerful politicians come here and they came here today to actually hear the draft of the budget and the economic vision of the next year and that he also said here today that there was an increase in the military budget and the outline the reasons why that happened maintaining reasonable and appropriate group of the national defense budget is needed to safeguard national security and is in line with the transformation program of china's military the u.s. has been going to great lengths to show to the world how china's military might pose a danger we face growing threats from china and beijing will use its military clout to expand its footprint using military tools as well as propaganda to modernize and
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expanding authority considerable nuclear forces but when you compare the two countries and how much they've been pouring into arms it's quite of gap between china and the united states the u.s. last year and vest that about six hundred eighty billion dollars in their national defense were china has been nothing close to that end it's that's not even enough this year president trump has been pressuring congress to increase that to over seven hundred billion dollars. china's defense spending accounted for one point three percent of its gross domestic product in two thousand and eighteen were doing the same period some major developed countries spent more than two percent of their g.d.p. on defense but all that two percent pretty much rings a bell it's been pretty much the whole time he's got elected he's been saying that the his allies its nato allies are actually not spending enough on defense hoping that they will do up to two percent you have to pay the minimum required two
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percent of g.d.p. must pay around the world where china has only one and that's in africa and should booty while the u.s. has been saying that they have these big. peace among the world the chinese simply just say that they just wanted to be there to protect their national interests. pentagon security analyst michael maloof told us the u.s. is seeking conflict including with china to justify its own military spending. united states. has a budget that's about five and a half times larger than china it needs conflicts all the time in order to they need a military that can. project power so i had vision that conflicts will continue china sees that inevitably it will have. it will have run ins with the united states. in areas of different areas of the world and it wants to
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improve on its military i think certainly the united states is watching china's economic and military rise it regards it as one of the along with russia as the other main adversary they regard china as the emerging power that to be concerned about. a male british claims to have broken the women's weightlifting record while identifying as female he was trying to highlight what he calls the absurdity of claims that there's no biological strands difference between men and women c.b.s. viral tweets got over a million views and comes amid a backlash against the growing number of athletes identifying as female in women's events in his post he outlined that he was identifying as a woman we spoke to him. in the video went viral because touched on a timely issue according to their own logic they have no proof that i myself did not identify as a woman was doing that video so by their own logic i could easily accuse them of
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being transferred big or being bigoted by claiming that i in fact was not a woman swimmer sharon davis tweeted that women's sports must be protected from people born as men however rachel can hit back at that insisting that trans women athletes have no unfair advantage. liberal states men can participate as women without having surgery as long as they undergo hormone therapy to bring down testosterone levels he told us why even movies strictures may not be enough to ensure that competition for women. testosterone is not the only difference that gives men physical advantage over women especially in muscular skeletal system will still remain that of a man so if i were to take some hormone blockers and suppress my testosterone levels for twelve months i still would be i'd still have considerable physical advantages over someone who's been no woman for their entire life so it's not just
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as simple as the testosterone levels i have no nothing against i don't think anybody in this debate has anything against any individuals or groups it's merely about maintaining fairness and not distorting reality in a way that could actually be very harmful and perhaps even you know could actually ruin women's sport if it's led to go to its full conclusion really. now a couple was separated by world war two was reunited after more than fifty years and over time that house and russia now married it seems that even hof a century diminished to love is the story. you are expected to. secure a story or to nurture creators or both of those are the only. actually was
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true jackson. was. here first but. you. really will surely she will. when you. will choose those of what beach again you should only get them wrong when you're more. of a going to do that do you want to. brush up on when you. will be a rich career. yeah
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. well you know if you give a year for the. illustrator if you go commercial not for the waterfall so you are wall. it's just really the way when you when you. when you're with your thyroid you've. been feeling able to shoot again very true if you were to trigger the. next up is a documentary called machete boys of congo so do stay with us. country's
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gone into a nihilistic fever. hit the road and get out to traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatans the genius the quintessential american hero this is it we've come a point from which elements gone something we always are on the margins something. called gun culture is really important because. we're starting last with this is what we're going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the b. i think i want to leave now governor getting more ground on the left it may be completely different but in the midst of. lol maybe just manufactured and sentenced him to public wealth. when the room in
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closest to protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one person. doing the whole middle of the room six. million real. one else to show it's the same wrong when all rolls just don't hold. any old belief yet to stamp out disdain to come out ahead and in games from an equal speed trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. for. the end zones a neighborhood is a slum. hundreds of teenage gangs
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operating at their.


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