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yes to ship out just to become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when some find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. whether or not the long awaited smile a probe into trouble russia collusion will deliver a smoking gun us democrats look set to launch their own investigation intent it seems still achieving one thing. for you a peach somebody you have to persuade the american public or to to have an impeachment is a long way down the road we don't we don't have the facts yet. some in washington continue to ratchet up talk of regime change in caracas the self-proclaimed interim president returns home from the left in my soul without upset or.
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a new poll finds that over half of france is against the children of french jihad is returning home as the relatives of some kids out in syria appeal to the un for help getting them back. to u.k. primary school reportedly caves into pressure it suspends its lessons on homosexuality after hundreds of angry parents keep their children at home in protest. yet you read it right this is r.t. international welcome to the program. undoing access to all communications between donald trump. claims the us president concealed details of what he spoke about with his russian counterpart the following request has been sent to the white house. the committee's requests that by march the fifteenth twenty nineteen the department produce all documents communications regardless of form and classification the
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refer or relate to any communications between president trump and president putin your stomach rats are doubling down on efforts to catch trump on alleged collusion with russia that could be perhaps because there's talk the current move a probe into the issue will prove to be a disappointment as killer morgan explains. there's an old saying among cops and prosecutors if you throw enough at a wall eventually something will stick and this old saying usually expressed with less polite terminology seems to now be the montra of the democrats in congress gerry navl or has been selected to lead the charge impeachment is a long way down the road we don't we don't have the facts yet but we are going to initiate. a proper investigation to you peach somebody you have to persuade the american public or to to happen to remember the bob muller investigation that highly expensive two year long probe into allegations that donald trump had colluded with russia not too long ago democrats had many people convinced that it
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would be a huge game changer. well the final report is imminent and some are worried that it won't contain a bombshell or smoking gun revelation but some democrats seem to have the same overall goal because we're going to go in there really. i eighty one people have received a letter from the house judiciary committee they plan on following up on every last lead from the testimony of trump's former warrior michael cohen at this point they are planning to investigate the relations between the white house and trump's family the firing of james komi foreign trade deals and much much more and it won't just be the judiciary committee that is looking into donald trump all you have to do is follow the transcript if there were names that were mentioned records that
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were mentioned during the hearing we're going to take a look at all of that the u.s. constitution lays out procedures for trying and removing a president who is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors the idea is to put a check and balance on the executive branch so that it is not above the law however it seems that as of late investor. ations and impeachment have turned into just another play in the never ending political football game ala plopping our team new york people you also pointed out there's no evidence of collusion ties with russia former u.s. republican congressman michael patrick flanagan believes that a democratic controlled inquiry will backfire the democrats knowing that it's not going to be much of a report are now trying to build their own campaign and continue the to video from all or in their own clumsy imperfect way and their goal is to take this president down and make sure that he is in no way possibly real active next year and so they
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will do their best to keep this alive if more was keeping his or his his son or his investigation somehow alive they would be doing this because the need for this investigation would be would be vitiated by above all are doing here this but now motor's done and he's apparently not going to report much of anything this has the democrats furious so they're going to build an investigation that they control that they run that they can control the outcome of an surprise a price that will have the outcome that they wanted to have and no one will believe it. but it is of the children of french to hardy's have appealed to the un for the existing be allowed back to france they're coming to being held in camps in syrian kurdistan one of the laws that we speak when the french people every day for three years in a row are being told that these children are time bombs they want to prove they're a petri but in fact they're being deceived the eighty four children have already returned to france they have adapted they're being socialized they're ok. well
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according to the save the children charity there are now more than two and a half thousand children in camps in northern syria from around thirty countries married those the lawyer we just heard from thinks that around one hundred of them are french now france is currently dealing with the issue on a case by case basis the majority of french people they seem to be against the return of the children a new poll found sixty seven percent of respondents didn't want them in france we spoke to patrick just down the father of one of the victims of the battle plan concert attack in paris carried out by i saw he thinks children of jihad these have to suffer the consequences of their parents' actions. all parents are bearing responsibility for the future of their children they've left france voluntarily nobody forced them out they've decided to fight against france they've crossed themselves out of frauds and unfortunately their children should account for the consequences for me these children coming back is out of the question i don't consider them french nationals our sister channel r.t.
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friends spoke to prisons to see what they thought of the children's fate. if not all children should be protected and their own circumstances their dollars it creates a real threat in this children back they have to be highly read a kid it's risky it is often these are children since when the children danger all they need is a good environment and they will flourish political journalist and elizabeth says that the issue of jihadist children is a difficult one for the french government. there have been lots of the terms and directed radicalisation very sophisticated ones there have been attempts to never country until the help of a social media with facebook with google and at the end of the day the results are small so the government is well aware that there's a lot majority of the french who do not want these children to come back do not see them as being french see them as being the children of jihadi fathers whom they might be mourning so the government has got a hot potato on this it's
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a difficult decision to teach it's not popular earned earth there's also the understanding in france that many of the terrorist acts that have been committed in france were by people who were actually watched by the police and at the end of the day the police could not determine at what time they would. take action and so these people were well known and still they managed to go out and kill french people that doesn't make you popular to bring potential more of those. a primary school in britain second city birmingham has reportedly caved into pressure and temporarily pulled the plug on its l.g. bt lessons this is after hundreds of parents reportedly kept their children at home in protest political explains. well the cause of this route is a educational diversity program called no outside isn't it a means to teach kids about the different types of families that they might encounter and talking to them about things like the idea of having two moms or two
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dads and reading books to kids says youngness for about the concept of same sex families a program was devised by the deputy head of the school at the center of this route his name's andrew marr fattened actually he's been nominated for the world's best teacher award take a look at him talking about the program. another was sick on both of them most got some tissues on them back. this is about teaching to you are different you can still be friends with anybody there's a huge going to. the schools we have to find ways to teach children to talk to count to them. but the majority of the parents at this school are on happy with andrew marr fats teaching methods it's a predominantly muslim school and parents fundamentally disagree with the idea of
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teaching kids about homosexuality in l g b t issues some of our viewers might know that islam in islam homosexuality is forbidden so up until now the school had really held men said that they would continue this what they see is a very necessary diversity program but now a number of media outlets saying that the school has sent a letter to parents saying that the lessons are going to be stopped take a lesson up to the end of this term we will not be delivering any outsiders lessons in our long term you curriculum plan as this often has already been blocked for religious education because you simply will continue as normal and welcoming. will be the. this comes after protests last friday some six hundred parents said that they hadn't taken their kids to school that's eighty percent of the school's attendance of the school's pupils the school wouldn't confirm that number but these
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protests have been taking place for a while now ever since this route started and some of them have been pretty sizeable take a look. at. that . i'm prior to the protests taking place there had been a big school petition that some four hundred predominantly muslim parents had signed calling on the school to stop these lessons so this is clearly an issue that's really riled up the parents in this school in the community i reported on the storing from birmingham a couple of weeks ago and this is what the parents had to say to me it's not for the reappeared for the deception kids. to homosexuals you should learn about you
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have to old age not right now because it can easily get you can once did teach your kids no need to stick with boys and boys who doesn't a good thing this was a two hour live with the like it's because if you have to obviously clearly says you can't discriminate against religion and whatnot that's what they're doing it's ninety nine percent muslim it's not about the muslim the the jewish community the other communities the christian communities they're all have issues around the way things are being done now i've been in touch with some of those parents from the school and so far what i've heard is that this diversity program hasn't exactly been stopped it's more that it's been pools for this task and some of the headlines would suggest that. it says sort of a big final ending to it that doesn't seem to be the case we've requested clarification from the school and we are still waiting for it but if the moment it looks that if the school sticks with this program and returns to it next or next
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year well it may well face the same protests all over again. united states and nato are set to expand the naval presence in the black sea the news was confirmed by nato supremum allied commander in europe in an address to the us senate t's correspondent peter over joins me live on the line now peter just texted him what exactly did the notary general have to say on this. world general scupper order he was speaking before the senate armed services committee cheering his appearance there is asked the question by the chair basically is the u.s. deployment up to scratch to tackle threats posed by russia his answer no not at all both the united states and in nato has stepped up its presence in the black sea do you think it's sending a clear message to president vladimir putin i think it is i mean a the frankly
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don't like us in the ball actually and it's international waters and we should see a one fly there. well scuppered or she isn't your common or garden general he also has a well he has quite a bit more power than not he's also the commander of the u.s. european command he's also the nato supreme allied commander and it was and what he's been asking for is for two navy destroyers to be sent into areas where they could be operational in the black sea they would be alongside four other u.s. navy destroyers that are currently stationed in spain it wasn't just russia though that came in the crosshairs of general scaparrotti turkey a nato ally was also in for some some treatment from the nato supreme commander and crew was basically put on notice and told that should it pursue buying russian air defenses well they could well find that their deliveries of f.
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thirty five fighter bombers from the u.s. don't arrive. and this is a huge decision for turkey it connection in many different ways to that to the to the. employment and the. integration of dahab within the system itself the f. thirty five but also the f.m. national other systems that that we we shall to turkey as well and so wide i would hope that they would reconsider this one decision on ash four hundred one system of blood potentially. for. many of the other systems and in the motion one of the most important systems that leap. well the u.s. is a big part of the russian foreign ministry has put forward their thoughts on these statements from the u.s. general they say that any activity like this risks worsening the security situation in the black sea and said that the black sea is all about cooperation
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cooperation from the u.s. side it would seem is that they want to send to washington into the region and we thank our correspondent peter all of that with the latest that. ok let's get some analysis now from use a fair amount of political analysts for the turkish broadcaster t.r.t. world very good evening to you sir we have the background to the story there and i'm pretty sure most people understand this is just the latest in many calls for turkey to stop buying arms from russia any sign might actually backpedal on their four hundred system. no no signs at all we've seen turkish president. and turkish foreign minister move the child's shoulder both say that the s. four hundred is a done deal there's no backing out of it now the u.s. has offered the patriots as an alternative and the turkish turkish administration has said it will look at the patriots but not as an alternative but side by side is
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maybe a second purchase to vs for hundreds but the highest levels of the turkish government have said that the best four hundred is a done deal a done deal now when we look at u.s. concerns they're greatly exaggerated there's over seven nato countries right now that have s. two hundred s. three hundred and they're operating these weapons we've seen that the brussels summit one of the big topics where the russian legacy weapons systems so this is a concern for nato but this is something they're trying to solve we've seen nato secretary general. say that turkey a greenlight the by the as for hundreds as well so i don't see why it's such a concern for the united states turkey has stated that they're going to use the s four hundred as a standalone system it's not going to be integrated into the nato weapons defense system and they're developing local software to protect f. thirty five technology so as i said before these u.s.
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concerns are greatly exaggerated and all the u.s. is trying to do by blocking this sale is just causing delays in turkey improving its national security an air defense the nato general said the alliance along with the u.s. is going to ramp up naval presence in the black sea what they're looking to gain from that. frankly i don't see what they're going to gain from that when we look at presence in the black sea turkey has had a strong presence in the black sea during the cold war era when nato considered russia threat now when we look at that time period and we look at the. current period is russia a greater threat than it it was during the u.s.s.r. period no you had turkey patrolling the black sea on behalf of nato now you have turkey along with romania and bulgaria you have three nato countries in the black sea already patrolling you you also have georgia ukraine and russia in the partnership for peace as well controlling and there is security there security is
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in line with what nato wants as well you have the russian nato council talking together you have open dialogue between all these countries and there is a peaceful presence in the black sea a certain little concerns maybe the current strait but the current strait that's that's a different topic there was a lot of provocation by the ukrainian side we saw pushing to use this as a domestic power grab his popularity was declining and there was a lot of provocation but besides that anomaly if you compartmentalize that the black sea has been relatively peaceful and russia is not a threat anymore the u.s. has no reason to ramp up its presence in the black sea there's nothing to gain this is not a move that's going to be applauded by the u.s. allies this is something that turkey turkey definitely does not want it does not want to see a power struggle between the u.s. and russia in its maritime borders so frankly it's a lose lose situation by the u.s.
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increasing its presence in the black sea. want to talk preferential to the u.s. keen indeed it said on monday it's going to now i would say that president trumps the leadership the established a precedent now of trying to rip up all deals that the u.s. made. to think he can make better deal since he came to power do you think that this is a case of once again the u.s. trying to rip up a deal because they think they can get a better deal out of it or is it as they say because to these economies now sufficiently developed. you know an important part of the plume is see is continually when administrations come come in go they're there for us terms either four years or eight years and when the new administration comes in tries to rip up the deals of the old that ministration countries lose confidence in the united states now this tariff and this tariff agreement has been. made in agreement been
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in activity for what four or five decades if i remember correctly to rip it up this morning and later on in the day have this. general scarper to talk about the thirty five as for hundreds and early on in the day something also very important the first lady millennia trump visited a school in tulsa oklahoma a school that has a serious links to the good and the we're going to zation the group allegedly behind the two thousand and sixteen coup now you have on chris crashing its head trying to figure out what the united states is doing we're at a time right now when it's very delicate balancing u.s. turkey relations turkey is working hard to improve it you have the u.s. envoy to syria james jeffries in on courage trying to hammer out a deal with turkey regarding safe zones and security in syria and then you have all this going on in washington right now you have decades long deals being ripped up
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so there's a lot of question right it's not right now and. it's the balls in washington square and we have to analyze what's going on very very closely you said it's good to talk to my guests use a fair and political analyst for the us to t.l.c. will many thanks. briggs it now just around the corner of course also. gaining momentum in the. french presence around your microphone as outlined a grand vision of his for a reformed europe is open letter features a number of ambition plans but they've already infuriated many. the money will mark on promises an ambitious europe in a climate europe is nothing but hot air tax evasion multi-nationals diktats free and fair combined in europe. and while it may not be all that warmly welcomed at home the idea did receive a better reception on the continent with the european council present in the news
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renascence must start now. more on micron's innovative ideas. well this letter has been outlined to citizens of europe and it's been published in newspapers in the twenty eight member states of the european union this comes as many centrist politicians and fearing that they're not going to do as well in the forthcoming european elections as we've seen polls suggesting that nationalist and populous parties are likely to gain seats across europe in those forthcoming elections now mark corns outlining his vision or in a source and figure a passage calls it but he also outlined that there are threats to europe never since the second world war has europe been so necessary and yet never has europe been in such a danger he sees that danger is being twofold one is the euro skeptic m.p.'s euro skeptic politicians people who he's described as exploiting public
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anger but it's not just euro skeptic politicians these pointing the fingers that he's also pointing the fingers towards those who don't want to do anything he want the status quo to remain as it is he says in his letter this is about people who would be sleepwalking towards a diminished europe he also talks about migration a very sticky issue for many centrists and something that europe has been battling now with for the last fifty years and he describes the need to set out new rules for the borders of the schengen area and also a border force of police that all of europe works towards new community can create a sense of belonging. does not have protected territory limits with a full need to rethink the shingle area all those who want to be part of it should comply with obligations of responsibility stringent border controls and solidarity a single assignment policy with common acceptance and refusal rules one of the other things he talked about was interference and meddling suggesting that foreign
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powers shouldn't be able to finance parties in europe i propose the creation of a european agency for the protection of democracies to provide each e.u. member states with european experts to protect the election process against cyberattacks a manipulation so what's the reaction been well across europe many politicians have slapped knock on the back for outlining is vision but here in france there's been a lot of criticism from opposition politicians some describe him as being like the character dr jekyll and mr hyde flip flopping on his policies being all about the words and not being about the substance this is of course not the first time who have heard some of these ideas from since he took office back in two thousand and seventeen and there's been criticism of social media of the fact that president michel while outlining this grand vision this renascence of europe is really struggling to control many of the things that are happening here in france take the
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yellow vest protest this is an anti-government movement that's been going on now for more than three months sixteen consecutive saturdays of process that people have described times as being some of the worst in the last fifty years here in france and it's not just the best protests we're seeing protests by students protest by teachers protests by workers from the medical fields all unhappy with the reforms that much corn has been trying to push through since his election and many people saying you know if you can't sort out things in your own country how can you then decide to outline what you think europe should be doing a feature so. i'm suggesting that the president is trying to bite off more than he can cheat. a counterterrorism investigations been launched in london after three improvised explosive devices were found early on tuesday the letter bombs were discovered at heathrow and london city airport sound at waterloo train station
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experts say the devices were small but would only have cause minimal damage one and been opened by a member of staff although they were not injured. china is flexing its military muscle in a bid to keep pace with america splashing the cash on defense beijing is hiking its budget to more than one hundred seventy seven billion dollars for this year evangelise said to us reports from the chinese capital. i'm understanding in front of the great hall here where the thirteenth a national congress was held it's the highest organ of the chinese state war elites and powerful politicians come here and they came here today to actually hear the draft of the budget and the economic vision of the next year and that he also said here today that there was an increase in the military budget and the outline the reasons why that happened maintaining reasonable and appropriate grew for the national defense budget is needed to safeguard a national security and is in line with the transformation program of china's
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military the u.s. has been going to great lengths to show to the world how china's military might pose a danger we face growing threats from china and beijing will use its military clout to expand its footprint using military tools as well as propaganda to modernize and expanding authority considerable nuclear forces but when you compare the two countries and how much they've been pouring into arms it's quite of gap between china and the united states the u.s. last year and vest that about six hundred eighty billion dollars in their national defense were china has been nothing close to that end it's that's not even enough this year president trump has been pressuring congress to increase that to over seven hundred billion dollars. china's defense spending accounted for one point three percent of its gross domestic product in two thousand and eighteen we're doing the same period some major developed countries spent more than two percent on their g.d.p. on defense all that two percent pretty much rings
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a bell it's been pretty much the whole time he's got elected he's been saying that the his allies is nato allies are actually not spending enough on defense hoping that they will do up to two percent you have to pay the minimum required two percent of g.d.p. must pay. what the of the united states has more than eight hundred military bases all around the world where china has only one that's in africa in djibouti while the us has been seeing that they have these bases to maintain peace among the world the chinese simply just say that they just wanted to be there to protect their national interests. well experts have told us that while the us is seeking conflict including with beijing china is achieving its defense of. the united states and. has a budget that's about five and a half times larger than china it needs conflicts all the time in order to justify
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that kind of spending china as it improves on its economy and grows stronger and bigger they need a military that can project power conflicts will continue china sees that inevitably it will have. it will have run ins with the united states. in areas in different areas of the world and it wants to improve on its military i think certainly the united states is watching china's economic and military rise so it has a lot of color leave but you know those.

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