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tv   Documentary  RT  March 5, 2019 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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and the strategic use of debt to hold states in africa captive to beijing's wishes and demands goes without saying it wasn't the africans who asked for this in fact according to the latest gallup poll most africans approve of chinese investment plans leadership in africa but the united states knows better you know why because it's special exceptional better than you or me officially our mission is to reassert our sovereignty reform the liberal international order this is a unique exceptional country. magine mr monro would turn in his grave if he could see what his but nine policy protecting the weak from european colonizers what that has been turned into a license to kill to meddle to topple governments and politically burn the
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continents oh you've got to be special all right we have all sorts of recent cases libya syria iraq where u.s. intervention has essentially obliterated any possibility of democracy but this is true throughout the decades that the united states has meddled in the affairs of latin america overthrowing one democratically elected government after another whether in one nine hundred fifty four with arden's or the interventions that it carried out in the one nine hundred eighty s. supporting brutal military regimes on cuba nicaragua were also mentioned by figures like bolton in the same breath this is clearly a concerted effort to bring latin american countries once again under the iron control. this is r.t. international glad you could join us sir to stick around that base coming your way at the top of the hour.
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traditionally in the foreign policy with the assistance of the legacy media to find an immediate threat for a foreign military intervention or coup their aim has been to manufacture public support today it's different with virtually no public debate is the target of a regime change the problem is force regime change as a deplorable record. maternity town in congo the neighborhood is
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a slum. hundreds of teenage gangs operate here then call the cultural and. the gangs are spreading out of the big cities like a virus is a social epidemic clune is a mainly involved in sept and robbery. supposedly employment opportunities are increasing in the country but the reality is massive unemployment the resource extraction the sector is currently booming but is controlled by government officials according to those who live in and they only
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give jobs to their own people and the rest have to survive however they can becoming a kalu nut is one of the popular as. this is sheena the leader of the outlaws gang cian around is the short form of sheen around a character from a nigerian action movie. where. the. son. or a young gang members are eighteen and over they share a street in the end zones a neighborhood with a trick. together they form the devil group. by thing.
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the outlaws control the public restroom. over the paris restaurant this is the devil's turf and the police station is on the same street it's just three hundred meters from the paris to the precinct. her. nature is the chief of the police station and it's his job to deal with the devil group and other street gangs. and. we. discuss. these yeah he.
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was a. maternity was founded in a rocky place that's what maternity actually means a rock and since its founding the main job quarrying and stone cutting but this kind of work is not to everyone's liking. but. as a rule the devils don't do anything during the day they just hang about. the guys smoke marijuana it's the cheapest drug. in congo as in many countries drug use is illegal but it doesn't stop the gang members and they seem unconcerned about the
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harm it does the hells by night for many of them would be literally speechless. on my. street some like a maze. if you go in there you won't be able to get out on your own.
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even if they're just missing around and still has violent over time that's how life is here. the public restroom is a regular income for the outlaws. there are plenty of houses here that have no plumbing so the restroom is in high demand. to do a number to will cost you one hundred francs while taking a shower is also one hundred francs. mobile to. annoy. no one who will not show up. over. the. qualify. this is
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a friend of sheena rounds he calls himself king colomba he's a good football player but he can't afford to keep on training. my way through three well all you are. the outlaws run a protection racket at the restaurant and every day they get money from the manager . he's been in cahoots with a gang for a long time but he appears to resist them in order to keep up appearances. while they were extorting money from the manager one of the gang members gone six what if. you would for a while my friend it was you know the world won't do so you need only about me and made up with the most there is no you all look at your job interview so i knew.
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that if. it wasn't. for home. number one. and i want to. come on a new asian. name . thank you poppy.
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he was. good. enough to do. most of.
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the paris restaurant hasn't been a restaurant for quite some time now it's been a long time since the denizens of that's had enough money to dine out. that's where the trick is getting mentals of the outlaws hang out because his main goal is to save up enough money to buy a boat and go to sci fi as the congo river and off to touch on to europe or even america. to stone the gang leader speaks about the code of the hood. movie those who would buy the only value of what the. got to. go. forward you know and by god. but if you're.
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of course the younger ones don't listen to the elders and now she is planting something at the neighborhood southern outskirts. you. see. if you don't. know that. you.
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know what i mean. you know what up is goes you know what was he. was up on. you know you were seen on the beach if she ever runs for president is going to be very hard for him to win the ordinary people don't like the crew knows. who do you also met idea to in this opt out guy and you know you. blow him up so you got to do something about who now is up with a study about guy who know about god they're going to know about wine is all practical you know but when you get a book about them i said my god no but. got down from step. down board or yeah
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but not get. outside i did not back when i. got my start about going over there got no not got they got no before you got it. to be taken to the station is not the worst thing that could happen to occur a lynch mob mentality is typical in the congo they put around a criminal petrol and set them on fire. if you.
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look at the rest of seventy or. kaiser or. consists of thousands of little houses that nestle cheek by jowl on the hill which overlooks the city jail. good to see i. don't want to. king columbus is packing up a food parcel for one of the gang members who's currently doing time. oh you know i do know what little you know yet we don't want you know. now there was a little i grew up with oh you be allowed to. go if you're going to go yet you
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know no no. food must be passed to prisoners not find a main entrance but through a hole in the fence. with a gun super quick thing when i. was away most of. the say you know you don't need much i feel like. please consider columbus a good lad he's a footballer and can walk around freely. but she has to hide out in the paris's shower room he's a wanted criminal and tries to avoid being seen on the main street as a police officer there on the beach right now the serial murderer your reason for being. nice. you
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look worse in the. end. users are the. what was the. one thing you see what i really don't want to hear you. me doing was that was. my you know. it seems something is going on all the devils are assembling in the paris. is. very good on ya you know you.
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do it will show you real. they don't do this in. the name you want to. you know. it's. for this it was. good you. know what do you do if you're all over. fist and is unhappy with the recent robbery committed by sheena romped so the only devils will fight the younger wants. to. do the. fighting in the hood could be dangerous so
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they've agreed to go to the other side of the congo river. but one could come to the end of this who want to fight. to protect from the middle name want to. talk. about what people put the cup. in the end both gangs travel in the same calm to save on gas. usually there's a huge traffic jam before the bridge over the congo river. the bridge was a gift to much audio from japan.
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and so here we are going to come down with. some. of. the very next day the devils go swimming together in the congo river. and mine understand. oh about the my job know
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a lot. about . it's not just a group logo it's some magic chum other gangs might ask a sorcerer for help. to take over the devils tough to kill someone this sign breaks any spell. for you. when you do fear. a machete is thirty two inches long the outro say it's the optimal ling's for a machete.
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but. you know. how mobile oh. oh. oh i did. the devils are going from door to door they're trying to buy a cat. it's not that easy. to they go is a cat is a magical animal that gives people strength and ferocity. but it requires eating a feline. so the eat cat two or three times a week besides cat is the cheapest meat you can get.
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the devils are throwing a big party tonight friends and neighbors gathered for the dinner made of can't meet for. food. but be. my do with you my dear no need to. if you are going to be in. the main street is the only one in the neighborhood all the action happens in the small alleys between the houses. as soon as the crown gathers for the party a makeshift barbershop start stop. you from your house or. not do much. want to do is. just.
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too much to want building up there is a church. you know i know this and. this was obviously and. that's what we do we move to move them. well as human we're. made to go where they. want to and what. if you go up the pos you'll end up at the restroom if you go down you'll reach the prison . let me live oil boom one of money my lovelies up by see is every month by some of
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us now live work is the only one them which is one of the many by many a book about growth rate and i think i've got to be moved to mobile because then it would if i loved the young one is looking at those who do not. need to buy a new set of us thought but that's not what was it about that my disorder going out that got to be got bigger more i got is that about at them with a group. he pleases. me. and i still.
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will not know. yeah. the lands haven't partaken of count yet but they're angry they count agree on how to share it fairly well your job i don't know why no one would prefer if i don't. want to go work for polygamy although i don't know what i know. what you know you know you do not. just look at. the world. when you bob. see god i guess that. thing in your. seema shot minute do what i'm about to but i mess up. and i'm
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a secular not you think. you. have over yet. a week off to filming sheena rahman right a time to an appliance store a gun called the police when they arrived on the scene they opened fire a bystander was killed by a stray bullet. sheena easton a currently being held in the city prison. because you. don't know if you. believe your. son of. the. love you.
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traditionally in the foreign policy with the assistance of the legacy media to find an immediate threat for a foreign military intervention or coup their aim is been to manufacture public support today it's different with virtually no public debate is the target of a forced regime change the problem is force regime change as a deplorable record. whether
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or not it's the. probe into trying collusion will deliver a smoking gun the us democrats look set to launch their own investigation intent it seems on still achieving one thing. to impeach somebody you have to persuade the american public to happen impeachment is a long way down the road we don't we don't have the facts yet. us prolong sanctions on venezuelan officials and considers new measures against countries that support president material off the stuff to me that. turns to caracas.


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