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regime change the problem is regime change has a deplorable record. in. washington along with threat of sanctions as a stick to beat countries into recognizing venezuela's opposition leader the list of states which currently don't. of the fifty four countries have now recognized. interim president about. inclusion in the right. man whose aid work in syria made him a media darling stripped of his u.k. citizenship over alleged links to jihad to his. desperate families in a humanitarian crisis. of children as young as three in exchange for
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us according to a new report by the charity on. the family i mean. just the prime minister. and an interactive puzzle game. rage for his references to the holocaust guess debate the issue. young people today learn in a way that they didn't learn when i was a kid. that so that people are even thinking to break your toes again. nine o'clock in moscow watching all t international live from austin with me. welcome to the program we start. which.
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seems to. me as policy to effect regime change but the state department is also warning it might punish anyone who doesn't recognize opposition. as the country's president whether it can actually follow through on. doesn't support the american protect. americans and more than fifty countries recognize as interim president of venezuela should get a humanitarian response. he's appointed. ambassadors to international organizations. in the united states and. nations and other democratic nations fifty four. countries. if you feel hungry but we've got. the western hemisphere
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and i would just point that. he's the interim president and we don't want to consider. as you say fifty. fifty countries. time to support democracy. is going to be more. of the. as the u.s. state department spokesman just mentioned gliders presidency is recognized by fifty four states the rest of the world either supports the elected president nicolas maduro who's repeatedly been branded a brutal dictator by the west or is neutral or backs the opposition run national
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assembly yet without recognizing the i don't care little more pain takes a look at materials record as a supposed dictator. there are a whole array of politicians who don't approve of nicholas min dural but one of the labels that he's given is worth exploring according to them nicholas woman is a dictator nicolas maduro is a dictator tyranny of the now defunct mature regime there in his brutal dictator and you call this material and his mayhem so what exactly is a dictator now the term generally refers to authoritarian leaders who crush their opposition and have absolute power but what's been happening in venezuela lately. thank you. at this point we've got a minor opposition figure one kwaito declaring himself to be the interim president
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and at this point he's got the united states and britain backing him he was then banned from traveling by the supreme court so what did he do he then went on a speaking tour of latin american countries rallying support from those who want to violently overthrow the venezuelan government after that what did he do he stayed in exile fearing for his life knowing that if he returned the harsh regime would kill him right well no he actually felt safe enough to get on a commercial flight and go back to venezuela he still has not been arrested and the united states itself forbids people from doing this kind of thing who have insights set some foot assists or engages in any rebellion against you authority of the us shall be fined or imprisoned no more than ten years will both imagine that some kind of fringe activist pulled a grade zero in america and declared himself to be the president with say venezuela or iran backing him well wait a hasn't been arrested and he's walking around giving speeches freely in venezuela will point out i was able to enter venezuela thinks to you and you'll know what
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he's asian in venezuela we feel that today we've made a decisive step towards the conquest of the freedom to lopez. those longtime ally was actually convicted of inciting violence against the venezuelan government his trial received huge international attention and after a brief stint in prison he was in house arrest and from his home he was once again rallying people to overthrow him and this is how lopez wife described his treatment by the supposed dictatorship and now put those in contact with everyone every day constantly he's been soon together an opposition that's totally united and strong now some people might say that it's only because of the immense pressure on venezuela the mid-air as it swept in and crushed the life of one guede oh however that doesn't exactly add up because at this point only twenty five percent of the countries in the world recognize kwaito as the president the rest of the world says that the girl is the legitimate leader now in any other country in the world arresting this kind of provocateur would pretty much be standard practice however
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one boy is free he's walking around venezuela giving speeches inciting people to engage in violence for his made for social media revolution. has been born and he will not die things are going well in venezuela opposition rallies and protests take place all the time there are many things that you can say about nicolas maduro but brutal dictator is a profile he just doesn't fit cable mop and r.t. new york political science professor cullen as cavallo believes america's us them rhetoric is not healthy. the trouble ministration is doing is forcing us. and other countries to choose already going to war there's a grizzly attempted coup to overthrow the elected government of venezuela or are you going to go. aboard this the us government that the united states does not like so is international. the venezuelan conflict on
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a very dangerous basis because countries now are being forced to are they going to go with an aggressive action or are they going to the market and the rights of the people that was one of. the british born law in syria has accused of racism after london stripped him of his citizenship for alleged ties to jihadist talk a sheriff described himself as an aid to put and denies any wrongdoing but admits to previously engaging in armed combat in syria and a set of picks up the story. take care sharif has spent years in syria as a prominent aid worker described as one of the most high profile for nationals in ablett.
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series appearances on prominent news networks as well as dispatches via his live updates from syria blog posts left his political preferences no secret the rebels why do they do it the problem is is that the broad of of of the syrian regime is a full of women and children and civilians that are facing the rest he's now speaking out against what he's dubbed a racist and unfair system of citizenship stripping laws i mean k. i came out here to help the innocent people that were being massacred by the bashar regime i'm an aid worker the stories come to light following the lifting of the man's anonymity in a case that saw the u.k. government stripped him of his british citizenship back in twenty seventeen he was informed of the decision with this letter it is assessed that you are a british pakistani jule national whose travel to syria and is aligned to an al
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qaeda aligned group your return to the u.k. would present a risk to the national security over the united kingdom sharif's lawyer has been seeking evidence from the home office to find out why exactly his client was deemed a threat what is it the british government is so frightened of that they don't want these individuals in a court of law and they want to quickly shut them of their citizenship and export them somewhere else i do think that some of these individuals carry some very sensitive information that will be deeply embarrassing to the british state given the british government's role in the conflict in syria over these past three years i.e. how much support has a british government various points along the way been given the so-called rebel groups i don't chew. which development has been supporting them in terms of the atrocities will be committed by these rebel groups to exculpate themselves of any criminal states because you know that it's lost the war is being lost the conflict is being won by the syrian government. you know they're thinking about how they're going to survive in the. world and so they're trying to put together
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some kind of dysphagia tragically the aid workers where there are humanitarian grounds the issue of british citizenship being revoked has been in the spotlight in the u.k. recently due to a spike in terrorism and crime according to official figures more than one hundred people were stripped of their nationality and twenty seventeen compared to just fourteen the year before as sharif's appeal continues he maintains his innocence but the home office seems to have already made up its mind and in our reporting for our team in london responding to other media the u.k. home office refused to comment on the case saying only that every decision is well substantiated r.t. has also requested a comment and is waiting for a reply. now the humanitarian crisis in war torn yemen is becoming deeper every day with most of the country's population on the brink of famine some desperate families have resorted to marrying off their
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daughters some of them as young as three years old just to get food. my mother in law keeps between me and when i run away back to my father's house my father beats me again for a new way i don't want to get married i just want to go back to school son family as they did think that i mean this is no one really where they can make their daughters and they can bring some dowry and that just can't protect the whole families and also their extended members so it is really unfortunate that this is going after some of them have received emergency support but you know you mention support are also even limited so they couldn't find find a way that what are their immediate what are the means to this is the one leaving the family i mean. it is very difficult to call family with this small little
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support and often the humidity isn't seized a phrase the safety or security concerns. are so aid also we are not able to deliver aid on timely and according to humanitarian organizations yemen is one of the worst countries for children to live in more than eleven million children are in need of humanitarian aid and the list harf and then suffer from malnutrition the director of oxfam z.m. and office says the current situation in the country is catastrophic. what is really really. being an even alarm me that almost one third of the total population is basically ten million just at the brink of a mean and children are malnourished we are all there word to do this all yourself why are and and also. look to do as an eighteen
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color a crisis that was worthwhile or first century. old i mean this is stones are not provided trying to eat and eat the fault you've been nonfunctional even for a day i mean importing the food will end the humanitarian more reduced there'll be much more protest situation. a reality adventure puzzle game in greece has sparked an outcry over its references to the holocaust in particular it's based on the story of german businessman who saved more than a thousand jews during the second world war the game's website says that players have to assist in saving innocent people after the public outrage the company changed the name of the game from schindler's list to secret agent though the story wasn't altered the jewish community in greece has condemned. all of wishes for them to take a trip to auschwitz to sense even for a fraction of
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a second in the german concentration camp only them can be hope that they no longer move to the human suffering we discussed where the games like this are a good way of raising awareness about history a lot with all guests. i mean it's a disgrace that today people are even thinking to make. toys or games about. such a game is part of this rise of fun symmetries and there are many people who graduate from high school and don't know about the holocaust or don't know about auschwitz don't know the story of oskar schindler which in itself i think is a tragedy because i think it's important that we always remember what happened there let's be frank and clear with ourselves i mean you really believe that to make such a game we make people aware more about the locals no they just make them playing a game we go to any real feeling about the issue we have been witness to the
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witnessing in the last year's games about today about tell all the young people even young muslims that wanted just to repeat what they saw during the game and some of them even left their home on went to syria to iraq to become terrorists so you don't know when you produce such a computer each to such a game what would be the output what would be the result from what i understand it was certainly not something that was encouraging anti-semitism or making light of the holocaust but instead was putting its users of this experience into an atmosphere in which they were encouraged to save the lives of other people who are under threat by the nazis hollywood is why campus went trying to get more blockbusters screened in china which has strict scrutiny rules on foreign media
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small on that after this break. when lawmakers manufacture consent instinctive public wealth. when the ruling classes some protect themselves. with the financial merry go round listen we don't want. to ignore middle of the room signal. to leave the room getting really mean is really. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to. have to go right to be cross with what the forty three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters of my house. for sure. welcome back to the program the u.s. is looking to expand its naval presence in the black sea the announcement was made by nato supreme allied commander in europe during a us senate hearing on cheese pizza all over as the details. general curtis scaparrotti has been speaking before the senate armed services committee he had a question put to him by the chair over the u.s. is deployment in the black sea region who was it targeting and was it sufficient in general scope at all to view it needs more work is it possible that we as an
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american force need to have more of our naval forces in the black sea region and we believe there is a need for that we stepped up and our allies should have as well nato has a fleet right now in the black sea do you think it's sending a clear message to president vladimir putin they frankly don't like us in the black sea and it's international waters and we should seal and fly there general scupper altie isn't any common old garden general if there is such a thing he's also the commander of the u.s. european command and he's nato supreme commander as well so he comes with quite a bit of clout and what he wants to see is two more u.s. navy destroyers sent to the region that from the russian side the foreign ministry in moscow has said that any activity like this in the black sea while it poses a risk to the security situation in the region could potentially make it much worse they go and say that the black sea is
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a sea of cooperation it wasn't just russia that was in the crosshairs of scupper altie though while he was speaking to the senate turkey the nato ally of the united states also came in for a bit of a tongue lashing it related to chris well intended purchase of russian air defense systems well scott put out he said should cede without then they may see their expected deliveries of u.s. fighter bombers not so rife this is this is a huge decision for turkey it connection in many different ways to the f. thirty five i would hope that they would reconsider this one decision on s four hundred one system of blood potentially. for. many of the other systems and in the motion one of the most important systems that we have my best military advice would be that we don't through with the f. thirty five flying it war. working with now why that's this working with russian
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systems particularly air defense systems use if everyone has a political analyst for the turkish public broadcaster tell us washington's plans to ramp up its navy presence in the black sea and not justify it. during the cold war era when nato considered russia threat you had turkey patrolling the black sea on behalf of nato now you have turkey along with romania and bulgaria you have three nato countries in the black sea already patrolling you now when we look at that time period and we look at the current period is russia a greater threat than it it was during the u.s.s.r. period no the us has no reason to ramp up its presence in the black sea there's nothing to gain that when we look at u.s. concerns they're greatly exaggerated there's over seven nato countries right now that have two hundred s. three hundred so i don't see why it's such a concern for the united states turkey has stated that they're going to use the s
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four hundred as a standalone system it's not going to be integrated into the nato weapons defense system and they're developing local software to protect f. thirty five technology and all the u.s. is trying to do by blocking this sale is just causing delays in turkey improving its national security in air defense. china's new ban on processing other countries waste has left us with a headache hundreds of tons of u.s. wasted being piled into domestic landfills or is simply burned endangering the health of those who live near i fear is china was the world's top importer of recyclables in twenty sixteen the u.s. exported sixteen million tons of waste to china but amid the trade war with washington beijing changed its policy on the cycles though it's not just the u.s. that's affected australia and japan also looking for new dumping grounds and growing piles of.
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focus is that we have the country's largest incinerator. the largest. stone's throw away from where people would impact in a community should not be impacted at all. do you people under age of eighteen or are hospitalized through. three times the worst in the state of pennsylvania and that's because of the nurses and comes out of stuff like this incinerator. people that work here move you cannot. destroy the community.
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despite the fates of residents insinuate that burning waste is the best option they had that era mission from their facilities are consistently falling. limits earlier we spoke with economic expert chris tucker he thinks the chinese new policy has created a real headache for. china would never admit that this was part of the trade or that there was a brilliant strategy but part of me thinks that it was all intended all along and i have to take my hat off to china it's a very clever trade move it's a way of putting a huge tariff or really a blockade on the worst of american exports to china if it is a tactic it is a brilliant one i don't think that china will change its policy on imported recyclables regardless of this trade war but now that the laws in place it is going to be a permanent part of chinese national policy because there's an actual rationale for
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it aside from the trade war namely china wants cleaner air and america's recycled are not are largely contaminated and china can get cheaper materials through other means this is a catastrophe and yes us policy makers might have anticipated it but as typical they failed to do so. not only do the americans want china to take more of their trash they also want to screen more of the hollywood blockbuster beijing has it limited quotas on foreign films and imposes its chickens on the importance of need to. explain. while one very well known businessmen only has trade wars on his mind when he hears china american filmmakers or not only happy to play by chinese rule they're trying to outsmart each other in how to win beijing's mercy grab your popcorn problems prove. to me what's the
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movie's industry's driving passion for all its money. which country has the biggest number of movie theaters china which country's about to dethrone the u.s. the world's box office teeter. fast and furious seven try. last night more box office cash there than back hole but the problem is only thirty four foreign movies per year can make it onto the screens in china that's a lot how's that for this year academy. where male wagging kicks in. north korea. the chinese were originally meant to be the bad guys in these two so the plot was weak to make it north korea. do you make
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a difference and it looks like hollywood will keep trying to china ties you will characters in the future or in marvel's dr strange she was supposed to be a tibetan monk was to strange. dr and actually. a racist stereotype who comes from a region of the world that's in a very weird political place here originates from tibet if you acknowledge that tibet is a place in the tease tibet you risk alienating one billion people and risk the chinese government going we're not going to show you a movie because you decided to get political. other tricks include a classic of showing chinese products getting chinese actors to star in hollywood even coming up with special scenes where someone from china character or a cast member saves the day. by cia.
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we. through what's called a local. paper. child are you. this is with me on this is was. this some actors even felt worried they were being exploited. when the director approached me i began by asking quite frankly if it's a real character or if he's only cast me based on commercial considerations for the market. setting up some lucrative business ties with chinese companies is also a great option so that beijing movie industry fire wall isn't all that impenetrable we just need to do the right thing and hollywood's more than a happy get on board when it smells big bucks. back in around thirty minutes time. for a documentary called the machete boys of congo here. join
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me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days become agitated and engage me equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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traditionally in the foreign policy with the assistance of the legacy media to find an immediate threat for a foreign military intervention or coup their aim is been to manufacture public support today it's different with virtually no public debate in his way what is the target of a forced regime change the probably use force regime change as a deplorable record. i was in los angeles march of one nine hundred ninety one. when. there they are. so i was arrested that day and i wanted her to bargain. i understand she is not going to. and i could cry. she did need to know just to save her own.


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