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seventeen people have been confirmed dead in a suicide attack in afghanistan. the british news aid work in syria made a media darling is stripped of his u.k. citizenship over alleged links to have it. also desperate families in war torn yemen and marrying off children as young as three in exchange for food according to a new report by the charity oxfam. this is the one leaving the family i mean they can make their daughters and they can bring some dowry and that just can't protect
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the whole family is a. very good evening this is also. seventeen people have been killed in the twin suicide bombing and gun attack in the afghan city of jalalabad local journalists. well five assailants who have been involved into this attack were all killed by government forces and the security forces are still looking for three more suspects so these are salience interred a private construction firm which was in contract with the airfield there in jalalabad and they were constructing for them so sixteen people have been killed and nine others been wounded this situation of two have been critical.
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in this attack actually is happening while president garny visited eastern cannot province to not greet the hospital so that security was quite tight but still the assailants could do manage to enter a house which was very nearby to the airport which is in or will equipped and that has drawn down everything so. actually is showing also a failure since the prison is there and the highways and everywhere is also secure it has been a stronghold for a diet in jalalabad also the taliban have increased their attacks especially in the recent weeks there killed over fifty security forces in the south and hell month and now it's not clear whether it was the taliban or the dice fighters. who attacked joel about this morning no one has claimed responsibility.
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the russian and syrian military statement accusing american forces in syria derailing efforts to evacuate people from the infamous rock band camp you contacted the u.s. led operation in her resolve for its version of events breaks down the story. dramatic humanitarian and security situation in a little bun camp in southeastern syria has been constantly trigger numerous concerns from the russian side that blame america that is currently controlling this area along the militarized between syria and jordan for severe living conditions of the refugees inside the camp that were among other things reportedly openly threatened by jihad is that not only had managed to settle in that camp believes not without some help from the u.s. military on the ground but also to take control over some territories and also over
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human uteri in a traffic scene the area basically taking people inside the camp hostage both moscow and washington officials have repeatedly confirmed in fact that indeed some former or current islam is probably manage their way out of one camp russia has constantly been calling on some kind of rescue vaccination operation to take people out of the zone supporting this idea with the polls show in that most of the people are willing to leave this area and has constantly been calling on america to join the effort by damascus to help improve rather than deteriorate the situation of syrians inside these zone according to different estimates that is right now around forty thousand people eighty percent of them women and children and earlier on wednesday we heard the statement from russia's defense ministry saying that
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america remains deaf america does not want to support any evacuation and rescue efforts the american stationed in the all times own failed to take responsibility for ensuring a safe and unhindered passage of humanitarian convoys through the fifty five kilometers own they are controlling this is. sensually doraine holds the implementation of a highly important humanitarian operation aimed at rescuing syrian citizens trapped in the rock band camp and while the sides are blaming each other for what's going on inside their ragavan camp in southeastern syria we have to admit that poor people trapped there continue to suffer and their fate remains quite unclear even coordinator how it is that there could be dangerous consequences if refugees aren't evacuated we should divert from the political issue that the american have with the syrian government or with the syrian people and look at the human side aspect of
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the people living in the camps. they can should not. you know they should not prevent any humanitarian assistance to the camps is not just the call it is the way they live in the camps you have a family all the normal ten people living in one tent with their mother and children and one of the sad stories that also we came across where they came across two is the dead we don't have a place to bury them in any comes outside syria will see a similar disaster with. the flooding and the suffering of the children on those refugee camps we might expect disease and we all saw would be. would be harboring extremism because when you when you don't provide dignity this is when you have extremism and you see the issue would be increasing using you know the children. as
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a power weapon to take revenge. a british born man who's been working in syria has accused the u.k. of racism after it stripped him of his citizenship over alleged ties to jihadists attack a sheriff describes himself as an aid worker and denies any wrongdoing but admits to previously engaging in armed combat and has the tools to care sharif has spent years in syria as a prominent aid worker described as one of the most high profile for nationals in sharif's appearances on prominent news networks as well as dispatches via his live updates from syria blog posts left his political preferences no secret the rebels why did it do it the problem is is that the broad of of of the syrian regime is a force and children and civilians are facing the rest he is now speaking out against what he's dubbed a racist and unfair system of citizenship stripping laws i mean k.
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i came out here to help the innocent people there were being massacred by the bashar regime i'm an aid worker the stories come to light following the lifting of the man's anonymity in a case that saw the u.k. government stripped him of his british citizenship back in twenty seventeen he was informed of the decision with this letter it is assessed that you are a british pakistani jewel national whose travel to syria and is aligned to an al qaeda aligned group your return to the u.k. would present a risk to the national security of the united kingdom sharif's lawyer has been seeking evidence from the home office to find out why exactly his client was deemed a threat what is the british government so frightened of that they don't want these individuals in a court of law and they want to quickly shut them up their citizenship and export them somewhere else i do think that some of these individuals coyotes and very sensitive information it will be deeply embarrassing to the british state given the british government's role in the conflict in syria over these past eight years i.e.
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how much support has a british government various points along the. been given these so-called rebel groups. to which development has been supporting them in terms of the atrocities of be committed by these rebel groups to exculpate themselves of any criminal offense because you know that this last war has been lost the conflict has been won by the sitting government and its allies you know they're thinking about how they're going to survive. it push conflict world and so they're trying to put together some kind of defense or try to claim to be innocent that their aid workers who were there are humanitarian grounds the issue of british citizenship being revoked have been in the spotlight in the u.k. recently due to a spike in terrorism and crime according to official figures more than one hundred people were stripped of their nationality and twenty seventeen compared to just fourteen the year before as sharif's appeal continues he maintains his innocence but the home office seems to have already made up its mind and reporting for
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ardsley in london responding to other media the u.k. home office refused to comment on the case saying only that every decision is well substantiated artie has requested a comment and he's waiting for a reply. on to venezuela now which faces yet more u.s. sanctions as washington tries to cripple correct us financially in his bid to oust president nicolas maduro by simply recognizing opposition leader wang but as well as interim president the us seems to think it has already succeeded in effecting regime change with the state department going so far as to break journalists who think otherwise we have noticed in news coverage that some outlets are incorrectly referring to one guy joe as the opposition leader or the south proclaimed president. neither is correct it's relying on venezuela's constitution one guy joe became interim president of venezuela on january twenty third and
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millions of americans and more than fifty countries recognize why go as interim president of venezuela to get this straight you're complaining because it's reported that you don't think he made a complaint pointing out just trying to correct all that's all it's like a completely since three weeks he's the is the interim president well and we don't want to consider him to be the interim president as you say fifty other countries. recognize him as the interim president but they're all more than a hundred members of the nation so they're fifty countries is not even close. it's the time to act in support of democracy and news coverage of calling them the legitimate leader the president is going to intelligent more functional but we don't want to feed into the rhetoric of the current dictator. in a similar vein u.s.
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senator marco rubio also tried schooling the media busting c.n.n. for using the term self-proclaimed when referring to suppose that interim president he said the phrase was used by russia to undermine the constitutional legitimacy of . even jokingly him to that possible collusion between c.n.n. and moscow unlikely well let's cage the state of world opinion on the matter of why don't we just to receive fifty four countries recognize them as venezuela's leader it sounds like a lot the rest of the world though supports nicolas maduro is neutral or backs the opposition run national assembly without recognizing why dope on the scale i'm open takes a look at madeira record as an alleged dictator coming up a little later this hour in the meantime on tuesday majority part in a ceremony commemorating the sixth anniversary of the death of his predecessor chavez man. as rival go i don't mean well met with public sector unions urging them to take strike action to help bring down a government. political analyst chris bambery thinks that the u.s.
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is not in a position to remove the president. united states has got a brazen face you know it is pumping this out this is its position and we know the united states does not apologize it doesn't back down until it's forced about their own so it's going to carry on carry on with this but the problem they've gotten the moment is is that they don't look in a position to topple more durable moderates retaining the support of the armed forces in particular and the united states must be hoping and must be working towards trying to wean a section of the armed forces to brickell madeira and to launch some kind of military coup because at the moment given the fact that the dura has been able to respond with all with his own mobilizations on the streets it would seem to me that it's only by breaking the alliance between withdrew and the army that we do is going to force from office that must be what the united states is working on people in various well may have their issues with but they were in particular economic
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issues at the moment but they also remember the whole red track record of you know of the united states in the region and in the country and indeed of the local alit which is behind with all in terms of its record of governing the country ok we'll find out whether the pentagon will withdraw u.s. troops from the afghan war coming up after the break. chose seemed wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out this day to come out of. engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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traditionally in the foreign policy with the assistance of the legacy media to find an immediate threat for a foreign military intervention or coup their game has been to manufacture public support today it's different with virtually no public debate been his way what is the target of a forced regime change the problem is force regime change as a deplorable record. welcome back let's return to our top story from afghanistan where seventeen people have been confirmed killed in the twin suicide bombing and gun attack in the city of jalalabad in the meantime u.s.
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senators have introduced a bill to withdraw pentagon troops from the afghan war let's get an update on this story from aarti correspondent kelly movement he joins us from the u.s. spring as of today then what exactly are the two senators calling for. well it's being put forward by two legislators rand paul and tamu dall and essentially what it would do would be to declare victory in the afghan war remove all u.s. troops within one year and pay out the service members a one thousand dollar difference a dividend i guess and the law also would frame for political reconciliation to be implemented by afghans now senator ron rand paul when he was putting forward this legislation he said it's time to declare the victory we achieved long ago bring them home and put america's needs first now the war in afghanistan has been the longest in u.s. history it's lasted eighteen years and each of those years it has cost the american
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taxpayers rough largely fifty billion dollars now at this point as this legislation is come forward we've heard the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o talk about negotiations going on with the taliban but he also referred to them as terrorists let's take a listen just in afghanistan trying to find a way to achieve in afghanistan the war. now he was later asked to clarify these comments because the united nations now apparently talks have been taking place the last round was in cuts or in late february and according to the state department that was asked to clarify any any agreement that would take place would comprise of or interconnected issues that being counterterrorism troop withdrawal enter as gay and dialogue and overall cease fire so apparently these talks are taking place while this legislation is being put forward by the u.s. congress so it is possible that the longest running war and u.s.
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history could actually come to an end so many people are going to be watching that legislation and watching the negotiations wondering what could ultimately result in a look for to get more information on this for now thanks for the update kelly movement. the humanitarian crisis in yemen is deepening every single day with much of the country's population on the brink of famine some desperate families are even resorted to marrying off her daughters some of them as youngest just three years old just to get food my mother in law keeps beating me and when i run away back to my father's house my father beats me again for a new we i don't want to get married i just want to go back to school son family as they did think that i mean this is no one really where they can marry their daughters and they can bring some dowry and that just can't protect the whole families and also their extended members so it is really unfortunate that this is
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going after some of them that they have received him religion support but you know you mention support are also even limited so they wouldn't mind trying to weigh that what are their immediate what are the means so this is the one leaving the family i mean. it is very difficult to call family with this small little support and then after in the humidity is it isn't it is data is the safety or security concerns. are so aid also we are not able to deliver aid on timely and according to the oxfam report girls in yemen are usually expected to consummate their marriage is that around the age of eleven until then they live with their husbands and typically do the housework but being forced into relationships such a very early age is only one of the traumas that is faced by children in yemen according to humanitarian organizations yemen's one of the worst countries for
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children to live in more than eleven million are in need of aid and almost half a million suffer from malnutrition the director of oxfam's human office says that the current situation in the country is catastrophic. what is really. being an even alarm me that almost one third of the total population is basically ten million just at the brink of a mean and children are malnourished and we all there were to do this all year so water and calm and also. that it was an eighteen the cholera crisis that was last cholera crisis in the century. old and even if this turns on not provided trying. the food will end the humanitarian. there will be much more protest the situation.
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russia full the activities of hundreds of foreign spies operating in the country last year made that claim during a speech on national security with more his aunties don't quarter. than you will get together is intended to see how the security services performed in the previous year and to put together a plan for the next it covers a wide range of national security issues from securing the state secrets to the fight against corruption and it's worth mentioning that the russian president actually headed the f.s.b. in one thousand nine hundred eight and one thousand nine hundred nine now speaking about counterintelligence vladimir putin is saying that foreign intelligence agencies have been ramping up their activities in the russian federation. thanks to successful special operations one hundred twenty nine personally and four hundred sixty five agents belonging to foreign special services. we see that foreign intelligence is seeking to increase its activity in russia seeking access to information of a political and economic in the scientific and technological nature but all
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available now also on the priority list for the security services is the fight against terrorism both domestic and international now we know is. this is an especially important issue for russia as it's on the list of one of the most targeted countries for terrorist activities brought up about twenty terrorist attacks have happened in the country annually for the past three years and this is a high figure and it's putin said it was the result of the unstable situation in the middle east which he called a hotbed for terrorism and of course isis is on the ropes now but the future of political cooperation against terrorism is still in question and he said that russia would be willing to work with other countries regardless of political relationships to fight terrorism putin also addressed the again the i.n.f. treaty this is the landmark cold war era nuclear treaty between the u.s. and russia and which both countries ripped up after mutual allegations of violating
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the treaty should be going to the u.s. decision to withdraw from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty is a clear step towards unraveling a system of international security agreements that of course changes the operational environment for the worse while with diplomatic efforts still ongoing europe is still trying to save the treaty we saw how berlin even suggested that china be added to this nonproliferation treaty so again those are the main topics that were discussed at this meeting between russian president vladimir putin and f.s.b. officials. the escape room phenomenon that is spread over the world has sparked anger in greece where one game is referenced the holocaust in particular is based on the story of the german businessman oscar schindler you say more than a thousand jews during the second world war and the games website says that players have to assist in saving innocent people after the public outrage the company changed the name of schindler's list to secret agent although the story wasn't told
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that the jewish community in greece has condemned the game. all i wish is for them to take a trip to auschwitz to sense even for a fraction of a second the terror of death in a german concentration camp only then can there be hope that they no longer move to debase human suffering and we put up for debate whether games like this are a good way of raising awareness of history. i mean it's a disgrace that the people who are even thinking to make. toys of games abodes all of course such a game is part of this rise of funds limit isn't there many people who graduate from high school or don't know about the holocaust or don't know about auschwitz don't know the story of oscar schindler which and it be frank and clear with ourselves i mean you really believe that to make such a game we make people aware more by the locals no they just make them playing
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a game we go to any real feeling about the issue we have been witnesses of witnessing the last year's games or both today about tell all the young people even young muslims that want to just to repeat what they saw during the game and some of them even left their home on went to syria or to iraq to become terrorists so you don't know when you produce such a computer easy to search a game what will be the output what will be the result from what i understand it would making light of the holocaust but instead was putting its users of this experience into this fear in which they were encouraged to save the lives of other people who are under threat by the nazis. change of pace now as we move to champions league football where the team i.x. stunned around the dreaded trancing the spanish i'm sorry for one on tuesday night
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another means the current champions have gone out of the tournament while i axed despite losing the first leg of that tie to fail they now go through to the quarterfinals an impressive five three on aggregate in the night so the game tottenham hotspur defeated dortmund again one nil this time they sent the germans packing for nothing on aggregate take a quick look at wednesday night's fixes is porto against roma in portugal at the same time p.s.g. they're at home in paris taking on man u. and united says former manager is back on r.t. from thursday with a new show on the touchline josie marino. yeah that was more than often our.
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country has gone into a nihilistic fever. thank god it hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatans the genius the quintessential american hero this is it we've come to a point around which alan would have done something we always are on the margins something. called culture is really boring. ah. we're starting west with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the bees i think i want to leave now doesn't know any more ground zero on the earth we may be completely different but in the mystery.
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this is a stick for the water bottle found in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. essential to object to me just a difference and for those will be on the investment this year in the forty's to look for the mountains of least in the grove where.
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grading and salutation the samarian is called at the plant of joy and by seventeenth century opium was being used in the first linked with eggs tracked available to the general public originally called laudanum it was a mix of opium wine safir on cloves and cinnamon there was even a mild formation called para jerrick which was for children in about eighteen zero four morphine was isolated from opium becoming the answer to all pains woes and by eight hundred thirty two it was when coding hit the market from soldiers to housewives with their problem was sleep or a musket wound opium based painkillers working bought and sold like aspirin it was in one thousand no wait that dr hamilton right appointed by theodore roosevelt as the first opium commissioner of the united states he said of all the nations of the
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world the united states consumes most habit forming drugs per capita opium the most pernicious drug known to humanity is surrounded in this country with far fewer safeguards than any other nation in europe fences it with which is why it was outlawed with them without a prescription and the harrison narcotics tax act was in force regulating the dangerous drug and why he wrote those words in the new york times. and for all for while opium deaths and overdoses declined as did recreational use then in one nine hundred seventy president richard nixon signed the controlled substance.


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