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tv   News  RT  March 7, 2019 7:00am-7:30am EST

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majestik you need to eradicate what's left by simply getting a lighter fluid throwing it in a big pile and something on fire. the cia will no longer be obliged to reveal how many civilians its drone strikes kill thanks to an order by president trump. the pentagon announces plans to change its arctic strategy to counter a perceived russian and chinese threat. i mean. i mean and fans of pop legend michael jackson vent their fury over a new documentary alleging the star committed child abuse. should not be talking about michael jackson's music michael jackson's music was created through decades of also a lot of suffering every time a michael jackson song comes on i know for myself i want to think differently about
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it. this is our to international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned three pm welcome to the program. u.s. intelligence agencies like the cia will no longer have to make public the number of civilians killed in their drone strike operations thanks to an executive order from president donald trump rescinding an obama aero directive that required annual reports on noncombatant casualty is killed is across the development. a new executive order from the white house is reducing the amount of transparency when it comes to u.s. drone strikes the pentagon will still have an obligation to report on civilian casualties in compliance with the national defense authorization act of twenty eighteen and twenty nineteen that was very clear in trump's executive order now this is certainly not the. first time that donald trump has indicated frustration
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with the level of information related to military activities that has been made public the fighting force and they're doing reports and releasing it to the public the public believes the enemy the enemy returns reports i study every line of those reports should be private reports lead them to a report but they should be private reports it's also important to note that that we have a statement that is reportedly coming from a spokesperson for the white house security council now it was given on the condition of anonymity it's being widely reported we cannot confirm it what it is saying is that apparently this was the activity of the intent of this executive order is minimizing to the greatest extent possible civilian casualties and acknowledging the responsibility when they unfortunately occur during the military actions but the same time getting rid of what they're calling supreme flew us reporting and requirements that don't actually improve government transparency but rather distract intelligence professionals from their primary mission the history
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of drone strikes is quite shocking there have been a number of rather tragic incidents that have taken place over the years. so what we're basically doing is telling the american people these wars are so important but they're not so important that we actually have to tell you about them is so important but in fact we can't carry them out with clandestine a-d. under the cover of darkness i think what it really means is that donald trump wants to be able to have the pentagon commit war crimes and crimes against humanity and do so with complete immunity and impunity i think that they want to make sure that lockheed martin made an embarrassing you know their. contractors can continue to
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sell the june soon to sell their weapons this is a very very foolish way but we do schoolish and it's dangerous in his erratic incentive to go and do all of those things don't contribute toward. so-called collateral damage from drones has long made their use contentious documentary spoke for one of its films to those whose lives have been forever altered by unmanned strikes the full version is on our website. but it is. these days that matter where you are in the world the chances are you're being watched. in the deaths of innocent people just like any anywhere over ten thousand but since you probably won't have the slightest idea. and if you won't see it coming.
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soon are you. a license to kill the villages villages that sometimes the terrorist on the new cd is alive so who have the kill. children for a country for. the pentagon has announced it's revising its arctic strategy in light of a perceived threat coming from russia and china radagast have picked apart the geo political rivalry around the north pole. the arctic what comes to mind when you hear that word sea fish ice it's always russia isn't it russia because that is one of followers most closely to their to their borders
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they've begun to move on periodic times to the different weapons systems of control of the area but dated our plans as a response as a result of that we've had to change the posture of some of our forces so that we in fact deter and we send a signal of the importance of the arctic to us but there is a new gold rush brewing thanks to global warming it is opening the arctic up around fifteen percent of the world's undiscovered oil thirty percent of natural gas may be there perhaps more important though is the northern sea route by two thousand and forty there should be soon little ice that ships will be able to pass year round terrible for the environment rate for shipping it would have the journey time for ships travelling from east asia to europe a journey that usually takes them through the suez canal it would save billions
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upon billions for consumers companies governments ergo the gold rush contenders have been quick to make and file their claims and oil their gardens the united states is going at it intensely with military war games reportedly to train military forces to fight and win in the arctic speaking of russia it hasn't been idle either during the recent exercise that successfully tested a new hypersonic antiship cruise missile thats it. because there's also the flag which russia planted exactly at the north pole she bed a decade ago still annoys other contenders that norway another big claimant there spending hundreds of millions rebuilding old the cold war facilities in the
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north perhaps symbolically norway also moved its military headquarters within the arctic circle in fact norway was so involved and enthusiastic about recent nato war games that one of its brand new warships ended up colliding with an oil tanker which is neither very covertly nor very fast people are still wondering how that happened then there are the spoilers great britain for example nations with no arctic claims but rather an each to get involved we need to protect our national interests we will be launching our new defense arctic stress itching the u.k. has unveiled a new arctic strategy where they plan to defend the arctic which may be difficult to do with britain's couple of ice breakers but they go to make up
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they've even sent a royalty to the arctic great for the cab or is. also china it has potentially hundreds of billions at stake just in trade chip transport costs it recently launched the snow dragon to an ice breaker that doubles as a research vessel the least goes on and on. and frankly the degree of militarize ation is alarming but what choice is that russia for one filed its claims that the un will back by geographic data year is years ago and nothing has beat almost no progress on the diplomatic front the jew to political pressure
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or incompetence the fact remains that when diplomats have paralyzed the military but pays every nation state wants to grab all they can grab and some are much worse than others so we have the us putting all their military in there because allegedly. there are afraid of the russians doing so us of course is as good its its troops as everyplace and all over africa over asia all of a lot of america they're going to have i guess mr trump would like to have the more in latin america this is all terrible. the us military budget is far too big it's as much as all the other countries in the world put together and of course they keep needing more and more more more more more killing machines it's a sad thing to see this happening in what is actually the spectacular beauty of the arctic but of course the. military is never mind destroying destroying things.
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fans of american pop icon michael jackson gathered outside a u.k. t.v. channels london headquarters on wednesday. i mean they've come to voice their anger over a new documentary featuring interviews with two men who claim they were abused by jackson as children since the movie premiered back in january of global reaction has followed with radio stations in canada and new zealand dropping jackson songs. you feel so alone. i want to be able to speak the truth. as loud as i had to speak a lie for so long leaving neverland is a joint production between channel four and h.b.o. which alleged victims i featured in the movie wade robson and james save chuck for years denied they had been abused they were even called as witnesses for the defense of jackson's trial in two thousand and five when he was accused of
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molesting a thirteen year old boy now the new revelations immediately sparked public outrage the film has been condemned by the jackson estate which earlier issued a statement saying the accusers have testified under oath that none of the allegations are true our guest debated whether an artist's work can be evaluated separately from the person. this is still pending and investigation and also the whole outrage is happening because of a documentary that is obviously one sided because we only have the version of the victims i really have a huge issue with quarterly access to arts and to things that have been created in the past by somebody like i said who is dead and who cannot do anything about this at the moment if radio stations want to ban the music i think if the listeners of those particular radio stations are calling up and saying you know what this is criminal behavior that r. kelly and michael jackson have actually engaged in. and we're not ok with that i
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think that's perfectly fine it's a scary area if we all are judge him for ourselves with very limited facts with facts that we don't really quiet cross-examine with actual evidence or the you know interviews and documentaries that are. those sergeant you mentioned this show a lot of evidence. well it's an evidence that it's not been again cross-examined in the court of law it's irrefutable we should not be talking about michael jackson's music michael jackson's music was created through decades of also a lot of suffering but actually i think maybe the real lesson in all of this is that you know every time a michael jackson song comes on i know for myself i'm going to think differently about it i mean i'm not going to say i'm never going to dance to a michael jackson song again because you know maybe it'll play at a wedding or vomits and i might start dancing but at the same token i said i am never going to think about michael jackson in the way i used to and maybe that's
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the real lesson so let me ask you this when you look at a picasso painting or you read a hemingway book or or you've been looking to start that was created during the run since a period where like you know the catholic church was you know torturing and killing people in the name of god are we not able to separate the our that was created the best moments of these artists from the actual person who was a human being. some of them admitted those fair just good argument but i think also i think we're entering. a new era where i think people that engage in criminal behavior and sexual abuse shouldn't be rewarded in this society and i don't think there's anything wrong with that and if their music doesn't get played so be it. it's been an exciting couple of days and football's champions league title holders real madrid crushed out on tuesday or wednesday or so porto and man you go through to the quarter finals all three teams have one thing in common they were all once
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managed by just marino who's back on our team with a new show on the touchline which premieres later today before that though here's the special one with his son getting a bit of practice in. thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks. thank you thank you it looks like my that it's amazing i got experience groceries to do it the whole deal the time of the beach anyway looks like the thank you right of course i played with him since the banks will succeed thank you and i mean more so if he i have to say can i get a i can do it was
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a lesson and the case will be going to thank me if it's better than me and i thank the folks at the code i mean thank you. thank you. thanks thanks. thanks to. coming up in the program an anti-depressant spray with an ingredient that's chemically similar to the party drug ketamine is given the all clear in the u.s. that story and more right after the break. extend . you know world is a big part of a lot of things and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we
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need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the same. lives and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room.
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welcome back to the program while way has filed a lawsuit against the united states claiming that a federal ban imposed on its products is unconstitutional the chinese telecom giant is hoping to get the ban lifted arguing that it affects its ability to compete fairly on the american market the u.s. authorities accuse wall way of trying to bypass international sanctions on iran and have requested the extradition of its c.f.o. from canada why has also been accused of industrial espionage after allegedly trying to steal trade secrets from its competitor t. mobile washington also claims the tech giant has engaged in espionage on behalf of beijing a ban on the chinese telecom company it was imposed last year barring federal agencies from purchasing or using why. the way products evangelist picks up the story. seems the wall way is now all the counterattack the chinese still a communication company is suing the united states government the lawsuit comes
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after a bill was passed in the united states last year restricting while ways business in the u.s. the chinese telecom firm claims that the national defense also known as the n.b.a. is and on constitutional legislation the united states government has long accused wall way of stealing certain secrets and spying for the chinese state but whenever they were asked if there was any evidence they cannot provide any. on the british street. and this. is. the shining the cus. you think this suit. is easy. on the hose these settlers these. there is no. charge. but it's not only that wall weighs on the counterattack it's the company's c.e.o.
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fall after she was announced that she would face extradition to the united states she filed a lawsuit against comedian the claiming that her constitutional rights have been violated and the one she claims the washy was all detained none have a constitutional rights of an advisor and another is that her luggage have been searched even though she had no idea she was under arrest now this the united states pressuring a lot of the employees and people that are dealing with while we in the tour last month all u.s. top officials michael pale and mike pence born its european allies the proceed on using any of the equipment while building any of the infrastructure in the in the continent they will face consequences when dealing with the united states in january one of the employees in poland was arrested for allegedly spying for the chinese state. and in the same months the united states government criminal charges against claiming that they were still in u.s. sanctions on iran and that they were stealing trade secrets from the american
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public communications company no this is very interesting because both of the officials from the countries from china and the united states claim that this has nothing to do with politics but critics around the world believe that they're much closer than what they look. a new antidepressant spray that's chemically similar to the highly addictive drug ketamine has been approved in the u.s. as ketamine as it's known comes with a strong government drug agency warning about the risks associated with misuse and abuse early charles show positive results among patients with severe depression it's really interesting to come from a place of being depressed for so long in so many years to not being depressed at all and to not feeling that feels really great. ketamine also known as special k. or vitamin k. is a popular club drug causing dreamlike states and hallucinations it can also lead to amnesia and delirium as mentioned ketamine is also extremely addictive much like
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cocaine and fed him in base products it was initially developed as a horse tranquilizer but nowadays is most commonly used in hospitals as a powerful anesthetic and it's hoped this new ketamine based medicine will help address widespread depression in the u.s. we're over three million adults have been diagnosed with persistent depression so i cast psychiatry's in a limb becky is concerned the agency's decision will lead to addictive drugs being ever more readily available. obviously we need to find better treatments for depression especially for people who have what we call refractory treatment depression meaning that all of our available remedies are not working for them having said that i am very concerned about the use of ketamine to treat depression particularly in this easily deliverable nasal spray and i am very concerned that the f.d.a. approval of these highly addictive drugs to treat these prevalent disorders can
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lead to more people being exposed to addictive drugs and therefore becoming addicted to these addictive drugs. with the terror group islamic state making its last desperate stand in syria those who fled arsenal's final stronghold are now facing new dangers hunger and illness cooped up inside a refugee camp. i didn't leave to join a cell i left seeking jihad for god because we are all muslims and we have very serious about jihad in the koran. what about the killing slaughtering until true that i let someone experience for me and now to the religion they left these
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clerics tanks but especially in the beginning it had divisive. the conditions are definitely dying in the county the problem is nobody was expecting these kinds of numbers so it has been overwhelming and it hasn't stopped . the russian ministry of defense has released a video showing a russian fighter jet intercepting what it says was a u.s. aircraft the u.s. plane was identified as a boeing r c one thirty five aircraft that was heading towards russian air space over the baltic sea after being trailed by the russian su twenty seven the american plane changed direction and left the area. that's our global news update for this
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hour but i'll be back in about thirty minutes with more thanks for tuning it. monsanto's around for cigarettes there carcinogenic fat money is the same thing as financially carcinogenic and you need to eradicate what's last by simply getting lighter fluid throwing it in a big pile and something on fire. it was all they all. fell. asleep solved please. please yes to all this is all the move good.
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luck follow the first. little. thing the numbers mean for the matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime tempi each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old bridge would sit for sale to move markets close to thirty percent some would. one hundred five hundred
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three per second per second and we rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a real park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know for the mid one and only boom but. the maternity town the slums go in and you may never get out so those are the most of. my teenage gang rules here because i don't want to be moved then i let my. brothers who were there with but. name me will be. told.
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you. might. see it. and now it must be for the yeah when i'm going to use that as soon as the send button and melanie when somebody who. knew about the monkey then a little amusing that i see. greetings and salutation. you know there are many different types of jobs in this world auk
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watchers there's shops garbagemen brokers security guards writers runners thousands upon thousands of different professions and industries for any of us to try to build a career in. some jobs are good some are bad some are just there to get us by and then there are some jobs that make you question your own moral code in the olden days one of these jobs was executioner. it was so bad you had to wear a black mask to work every day today the black mask has been replaced by a designer suit i'm talking of course about the fine jobs found in the corporate hallways of the top dogs of the so-called merchant of death the military industrial complex and while their moral code may be compromised their bank accounts my friends is booming yes that late at the latest numbers are in and according to the stockholm international peace research institute military spending is going up around the world usa today reports that the global rise was driven partially by
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a nine point six billion dollar hike in u.s. arms expenditures you see the red white and blue is still the world heavyweight champion of military spending despite russia's recent move in the second place surpassing the united kingdom the united states is position as the top arms producing nation in the world remains unchanged and for now a new challenge. and there any reasonable thinking person not talking war cheerleading deafen cable news every night this should be concerning this should be a very concerning bit of data because when your country is home to five of the world's ten largest arms dealer sorry defense contractors you have to ask yourself is your country really a bastion of peace or is it really just warmongering for prosperity so today now the.


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