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tv   News  RT  March 7, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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we have more heard anything about. the u.s. says the fight against islamic state is far from over as terrorists and their families leaving their last stronghold in syria never to be defeated. an alleged cyber attack on a british instituted that seeks to counter russian just information is now being investigated by the u.k.'s crime agency despite having no forensic evidence the head of the institute already insists that russian intelligence is to blame. for the group. former manchester united coach
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marino is back on the arts with a new show on the touchline watched. by broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our national i'm sean thomas. hundreds of islamic state fighters are surrendering to the us backed forces in the syrian village of the last eisel held area near the iraqi border in addition to the who have surrendered there are also women and children of the scene some of them are wives of the fighters and they still believe this is not the end of the caliphate.
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hasn't been a focal point for the syrian democratic forces for several weeks despite donald trump repeatedly declaring victory over eisel the top u.s. general says the fight is far from over as we. have a look at but who's right there near the border with iraq we didn't really hear about it in the course of syria's civil war misery now's the time it is really being called the last remaining eyelet of territory in syria about to be stormed by u.s. backed kurdish troops we expect a fierce battle later at the end of the civilian evacuation given those that will remain in bank who's all the ones brimming with the few jihadi ideology and the ones for whom is not an option. indeed we've seen crowds of escaping civilians and even jihad it's who did choose to surrender the current say they want
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to make sure all innocent people make it out of booze before the guns go off but the main still be trapped in there either not able or not keen to escape just a short while ago though donald trump was bragging about his army and allies crushing islamic state completely we just took over you know you kept hearing it was ninety percent ninety two percent the caliphate in syria now it's one hundred percent we just took over ever since then however we've kept hearing absolutely different takes from those who are actually responsible for what's happening on the ground the head of u.s. central command is sure i still hasn't surrendered he's confident it's not been defeated instead the terrorists after some tactical thinking have chosen to lay low and wait for the right time to make
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a comeback reduction of the physical caliphate is a monumental military accomplishment but the fight against isis and violent extremism is far from over we have won against isis now we've won and at least for now president trumps proud announcement that the american soldiers were pulling out makes less and less sense the pullout would have definitely scored mr trump some valuable political points but nothing seems to be certain here especially with this big goose thorn in the side you could in that vacuum see a resurgence of isis see a resurgent you know they're losing out we'll come back if we have to anyway whatever happens next depends on what ignites in this small but vital strip of land known as booze. joshua landis a professor of middle east studies believes the fight against islamic state is likely to suffer further setbacks. well as general votel testified in tangram
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recently and just today he said that. yes this is the end of the territorial state which is very important but it's not by any means the end devices there are a lot of fighters that have gone to ground and that have formed we believe that forms sleeper cells which are going to activate in the you know it's some future date from the later clarify that this is the territorial state and that's why he's reversed his opinion on u.s. troops remaining in syria you know there's a there's a hundred ways to count troops and that may not include a lot of the regular soldiers perhaps national forces you see advisers diplomats and an aid organization so there's likely to be a lot more americans there there's going to still be a lot of isis trouble and we're seeing bomb attacks being carried out in iraq on a weekly basis and there have been isis attacks in northern syria. a suspected
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cyber attack on a british institute that seeks to counter russian this information is now being investigated by view kay's nasheed the now infamous highly likely formula pops back into the spotlight as that report circulates citing white a whole sources claiming that russia's military intelligence service the g.r.u. had been according to them the one to have an up until recently not very well known british beast institute for statecraft now we understand that now that's been announced at the national crime agency here in the case carrying out an investigation and we're hearing that a former senior ministry of defense civil servant who is also a co-founder of this institute for statecraft is already claiming that it could only have been russia despite a lack of proof so far the only thing we make then think that this is the russians they have. our assessment and it is up because we're going to go for in the proof
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this is the g.r.u. this institute for statecraft and its program of the integrity initiative that has been in the headlines for the last couple of months on and off is a program that aims to tackle what's called russian descent for me ssion they try to expose feek news all of this is done to the tune of over two point two million pounds provided by the british government and this institute and its files had been taken and posted on a third party website first time back in november so this is how all of this and raveled and the g.r.u. is now brought into all of this and of course if you remember the g.r.u. is familiar with this sort of highly likely accusations ever since the solsbury scandal the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible quarrel is with putin's kremlin and we think you're likely to do it was his decision it was highly likely that russia was responsible for this reckless and
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despicable act the russian president's spokesperson discourse has commented on these latest developments he has said that the russian state is not involved in any cyber attacks and in fact that russia had offered international cooperation with when it comes to issues of cyber security however to no avail but in this particular case let's see what happens of course this investigation is going on so let's see if they do end up providing some proof in the end to all of these accusations. the champion's league saw some major upsets this week holders reale madrid crashed out on tuesday and wednesday porto and manchester united made it through to the quarter finals all three teams have been managed by joe same but you know who is back on our team with a new show on the touchline. thunder in interview and football was was really really good to put the needle in the warm for good seeing that would be
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naive as they look in the cup for position results are phenomenal football is not about ifs or some other has to win. so josie the food seems the three to the quarter finals of the champions league they are i.x. manchester united poor and spurs some cracking games this week let's start with i accept for one demolition every on the grid that in a bag they go three five three on aggregate no one predicted that didn't read these . very strong t. in everybody in all three times when their consecutive the which is an absolutely amazing records. very young team that
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has a beautiful style of play but many many times is not competitive in is not smart enough to compete with the top teams in europe i played two years ago in the indoor pollute final and was at the what we do we felt good seeing technically very good but. i would be naive and they sure as i threw that in the first match at home were in them so they were really strong they created lots of problems to real madrid but in the end they made a couple of mistakes real madrid on the stand and the match that could have and with a different result real madrid once all the feeling for the second leg was a little bit more of the same but they got real madrid. in the hard moments. and they go to the game with nothing. lose with that pressure the real heads on the shoulders
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they go into the game they score of all. the immediately has. some reaction heats the bolts twice and when you feel that the momentum is not the moment the pressure is coming to ones and belief comes to the others and tactically speaking what did they get so right when they beat reality because the times they do seem to seem to go through them and will i think that the position of privilege created lots of problems because they play with each as a fig. so he was coming into between the lines he was coming to be an extra man in midfield running away from the central defenders of madrid that sometimes tried to press sometimes they stayed in position but they're saying more than that it was the the free mind. was that. was their tweet to do to fuel the game with the happiness of the young people the ghost of the world to show what they can do to show their qualities if they lose that's
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a normal seeing if they get a positive result that's good if been knocked out the three times champions league manager suggested it would mitigating circumstances he said look you know we hit it would work twice in the first half we lost two key plays in the first half we had a controversial third goal against us when we didn't know whether bully gone out or not when i exclude their third could it been different on a different night you think from real madrid if you looked in that perspective yes because. while i mean to vote on hit the post and i think that goal one. now in control. has amounting to do that escalate but that didn't happen either x. was. it was really really good they were not afraid to play it the better bell the
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guys they showed great. attitude you know they put the needle in the wounds of real madrid was was. psychologically in some difficulties and. that's absolutely amazing amazing the fact that they were to the over there where when they were in for now let's talk about another amazing result manchester united beating at paris and your man in paris three one on the night three three on aggregate man united go three on away goals and result decided by a very controversial last minute bars penalty decision that when man united way did you think it was a penalty i think it was as human beings we can make mistakes on the peach on real time with a fraction of the second to decide when it goes to the technology and to have to try not to make mistakes so i'm sure that was. a lot of communication for that
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decision with the referee with the referees inside of the room and that was the and that was a decision porter they gave three you from my side they beat row matthew one drag out going three four three in aggregate again a last minute penalty decision decided by bars again great drama and again great decision. is a clear penalty and these on sides and this is the kind of penalty that mean of ninety five. i don't think the referee would give it also because the position of the body of the defender and the attacker doesn't give the referee a complete view of the situations and in this moment the teams that are going to be qualified in this moment before that they're already qualified they have all of them twelve point five percent chances of winning the champions league. certainly you are in the group of twenty five percent chances of winning.
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when you look to but is there some real madrid to be contenders through in it they are already in a way liverpool by in munich one of them will be all sold out i think every team. including god is the tottenham and don't forget that. amongst the eight. big big chances for a big surprise this season of one team to two we need to at least one team to be to be in the final that nobody expects or why not bottom if the p.s.g. manager seemed to suggest that you know he felt his side should have won that given the domination they had in the game given all the possession the chance they had. it did seem like it science man united were hanging on but they won the game but i suppose again in different circumstances it could accomplish. if you compare. that
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match with real madrid match it looks like it is easier to see in the old dogs that deserved to win that match at the bend of el in spite of real had this couple of chances when you will do this one in paris you can go in the program at the qui and say football is not about football is about is about a result of my chest and i think i heard four shots during the ninety five minutes and then four shots course three balls. and piers you have. almost seventy percent or more position had the more than ten shots and they scored only one that's that's the prometric way of looking at it. in terms of players i was immediately thinking about that beach because i think he
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was he was in that amazing match but then. you know i did the victory. and putting together the two the two match days tuesday wednesday. and also because normally. when things go wrong. everybody goes into the reaction of the guilty manager let's say that i think independent of the performances. and manchester united because olds are phenomenal results and if the responsibility in the bed days is for the managers the responsibility of the good days is also for the managers so for me. from next and so square from manchester united. incredible incredible results so credit to credit to them i would say in relation to x.
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. by. the tacl perspective and also all by the mental expect of their game manchester not to go to the mental side of it's the self the self believe so for me very special days for these two men. but just changing the set now you will be standing up the next time i hear you play a bit football yourself not just a minute you have the playoffs not define a sign. how do you get on do you think if you think so i think so over so many balls and all that i don't know fifteen four pins on steroids are going to school. well positioned to come out of the building gov and i don't run much because all they are doing i've know my cube is nineteen and all of the other guys from me nineteen twenty four five so how would you describe yourself as a player of yesterday coming tonight. no i think you have
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a coach on the pitch you know organizing speaking the leading east but i didn't even you were in your stage of your career you know decent level you know i played . in the in the portuguese second division which is like the english friendship some of us were students and some of us even some guys that had they had some let's say part time jobs but it was a professional professional competition is the second division just below the portuguese. the portuguese primitive yeah i was. nineteen twenty but. i went to win the and. it was hard to be a better level than. you in that the same time when i finish uni and i see immediately tools. approaching so i was twenty five when i
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wrote my first job as a coach know about me very loving and very little play was played for years was was very very good. defenses or athletico madrid even a trailing to kneel after losing inspect hold and be surprised with the huge comeback from from a home team. gets to me. for one. i wouldn't be be surprised but on this the team can cope with. the pressure if a team. can defend a lead for team can control defensively the game lead to quiz is a good example of a team that can do bed so if i head if i had to choose i would still choose there
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are next one boy in liverpool that finished after the first leg i see by and in spite of. season i see them now all on on the up. with the morale of god will lose in consecutively and then recovering positions even in the book in this league and they see as a team that can score goals if i had to choose i wouldn't bet on poles but if i had two trees old old shoes by and ok right barcelona only on a million did well to get a goal of result from the first leg but i'm guessing you go for barcelona i have to first of all because if leon goes towards the world and gets a draw with goals or we in the game and not called barcelona in spite of the good team. and they can go with the same kind of mentality has the.
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man united the. i think would be like. in all the thunder in interview in football if one of the lawn these is the sort of big dream to be your god and that home will be. we're told a little i don't believe that messy and in these fellows are going to lose these opportunities so for me most of all the house doing ok and man city again shall care man city got three way goals in the first leg. is a. man city's a very good season. but on this the. so let me in the draws and you look even to the chimpanzee and their group phase and now all the tie against the sharks would see the beach. and they will get to port or in the quarter final.
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in moscow no more against spartak. is a match to have. the winter break. begin in russia the teams there have time to rest they have time to to buy to sell they have time to to have a proper pre-season in the. warmer weather those were the can come back for these remaining part of the season really strong in england i think of the whole much us are in that it is a crucial match for the top four the top four spurs chelsea. arsenal and manchester united are fighting for two for two positions and i think these are these match is the match of the weekend. and everybody speculates about where you're going next can you give us any hints now i'm going home. but but on.
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that's the gaunts i don't know. and all speculations are speculations. i never did that. and the protocol and situation and i'm not desperate to go to work at all. i'm studying i'm doing sings that but i cannot do when i'm walking i mean these moment on the side of of the cameras which is a good perspective for for me too i hope to be working in the in the summer i hope. to be. working happily in the next pre-season droon july but there is nothing i told will say i promise if one day there is unsing to say i really had to know.
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monsanto's around for cigarettes there carcinogenic money is the same thing as financially carcinogenic and you need to eradicate what's left by simply getting a lighter fluid throwing it in a big pile and starting on fire. resistance is a stick of water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the broom despond of the coca-cola company which sounds millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this
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waste to company has long promised to reuse the plastic. special projects funded. on the. fun no the mountains of moist only growth. is absolutely no doubt that pakistan has a such a crude proven track record off. limits on things so just should. we have not received any evidence then we all for joining. us to look for any kind we have more heard anything about. i was in los angeles. march of one thousand nine.
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hundred. and i could. guide me but just to savor all this scale. so she wouldn't do this. and as a result they were under. i could not plead guilty to everything that they accuse me of is now i said not guilty and outs mccoy i was convicted for conspiracy and i received twenty four year sentence there's a way in which you have to see the conspiracy law as a very important tool of law enforcement if the crime is selling drugs and some man in miami sells twenty kilos of cocaine to an undercover agent
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you want to ask who is the seller working board in colombia. who's going to keep the proceeds he's in the conspiracy even though he actually wasn't there when this sale took place he's a conspirator and so part of the goal of the conspiracy law is to make sure that the most senior level all of those in the criminal organization are justly punished the problem is when you flip it around and the lowest level people in the criminal organization get punished just like they are the key. and that's the big problem in the way in which the conspiracy laws are being applied. i know end up in federal prison in dublin california i realized that i would need to spend a lot of time in the law library and i needed to film from a wise man sound my case and everything that had gone wrong if you furthered the
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conspiracy one step you're guilty for everything in the conspiracy no matter when you entered the conspiracy it could have been on the last day. because i had collected some money on i technically was guilty of conspiracy was held responsible for everything that everybody else had done and my sentence my twenty four years was established based on the sum total of all the acts the thing that sandy had manufactured that's where my ears came from my ears did. things that came from three point seven million tablets of x. to say that he had manufactured puts me on the chart at this lab just twenty four years that's how a judge sentences you based on a chart the way the sentencing laws apply to conspiracy. being subject to
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being punished for all the conduct that everybody in the conspiracy has been involved in. so.

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