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i. was examined and saw a lot older than the lad i was ready to leave her offensive with a this is a full washout fifield on. the whole four cups. president was a little boy. their boys with their trouble but also do you understand that it all been a good boy either. to share my about once a month or so with the help of all that super had to sit. there for the laws as he wishes it only. uses simple be a short lived in the soon will not. do it that. solidly pull we. do it also that. how do you do without yourself. there's a question of the. knowledge so is she male is out there should. we can
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call. him to say good. should also hi to all be on that's a sure. thing. before the cell. phones are going to continue to. eat us off. this hour without drama and those as she may have fallen through who all sent us all going on both found it's a little sick. to refuse homeless shelter to come in just thirty hours or so goal without a bum without. a. good time to miss it. or somebody will someday about. oh.
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you sound good on a woman down your income and nobody you want. to tell you how about. how to go through. the whole. album how to say this out walk. shallum bobbish it's a whole hall and pull the thing from being larger hall which was a bit. sort of true for logicians will. so the handle shows are google it's awesome can't have the high when all you say about. position or how how can one of the ha ha done a little golf for you all with her if you know how little time car paul was ohana some kind of sign those were beaten to the final go go go handle. business leaders although you puzzled haul them out of the house you kaya handed the phone. to the asylum wheel yeah yeah did you say yes and yes and the radio is on the phone will
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pull the data how no one will come in they say yeah it's the asshole to the woman that was your opinion apollo don't you so you have a little woman. mail you says it will harm and that you will come in harder so that high class. always says a woman should have found a mention and there's a woman. magazine see the positive sign a positive sign you know positive sign the home of a fait accompli all you know we are joined by some of the god you're here to live in your symbol of the god at home with your people mean that there are somehow hopped. on the dogs or sat on a. book or a kind of hi yeah hey i hear. kyle mackay come up to me. put a condom in there if you want to. go.
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to work to swear to the pressure should go for. some and. the super bowl works for me. woman some motion conditions that you mentioned usually don't do that you mention. the you trip you drew so part you should give you a beer run you show. me to see you back this is where they eat there. i passed. you was made to leave the classroom and is sitting in the gym waiting for lunch she
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should be practicing but doesn't really want to. watch a film. long haul sound. or the shadows as close as. the shell was shot off so i'm going to see i'm still falling. on my shoulders a lot to. lunch time. and everybody is given the same food a meal of vegetables bread rice and chicken everything is tightly shut jools. everybody knows john she's even given an extra helping for lunch.
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mailings. if we. can drill a larger show in one town's ooc you. know we'll look more xango they're now back killed by a mad cow died out of the going to the shadows glad my dad can flush out. your orders are you dying to go sell it on. shantanu china joe question obviously you
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ought. to go. back. to the. show. both those highs of high and. low on the. turn then call close yet what. have i. found for. those without a balloon close up when you are in for lucilla oh sure fall flows all the war so what heide to. fall now or joke and when those that follow. so how long would those who built the. stars.
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oh. oh oh. oh. oh oh. oh oh oh. built. a tiger how do you know. the job or how you managed to pull one on my arm for food when i was like. yeah like you think you should when i was done you they got a job that i shall not archive in the house you want. them to.
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oh. yeah oh what. you going to practice she said she didn't feel. the coach is giving all of his students a hard time but while everybody else is training you'll rest. will tell you. all to be. no. you got caught. now i shall have some clue about.
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my english a five year low. i laugh. quite fast when that sense. of. ok. i'll. jones decided to help
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a group of junior girls prepare for the coming exam. with india has families and also she only got attention back on how to enjoy these and also mailers that you don't find on shows you know the miller and guys who don't go . look something that you simply see all things you do to them see other than follow some notion listen to them because the. images it just cuts it sounded to me a funky floyd. little studio show that home assured to you go without those are good for you ha ha.
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back skies are financial survival guide stacy let's learn about feel out let's say i'm not so i get. on grease the fight well street spot thank you for helping. destroy that's right. that's slavery. this is a sticker from a water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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on the disease. but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. the.
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six am john returns from morning practice she has a busy day ahead she must watch a letter to her mother and help the junior girls group prepare for tomorrow's. i'm sure those who say. he wishes he. lies show with. tommy. joe de emotional trauma how is she here. would you the like. our share. can you shoot now that is. weekends in there just as you build a. business. that was only about.
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my. son came home coming tom with hope. and mama socialism you can hit it like it's the abaya of the day and ninety have been called by the guy she didn't seem to count because it's. all i can call my mind and good to have a dad and don't push it out over. a month or so having to tell her but says to do this as well and in the way it's go show. five to five halfway along our map that you. can cash will. build from the council. a little money.
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to spare and stay at the school but no one came to visit. the. gong is quite upset and asked if she could borrow a fund to cool him of. her. kids. or a mom or. his. mom or mongolia and similar because the last. so. how.
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have. you. how all this hop oh who. was the man. he. helped pull. with you has it like any other school girls john and her friends like nothing more than to get together in the gossip. well given what you did to home she's telling them about her training sessions with the junior girls with the food and i didn't hold her little sure sure you were missing on who ends up. on.
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this evening off to classes prepare for tomorrow's exam. personal belongings out encouraged only one tablet is allowed for every five pupils other students are practicing for the coming graduation party garlock onset it's.
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just a bundle. of them up some up some time. oh yeah i was out. for half. that off the block you're only out for your defense what you're from your job body it. tells us it. not so much and as a. joke . the oxygen. so i want to train you then do it along the way to the pool so there . was some milo's of the. day on the new issue of which high density to fall when. money was once over pushed her into this hole went off you'll forward your turn
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small so the mom says cool now you got some more diane. will you wait up how be you want us all to call you how shall. i was in the. u.k. . when he had said i was getting near the dock. so common culture followed it. several junior groups attended our exam day. jones come to watch. it. you.
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know. and i knew. what i. know what i heard on lucy the shell. i put up. as you know. us i am what i was a. lot of. fear. and us on the on what you miss out. on your
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mail. i will say look over the levee. boards with us here this is old ladies out today you. see a boy to shit all day i feel for gold home. so that. he will. soon have to download. the whole you know what some are charging the most on. google on the. million hot one hundred pounds a hot mom. who shared. a home the most unbelievable.
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after lengthy negotiations with the school board joan was allowed to come with us to the show and temple she'll soon have a choice to make. to continue our training at the school pool go back home to.
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walsh. can be. called i love love. she met. on the little song. playing goal hi-lo that. to sing tongue. really.
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fun. i want to. believe. it's true blood on the leak. you. know what you don't want you to the who seen me. all. there was so much hungry shit with me i'm back. back.
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it's. my son doing drugs my nephew this was too many drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abusers started going after the users in the prison population more we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless number of people who are in prison for.
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certain sins for being a minor minor offenders in the drug trade and so. watching your children grow up in miss you in waves in saved by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the pope the pope different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw why not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you think i was going to. by the way what is it that slide here.
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thank you. for your. original focus on it become a form of fear and i still think i want to. justify. something awful because it was stupid feel ok sign yet more gentle for a while for you if i think you know how to save us issue because you want to go there for your thoughts get on thing now nothing wrong i'm not sure that in a way out of your fucking head so what if i don't want to feel open tonight will be so. kind. of.
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islamic state fighters abandon their last stronghold in syria yielding to advancing syrian democratic forces but a top u.s. general says the fight is. despite donald trump repeated claims to the contrary. new claims that the crisis is past its worst are dismissed by hungary which warns the block could be on the brink of breaking up. the split in the us democratic party deepens after a disagreement on a resolution condemning anti-semitism and anti muslim discrimination. so we come together and hopefully asshole there's a hammock in doing so.
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