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tv   News  RT  March 8, 2019 2:00am-2:30am EST

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islamic state fighters abandoned last stronghold in syria yielding to advancing syrian democratic forces but a top u.s. general says the fight is far from over despite donald trump's repeated claims to the contrary. claims that the migrant crisis is past its worst are dismissed by hungary which warns the block could be on the brink of breaking up. on the streets of the us democratic party deepens after disagreements on a resolution condemning anti-semitism and anti muslim discrimination. so we come together the day hopefully asshole is the hand to condemn. bigotry racism how many pages does it take to side in the evil evil is evil.
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good morning from moscow this friday the eighth of march international women's day we're watching aussie international six hundred so obviously mixtape fight is all surrendering to u.s. backed forces in the syrian village of the last eisel held area near the iraqi border in addition to the jihadists who surrendered there also women and children at the scene some of them are wives of the ice and fighters and they still believe this is not the end of the caliphate. in the village of booze has been a focal point for the syrian democratic forces for several weeks despite donald trump repeatedly declaring victory over the top u.s. general says the fight is. from over more on that for me to trying to. have
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a look at but who's right there near the border with iraq we didn't really hear about it in the course of syria's civil war misery now's the time it is really being called the last remaining eyelet of territory in syria about to be stormed by u.s. backed kurdish troops we expect a fierce battle later at the end of the civilian evacuation given the will remain in bank whose older ones brimming with jihadi ideology and the ones who is not an option indeed we've seen crowds of escaping civilians and even jihad as who did choose to surrender the current say they want to make sure all innocent people make it out of the goos before the guns go off but the main still be trapped in there either not able or not keen to escape just a short while ago though donald trump was bragging about his army and allies
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crushing islamic state completely we just took over you know you kept hearing it was ninety percent ninety two percent the caliphate in syria now it's one hundred percent we just took over ever since then however we've kept hearing absolutely different takes from those who are actually responsible for what's happening on the ground the head of u.s. central command is sure i still hasn't surrendered he's confident it's not been defeated instead the terrorists after some tactical thinking have chosen to lay low and wait for the right time to make a comeback reduction of the physical caliphate is a monumental military accomplishment but the fight against isis and violent extremism is far from over we have won against isis now we've won and at least for now president trumps proud announcement that the american. soldiers were pulling
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out makes less sense the pullout would have definitely scored mr trump some valuable political points but nothing seems to be certain here especially with this big goose thorn in the side you could in that vacuum see a resurgence of isis see a resurgence in our rooms and will come back if we have to anyway whatever happens next depends on what ignites in this small but vital strip of land known as booze the middle east studies professor joshua landis believes the fight against islamic state is likely to suffer the setbacks. well as general votel testified in congress recently and just today he said that. yes this is the end of the territorial state which is very important but it is not by any means the end devices there are a lot of fighters that have gone to ground and that have formed we believe that farms sleeper cells which are going to activate in the you know edge at some future
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date trying to later clarify that this is the territorial state and that's why he's reversed his opinion on u.s. troops remaining in syria you know there's a there's a hundred ways to count troops and that may not include a lot of the regular soldiers perhaps special forces obviously advisers diplomats and an aid organization so there's likely to be a lot more americans there there's going to still be a lot of isis trouble and we're seeing bomb attacks being carried out in iraq on a weekly basis and there have been isis attacks in northern syria as well so i says is far from over and. whatever claims about this the president is making are misleading. he was officials are claiming the migration crisis on the continent has passed its worst days all but over but not all agree to hungary and prime minister
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says the bloc could break up if it continues to impose pro immigration policies his peter all of it. great news from the european commission this week the migrant crisis is over over the past four years the e.u. has made significant progress with tangible results in addressing the challenge of migration europe is no longer experiencing the migration crisis we lived through in twenty fifteen but structural problems remain it's a statement that's black still by think is from the u.n. refugee agency that show that one hundred twenty thousand people tried to cross the mediterranean last. that is down almost ninety percent from the high in twenty fifteen but that doesn't mean that everything is sorted though crime statistics across europe show migrants are overrepresented in many countries the italian interior ministry say that while foreigners in the country represent only eight percent of the population they make up over thirty percent of suspects in criminal
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cases if you have a job and my colleagues jobs are to ensure security and it can be provided without supporting the smugglers and n.g.o.s that are accomplices to these criminals but by supporting those who actually check the borders here in berlin three quarters of those in pretrial detention came from outside of germany while in norway a journalistic investigation revealed to out of three people convicted of a violent crime were migrants those that work closely with refugees and migrants say it's no surprise that they feature so prominently in crime figures the armor vulnerable they have experienced more trauma some of them come from violent cultures and they take it with that among those against the e.u. commission statement on garion prime minister viktor orban has been the most vocal that migration increases crimes especially criminal acts against women and introduces the virus of terrorism in our midst but we cannot get stuck in our fears
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we have to understand that the european peoples have come to a historic crossroad us his government has launched an information campaign criticizing what he sees as brussels plan to encourage immigration that everyone has the right to know the proposals that fundamentally and being hungry security in his mind. claims are dismissed as pure politics by the e.u. commission he says he's trying to create a baseless narrative of a shadowy constant received the commission has. being in the government. that's the truth and. to paint a dark picture off a secret. to drive more migration to europe so what the europeans think about claims the migrant crisis is over. i don't think it's over
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now not over people are still coming to us. europe. probably would want some deny any of the things the quality of the country. it has been worse but. it isn't fixed that's not i don't think it's over and i don't think it will be over for a while we took a lot of people in only if you have work training or education and i think they should be integrated into society better while european chiefs may be claiming the refugee crisis is no longer a problem at the border. believe because the problems are already here peter all of . a split in the us democratic party deepens the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution condemning hate and intolerance including anti-semitism and the muslim discrimination it was drafted and put to the vote after the democratic representative was accused of being anti-semitic for criticizing the israeli
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government. just don't know. how many how many pages does it take. in the evil evil is evil we must reject all forms of bigotry and prejudice directed at any. of our fellow human beings so we come together today hopefully asshole is there. bigotry racism every time that anti-semitism rears its ugly head we need to stop it although the resolution was passed the process of drafting the text with disagreements between party members and is not the only issue the democrats have been quarreling about digs deeper into the divide. top democrats in congress have spent the last week drafting a resolution condemning what they consider to be bigotry and offensive speech and it's not from trump or republicans it's from fellow democrat ilana omar the
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freshman congresswoman she talked about the israel lobby and they say that is offensive to jews i want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is ok for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country some democrats are demanding an apology for a comment they say represented blatant anti semitism i am saddened that representative o'mara continues to mischaracterize to perjury israel i urge you to retract the statement and engage in fruity dialogue with me on why these comments are so hurtful edition only questioning support for the us israel relationship is unacceptable so the democrats had their resolution it was all set they were ready to put it to a vote but then they had a big problem because people from their own party came out swinging against it i'm curious if representative vargas will further explain his stance here that it's unacceptable to even question u.s. foreign policy some democrats through willing to compromise and added language to
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the resolution condemning islamophobia as well as anti semitism what congresswoman omar said i thought was wrong and hurtful but i also want to say that what happened linking all muslims to the terrorist attack was wrong and hurtful if you look through everything that she has said it makes no references to jews or jewish individuals to the jewish people namely because there are jewish she added. to the netanyahu government is an indication that indeed deep state if you will this traditional democratic party structure is still in place is still strong enough and the divide is getting deeper at this point the hard left democrats are rallying around the green new deal this is a resolution that would completely revamp america's transportation system reorient the energy markets and build lots of infrastructure at first nancy pelosi had quite
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a few questions about it. the green dream or whatever they call it nobody knows what it is but therefore it's right it will be one of several many many suggestions that we receive that republicans were ready to put the green new deal up for a vote but then democrats got fired up they're bringing a resolution forward so they can vote against it. this cheap cynical ploy evidently represents the sum total of senate republicans leadership on the vital issue of climate change the same goes for impeachment the democratic socialists want trump ousted right away when your socialist it seems is home alone if you want beliefs don't wait and see things also because we're going to go in there really is some of them. but the top dog democrats say they should cool their heels before you impeach somebody you have to persuade the american public that it ought to to happen you have to persuade enough of the opposite of the opposition party voters
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sort of trump voters this fight didn't begin in twenty nine team back during the twenty sixteen democratic primary rank and file leftists felt as if the nomination had been robbed from them and later wiki leaks confirmed that it was indeed a rigged against them and they didn't forget about it either. the video from last night really shows the passion that these bernie sanders supporters have any anger that they have they feel like they are being shut out. thank you. the change that is happening in the democratic party is something that started with the recent elections the roads in amman and brut others young
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progress the are pushing for new ideas i think that is a sign to who that perhaps more popular involvement in the project could shift within the increasingly challenge the traditional elites of the democrats and twenty sixteen tromp swept in and took the republican party in a new. populist direction and it's pretty clear that the democratic socialist wing wants to take the democratic party in a new direction as well but there are some pretty solid and entrenched leaders who are determined to stop the. kaleb open though of internal conflict isn't the only control is he connected with the party the democrats are refusing to allow the conservative fox news channel to host any of its debate during the twenty twenty presidential election campaign donald trump's threatening to do the same with pro-democratic channels although we haven't specified which ones. recent reporting in the new york only inappropriate related network is not in a position to host
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a fair and neutral debate for our candidates for fox news will not serve as a media partner for the twenty twenty democratic primary debates democrats just block fox news from holding a debate good then i think we'll do the same thing with the freak news networks and the rather cool if democrats in the general election debates eliot and i don't think their decision to boycott fox news the democrats cited a report in the new yorker magazine describing the close relationship between the channel and the trump of ministration it says that the network has turned into trump's propaganda machine the article points out the various fox news pundits are now working for the trump of ministration they include former fox co president bill shine who is now the white house communications director it also claims citing sources the trump was given advance notice of a primary debate question with the help of the now deceased former head of fox news roger ailes although the leak of a debate question on the other side of the political spectrum in twenty sixteen was
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actually confirmed former c.n.n. commentator donna brazil admitted that she used her position to give a heads up to hillary clinton on the questions of a c.n.n. host a debate in twenty six states she was working as a party chairwoman at that time political commentator steve malzberg sees the democrats' response as hypocritical. you know how many members of the obama administration are now staffing the positions at c.n.n. and m.s.n. b.c. and n.b.c. and c.b.s. and a.b.c. the whole thing is just of seen and ridiculous in the tank they all are the opposition to donald trump they're not fair and balanced this is just more dementia if you will or trumped arrangement syndrome whatever you want to call it they hate trumps so much so you know how we're going to take it from fox news fox news is the epitome and the body image of all that's evil in the world i think one way or another see it motivates their base and they were just looking for some excuse to pull off of fox and then they came up with an excuse ok thanks for checking in with
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l.t. this hour the white house is aging italy not to join beijing's belton road infrastructure project and that's causing a strong reaction from china and it's among all stories still ahead. the. country has gone into a nihilistic fever. i think and he's gonna hit the road and get on the travelling across america by what makes america take the charlatans the g.'s force the south american hero this is a weak point from which elements guns the only star on the range a simple. gun culture course.
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we're starting last with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast and i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more gonzo than this maybe completely different than the mr. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i was speaking to a guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see them. again china's defended growing partnership with italy after criticism from the united project. we view belts and road initiatives as a made by china for china and initiative we're skeptical the italian government's indorsement will bring any sustained economic benefits to the italian people and it
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may end up harming italy's global reputation in the long run this position taken by the u.s. side is lawful as a major country italy knows exactly what policies of its own interests and it can make its decisions independently rome is expected to sign up to the initiative when chinese president xi jinping visits at the end of the month at least coalition government is talking up the benefit. one way for us to increase trade values is to first increase investment this is done by these memorandums one belts one road it is a very fertile area for investment china's belt and road initiatives the global trade and infrastructure project proposed five years ago it will link china to europe asia and africa with roads railways and ports but the u.s. and some other western powers have expressed security concerns over the project and questioned china's motives so if you are just a teeny believes italy has much to gain from the initiative. is
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a little quiet it's. not as if they are thinking of that it will be surprises to act in this particular not as in the frankly. i mean not a would even be. telling us what we have to do at all we are acting for the poor the benefit also for the benefit of them and america i think would be a great the. point that you would be lethal as intimate if they were. both things and both of us. see and they are always been there for you there will be a new link between the same great continent over your way and i don't see any potential damage. on this for us and. for young people in the u.k. taking a trip across the pond is becoming less of an attraction with many blaming donald
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trump for making the united states uncool reporting from london. that transatlantic road trip they used to be most students dream holiday things like route sixty six or recreating the journeys of the beatniks from old the road or feminist fugitives like louis s. but according to the u.k.'s biggest youth travel operator the kids of today no longer consider the us a cool destination backpacking trips and holidays over to america are down twenty three percent from the start of the year and the travel operators are blaming it on something called the trump slump they say that socially conscious millennial is an generation's ias a shining america because their perch off by none other than the president himself would you shun would you shun a trip to the u.s. because of trouble yeah i can understand why people think so would you very sure
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merican holiday would it be kind of top of your list of where you want to go not the top of a line on him i don't know she's never really appealed to me and especially with all the poses going on and so it's not like there's a no you prefer to go some are a bit more. culturally appropriate. would you want to go to america or just donald trump but you have no personally so you're not bothered no i'll go america which you. do you go to trip you have the opportunity to go to america you still go you know like i wouldn't care but don't try to i don't like what he does but like i like to go but it's probably not to my lists for me just so we moneywise maybe i'd like to try but i think i think going for a holiday those very different going over that's live all i see is migration and everything and so i really got to choose to live i think the best thing going on is quite intense and i think i want to but then again you know the whole thing is like bricks and stuff so you know it's already great i mean really that bastion of hard
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over here to say. you know coming to. because of political situations that really should have an impact on. america's growth i don't know about in denver colorado or where we're from but i can tell you i don't like don't very much if you aren't from the us would you go to the u.s. on holiday probably not really well i don't know. i probably just want to stay here where where i know what's going on where there's no chaos whatsoever and it's still very very calm on advertising if. you don't come to america it. has been an amazing couple of days in football's champions league hold israel madrid crashed out on change day well wednesday saw porto manchester united go through to the quarterfinals all three teams have been managed by chose a marine you know who's back on r t with a new series on the touchline here's a quick glimpse behind the scenes. i hear you play a bit football yourself not just among those of us not enough on
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a son. how did you get on do you think so if you think so i think so. you know what positions you play in the position of. how would you describe yourself as a player and. coach on the pitch you know organizing speaking the. plain simple and left the. show all over the writhing. on the touchline which probably had yesterday if you missed it you can catch up if you had to. channel and such on the touchline you'll find episode one thread right that's your news for now your next addition for me is it.
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can socialism bring about a radian future a growing number of voters seem to think so which of these voters and some members of congress mean by socialism free stuff for all to see controlling the means of production order. why are so many falling out of love with councillors. in a world of big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. an economic new deal is it a winning platform for demick. that's in two thousand and twenty president obama.
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welcome to politicking i mean holmes in for larry king china is suffering an economic slowdown and its number two leader warns that the country faces a tough struggle so what are the implications for the u.s. economy and does this mean donald trump's china policies are winning and the green new deal there's been lots of talk about it and the g.o.p. is already using it to scare voters ahead of the two thousand and twenty election but what is it and can the democratic party win with it as a platform we begin with these as i'm joined by chris lew former deputy secretary of labor during the obama administration he's now a senior fellow at the university of virginia miller center and he joins us in washington d.c. chris thank you so much for joining us my pleasure amy great so let's start with china and the chinese economy china is suffering an economic slowdown and its number two leader warns the country faces
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a tough struggle so chris i want to ask you what are the implications for the u.s. economy well look we live increasingly in a global economy right now and what happens in china and frankly what happens in europe affects what's happened united states we've seen a slowdown in the u.s. economy in the fourth quarter and many economists believe that role will continue slow in twenty nineteen so i think it certainly behooves both countries the united states and china they're based on serious issues regarding obviously the tariffs that the president has imposed as walls of intellectual property rights opening up of markets and so i know that the economic slowdown will certainly probably i hasten china looking for the deal but they're not going to do that unless it's in their own interest so you think that this slowdown does give president trump more leverage to get these concessions out of the chinese guy. well look i think on the domestic side as well you see increasingly farmer suffering losses here in the
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united states the trade deficit figures came out in the united states this week it's the highest on record which is notable since the president said this was an issue that he would solve if elected president so i think frankly both president xi and president trump both face domestic pressures to try to resolve these differences so chris are you optimistic about this summit the date that's being tossed around reported by the wall street journal is march twenty seventh just in a couple of weeks that president xi will join president trump mara lago are you optimistic that they'll be able to come to a deal or may we see another repeat of north korea and things falling apart while i look i hopefully i hope it gets resolved i'm not incredibly optimistic these negotiations have gone in fits and starts and we've had many indications false indications that they were close to
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a deal so i think with any of these kinds of complicated trade deals really the devil is in the details and these are issues that really have vexed both countries for not for not just the last couple of years for really for decades oh.


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