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u.s. army whistleblower chelsea manning is back in jail after refusing to testify to a grand jury and a case against with. as well as opposition leader blames president but girl for an ongoing power blackout in the country while the government points the finger at washington. and the figures that show young britons are turning their backs on america for their holidays we find out what could be putting them all. into some my people and then it's like the guy is probably not to. go somewhere.
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broadcasting live direct from our studios most of this is our two international i'm john thomas glad to have you with us. our u.s. army whistleblower chelsea manning has been taken into custody that is after she refused to testify in front of a grand jury in a case against the weak you leaks founder julian assange here is how her lawyer described the situation. judge hilton did find her in contempt of court this is an appealable order certainly a typical for this kind of proceeding u.s. army whistleblower chelsea manning is once again locked up we understand that chelsea manning was called to testify before the grand jury it was a closed proceeding it's been widely reported that it was related to wiki leaks however chelsea manning says she did not know what it was in regards to chelsea manning has refused to testify and has been sent to jail. manning's lawyers had
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actually requested that she be put on a home consignment essentially in house arrest rather than being taken to jail because of her medical needs now ever the judge apparently came forward and said that actually u.s. marshals could indeed handle her medical needs and that she would be locked up so at this point we understand that chelsea manning has been taken into custody for refusing to testify and now manning was aware that this was a possibility and actually spoke up prior to today's events saying that she was willing to go to jail in order to not be forced to testify and she feels that the grand jury process actually favors the government have a history of having to deal with secrecy and a lot of these secret proceedings that they they tend to favor the government they tend to allow things their nefarious goings on to happen so i am just i am in general opposition of that kind of of this kind of proceeding taking place but believe in the grand jury process i don't believe in the sick the secrecy of this i
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have no problem explaining what happened and i've done it before why we should go through this in a secret closed hearing with only the prosecutor no lawyer viewers will recall that back in two thousand and ten chelsea manning was convicted of handing over u.s. army material to wiki leaks she made public a number of u.s. army classified material documents that then were published by the anti-secrecy website known as wiki leaks after her sentence she spent seven years locked up before ultimately having her sentence commuted by barack obama in twenty seventeen now it's important to know what exactly chelsea manning has handed over to wiki leaks the material she handed over related to atrocities being committed by u.s. soldiers including laughing as they gunned down civilians from a helicopter as well as torture and other details we're going to quickly review some of what chelsea manning brought into the public light but i will warn viewers some of this material can be rather disturbing.
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it's been reported at this point that chelsea manning could remain in custody until the grand jury finishes its proceedings or until she willingly testifies now at this point we also understand that chelsea manning is facing a charge of contempt of court and that is a new criminal charge for which she could receive an additional sentence if convicted. him and rights campaigner peter tatchell gave us his views on the story what does the u.s. government introduce a system have to hide why can't they conduct these hearings and these charges in open court in this case it's all being done in secret which flies against the and i
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think chelsea manning is quite right to shine a spotlight on the secrecy of the grand jury system and the way in which is weighted towards the prosecution and against defendants during a silence himself has been subject to secret grand jury hearings since two thousand and ten he's never been allowed to know the charges against him or the evidence he's not being given any kind of information whatsoever and again this is completely contrary to the basic fundamental principle of justice that it should be open transparent and accountable. the venezuelan foreign ministry has accused the united states of orchestrating and celebrating an ongoing power outage in the south american country well in venezuela people calmly handle the consequences of electrical sabotage and the workers. leg work tirelessly the
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entourage of donald trump was celebrating and enjoying with guilty perversion the suffering of the venezuelan people a few weeks ago the missouri regime blamed it on his for causing large election grid blackout we have now received the first video of what caused tonight's unprecedented nationwide blackout in venezuela where there is poses bring nothing but darkness power stations across the country shut down during the thursday evening rush hour bringing public transport to a standstill these are the latest pictures from both of our international airport in caracas where all flights have been the suspended opposition leader says the material government is to blame while venezuela's defense ministry has called the outage an act of sabotage by the u.s. . after all we have seen after the statements from the spokespersons of the north american them and those who support them no one can discern the this is a random event it is an attack on our beings. it cannot be normal that fifty
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percent of the hospitals do not have electric generators and the other fifty percent barely able to operate during an emergency the government is inefficient and corrupt and we know that the end of darkness comes when the zirp is leave power in venezuela well meanwhile the u.s. special envoy to venezuela has said that countries could be sanctioned for refusing to recognize the country's opposition leader go as interim president. also threatened new measures against president nicolas maduro. we're losing sanctions and diplomatic action and to pressure the moorer regime hopeful that other countries will use these and other tools at their disposal to. you know it's always it's out there it's always a possibility we have not done it yet. and i wouldn't want to speculate as to whether the real or what would lead us to make that additional decision. on the
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battle over the venezuelan presidency which has dragged on since january appears stuck in a stalemate president nicolas maduro is still in power and it seems washington has no back up plan to force him out as you go to explain. the u.s. is back to square one on venezuela and an ambiguous confession by vice president pence how much longer do you have a timeline but there's no timeline now rewind just a little over a month ago and here's mike pence the same mike pence announcing venezuela was on washington's laundry list in spanish. i'm mike pence the vice president of the united states the united states supports the courageous decision by one god or the president of your national assembly to assert that body's constitutional powers declare madeira or your syrup or and call for the establishment of a transitional government that was the moment washington put itself into regime
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change gear since then the us heavily invested itself in the crisis so how did it come to this a thinly veiled admission of failure after all it looked so bright at the start in me a week's washington projected a no name mob cheerleader into the international frame one why dole became the poster boy of the social upheaval has his presidential ambition was quickly backed by america's allies brazil has just issued a note recognizing one we're going to go as venezuela's president one way door one . door one way do so in europe where you go you know. since then though america's plans started to go into a frantic nosedive my duro wasn't going anywhere hadn't still has the army on his side and his supporters showed the opposition didn't own the streets of caracas then a big ruckus with aid the u.s.
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tried getting into venezuela and which material didn't allow concerned washington was using its old trick to smuggle guns to arm the mob which clearly showed just who's still boss in venezuela the scandal and the brawling on the border eventually did absolutely nothing to move america's regime change train forward everything the u.s. brings to the border piles up there why do so is a post a president with no real power in the country he himself is shuttling to and from venezuela with little effect washington seems to have resist. the temptation to go for the favorite tactic of sending a few thousand soldiers to a school or to the undesirable leader out of office at least for now and when confronted with the what's next question resorts to the same boilerplate platitude over and over again for the day all options are on the table all options are on the
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table all options are on the table which all things considered sounds more like no options are on the table and actually things didn't go much further than ola in the first place where there has been unable to deliver on his promise to allow humanitarian aid in the military has not left the side of president maduro they continue to support him and wedo is looking like a shrinking power in an expanding one so this crusade to a failed unfortunate means the united states will try other attempts are not going to give up as the us talks about toward militarism colombia saying no brazil saying no european governments are saying no people do not want to see that kind of escalation its coalition is for a way those and so the united states is really in a small box that shrinking. washington has said that it will not use force to deliver humanitarian aid to venezuela although another batch of u.s.
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aid has arrived at the colombian venezuelan border in defiance of an official ban subsequent leader who has promised to get the supplies into the country but president maduro is refusing to allow u.s. aid calling it a trojan horse and a pretext for an intervention he is though accepting help from the red cross and the united nations we asked walter caught from the red cross about the agency's work in venezuela. situation it was really. big demand all this war and you have. to secure relation we are working in the last more than two years there we did any if it isn't going to lead and we do the communities in going to let you know what your vote. and the road going to be the more john you monitored by now or the lack of resources that we.
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need to have more engine i will be in the. bars are all and it is like i ask for the laws we are there to separate the human beings regardless any. and yet if you look. there are you know where all of that is that is. serving the people that it's over in that we respond to our service. by working with other actors in our. lives on improving the security of. islamic state last stronghold in syria appears on the verge of falling hundreds of its fighters in the village of bugaboos near the iraqi border surrendered this week to u.s. backed forces and many women and children have also fled the village some of them are the why. of the ice of fighters however they even selves still do not believe it spells the death of the caliphate.
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despite donald trump repeatedly declaring a final victory over eiseley top u.s. general says the fighting is still far from over comments have a look at but who's right there near the border with iraq we didn't really hear about it in the course of syria's civil war misery now's the time it is really being called the last remaining eyelet of territory in syria about to be stormed by u.s. backed kurdish troops we expect a fierce battle later at the end of the civilian evacuation given that will remain in bank who's all the ones brimming with the few jihadi ideology and the ones for whom is not an option indeed we've seen crowds of escaping civilians and
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even jihad as who did choose to surrender the current say they want to make sure all innocent people make it out of the goos before the guns go off but the aus and main still be trapped in there either not able or not keen to escape just a short while ago though donald trump was bragging about his army and allies crushing islamic state completely we just took over you know you kept hearing it was ninety percent ninety two percent the caliphate in syria now it's one hundred percent we just took over ever since then however we've kept hearing absolutely different takes from those who are actually responsible for what's happening on the ground the head of u.s. central command is sure i still hasn't surrendered he's confident it's not been defeated instead the terrorists after some. tactical thinking have chosen to lay low and wait for the right time to make
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a comeback reduction of the physical caliphate is a monumental military accomplishment but the fight against isis and violent extremism is far from over we have won a good study says now we've won and at least for now president trumps proud announcement that the american soldiers were pulling out makes less and less sense the pullout would have definitely scored mr trump some valuable political points but nothing seems to be certain here especially with this big goof thorn in the side you could in that vacuum see a resurgence of isis see a resurgent you know they're going out we'll come back if we have to anyway whatever happens next depends on what ignites in this small but vital strip of land known as booze middle east studies professor joshua landis believes that further setbacks lie ahead in the battle to defeat ice. well as general votel testified in congress recently and he said that. yes this is the end of the
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territorial state which is very important but it's not by any means the end devices there are a lot of fighters that have gone to ground and that have farms we believe that farms sleeper cells which are going to activate in the you know and at some future date trying to later clarify that this is the territorial state and that's why he's reversed his opinion on u.s. troops remaining in syria you know there's a there's one hundred ways to count troops and that may not include a lot of the regular soldiers perhaps national forces obviously advisers diplomats and an aid organization so there's likely to be a lot more americans there there's going to still be a lot of isis trouble and we're seeing bomb attacks being carried out in iraq on a weekly basis and there have been isis attacks in northern syria as well so isis is far from over and. whatever claims about this the president is making are
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misleading. the media commentator in the u.s. has suggested that russia could try to assassinate palm and afford the jailed former campaign manager for donald trump and miss n.b.c.'s malcolm nance made that claim in a tweet. not a full may be headed to a white code jail but that just means russia can move easily condition can him. that was after metaphor it was sentenced to four years in prison for tax and bank fraud he was originally indicted in the trouble russia probe but during thursday's sentencing judge stressed that metaphor was not before the court for anything having to do with coding with the russian government political analyst alexandra bruno believes the us media has a vested interest in keeping the russian collusion story going. manifold scandals have nothing to do with russia so i really don't see why anyone in the russian
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government or secret service should be concerned with what he has to say and he's been convicted on tax evasion and he's been proved left right and center there and also it doesn't surprise me that it's m s n b c one of the most russian gate if not the most russia gate prone network of them all they've probably made millions in advertising because of russia gate and they're not going to let this go to c.n.n. as well in fact i think russia gate has been the gift that keeps on giving to us media so they're going to keep pushing this notion in every single source possible . young britons are visiting the u.s. in decreasing numbers but is it down to the strong dollar economic troubles at home or perhaps something else that is pollitt waco take a look. that transatlantic road trip they used to be most students dream holiday
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things like route sixty six or recreating the journeys of the beatniks from only the road or feminist fugitives like bella and louis s. but according to the u.k.'s biggest youth travel operator the kids of today no longer consider the us a cool destination backpacking trips and holidays over to america are down twenty three percent from the start of the year and the travel operators are blaming it on something poles and generations ias are shunning america because their perch off by none other than the president himself would you shun would you shun a trip to the u.s. because of trouble yeah i can understand why people make sense would you there's a record holiday would it be kind of top of your list of where you want to go not the top of a line on him i don't know she's never really appealed to me and especially with all the poses going on and so it's not like there's a no you prefer to go some are a bit more. culturally appropriate. would you want to go to america or just donald
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trump but you have no personally so you're not bothered i'll go america which you. do you go to trip you have the opportunity to go to america you still go you know like i wouldn't care but don't try to i don't like what he does but like i like to go but it's probably not to my lists for me just so we moneywise maybe i'd like to try but i think i think going for a holiday those very different going over that's live all i see is migration and everything and so i really got to choose to live i think with everything going on is quite intense and i had a bastion of hard even here to say. you're not coming to the u.k. because of political situations that really should have an impact on people choosing the hold of this nation so it's still still travel. i don't know about in denver colorado or where we're from but i can tell you i don't
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like don't very much if you went from the us would you go to the us on holiday probably not really why don't. i probably just want to stay here where where i know what's going on where there's no chaos whatsoever and it's still very very calm on advertising if. you don't come to america. for. a palestinian teenager has been shot and killed by an israeli soldier during the latest clashes on the border dozens more protestors were injured including four medics according to the palestinian health ministry israeli military says soldiers opened fire in response to rioters hurling rocks and explosives crowds have been gathering at the gaza israel border fence every friday for the past year the so-called great march of return is really cuse is the militant group hamas of using the rallies as a means of breaching the frontier. italian
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prime minister has confirmed rome is likely to sign a framework agreement with china on the belt and belt and road initiative calling it an opportunity for the country with all the necessary precautions it's an easy access into a new silk route represents an opportunity for a country the coming meeting with the chinese president will be an opportunity to sign the framework agreement it won't mean that the next days will be forced to do anything it will allow us to enter into this project and have dialogue the belton road initiative has been criticized by the u.s. washington has urged italy not to join the project. we view belts and road initiatives as a made by china for china and initiative we're skeptical the italian government's indorsement will bring any sustained economic benefits to the italian people and it may end up harming italy's global reputation in the long run this position taken by the us side is lawful as a major country italy knows exactly what policies of its own interests and it can
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make its decisions independently belton road initiative spans three continents from east asia to europe and africa it is designed to connect nearly two thirds of the world's population by linking key cities through roads railways and ports beijing has pledged one trillion dollars in infrastructure development over the course of the next decade however the u.s. has expressed security concerns and questioned china's motives sociologist paolo bernardine believes italy has much to gain from taking part. i was going on last night as they are thinking about this if these guys do act in this particular not as in going to frankly. i mean not the celestial nobody would be. telling us what we have to do it is acting for the poor the benefit also for the benefit within them and america i think would be a great the. point that you would be really leading the lives in that many if there
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were any. well that's pretty paul's the both of them in stand by we'll. see and they are always. well you know would be and you really mean it's a great job you know me and i don't see any potential damage. on the sponsors and. turkish riot place have used to tear gas against thousands of people who joined an international women's day march in central istanbul despite a police ban officers also scuffled with the women driving them back from the street and the authorities had banned all demonstrations in recent years citing security concerns earlier hundreds protested in a stumble against to the imprisonment of women and children and says. the migration crisis that rocked to europe is all but over that is the claim of
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e.u. officials but it seems not everyone is singing the same tune and prime minister says the very future of the block is in doubt if it continues with pro immigration policies are all over reports. great news from the european commission this week the migrant crisis is over over the past four years the e.u. has made significant progress with tangible results in addressing the challenge of migration europe is no longer experiencing the migration crisis we lived through in twenty fifteen structural problems remain. it's a statement that's backed up by i think it is from the u.n. refugee agency that show that one hundred twenty thousand people tried to cross the mediterranean last year and that is down almost ninety percent from the high in twenty fifteen but that doesn't mean that everything is sorted though crime statistics across europe show migrants are overrepresented in many countries the italian interior ministry say that while foreigners in the country represent only
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eight percent of the population they make up over thirty percent of suspects in criminal cases if you have a job and my colleagues jobs are to ensure security and it can be provided without supporting the smugglers and n.g.o.s that are accomplices to these criminals but by supporting those who actually protect the borders here in berlin three quarters of those in pretrial detention came from outside of germany while in norway a journalistic investigation revealed that to out of three people convicted of a violent crime were migrants those that work closely with refugees and migrants say it's no surprise that they feature so prominently in crime figures the armor vulnerable they have experienced more trauma some of them come from violent cultures and they take it with that among those against the e.u. commission statement on gary and prime minister viktor orban has been the most vocal because that migration increases crime especially criminal acts against women
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and introduces the virus of terrorism in our midst but we cannot get stuck in our fears we have to understand that european people have come to a his story crossroads his government has launched an information campaign criticizing what he sees as brussels plan to encourage immigration that everyone has the right to know the proposals that fundamentally in danger hungary security in his mind or claims are dismissed as pure polity. six by the e.u. commission he says he's trying to create a baseless narrative of a shadowy constant received the commission has. about our opinion of the guardian government. that distort the truth and six and seek to paint a dark picture of a secret brought to drive more migration to europe allegedly so what the europeans
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think about claims the migrant crisis is over totally disagree i don't think it's over now that other people are succumbing chance to europe as well as. continue coming in we can't let you know when i mean you can pretend it's really all over with what's wrong and i knew everything is new or the poverty of the country etc. it has been worse but but. it isn't fixed that's not i don't think it's over and i don't think it will be over for a while we took a lot of people in only if you have work only if you are in training or education and i think they should be integrated into society better while european chiefs may be claiming the refugee crisis is no longer a problem at the border others clee believe it's because the problems are already here peter all about a balance. all right that does it for me i'll be back with headlines in about thirty minutes exactly stay with us.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the hope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective from i'm used to surprising people and i saw why not if. i'm going to talk about football not for the.


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