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do you understand that it all been a good boy either. you know the two of her my about once a month or so with the help of all that super head says. the laws as he wishes it only. uses symbols here shortly within the soon will not. solidly pull we. also that. how do you do without yourself. there's a question of that. knowledge so yes this email is out there should. we have him call me. to say good. bye just as well be the one that's a sure thing. that. peaceful peaceful. physical couldn't have to. meet us off.
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this hour without drama and those she may have fallen through who all sent us all the way on top of a bowl found it's a little sick on her face on the shelf. coming just ready i'll still go out of them without telling her. good so they miss the pipes. or somebody or something about. our. example or no woman dot com w. ought. to tell you how that. all so true of the. whole. of us home and you know what to borrow. you afraid.
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i'll just say this our pool. salad the whole hog and pull the thing from being led her home when she was a bit why why why so the truth. so they had lawsuits are google it's all from can't have the high can only inside the. well it is or how young one of the ha ha ha it's one of the look out for you all what kind of you know how little time car was ohana some kind of us and those who were being sent to the final go go handle. business leaders although you'd pull them out of your house your car you hear on the. third asylum a wheel. yes you just say yes and yes and the radio is on the phone will pull the data the how no one will come in they say yeah it's the asshole to the woman that was your opinion of the home of the woman. mel you for isn't it awful hard man that you have come hardest of that high class. oh it's just
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a woman goes i should have found a mention and there's a woman. called it a sign a positive sign you know positive sign the home of a fait accompli all you know where you don't follow some of the god you're here to live in your soup bowl of the gods at home with your people i mean that there are somehow hop hop hop on. her in the. moment out so sad i'm not. going to come to her yeah hey i hear. kyle mckay come up to me. put a condom in there if you want to know. how gold rushes out. when mistress go. to work to swear to the pressure should go for. some in.
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the super bowl we're trying to you old. woman some motion conditions that you mentioned usually don't do that you mention. the you trip you drew you should be trendy you think what should the woman to have to ensure their. chom know the game you want to come in that's hadiya. going to media. you was made to leave the classroom and is sitting in the gym waiting for lunch she
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should be practicing but doesn't really want to. watch is ill long. haul sound all. the shelf was shot off i'm going to. go hop on my daughter's i want to. lunch time. and everybody is given the same food a meal of vegetables bread rice and chicken everything is tightly shut us.
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everybody knows john she's even given an extra helping for lunch. you. may going to fall off. a larger shoulder and downs or walk. you know whole deal with your song and they're now back to your fun madcap i'm tired out of the whole evolution job i have my dad down for shallow. you know
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i shall go music. shantanu time to do a question obviously not. to go. so . well for is how i survived if i had to go low on the. turn then call. what. felt. right. now for. those who are caught up when you are through lucilla oh sure. now this is all. well. for those who follow. so how are you. going to start.
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oh but. you still. didn't. know how. to. build. a really good. job. when i. got a for profit when i was like. yeah like you think you should follow the market and they got the job. you want. them to.
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oh. yeah guilt. hasn't gone to practice she said she didn't feel. the coach is giving students a hard time while everybody else is training you'll rest. till now. i'll be. going oh. you got caught. oh i shall have some class.
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of five zero zero. zero. zero. zero zero lakh. sappho. we found that. for. our place there ha.
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just decided to help a group of junior girls prepare for the coming exam. room where. i was going to go out. with five of these and also she only got attention by a hard turn to leave the house mail or if you don't i'll show you the mirror and guess you don't negotiate deals will make you look. bad news and fleece ya so if you go to the bands to sell them follow solution. because of this which is it just. so that sounded to me a fuckwit floyd. no measure to you go without. feeling your ha ha.
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there was no trade or labor or a stand there's an environment standouts in the original nafta up to five years ago those were kicked out because relations were more purity economy but now the religion is very very close intertwined saw i think it's ok to have a new treaty and you negotiation. my son in this doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse he started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs. there are
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countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sins for owner minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. six am john returns from morning practice she has a busy day ahead she must write a letter to her mother and help the judea girls group prepare for tomorrow's kung-fu excel. she. ours here.
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can you should still not over yet. zero. zero zero just as of yet you. did not have was only a drive. by . on the pentagon cia was becoming. a time of this. time with hope. and mama socialism you can hit it like it's the abaya of the day and ninety have been controlled by the shitty antis seem to count as. can't call my mind and claim to have
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a tad and don't push it out over. a month or so you can tell her let's all take this has to decide who went in the jag it's go show on my side to see if halfway along our map. natural. oh how come the council. as usual was. its parent stay at the school but no one came to visit. the. gong is quite upset and asked if she could borrow a phone to call him of. her. kids. or a mom or. mr.
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mom. because there are. so. how. old. you. are. how was it. i don't think.
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i was the man. he. helped put up. with you because they like any other school girls john and her friends like nothing more than to get together in the gossip. well given what you did today was she's telling them about her training sessions with the junior girls with these minutes and hold her little sure show you one if you not know who ends up. on.
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this evening off to classes some prepare for tomorrow's exam. personal belongings alten encouraged only one tablet is allowed for every five pupils other students are practicing for the coming graduation party garlock onset. doesn't just have until. some of them are so much fun time. oh yeah i was out. for half. that off the clock you're only out for your defense what your family does your body it.
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tells us it. not so much and doesn't. kill. the oxygen. don't want to train you then little mom you did of course over. the summer lows of the. day on the new issue of which high density the phone on. sunday was once over pushed her into the hall when i go forward your turned home mom says cool now you got some more diane. will you want a policy you want us all to call you how shocked. i was in the. u.k. . when he had said i was getting near the ha. ha incautious
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followed it. several junior groups attended on exam day. johns come to watch. it.
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and. and i about. what i. do you want to know what i heard on you for the show will. have you know. us on what i was all. called a lot of fear. and us on the on the. on us male. i i will say look over the levee. boards with us here this is over you shall see the ice you. see
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a boy that it's all going to feel for gold home. so you know. so don't look don't your noble school the home you know with them are charging the most fun on. mama. to jenna mill down hot one hundred sounds a hot mom. who shared. a home the most unusual one.
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after lengthy negotiations with the school board joan was allowed to come with us to the show and temple she'll soon have a choice to make. to continue our training at the school pool go back home to her mother. we're going to. show all. those women goalball you or they will want. all your wall. can be.
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made him cause i love love. so. she made it. on the little song. playing goal hi-lo that. she sing tongue.
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not on. my. one. believe push on the team. social all. woman. or it's true blood in the world the. trials will hold its you. could be a hot what you don't want your the to the who seem to all walk for. gold so much homilies sure. some late to mom was handling the. problem no more notional shooting him back to. back.
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the maturity turn slowly go in and you may never get over some sort of people this is. really. a teenage gang rules here kalu not want to move then let the mind.
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be a blow that you were through with but. name you will be. told will come. to . mind and seeing her spirit. will. bend in for the wood under the sun and melanie when nobody knew who. you are when you know mickey then little musical voice you. mustn't countries are very reluctant to recognize the fact that assad is one like
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formally and also to make that they were proud strong and cad condemning him or siding against him so with glee in the early stages of the war itself they're terrified to undermine the reconstruction process by the prolongation of sanctions i think it was in countries with winds as intuition where it's a serious reconstructed but in you know ways in which he started by a third power not russia and iran not by the west and by the g.c.c. or by shi'a. desists. is a sticker from the water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there are the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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that's suitable set their plastic. tank on your own special projects funded. on the new vest that is the end of it for the teeth of fun now the mountains of waste only grow higher. than the most we can come up. with.
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thousands of anti-government protesters are out on the streets of the venezuelan capital caracas with a rival protest supporting president what they wrote also on the way. an act of provocation that's how russia's foreign ministry has branded an incident which saw a u.s. embassy staff member in russia trying to take a mortar shell through an airport in moscow. in the u.s. house of representatives as a council the influence of. money from. the election. it shouldn't be happening and it's a deeply flawed the united states. and its legal legal.

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