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sali paul we've. also heard that. among. our two without yourself. there's a question of the. balance so is she male mazak there should. be a ham call. to say good. the balls high the ball be found that's a sure. thing. before the song. physical to take. us off. our bad ram and those she may have fallen service or. sent us all boiled down to a bowl found the little sick. surface on the shelf. come additionally also to grow it out of them without. telling miss
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it. was somebody or something about. our. example our own woman down the incoming w. want. to show you how that. all so true of. all those the whole. all of us homes you know what a borrowed you were phrase hong kong. how to say this our poor. salad from baba she has the whole holland pull the thing from being a woman who was a bit why why why so the truth will out is also all. so they had lost those are google it's all from can't have a the who know your side about. those is or how young one of the ha ha done. about
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golf for you all but what if you know how little time car was ohana some kind of time those were being sent to the final go go go handle. business in arizona though you'd pull up haul them out of your house your car you hear on the. third asylum a wheel. yes you just say yes and yes and the radio is on the phone will pull the data how no one will come in they say yeah it's the asshole to the woman that was your opinion of the hama billman. well you feel that it will harm and that you will come in harder so that high class. oh it's just a woman i should have found a mention and there's a woman. magazine called it a sock. puppet on the home of a fait accompli all you know where you don't follow some of the god you're here to live in your super bowl with a god at home with your people i mean that there are somehow hop hop hop.
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in the. moment out so sad i'm no. good at it kind of how yeah hey i hear. heilman could come up to me. put a condom in there if you want to. go. to work to swear to the pressure should go for. some in. the super bowl were twenty year old. woman some motion conditions that you mentioned usually don't do that you mention. the you trip she drew joe part you should get the you paid for it should serve a woman to her to make sure there are no other game going to come in that's hard to run the show. going to meet. those who were.
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there. for. you was made to leave the classroom and is sitting in the gym waiting for lunch she should be practicing but doesn't really want to. watch as will long haul sound all. those as close as. the shell was shot off i'm going to see i'm still falling.
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on my daughter's l.r. to. lunch time. and everybody is given the same food a meal of vegetables bread rice and chicken everything is tightly shut jools. everybody knows john she's even given an extra helping for lunch.
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if you. do. you. may going to feel. in control of shion tawarga show in one town's ooc. the whole deal with your song of them now back you'll find madcap died out of the evil your shadow by how my dad can flush out. your orders are you dying you go solid on music. shantanu time to do a question obviously not. to go. back. to the russian. so. the fern. office has to hide if i had to go low on the. turn then told. what to get.
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i'd survive. you know. close without a balloon close up or move you or two or losail are oh sure fall flows is all you will or so what hard to. fall no way to win this it followed. to hope for the world those. stars. oh. oh oh oh .
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i know but how. will. i get. the job. for all for when i was like. yeah like you think you should when i was done you know they've got a job should. you want. them to. oh. yeah job of.
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going to practice she said she didn't feel. the coach is giving all of his students a hard time but while everybody else is training you'll rest. we'll tell you. all the. girls know. you got ha. ha ha shanklin about. shit. my english a five zero zero. i laugh. life after.
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we found out that. ok. they share ha. just decided to help a group of junior girls prepare for the coming exam. how they're going to battle. with india have families and also she only got attention back to the soft mailers and you don't count on chelsea going to the mirror and dance you don't go do you
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show me something that you simply says you don't do that then says other then follow solution he says you know because the fifth one which is. just. so that sounded shifty afai floyd. little studio showed up home to you go without. feeling your ha ha. western countries are very reluctant to recognize the fact that is that is why i like formally and also to make that they were perhaps rog and take them we are siding against and so with glee in the early stages of the war so very tired physically examined under my the reconstruction process by the prolongation of sanctions. i think that was in countries with winds as the jewish and where syria
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is reconstructed by the you know ways in which these are done by a third power not russia and iran not by the west and by the g.c.c. or by china. countries gone into anomalistic feed. them. out to traveling across america to find what makes america the showed the genius to be the quintessential american hero this is it we've come a point much on what has gone so we always are on the margins something this old gun culture is really importing. we're starting last with is the beginning heading east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beach i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more gonzo no it may be
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completely different industry. i think or well. someone. both you know what their cost. or your. focus on there you come from up there and out of the still think i don't want to. pick up because a couple of i don't want to show what a city just got on me. for the conspiracy case i know what you know full well for you because i think you know how to. say the most efficient if you know what you want to look for from. the get on thing no nothing. none of that in a way out of fear from. this i don't want to fill it with the united. six
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am john returns from morning practice she has a busy day ahead. and help the group prepare for tomorrow's. your. day. harz here. would you then like. ours here. can you should feel my way is. zero. zero zero just doesn't b.s. you build a. business. that was only about. you
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know it might. come with. a time of this. time and. mama socialism you can hit it like it's the abaya of the day and ninety had been called by the guy should sanitize this would seem callous or. can call my mind and cause to have a doubt in the world should not overshadow. to have for months so i haven't heard of tucker let's take this has to decide who and when the jag. go show. the suv halfway along our map you. can national
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stations you. build from the council. if you want me. to parent stay at the school but no one came to visit. the. gong is quite upset and asked if she could borrow a fund to cool him of. her. kids. or a mom or. mr. mom. you know how.
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so. how. come. you. are. so ha. ha. ha. ha ha. i was thinking when. he. oh well. what do you think was it like any other school girls john and her friends like nothing more than to get together in the gossip. well given what it did to how
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she's telling them about her training sessions with the junior girls with these minutes and hold her little sure show you one if you not know who ends up. on. this evening off to classes some prepare for tomorrow's exam. personal belongings
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out encouraged only one tablet is allowed for every five pupils other students are practicing for the coming graduation party garlock onset. doesn't just have until. some of them are so much fun time. oh yeah i was out. for half. that off before you only out for ya what your family does your body it. tells us it. so much and as a. joke . the oxygen. so i want to train you then de la. cruz so there are.
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some values of the. beyond the new issue of which high density the phone on. sunday was once over pushed her into this hall when i will forward your turned home mom school now some more diane. will you wait up how be you want us all to call you how shocked. i was in the. u.k. . when he had said i want to sing your song. so common culture followed it.
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several junior groups attended on exam day. jones come to watch. it. you. know.
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what. you should. do what i heard on luther the hell will. i put up. here and no. siding with us i know it was i was a. lot of fear. and us on the on the us out. on us mil. i i will say look over the levee. boards with us here this is over he's out of the i.c.u. . to avoid a shit all day and feel for gold home. so that. he will.
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soon have to download. the whole machine you know wish him off charging the phone on. mama. to jenna million hot one hundred sounds a hot mom. who shared. a home the most unusual look.
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after lengthy negotiations with the school board joan was allowed to come with us to the show and temple she'll soon have a choice to make. to continue our training of the school pool go back home to her mother. we're going to. show all. those women goalball you or they will want. all your wall. can be. known.
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only pinko i love the. sumit so why such. a. little song. playing goal hi-lo that. choosing to. rely. on. want to. believe the team.
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women children in the true blood line the elite. team you. could be a c.e.o. what you don't what you're the to the who see me in a wall clock. there was so much calmly sure. some late so mom was handling the initial play. with me i'm back to. back.
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to. the maternity town the slums go in and you may never get out some sort of people this is. my teenage gang rules here because i don't want to you. know not the mind of a good lawyer that you were through with but. the navy will be very. nice. but. yeah what i know is that as. valid but.
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i'm looking. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles
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according to no i'm colmes one set of rules for the rich opposite set rules for. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will switch will just dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. i was i was. i was. i was. i.
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i. today the solution is intervention. and it really. gripped the u.s. resorts the sanctions on threats and the president reports and washington's approach to the latin american country. u.s. backed forces have resumed an assault on the last. night was distancing syria as more people flee from their own clave including the wives of. the refuse to believe the kind of thing.


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