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i know. you're right. further debate division right across europe over the fate of children of islamic states fighters the three week old baby of an bride died in a syrian refugee camp. was revoked we've got more on this story. isn't the baby who. died because all the government didn't do anything to bring that child back to the u.k. . they did the wrong to put the safety of this country first and. human rights watch accuses iraq in kurdish authorities of routinely torturing youngsters suspected of having links to islamic state. the head of an
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infamous u.s. security company once known as block waters the long lasting conflict in afghanistan could still be but only if washington allows him to take control of the company. just gone two pm here in moscow this monday march the eleventh thanks for tuning in this is our international top story parents of a young french girl who was killed after joining us let me state in syria are appealing to president to a lot of her three children into france they are currently living in a refugee camp in syria where policy or joins me live from paris. clearly an emotive issue it's being debated right across europe this situation but what is known about this particular. case. well what we know is that this french
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grandmother has appealed to the french president jacques wrong to allow book three grandchildren permission to leave the area and come and live with her share in front door said these children's mother had sunk wrong to syria some five years ago she was recently killed as was the children's father now what we know about the kids is that they are being housed in a camp near the iraq syria border that is controlled by the code this is not the only case where are a number of relatives of children are french jihadists will appeal to the united nations to allow these children permission to come and live in strong being housed in what it's called the out refugee camp it is a camp when an attrition and disease is life there's not enough food there's not enough medicine to speak thousand children and the wives of islamic states fight has been house inside this tent and no question it arrives every day.
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three quarters of the children in the idaho camp and defies the conditions the terrible news knew they'd been treated worse than animals these children didn't ask to be avoided or be taken there near the victim of the choices made by the anthonys . now they are mourning two thousand five hundred children in some of the recent times around a hundred of them are french and this is actually a state of life of issues here in france with sixty seven percent of the population saying that they did not want these children to be granted permission to come back and live here in the republic. all asleep bring this very latest all of that to case thank you paula. or similar cases are also playing out in the u.k. this three week old son of idle bride shamima back in recently died in this. syrian
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camp beggarman citizenship been revoked before the baby's birth by the british home secretary a decision for which he was both supported and criticized. the tragic death of show me a baby is a stain on the conscience of this government it's against international law to make someone stateless and to leave out the whole noble young woman and an innocent child in a refugee camp where we know infant mortality to be high is morally reprehensible the home secretary failed the british child and he has a lot to answer for it's absolutely tragic that a baby has died and of course i understand this is a really terrible problem but on the other hand the job of the home secretaries to protect all the people in the united kingdom if you have had advice and what was right thing to do and i totally support his decision we failed as a country to safeguard the child this was an entirely avoidable death of a british citizen there was no attempt to help by the home office i think it's
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shocking how the home secretary has treated this situation. is of bangladeshi origin she left the u.k. in twenty fifteen to join isel the age of fifteen megan was fun pregnant in a syrian refugee camp early last month she said she wanted to return home to have her baby and she never regretted joining us all. not much right here either with the other. why. while the syrian city of by guus remains the last stronghold in the country some of these people we just heard from refuse really to believe the caliphate is doing little sympathy though for them from the gas we spoke to. let us not forget this is the third child who was done to this young woman but it's this young woman who has put.
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tragically now dead children into this situation she took herself into this area and all full situation tragically it's an awful situation of their own making let's have some humanity this is a british citizen the baby who. died because i would government didn't do anything to bring that child back to the u.k. of course children should not just suffer the consequences of their parents but if she made a conscious choice she may have been fifteen at the time she has been out there now for five years she had no conscience of and had a hate discarding dustbins she doesn't regret her choices on sunday john we did the wrong thing he put the safety of this country first and foremost we live according to our obligations under international law and we cannot make some mistake in this this is i will problem she was born in our country she was radicalized in our
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country and surely it's right and proper that she comes back to the u.k. she's held to account she's put on trial with rank peace walking away with pitiful sentences she would have walked away with a pitiful sentence in comparison we also are absolutely you know might be her was that she didn't do anything this. being let's say the act of terrorism puts a smile to kweisi in this country if she can be put on trial she should be put on trial but this is a woman who just weeks ago was just before the month to bomb me of the grand a concert in which you know all those children died and she was just before i knew it and you know so you have to sing the. level of indoctrination if any child abuse a british citizen should be brought to this country and frankly i think they should
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be forcibly as we move from the power to put them in their support in jeopardy which we would then being so. you might if you break the child away from its mother so we couldn't it was said there was no other option on the subject so. i applaud them for his bravery if you look at it from belgium you look at germany and how many islamist terrorist attacks have actually been committed by people who have returned from syria then i wouldn't be glib about six. feet in suicide and that said when not good it joined them but parity we're going to maintain our values of humanity the rule of law and justice and we're going to we're going to allow a blockade and we're going to put on trial and i'll be very happy to see us behind prison for a very long time for the crimes we've got to make sure that there's safety and protection for those children and women and that they held to account and then
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there's going to be a global conversation maybe through the international criminal court to actually hold these fighters responsible for the crimes that they committed. human rights watch has released the dumbing reports exposing torture and the abuse of youngsters suspected of having links to islamic state in iraq the group saying iraqi and kurdish authorities. only four suspects some as young as fourteen to confess using harsh methods the report features a number of first hand accounts from people claiming to have been subjected to torture. to me a shot i mean and they say you know quite low. and i think. at the age of the. little at the border. yeah i would miss the odd job but i just. had. enough that method that
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a lot of and. much. of our viewers advocate. and you know and there was stuff about it when. there was a better one. well that report describes the kind of torture that detainees are allegedly subjected to among the methods said to be used by kurdistan regional office or it sees are beatings with plastic pipes on electric cables as well as the use of electric shocks on stress positions according to human rights watch at the end of last year iraqi and kurdish authorities were holding some fifteen hundred children over their alleged affiliation to not least one hundred eighty five foreign children have been convicted on terrorism charges and sentenced to prison terms as well we heard from one of the people behind this report. iraqi authorities or no vote or of these from the. kurdish have charged hundreds
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of minors here is because of their resume belonging to other islamic states these prosecutions very often. you know. because they are based on confessions. where tortured out of the blue the kids. children are considered us combatants who are trying just as adult combatants and that is not fair that should be the international law is very clear and considers that children who were recruited by armed groups should be considered first and foremost i think we need rehabilitation and reintegration into society rather than prisons i'm told. we recommended the government the iraqi government and kurds who are used to immediately free all those guess who
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have not committed the crime of those who are suspected of having committed crimes and other violent actions well sure they should be tried but they should be tried accordingly to international rules and compelled to minors in all cases we recommend strongly that there is no practice of torture anymore and that investigations are open jewel hauled all the drills accountable these are the river basin that we have addressed to the kurdish and the iraqi government and we are to expect to get answers well we are awaiting comment on the allegations from the iraqi government we do know about the country's kuntar terrorism laws provide for the detention and trial of anybody involved with ice all about applies even if they have not committed violent crimes and only played support roles for example working as cooks or in hospitals. the founder of the infamous private security company block water not known as
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a cow to me saying is that the war in afghanistan may not actually be lost for the united states that's after president trump expressed his willingness to a draw from the country after almost eight years of war rock as the of took a closer look. at ghana the so-called graveyard. decisions nightmare not least for trump spite the president's boasts about ending this war about leaving afghanistan no it isn't happening as we make progress in these negotiations we will be able to reduce troops presence the political conditions where we are in the reconciliation right now don't merit that almost two decades of war of death and there's no end in sight over they've started talking round after round of negotiations between the taliban the u.s. leading nowhere last year was the deadliest for civilians since the war began
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according to the un but there is hope if you can call it that i do want to end the war by giving the afghan forces the means to survive and to be much more offense if you provide mentors and you provide air support and logistic support to those units they can actually get out and get after the enemy. erik prince the founder of the notorious private military for blackwater he's got a plan which he's been pitching widely to replace fifty thousand nato troops with some of his guys and a few thousand special forces and make millions of bucks along the way no doubt but hey peace has a price one that afghans don't seem to want to pay so how do you justify that you'll get a contract and go into the war in afghanistan given that you're making money out of
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this business please do us a favor and have a bold line between the mercenaries of the democracy out mercenaries of death or fall from wrong though these guys mercenary groups like blackwater never went away in fact they expanded turned into a company rebranded and now they want back into the big boys war i never cared that. the. there were dead bodies everywhere and this is how humans going to be with you people in society among the dead bodies lying on the street that's who it was in the middle of the seven years old.
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just for a second the us hasn't had a stellar. rock record in afghanistan on the ground remember the scandal about american troops posing with dead bodies we're really firing the civilians and getting away with it. we get. off the scandal these military forces we're talking about strict regulated controlled now imagine replacing them with men who are happy to kill for money mercenaries what do you think is that going to make of governance a bit of praise or help bring about an end to the endless war.
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great nation do not fight endless wars. graph goes to of what the reports will to the terror experts on legal analyst jennifer braden so use a company is just one of many private contractors eager to interrupt on the stand after the u.s. withdrawal blackwater has been stating that their presence there is going to maintain stability or stabilizing force just be a third party and the presence of two opposing afghan forces i think he's seen at this as a money making opportunity and money making and the moment that it was announced that the u.s. would be withdrawing from a skip afghanistan you're talking about every single major private security firm that wants to be in there wants to take over that gap wants to get whatever u.s. funding is going to be residual for private companies to come in and fill in that gap it's probably likely that the u.s. will say if you want this troops to happen if you want our military our defense
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department to leave we're going to have to leave a residual force in here whether that's a private contractor or somebody else and you'll have to be ok with that the taliban has not agreed to any u.s. presence any private contractors and private military force i'm sure something that would be seen as not good or not stabilizing was the most important issue is it's up to our government that's up to our leadership to ensure that any private contractors are adhering to very strict u.s. protocol and there is a bad actor when there is a criminal act that comes out we make sure that that is publicizing that the perpetrators are penalized and are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws within international law and with the laws of the country in which they are in. ok we're back in ninety seconds here in our to international short of the bricks and.
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you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. there was no trade or labor there was an environment standouts in the original nafta fifty five years ago those were get out because relations were more purity economic but now the relation is very very close intertwined so i think it's ok to have a new treaty and you negotiation. twenty
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minutes into the program welcome back a russian news paper has released two videos purporting to show the abuse of inmates by stuff at a prison in the city of the. half. a train quite shocking footage from the small snippets we've just seen there tell us more about this story. unit oh well the two videos are quite shaky because the are from a camera that appears to have been attached to the clothes of one of the prison staff members but their quality is good enough to make them very disturbing to say
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the least it looks like what we can seen these videos amounts to torture one of them shows an almost naked man obviously an inmate and there are all signs that just a little bit earlier he was severely beaten up although we don't see that as he's forced to smoke a cigarette which the journalists explained most of. a gay inmate and some unwritten russian prison last suggest that this doing so would mean for this man really his life would have become misery in that jail in the second video we can actually see how the man gets beaten up at one point his head is slammed off the door and when he just can't take it anymore you scream. just a little earlier and in this case it's just on the what angered the prison security
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guards who started doing this the russian federal prison authority as saying that they discovered the video in the middle of last month however it was never published back then and they are saying that they handed the video over to the prosecutors for some sort of probes to start now and this summer last year a similar case led to a massive outcry in the. it was a very big scandal it was from the same calling me the video appeared to be torture and it led to a dozen criminal cases and even more people being sacked from the colony. truly disturbing stuff any of thanks for talking us through all that we know i'm out story so far. the united states is ramping up pressure on venice wheelin president nicolas maduro u.s. national security adviser john bolton sees that momentum is now on the side of opposition leader won quite oh they have not sought to rest and the national
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assembly in the opposition and i think one reason for that is that maduro fears if he gave that order it would not be a big aid but i do think the momentum is on the side of the kaleido well president maduro saying is the ongoing power cuts in venice will are result of cyber attacks by the united states that his government is working to solve the problem that comes as the opposition leader on self declared interim president one white osaze he will call a state of national emergency over the power cuts he's also asked for outside intervention to end the political crisis in the country you're starting on the corner. street file and tough talk from the u.s. and now nationwide blackouts what a perfect time for the self-proclaimed president of venezuela to invite a foreign power to meddle in his own country. the solution is intervention and washington looks ready to oblige what would make you use the u.s.
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military in venezuela it's an option we continue to say and we always will for the day all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table because they always are it's no secret the u.s. has a soft spot for foreign interventions and they've picked the right guy for it as he's in no mood for talking it must be very clear to the world and to this regime that nobody will take part in this fake dialogue your program if you don't i am committed to international dialogue today tomorrow and two ways of course shooting first and asking questions later doesn't leave much room for dialogue fake or not and of course much of the population doesn't want war at all and interference from other countries cannot happen over the heads of the venezuelan people we chose nicolas maduro not. that long ago i do he's calling for in phaedo war because it is a war against all the people of venezuela it is venezuela it should solve the
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problems of venezuela the us should stop interfering in other countries affairs you know we don't want war we want peace and it's not just the venezuelans who disapprove just as america's interventions in iraq syria and libya all lacked international approval so the un leadership has already made it clear it wants no further escalation are you worried about the risk of internal military confrontation or even foreign i hope that the sink the. foreign intervention in both the magic of long ago gone there's a reason waving a big stick at sovereign countries is frowned upon the democracy promised often turns into. a drawn out military occupation not to mention the bloodshed needed steven get there the majority of even the opposition themselves oppose a military intervention so his position in support of this is definitely a minority one and any sort of intervention into the country of military intervention as we've seen in other countries like libya syria afghanistan and iraq
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. will not be like the films of military intervention there will be bloodshed oby destruction i'm really cause chaos for the country the turn a lot for not a somalia born muslim woman is the hottest ticket in american politics these days but those omar represent real lasting change crosstalk debates it's next. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next that multiple different clubs on one hand it is logical to stay in the home fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising and i saw why not
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if you think. i'm going to talk about football nazi or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of the slide here. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. i do think the numbers mean something they've mattered the us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happens each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent in the world market rose thirty percent some with four hundred five hundred three first
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second per second and fifth point rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember in one one business show you know bored to miss the one and only boom but. during the great depression which old must remember there was most of the family were unemployed working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an x. . taishan of the things we're going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo down engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles
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according to know on. one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of will switch is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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and welcome across town for all things are considered time peter lavelle who would have thought a somali born muslim woman elected to congress would ignite a long overdue national conversation also trump wants to make the military industrial complex great again. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst we spoke nick international and in athens we cross to. to forro he is the director and writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let me go first to athens alex. congresswoman omar her greatest sin was not saying anything remotely anti-semitic not even actually anti israel.


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