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i know. that. further debate. across europe. after the woman's u.k. citizenship. citizen. who. died because of a government didn't do anything to bring that child back to the u.k. . put the safety of this country first and foremost. coming up on the program human rights watch accuses a rocky and kurdish authorities are torturing youngsters suspected of links to
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expats. and the head of an infamous us security company once known as blocking the. conflict in afghanistan could still be won but only if washington there really. around the clock across the world this is our international from the team and myself you know neal hello and welcome to our top story parents of a young french girl who was killed after joining us law mixtape in syria are appealing to president to allow her three children two fronts they're currently living in a refugee camp in syria leslie are brings us more. well this is a case that involves a young woman to be manning cento who's seventy five years ago promised for syria
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with her husband baby sit told it rocked her and they supported islamic state until she and her husband were both recently killed in allied airstrikes now her three children are still in a refugee camp along the syria iraqi border called out now the situation in the camp is dire indeed some sixty five thousand people are currently hols their malnutrition is right it is not enough food is not enough it is said and she's mother who lives in the north of france has appealed to the french prisoners a promise to allow her three grandchildren she joined her here in this. quarter so that she was doing in the whole camp on defying the conditions a terrible there is no room been treated worse than animals these children didn't ask to be born or be taken there they're the victim of the choices made by their parents now there are currently some two and a half thousand children who are being coulsdon syrian refugee camps and around one
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hundred of them are a french are region and french nationality this is an issue that is hugely divisive here in france around sixty seven percent of the population says that these children should not be given permission to people back to this country but there are other cases that are also making headlines there is the recent case this time of the new slum mixtape wide of british nationality. bigamy was found at the beginning of last month when she was pregnant but hope we old son recently died in a syrian refugee camp and this came as the push to show the security state that he was rufo king but british citizenship that announcement was both criticized and supported the tragic death of show me a baby it is a stain on the conscience of this government. it's against international law to make someone stateless and to leave out the whole noble young woman and insert
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child in a refugee camp where we know infant mortality to be high is morally reprehensible the home secretary failed to british child and he has a lot to answer for it's absolutely tragic that a baby has died and of course i understand this is a really terrible problem but on the other hand the job of the home secretaries to protect all the people in the united kingdom to have had advice and what was right thing to do and i totally support his decision we failed as a country to safeguard the child this was an entirely avoidable death of a british citizen there was no attempt to help by the home office i think it's shocking how the home secretary has treated this situation some have begun is our back to the day she r.h. and she left at the age of fifteen from the u.k. she joined the islamic state in syria when she was found in that refugee camp there the last month she said that the wish was to come back to the u.k. and head coach there but at the same time she also said she did not feel great
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joining islamic state now all of this comes as fighting intensifies around the last stronghold for the jihad this week in the fear as it's all problems we are hearing from senior officials are the syrian defense forces that hundreds are islamic state fighters have surrendered but at the same time hundreds more obvious few seem to surrender and so the fighting continues. yeah a point to last remark as a slow mixtape loses control of its last turret trees in syria it appears not all the wives are regretting their decision to join the group. there was little sympathy from our guests for the woman who had essentially kick started this debate. with go blank piece walking away with pitiful sentences she would have walked away with
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a pitiful sentence in comparison we also are absolutely no might be her word that she didn't do anything that would have been let's say the act of terrorism but now also puts the risk of radicalizing others in this country if she can report on trial she should be put on trial but this is a woman who just weeks ago was just before the month the bombing of the area on the ground a concert in which you know all those children died and she was just four years. you know so you have to think the. level of indoctrination if any child abuse a british citizen should be brought to this country and frankly i think they should be forcibly removed from the power to put them in there supporting jeopardy which we would then be. inhumane because she was raped a child away from its mother so we couldn't it was so there was no other option i
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think judging exactly what he should have done i applaud them for his bravery if you look at the front if you look at belgium you look at germany and how many islamist terrorist attacks have actually been committed by people who have returned from syria then i wouldn't be glib about six feedings to a side i let said when not going to join them but parity we're going to maintain our values of humanity the rule of law and justice and we're going to we're going to allow it back and put on trial and i'll be very happy to see a prison for a very long time for the crimes we've got to make sure that there's safety and protection for those children when they are that they held to account and then there's going to be a global conversation maybe through the international criminal court to actually hold these fighters respond. for the crimes that they committed. human rights watch released
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a damning report say exposing torture and abuse of youngsters suspected of having links to islamic state in iraq the group say's iraqi and kurdish authorities routinely for suspects some as young as fourteen to confess using harsh methods the report features as well a number of first hand accounts. of to show. me a shot at me and they say you know kolo. three. hundred. seventy. north of. the border. you know what mr abdel i want i just. i just had. enough that the thought of that a lot and not. much might. not a virus africa. and there was still a better way than i have but. there was
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a better one. well the report describes the kind of torture to which the detainees are allegedly subjected among the methods used by kurdistan regional as well as the use of electric shocks and stress positions but according to human rights watch at the end of last year iraqi and kurdish authorities were holding some fifteen hundred children over their alleged affiliation with ice and least one hundred eighty five foreign children have been convicted on terrorism charges and sentenced to prison terms we heard from one of the people behind the report. iraqi authorities or no vote or abuse from the. kurdish there have charged hundreds of minors acts of terrorism because of their alleged presumed belonging to a slimy extent these prosecutions very often rely on very you know dots for my
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positions because they are based on confessions that were tortured out of the kids. children are number one considered as combatants who are trying just as adults combatants and it is not fair that should be the international law is very clear and considers that children who are armed groups should be considered first and foremost as victims who need rehabilitation and reintegration into society rather than imprisonment and torture . and we recommended the government the iraqi government and kurds who are used to immediately free all those guess who have not committed the crime of those who are suspected of having committed crimes and other violent oppression well sure they should be tried but they should be tried accordingly to international rules and compelled to minors in all cases we recommend strongly that
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there is no practice of torture anymore and that investigations are open jewel hauled all the perpetrators accountable these are the recondition that we have addressed to the kurdish and the iraqi government and we are to expect to get answers yes a lot of issues raised and we are awaiting comments on those allegations from the iraqi government currently at we do need to say the countries counter terrorism laws do provide for the detention on trial of anyone involved at with self doubt applies even if they have not committed violent crimes and only played support roles that would i suppose include. working as cooks or in hospitals. the founder of infamous private security company blackwater no known as a cat's after president trump expressed his willingness to a draw from the country after almost eighteen years of war here's our senior correspondent on not maracas the of. of ghana style the so-called graveyard
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of empires a politician's nightmare not least for trump spite the president's boasts about ending this war about leaving afghanistan no it isn't happening as we make progress in these negotiations we will be able to reduce troops presence the political conditions where we are in the reconciliation right now don't merit that almost two decades of war of death and there's no end in sight over the start of talking round after round of negotiations between the taliban the u.s. leading nowhere last year was the deadliest for civilians since the war began according to the u.n. but there is hope if you can call it that i do want to end the war by giving the afghan forces the means to survive and to be much more offense if you provide
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mentors and you provide air support and logistic support to those units they can actually get out and get after the enemy. erik prince the founder of the notorious private military for blackwater he's got a plan which he's been pitching widely to replace fifty thousand nato troops with some of his guys and a few thousand special forces and make millions of bucks along the way no doubt but hey peace has a price one that afghans don't seem to want to pay so how do you justify that you'll get a contract and go into the war in afghanistan given that you're making money out of this business please do us a favor and have a bold line between death of mercenaries of the democracy out mercenaries of death or fall from wrong though these guys mercenary groups like blackwater never went
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away in fact they expanded turned into a company rebranded and now they want back into the big boys war but i never heard that. they were dead bodies everywhere and this is the argument in which. among the dead bodies lying on the street this which causes the middle of next seventy years old.
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just for a second the us hasn't had a stellar. rock record in afghanistan on the ground remember this scandal about american troops posing with dead bodies merrily firing that civilians and getting away with it time and time again scandal after scandal and these military forces we're talking about strict regulated controlled now imagine replacing them with men who are happy to kill for money mercenaries what do you think is that going to make of ghana stand a better place or help bring about an end to this endless war. great nation do not fight endless wars. right gusti of with the report will antiterrorist expert on legal analyst jennifer
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britton believes account of me is just one of many private contractors eager to enter afghanistan after the u.s. withdrawal. blackwater has been stating that their presence there is going to maintain stability or stabilizing force just be a third party and the presence of two opposing afghan forces i think he's seen it this as a money making opportunity and money making and the moment that it was announced that the u.s. would be withdrawing from a skip afghanistan you're talking about every single major private security firm that wants to be in there wants to take over that gap wants to get whatever u.s. funding is going to be residual for private companies to come in and fill in that gap it's probably likely that the u.s. will say if you want this troops to happen if you want our military our defense department to leave we're going to have to leave a residual force in here whether that's a private contractor somebody else and you'll have to be ok with that the taliban has not agreed to any u.s. presence any private contractors and private military force i'm sure something that would be seen as not good or not stabilizing was the most important issue is that's
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up to our government that's up to our leadership to ensure that any private contractors are adhering to very strict u.s. protocol and there is a bad actor when there is a criminal act that comes out we make sure that that is publicizing that the perpetrators are penalized and are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws within international law and with the laws of the country in which they are in. euro skeptic parties are expected to shoot up in popularity in upcoming elections we've got live reaction coming up after the break. what holds if you should. put themselves on the line. they did accept the reject. so when you look at your clothes which. was something i wanted. to go. for this is what the three of them did. just that holds it.
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right there. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out just being educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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hello again support for euro skeptic and right wing parties is rising the head of maize e.u. parliamentary elections that's according to a new survey by german newspaper billed. well the poll predicts a parliamentary group bringing together euro skeptic parties for movement on it will almost double its representation to sixty seven seats predicted if poland's surname does countries expected to see major right wing gains the northern league is expected to get over a third of ballots in italy the french national rally is projected to be present mccollum's ruling party in poland the law and justice party is on course to get as much as forty two percent of the vote when the poll comes as a shock german report claims that authorities have failed to respond to tip offs of war criminals have arrived in the country posing as refugees from twenty four to
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last year it said that just one hundred twenty nine of five thousand suspected cases were in s. the case it. let's go live now to geo political analyst consultant dr reiner ruffo's for his take good to see you again if we start with the polls predicting large right wing gains in e.u. parliamentary elections runner how significant is it if it happens. well i think we can expect a significant impact i reckon but i would say we have to also analyze why. these parties are supposed to gain more votes in the. before the elections in the past two years we have seen a process where european institutions show that they actually failed for example in terms of protecting the borders of the schengen area and therefore
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a certain reluctance e of people to was european institution have institutions has grown so that does not necessarily mean that people have a rather right wing tendency to think vote but they believe in the nation based system of organizing politics and of for example also protecting borders and handling asylum systems even though also the national states at least some of them i speak of germany now as a german have also failed in this respect how widespread by our you know if you think these gains could be through the e.u. only in some member states or are you projecting a wave essentially here. well we have seen in the most recent polls that in some countries. national oriented right we party is already much stronger for example than in germany and germany i would count the cd use yes you among
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the major middle i would say rather left tending parties together with. the green parties who want to strengthen european institutions who want to transfer sovereignty to them but if we look for example at poland or a hungry also almost three or italy we have seen that parties that tried to keep sovereignty in the nation states have all been much stronger twelve percent of the well let me just out let me just out of place that sorry for interrupting but. its successor to head the christian democrats on a great car and barr is calling to tighten immigration control she's a very powerful person essentially the chancellor in waiting is this a bid to recover popular support well that's the big question.
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ok we've got a little bit of a freeze there just as we were getting to what i suppose was going to be an interesting answer on there they party of the german chancellor where it goes in these upcoming european elections coming up in may we're speaking to geo political analyst and consultant dr reiner rothfuss that is our lot for this news hour if you would like to delve deeper into any of those stories or website has you covered for news and views go to war more great programs right ahead here though on our team international. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wells. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final larry you're around to listen to the one percent.
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we can all middle of the room signals. the real news is really. a thumb up and someone. bought they are quite big. enough for fair and i don't think i want to. pick up because a couple of i don't. see any easy got honey. locust spirit the ok sign you know what you know full well for you if they think. you want to steal their from others get on nothing.
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out of fear for their. opening night. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to. be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were employed working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective
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listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attacks so low down to engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite set of rules for . that's what happens when you put power into the hands of narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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welcome to sophia. in a trade agreement between the united states canada and mexico is under fire as mexico pledges not to ratify it with trump still tariffs in place. while the agreement make it a. will they are of no deal prevail ask the add in mexico's undersecretary for dorothy america and the country's chief negotiator in the u.s. talks. that would trade between mexico and the united states but with terror still pending in trump building a buddha how will the new mexican government steer the country through just. the central american powerhouse managed to stand its ground offensive be its northern
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neighbor would have to bow to see adam mexico's undersecretary for north america and the country's chief negotiator in the us and ca talks welcome to the show it is really great to have you with us lots to discuss and mr savage you are mexico. in the talks over the u.s. mexico canada deal then you knocked up the process of negotiation was started by the trumpet ministration do you think that was the right move a good thing to do was good enough for president clinton president bush president obama does it really not work anymore. that's what president trump was say in that that the treaty was the the worst treaty have heard didn't work anymore. i would say with time there are things that happen you have new sectors for example digital trades there was not a trade or labor there's an environmental standards in the original enough to five
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years ago those were kept out because relations were more pure decor nomic but now the relation is very very close in the client so i think it's ok to have a new treaty a new negotiation so donald trump one to into the talks with a companion promise to put america first still you feel that mexico now has to sacrifice some of its interests to peace that policy to say in some kind of an agreement with the united states because i wonder if this new deal is favoring america trump promised it would not i don't see that the been the outcome it was the intention. is not the up is manufacturers trade in industrial goods but peculiarly the car industry and what the agreement dos is to make it more difficult to bring parts for the rest of the world kind of forcing the companies if they want to continue to sell into the u.s.
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just because market well forces them to invest but invest in mexico in the united states in canada i think it's a good investment a full three but it's a balance that it's ok is good for mexico. so when the backlash against a proposed pacific an atlantic free trade deal is eventually killed them it was as if the tree free trade.


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