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how to deal with the russian chief of the government and russian prime minister or said to the american deployment should the probability throws you so here's a or knowledge a bold diplomatic signs what happens we know that a lot of western media i clits have drawn up their own conclusions before anything was actually concluded or finalized do you think that that has put a pressure on the o p c w at western politicians as well has it had any effect. well hard to think that there was a kind of pressure. on the investigation last to. one year practically. and it was a. to see mind not transparent syrians for instance for
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instance of going title took to receiver their share of the props props collected. over the all the gold that the scene of the incident but it took. it to call maybe six or seven months for the technical secretary to share with the syrians this proves. well actually like i said my impression is that the technical secretary of the experts simply did not dare to contradict the version put forward by the americans first who didn't hit eighty two days you can e the syrian authorities main culprits. based on this conclusion the coded though these it dark or he pulled the fourteenth and. incidentally just a couple
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a few hours before the iraq war will in damascus or the. technical secretariat team can i just stay with the investigation for a moment. i'd like to know directly from you has there been any attempt to exclude syrian or are russian expertise that you know of from the old p.c. w reports if so how was that carried out in essence. you know or. the particular thing and both of these investigation is that from the very beginning syrian's very often the. technical secretary at the experts were given access to all police they needed to see to examine moreover that russian military policy did the best the best to do.
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just so you can you will the work with a technical secretary at the experts and like i said. even before the these missile strike of the russians were ready to cooperate with military experts from western countries are told to kill or at least try and determine what actually happened or what they're ok just a couple more points say you very good with your time while we have you live on the program. looking forward mr show again what are the possible consequences of the o p c w report what could happen next year. will the next step and we won't be in the team or puritan on to the decision of the serious be a special conference of member states and one of the first
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missions of all these attributes of the group will be probably the investigation. do much incident to. their responsibility. my dear so that there is absolutely no on the these attributes and team will draw the necessary conclusion necessary for the american side and these will be for the americans and. their allies. yet another reason to carry out whatever they want maybe a new union law to roll. action sequence to the syrian authorities the fact that there are these that will be just against the international war. does not bought the. because of the for the
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long time already do some turn on the radio they have believe been on. the certain under certain the rules invented by the american so so it's not surprising both to you it will be very damaging for the international peace and security and has for the russian federation he won't be here good we will do certainly all best to prevent these from sharpton and try. to reconstruct to the most here here in the us within the office of w. will try and kill all good news the earth is human it's a normal walk a mile or two inches i appreciate it if your full investigation will be on feel later as you said earlier during this interview but can you give us a sense have syrian or russian experts actually find any differing evidence of what happened in duma that day i suppose i'm asking or any other part of the research is
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being. perhaps could be labeled more objective as to what you think has been unveiled by the o p c w. well. like i said these are preliminary final premier preliminary conclusions. of the number of casualties. which is completely on t. if you shall not based on any of solid evidence to the specific on the or reports of by the white film and. as we pointed told to the report recently internally contradictory. in some. respects they also saw this report. to dismiss so the
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allegations made the white helmets but otherwise so they are heavily reliant on these reports by the white film it's a business a very very contradictory saw we will try to work with the experts or the technical secretary to clarify the situation and just finally on that i suppose your next actions over the edge diminish what what will they be your final thoughts here. to morrow there will be an. executive council session session until we will certainly discuss the methods will be fucked find in team on the special item on this executive council oh well maybe there will be. here that another case on for their russian and. russian experts and the people from the
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technical secretariat to meet and speak we thank you for your time alexander shilling permanent representative of the russian federation to the o.p.c. pleasure. ok we're going. move on to more world news this hour parents of a french woman who was killed after joining us live mix tape in syria are appealing to president mccrone to a lot of her three children into friends they are currently living in a refugee camp in syria paula slee are told me more in this order. the case that involves a young woman. who some five years ago promised for syria with her husband they say told in iraq and they supported islamic state until she and her husband were both recently killed in allied airstrikes not her three children are still in a refugee camp along the syria iraqi border called out now the situation in the
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camp is dire indeed some sixty five thousand people are currently falls this moment krischan is right it is not enough food is not enough medicine and she's a mother who lives in the north of france has appealed to the french president upon to allow her three grandchildren she joins us here in the. records are some of these children in the idaho camp on defiance the conditions a terrible there is no room they have been treated worse than animals these children didn't ask to be born or be taken there they're the victim of the choices made by their parents now they are currently some two and a hop thousand children who are being coulsdon syrian refugee camps and around one hundred of them are all french all region and french nationality this is an issue that is hugely divisive here in france around sixty seven percent of the population says that these cases that are also making headlines these recent case this time of the new slum mixtape wide of british nationality. was found at the beginning
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of last month when she was pregnant but we old son recently died in a syrian refugee camp and this came. as people to show the security state that he was revoking the british citizenship that announcement was both put aside its own supporters the tragic death of show me a baby is a stain on the conscience of this government it's against international law to make someone stateless and to leave out the whole noble young woman and insert child in a refugee camp where we know infant mortality to be high is morally reprehensible the home secretary failed the british child and he has a lot to answer for it's absolutely tragic that a baby has died and of course i understand this is a really terrible problem but on the other hand the job of the home secretaries to protect all the people in the united kingdom if you have had advice in what was
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right thing to do and i totally support his decision we failed as a country to safeguard the child this was an entirely avoidable death of a british citizen there was no attempt to help by the home office i think it's shocking how the home secretary has treated this situation some have begun is our back in the day she our region she left at the age of fifteen from the u.k. to join islamic state in syria when she was found in everything she can do the last month she said that the wish was to come back to be u.k. and head coach there but at the same time she also said she did not feel great joining islamic state now all of this comes as fighting intensifies over the last stronghold for the jihad this week in the terror as it's all province we are hearing from senior officials are the syrian defense forces that hundreds are islamic state fighters have surrendered but at the same time hundreds more obvious fusing to surrender and so the fighting continues. all asleep or with the report
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they're well as islamic state loses control of its last territories in syria it does appear that a sizable number of all your wives are not regretting their decision to join the group i. there was little sympathy from our guests for the woman who had essentially kickstarted this entire debate with pitiful sentences she would have walked away with a pitiful sentence that she didn't do anything that would have been let's say the act of terrorism but now also puts a smile to kweisi face in this country if she can report on trial she should be put on trial but this is a woman who just weeks ago was just before the month to bow me of the grand a concert in which you know all those children died and she was just before you. you know so you have to sing the. level of indoctrination if any child abuse
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a british citizen should be brought to this country and frankly i think they should be forcibly removed from the power to put them in their supposed to be which we would then be. you might if you break the child away from its mother so we couldn't it was so there was no other option i think. so. i applaud them for his bravery if you look at it from belgium you look at germany and how many islamist terrorist attacks have actually been committed by people who have returned from syria then i wouldn't be glib about six feet in suicide i let said when not going to join them but parity we're going to win terry values of humanity the rule of law and justice and we're going to we're going to allow it look we're going
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to put on trial and i'll be very happy to see prison for a very long time for the crimes we've got to make sure that there's safety and protection for those children and women and that they held to account and then there's going to be a global conversation maybe through the international criminal court to. actually hold these fighters responsible for the crimes that they committed. ok moving on to another big story of the day human rights watch has released a damning report exposing torture and abuse of youngsters suspected of having links to islamic state in iraq the group say iraqi kurdish authorities routinely force suspects some as young as fourteen to confess using harsh methods the report features a number of first time to count. what to me a shot i mean and they say you know quite low. there is another three. hundred. seventy. nine or at the age of the.
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little at the border. you know what mr average joe i want i just i just had. enough that method that a lot of and. much. of our viewers advocate. and you know and there was stuff about it when the then it happened. and there was a battle. well the report describes the kind of torture to which the detainees are allegedly subject is among the methods said to be used by kurdistan regional office or a tazer beatings with plastic pipes on the electric cables as well as the use of electric shocks sun stress positions now according to human rights watch at the end of last year iraqi and kurdish authorities are holding some fifteen hundred children over their alleged affiliation with least one hundred eighty five foreign children have been convicted on terrorism charges and sentenced to prison terms as
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well we heard from one of the people behind the report. iraqi authorities or no vote or abuse from the. kurdish there have charged hundreds of minors acts of terrorism because of their alleged presumed belonging to a islamic states these prosecutions very often rely on very you know dots for my positions because if they are based on confessions that were tortured out of the kids. those children are number one considered us combatants who are trying just as adult combatants and that is not fair that should be the international law is very clear and considers that children who are recruited by armed groups should be considered first and foremost i think we need rehabilitation and reintegration into society rather than prison and told.
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we recommended the government the iraqi government and purchase orders to immediately free all those guess who have not committed a crime as for those who are suspected of having committed crimes and other violent the russian well sure they should be tried but they should be tried accordingly to international rules and compelled to minors in all cases we recommend strongly that there is no practice of torture anymore and that investigations are open jewel hauled all the perpetrators accountable these are the recognition that we have addressed to the kurdish and the iraqi government and we are to expect to get answers. yeah a lot being spoken about there we are awaiting comments the allegations from the iraqi government the country's. terrorism laws do provide we must point out for the detention and trial of anyone involved with applies even if they have not committed violent crimes and only played support roles for example working as kooks or in
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hospitals. ok time for a short break the eighteen minutes past seven pm here in moscow will be right back . there was no trade or labor and there's an environment standouts in the original nafta up to the five years ago those were give out because relations were more punitive but now the religion is very very close intertwined so i think it's ok to have a new treaty and you negotiation. you know world's big partners. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we
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need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. hello again the united states is ramping up pressure on venice will and president nicolas maduro u.s. national security adviser john bolton say that momentum is now on the side of opposition leader one quite oh they have not sought to arrest quite oh and the national assembly in the opposition and i think one reason for that is that madeira fears if he gave that order it would not be abated but i do think the momentum is
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on the side of the. well president maduro say's the growing power cuts in venice were a result of cyber attack by the united states adding that his government is working to solve the issue it comes a celtic there an interim president one why he will call a state of national emergency over the power cuts he's also us for outside intervention to end the political crisis in the country f. or more you're starting these. are. street filings tough talk from the u.s. and now nationwide blackouts what a perfect time for the self-proclaimed president of venezuela to invite a foreign power to meddle in his own country. the solution is intervention and washington looks ready to oblige what would make you use the u.s. military in venezuela it's an option we continue to say and we always will for the
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day all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table because they always are it's no secret the u.s. has a soft spot for foreign interventions and they've picked the right guy for it as he's a no mood for talking it must be very clear to the world and to this regime that nobody will take part in this fake dialogue you want to compliment you go i am committed to international dialogue today tomorrow and always of course shooting first and asking questions later doesn't leave much room for dialogue fake or not and of course much of the population doesn't want war at all and your fearless mcgrew not. calling for a fatal war because it is a war against all the people of venezuela it is venezuela that should solve the problems of venezuela the us should stop interfering in other countries affairs you know we don't want war we want peace and it's not just the venezuelans who disapprove just as america's interventions in iraq syria and libya all lacked
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international approval so. the u.n. leadership has already made it clear it wants no further escalation are you worried about the risk of internal military confrontation or even foreign i hope that that will sink the. foreign intervention in both america go gone there's a reason waving a big stick at sovereign countries is frowned upon the democracy promised often turns into a drawn out military occupation not to mention the bloodshed needed to even get there the majority of even the opposition themselves oppose a military intervention so his position in support of this is definitely a minority one and then he sort of intervention into the country of military intervention as we've seen in other countries like libya syria afghanistan and iraq . will not be like the films of military intervention there will be bloodshed o.b. destruction i'm really cause chaos for the country now on the topic of the power
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just the mirror of caracas the government is doing everything in its power right now to remedy the ongoing situation there. there is alex in all twenty two districts but there is not a single district where alec to a city would be supplied to homes and some sectors of the choices he has not yet been restored as we have sad recovery will be gradual and since we're restoring the system manually there may be interruptions in power supply but there is a team that is working on this problem led by the president and vice president and we saw problems in the large cities of the country are grateful to the team for the efforts that makes. for the past few weeks many media outlets have directly accused venezuela's president ordering the destruction of a humanitarian aid convoy but now it's been noticed that those responsible may in
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fact have been opposition protesters the new york times the sky over the. analyzing footage of the incident but this video is almost identical to one weird at the end of february both show how a burning riot separated from a molotov cocktail and hit on a truck contradicting much of the mainstream media's description of events u.s. politicians lead an attack on nicolas maduro even before the incident was fully explained. c.n.n. seems so incendiary devices from police and the minister on side of the border ignite the trucks the networks journalists aren't sure if the trucks are burned on purpose each of the drugs burn berman's you're a good twenty don so food and medicine this is a crime and if international law means anything you must be a high price for this the burning of trucks carrying badly needed food medicine this is being mature is response to peaceful efforts to help venezuelans. yes in
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four despite that the channel has claimed its team had witnessed how police started the fire. this is a classic example of how misinformation spreads from an unconfirmed rumor to the twitter feeds off the top influences to the mass media you have to be joking with the sweet that will see a million did so with it so nice something that never happens the question we should ask why. two weeks after after we've you know the propaganda she looks at it and you know all of the u.s. leader you know harping on nearly to justify u.s. intervention and it probably i wouldn't report you know on the ground that they all that information was all that they're going to get there or didn't know you know at that point in fact all of it by the report of the. plane model that they were throwing at the national. leadership to gather you know challenge claims clear evidence that the united states waging
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a media war propaganda campaign by you know lately you know a legal attempt to out i think. well the republic senator we heard spoken about there also reacted to reports of an explosion cut off at electricity to some areas of the country marco rubio a long time critic of president maduro said the transformer how they exploded german but embarrassingly for the senator is the name of the journalist who reported the incident it actually happened a sub station in the east of the country. or if you'd like to delve deeper into any of those stories our website as you covered for news on the fuse go to work more great programs right ahead here though on r.t. international.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the baltic from clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go home fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising us all why not seriously. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of the slide here. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they've mattered the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be old from rich eight point six percent and world markets close to thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and that one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember in one one business show you know bored to miss one and only boom box.
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and welcome across town where all things are considered peter lavelle who would have thought a somali born muslim woman elected to congress would ignite a long overdue national conversation also wants to make the military industrial complex great again. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest dmitri bobbitt he's a political analyst we spoke nick international and in athens we cross to alex christopher he is the director and writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always
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appreciate let me go first to our athens alex. congresswoman omar her greatest sin was not saying anything remotely anti-semitic not even actually anti israel her saying why.


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