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so we're. going to get the. time for the british prime minister is she secured some assurances from europe ahead of a crucial parliamentary vote. national assembly grounds opposition leader. to declare a state of emergency has an extensive blackout in the country continues. and is fatal stabbings reach record levels in parts of the u.k. a leading supermarket chain says it will stop the sale of single kitchen knives. welcome to news from c international first for you the british prime minister has
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agreed several important changes to deal with the president of the european commission may travel to strasburg for a last ditch talks with the e.u. ahead of tuesday's crucial parliamentary vote on the agreement opposition leader jeremy colbert has called the negotiations a failure and is urging the house of commons to reject may's deal with some possible outcomes to today's ballot. on tuesday night british politicians once again get to vote on some form of withdrawal agreement that the prime minister has negotiated with the european union so what happens next if the government wins the vote the prime minister will have had a lucky escape the u.k. will be leaving the e.u. with a deal on march the twenty ninth but not scenario is looking increasingly unlikely is expected the politicians will reject terry's amazing beleaguered withdrawal agreement just like they did in january eyes to the right two hundred into. the
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nose to the last four hundred and thirty two. in that case they'll be more votes to decide what to do next on wednesday parliament would be whether it would approve leaving the e.u. without a deal that's not likely to be approved by politicians either pretty much the only thing there appears to be a majority for in parliament is the option of excluding no deal and the potential calamity it might entailed priority is to stop no deal that would be hugely chaotic because the original ruling of no deal under any circumstances so by midweek the u.k. is likely to have ruled out to raise a maze deal and no deal as well and then politicians would face another vote on whether to extend article fifty in other words delay britain's departure from the e.u. something that until recently to reason may had said wasn't an option with the attention
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on march i'm clear that we will not extend article fifteen that we will leave the on the twenty ninth of march any delay is a delay it doesn't address the issue it doesn't resolve the issue to reason maes said that that would be a short and necessary delay just to keep talks going with the e.u. on a potential deal but critics say it would just put a. off a potential cliff edge brags that by another month or so it would be highly dangerous for our country to go cap in hand to the european union at the eleventh hour and beg for an extension it is not an answer to the situation we face the cliff the term people want to use is merely being moved all of this would leave the field open and he brags that politicians to advance their parliamentary maneuvers to thwart britain's departure from europe one thing is for certain it's going to be a busy week for politicians a week which could define the brags that process or even ground it to
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a halt. international relations professor going to blow things that europeans won't accept a delay to break say without good reason. the prime minister loses the vote by say fifty votes as this might allow her to continue to push for a third meaningful vote on a slightly altered deal just before d.-day but you know this is hopeful thinking by the prime minister's office ages europeans are going to agree to it out of the way and they have to agree to it we can't do it unilaterally unless there is some substantive reason to do so a general election a new referendum but it can't simply be for theresa may to continue to kick the can down the line week on week day on day. breaks it count down. venezuela's national assembly has approved a state of emergency declared by opposition leader and self declared interim
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president he says it's necessary before he can request international aid for the country and all comes as the country struggles on through an ongoing power blackout and humanitarian crisis president says the power cuts are the result of cyber attacks by the united states adding that his government is working to solve the issue he claims to suffer terms were caught trying to damage a hydroelectric dam on monday an investigation into that is underway meanwhile why dose says the crisis should be tackled head on. if this catastrophe needs to be addressed immediately no we cannot turn our heads elsewhere no we cannot abandon our people and you are in the states you have the right to protest you have the right to demand you have the right to raise your voice you have the right to protest for your relatives you have the right to go out to the streets and demand our rights it's not true that there is normality in the streets in venezuela there is none and this is a lot of psychological pressure on the venezuelan people to be dealing. with the
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humanitarian crisis and now the crisis with the electrical grid think the man on top of that to have the assembly declare a national emergency this is really designed to create more chaos and more fear and more division within the venezuelan people their plan of the opposition is to find any way that they can to bring things to a head i think the military remains pretty much consistently on the side of euro and so this is another attempt to push the military back to and to deep in the crisis. i get from the committee of international solidarity believes the united states is exploiting the humanitarian crisis for its own and. samples. we think the concept of the humanitarian crisis is the fundamental argument used by us imperialism around the world wherever they develop the plants of intervention and interference to overthrow the national government and violate
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sovereignty self-determination and independence in order to take control over the strategic resources of countries and we think that this part of the plan for the we cannot to pull the concepts of humanitarian aid which has been specifically defined by the us in the country weissmann the zoila we're seeing the crisis of the capitalist system which many of the countries in the world also face and based on this argument of a humanitarian crisis on the contras also wanted to legitimize the intervention you could direct in direct ways. there's been a steep rise and knife crime in britain and according to official figures last year thirty five percent of all crime involving a knife or shop instrument happened in london and that's prompted the leading supermarket chain to stop the sale of single kitchen knives his artie's anastasio checa. knife crime has become a major source of concern in the u.k. even described as an epidemic these days since the beginning of the year forty one
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stabbings have been reported fetal with both adults and teens among the victims and attackers a huge debate on how to tackle the problem has been pushed to the forefront the u.k. home secretary has been holding emergency meetings with chief police officers last week to find a way forward as the surge in knife attacks gets dubbed a national emergency meanwhile this british supermarket chain seems to be adding its two cents to address the problem they have announced they won't be selling single night anymore by the end of april when no single knives are the most common knife products to be stolen and that is why we have chosen to remove these items from our stores the office has welcomes the move we'll find out if locals think it can actually make any difference it's a very good idea because they're not going to spend fifty pounds to buy ten knives i think the problem is that it's fine because they charge of this to stop selling to under eighteen that doesn't work take
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a stop so they know. you're in there people who are older he might need a knife perhaps it is a good idea to know for the solve the problem are not for selling one michael selling a packet in ice that they can make a difference where they used to get to for more money so. a lot of these guys get knives from their home safely so they go by the they they can readily excess and that's stress in their homes we also caught up with a former metropolitan police officer for a professional take on the knife crime situation but i think it's. very like a day on the problem as a whole. will be going to do with here is a very very stringent legislature so that the punishments and the deterrent for very noisy circumstances horrocks raimi horn. this sort of thing is a step in the right direction but it's a very small step. it's a very long journey we've got to go on so we've got to look for government and we've got to look to our legislators to give us the tools to deal with this but
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these tools need to be very very powerful ones because we cannot continue down this road for a very. what is a call a cultural thing that's taken place is not in to address that you've got to go. right through you know sort of forming on forcing social trying to use and that's going to take a long tolling and i think you know you need to look at government changes in social services the choice of think that but we have to do something in this also to you know we are sticking plaster on you lloyd and sticking plaster again needs to be a crease in the amount of first officer as we do in the freedom of movement place or has to exist always there but we're also you know we have to put the policeman in the perpetrators more and so the guy or the terrorists. will perhaps stop these youngsters from carrying these dollars occurring in these all these tanks is a very very stringent one indeed we've almost got to go back to a lot of the victorian i see shoots of this because you know they deal with these
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things that various storms of one war or the other and they did it with you know you would almost six reenlisted slices. but because this is an extreme problem or think that's the kind of extreme cure that you know we're looking for. critics are raising the pressure over remarks by democratic party representatives about jewish influence on american politics many branded her anti semitic for her comments and she later apologized but leading republican liz cheney warns that a subsequent democrat backed resolution condemning all bigotry isn't enough to counter that the leadership is they are protecting her you know this isn't just being silent they are protecting her by failing to put a resolution on the floor that names her and that strip search for committee assignment instead they put a resolution on the floor which she then went out and said this is a tremendous victory for me. congress had the opportunity to denounce anti-semitism a very specific very odious problem and democrats decided to dodge that opportunity
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unapologetically dressing up a resolution as and i hate and insulating the person that was meant to discourage thursday's resolution condemned all forms of hate and intolerance including anti-semitism and discrimination against muslims it was backed by a large majority including all democrats and imo herself the move came after she questioned the power of israeli lobby wields over us politicians. why is it ok for people to push religions to foreign country why is it ok for me to talk about the influence of the n.r.a. of fossil fuel industries and not talk about of powerful lobbying group that is influencing policy we discussed it here on r.t. where we had a disagreement over whether criticizing the israeli government is tantamount to an attack on all jewish people. ilan omar has camouflaged anti-semitism in the united states and has turned it in to a to a chemical us issue of criticism of israel this is not about criticism of israel
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buries no all of that between being anti-semitic and israel and one can be. a reason rarely government policies certain policies without being anti-semitic in fact many jews both in israel and abroad are against the policies of the current israeli government even though they consider themselves proud jews they are proud of their jewish heritage and they resent any such comment this is only about anti-semitism in the united states this is not about israel per se and i think that what has happened here there has been a conflation of the issue in which mrs omar who knows exactly what she's doing when you call israel a racist bigoted or apartheid state as she has done as well as some of her some of her colleagues in the in the democratic party you are you are making an
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anti-semitic statement if you want to make a legitimate critic criticism of israel then make it in context israel used to enjoy bipartisan support on capitol hill and in washington and the country in general but under benjamin netanyahu has publicly supported the republicans over the democrats and by you contributed to the democrats now coming out in force against israel the challenge of the democratic party is will they stand up to mr omar and to mr from michigan and to ms cortez from new york who are working as a triangular power in order to to to create an unfair and biased and even at times anti semitic diatribe against israel. and the jews in the united states will the democratic party stand up to them or will they collapse as they have in this resolution that essentially makes miss omar the victim as opposed to the perpetrator of the dentists emetic trope the power for israel's friends be the jews
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or of other denominations on capitol hill and in american politics is not only undeniable so when it fits these read the purpose it indicates to people in washington on that it behooves them not to do israel's bidding and when it does not fit their its purpose. it all of a sudden fears such perceptions but this is of course powerful because. there's outrage in russia after a deaf woman and her two children a property taken off and put into cat she's accused by tenants in her shared apartment of being an alcoholic who is incapable of taking care of her children she denies that and claims her neighbors simply want to seize control of the whole apartment. there's alan why. don't you go yet. her room in a shared apartment raided by custody officials children gone that's how
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a single mother of two learned that her kids were taken away from her less has lived her life with the hearing impairment and it is so bad that without a hearing aid she's deaf one day she called a doctor for her daughter but didn't open the door when they showed up she says a broke and she didn't hear her call residents claiming she had passed out after a few too many custody officials took the flatmates word ordinary russians though took the side of the mother thousands of vocally outraged by the snap decision to separate alyssa from her children there's an online petition to alyse is shocked by the accusations to be a raging alcoholic as she's being portrayed she has simply no time she says taking care of two children alone moreover her son has a serious medical condition and his life depends on the daily early morning
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inhalations facilitated by his mother alyssa supporters say if it wasn't for her treatment and care the boy would have died in a drunk woman could not do as much as unless it did for her children that would be simply impossible activists say alyssa went through complete examinations with an archaeologist and they say car tryst and they determined she was stable and didn't have a drinking problem the custody service seems to brush off all of the above the law and now here are these children already turned into to lot c. in an online database for those seeking to adopt and as if taking the children away from the mother wasn't bad enough now they've been taken away from each other they've been placed in two different children homes not you need it's not as if nobody had thought about what's best for the children when they decided to separate the siblings i listen as mother has submitted an application to force to her
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grandchildren and has started renovating whole flat to get it up to standards. if you're black. or white. they're going to die a slow lemon ok it's a lock. and while the dispute has already been taken to court it doesn't really see the urgency. that's. going to settle this is. one of those work. but it's another thing. that's. going to do it to the government most. of the u.k. corso sets a precedent of jailing a mother for carrying out a female genital mutilation on her daughter it's all next news after the break.
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but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be preached. to the right to be cross it's like the fourth tree in the morning can't be good.
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i'm interested always in the waters in the. first city. welcome back in the u.k. court has handed down the country's first of a custodial sentence for carrying out female genital mutilation itself the ugandan mother practiced time surgery on her three year old daughter.
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female genital mutilation is still carried out in
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a number of religious and traditional cultures usually to control the girl's sexuality and as a precondition for marriage the practice is painful and it does significant harm to the victim and it's performed mostly on young girls and i was more it's been illegal in the u.k. for decades and according to britain's national health service almost seven thousand women and girls who undergone the surgery received medical treatment in twenty eighty around fifteen hundred cases every three months in the u.k. we spoke to the executive director of forward u.k. that's the foundation for women's health research and development. she says that the practice causes lifelong problems for victims. and the reality is that g.m. is a human rights foundation and g.m. courses and g.m. also affects the health and wellbeing of women and girls a number of people are goes through a lot of emotional trauma but i'm not able to when we speak to some of the women that we west with women would tell you that the flashbacks when they see the knives
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or the see blades and these are the things that are part of issues that have actually been suppressed in your mind for a very long time there is also the elemental those who do have psychosexual problems as a result of going through the militants on the solution we do know that's the case is so post traumatic stress disorder and it's something that we are for will be increasingly seeing. through community women a lot of the supports we see in women after training they request to have additional support particularly on emotional wellbeing. now the austrian foreign minister is right now meeting russia's top diplomat in moscow weather expected to touch upon european security and economic relations among other things no doubt if the trend is across the visit forsythe quite a lot expected to be discussed as the foreign minister have a special relationship with russia. high calling well i guess it is
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definitely fair to say that now how many people do you know whose wedding invitations were accepted by the russian president vladimir putin while the austrian foreign minister carrying counsel is one of them among the things that she told journalists shortly before coming to moscow is saying that she wants to dance with vladimir putin once again she's already done before she called him a great dancer and also she remembered how the media. on her in fact they were even attacking her for the vladimir putin appearance at her party. when i found out that he agreed it was clear to me that there would be a media reaction however putin charming as ever shared our happy day with us. so karen consuls hobbies are indeed very diverse from reading plenty of
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rush's literature to farming in fact you don't really usually expect a foreign minister to live on a mini farm well she does. this morning i've managed to feed chickens who uses clean stables thank god one jockeys helping him a lot now i would manage less without him but for the first six months i did everything by myself. well the foreign ministers experience includes dealing with crisis and conflicts in places like bosnia or composed and she says that it is very challenging to sort out the modern day in crises in places like the middle east but for her human lives are a priority so she says for example it's very important to sort out the issues like the mining for example but when it comes to refugees coming to europe this is when
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minister can isolate stans can get very harsh she is famous for one saying that not all people who are coming to europe are serious now at the time of fake news according to ms so it is very important to talk face to face not on twitter and she's been doing that in quite a great manner with sergei lavrov for example. after a dinner together mr lavrov started smoking and i know smoked a cigarette with him i don't know whether it's true by the practical service told me that was virtually the single case or at least a red case when a guest smoked together with him he in vienna well so smoked a couple of cigarettes together the movie also connects i ran a smoke own special occasions when i feel relaxed. so call and as you've said the topics that are being discussed right now are ukraine venezuela as well and
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european security after the collapse of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty of course i'll be there at the press conference i'll get a chance to ask a question and i'll come back to you with more details ok for now i am trying to moscow thanks for that. ok that's the way it looks from moscow so far there's tuesday your next update from me in the team is off the all new kaiser report. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've mater the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happens each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent of the world market rose thirty percent some with one hundred five hundred three first second per second and when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's
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building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know bored in this one and only boom box. is this is a sticker from a water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. it's difficult. to. stay on your own especially projects funded. on the line your
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best bet is the end of a pretty steep but fun now the mountains of waste only grow higher. oh on. the other this is the kaiser report. thanks max we finally found a market for our chlorinated american chicken yes it's going to be the brits in this post break so world they have a new trade deal and it's the chlorinated chicken here's the headline u.s. ambassador to u.k. under fire over defense of chlorinated chicken critics a process woody johnson called a no brainer is actually harmful to the nation's health jay rayner the b.b.c. presenter observer columnist and master chef critic said the u.k.
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should tell johnson where he can stick chlorinated chicken the us is preferred approach for protecting consumers from pathogens such as salmonella and capital backed are ok. look. well can i wish that issue you can talk about chicken without bringing plucky on because plucky is a monetary policy expert and this whole story does remind me of cheap money and cheap products you know you want to reduce the price of everything reduce the price of money and what was the actual cost. plus you want to know where he got the jacket. this is one of his cohorts on the farm which was a look at from earlier. jerry jerry jerry the cow it is leather i have to say but jay rayner the b.b.c. presenter said about this chlorinated chicken that we know that breaks it is all downsize it.


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