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but you want with. russian meddling russian interference. what's the cost. weapon against russian interference in europe. going anywhere oh well on a more serious note i understand that. they're still i always need money but still . what's your stance on it and also on the i.m.f. treaty what do you support the. initiative by donald trump and does it truly fit with all of the european security interests and. do you think that europe could cope with countering what has been called as russian interference and what are the u.s. actions an interference in itself thank you.
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thank you all. i'm aware of the debate. yeah. as soon as the austrian on the third floor foreign minister in all i can say there we believe in another form of dialogue diplomacy exchange of opinions all the contacts are just like we had to make sense of she didn't even. diplomatically. for an otherwise we would only escalate tension diplomacy for me is communication at the same level that's common enough when you can discuss different issues and you shouldn't be afraid to to put.
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and was moved to poor burning charcoal lot of the fire. and i think it has to be a constructive dialogue just like we had to do because the saga fits if i've been in this position for fifteen months and the biggest concern. that these two lose contact is to lose dialogue because instead of darlow we often see two monologues this is why. i know you have to be brave in tackling certain issues. meet in terms of the honor of treaty. since we're not. member of the military alliance. since the nine hundred fifty is.
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where disarmament talks been going on since the one nine hundred fifty is a regular basis a nineteen eighty seven. i graduated from the university and that's that and i still remember the. summit. i know it's an article of late when we finally saw. the i've seen the relations. and i mean. if you put on speed and the mass naaman it was for the hour so rewarding to see. disarmament treaties found it in a muslim and if we hadn't had those trees in place we wouldn't be able to talk like we talk to trust is the bases of everything to show up for this cause to be able to see that you have to rely on trust in exchanging information including intelligence information and i think you know and i'll sit with you on where someone just with
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ask right now we are in a situation for a long gun. when we need to reuse the same practices something that's we've lost. going back to the question that was addressed to me but first of all i fully agree with the extensive definition of diplomacy that was so brilliantly. zappos trade by my counterpart. as for this request for an extra one hundred five hundred million this is not diplomacy or perhaps this is war that the u.s. calls diplomacy right now it all amounts to bullying to threats or trying to simply by allies it's up to us legislators up to us taxpayers to decide whether this really meets their interests. on them clint's up to the
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countries that pass of pows to receive these generous assistance to counter this nefarious russian interference so perhaps they would then exercise their. goods on the others so hard to. influence i don't know whether they would like the fact that the is simply bought us. we are aware of the us manners manners that are in place for the white house but if they refuse there might be sanctions so they would have to choose. oil or after t.v. network plays. and if. the leaning go off of a t.v.
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network are the question to both ministers last year. he says he witnessed certain tension. between russian austria and since they were over the spy scandal that just seemed to be last in one of those countries then said. significantly to mind do you think that the crisis is over. a fire because there thank you. for typos you know. for she back then i had to delay in my trip of. an image to the ties that are. happening in high court proceedings are underway i'm not aware of all the details. in the end of what i did do you have
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a report on the trial. the colonel. yes about is. has been charged with espionage last. atmosphere there is now officially a retired one as for the relationship between the two countries. we have a wonderful atmosphere right now we can. we know how to separate one issue from another. we try to discuss issues wherever we have we try to address them and tackle them. and as i said he would like to see our tone is just the same we probably want to promote diplomacy. and friendship. as i said earlier it's still. one point she decided to go public
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in accusing russia of used specific channels for voicing their concerns. and i'm sure every profession is a particular one and you should never. you should never confuse these two professions that has never led to anything positive either in life or i mean that in the work radio but rick perry the secretary for energy in the u.s. . will be still sanctions against north stream pipeline projects and companies that will be part of the project including or string companies it was so what would always student do if the u.s. would like to exercise. it's not appropriate competition practices and a question to minister. to chances to resolve the systemic crisis
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of the council of europe. thank you so much. if you've been closely following the debates it's. gone beyond. just a. part of politics part of an agenda i have always told my counterparts u.s. counterpart mr pump that pipelines to build not just to ruffle the feathers of someone be built to transport natural gas and as mr merkel said it's all about commercial interest. the european. commission on approved directive
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on gary klein and that resolves many dresses many issues voiced by the u.s. based. at the moment it helped me to almost do you know you would stick to your. for being a professor shimon wright's. con and. you know that international law has been the foundation of everything in the past decades that will. hire. certain enterprises to. fight. about and focus is something that runs counter to international law. and then. feel if you are firing off so there are
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a lot of question marks and these intentioned sanction that's individual companies. so from what i understood this was the question that you asked me which. was a little pick up from where my counterpart lift under international law is definitely defies all the tenets of. all legal norms that are u.s. counterparts to stopped using these notions of international law they have called an everyone to buy the article respect the rule based order. to talking about rules are no international law. yes you just need to have competition fair competition. that it was a demand and supply and that's also why not always the w t o rules
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higher a narrower group of countries have invented. some rules and they've been trying to impose these rules on other countries and that fits the agenda and the narrative of the us they call the stream pipeline project a political one and they say that europe has to buy us gas that's will be twenty to thirty percent higher yes it will be a commercial project then yes it will be commercial for the u.s. because they will gain extra revenue. because that's what this country is that. they've been forcing to ditch the north stream pipeline project it will be a political solution but they will use a lot of pressure and it was used illegitimates unilaterally konami should
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sanctions. their hands well if you take washington you have just sanctions as the as this instrument of diplomacy including not stream of you just recently mike poincare. ross neff to violate a russian oil giant has violated u.s. sanctions against the venezuelan companies and demanded that stop buying oil from venezuela though it's how can you explain it well and then go i don't know who was proclaimed his view by vice president as in in three m. or acting president said that venezuela should start selling oil to cuba. well that doesn't fit international law which is looking good you know but you have to engage in a fair competition what we see is gross violation of all ethical and legal norms
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when the u.s. . you book with your demands. no country in the world buys the raw materials and you from russia and that's sure that that everyone should buy them from the u.s. but they want other countries to buy military equipment from the u.s. and not from russia and certainly unfair competition in sports he's well known to everyone so this manner of lecturing everyone would have a very adverse consequence since we have warned them already they might get some. it's. the british benefits in the near term but in the longer term the answer my interest to the international system to the global
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order based on the u.s. dollar and that's would lead to adverse consequences for them. and are finally on the council of europe. that we see already you would see we've got to discuss ways to go back to the basics which we need to go back to all of the little stuff that blog that on the provisions of the charter of the council of europe it would mean that all of the members would. it's are have the same rides in all of the bodies. and the resolution. of the. pace runs counter to it so. we welcome. determination by some of the countries finland and austria finland will share in the.
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council of europe with the support of the majority of the council. of europe member states their determination to reaffirm all of the provisions of the charts and then we need to pass a resolution saying that the charter he's intact. so there's a minority and the minority has been trying to block such decision. but they've been demanding that the council of europe should press russia further yes they say ok we'll give you were. in exemption you might vote on this or that issue but you still not scarce all the rights that you are supposed to have under the charter says there minority has been trying to convince anyone that the russian decided to. give up and
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russia decided to pull out of the council of europe that this is not true this is just a provocation she's been provocations like that in other instances we know that our u.k.e. . ukrainian counterparts are behind this move and there are three or four countries like there she has been trying to follow the recent far leak was narrative that washington regulates so these are rumors that russia has not taken the decision to pull out of the council of europe which russia has been doing everything to find a way out of this old official crisis. so . the final question for the hour per news agency. and you began to look to the common sense consensus so i'd like to go back to this such
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a dialogue forum why sochi. and the need to do measure to measure mentioned here on human again will you invite all the groups of the civil society. and little. son. will there be other forms of dialogue that are supposed to improve ties between russia and the you. well why saatchi. thought. it was not. work. so we decided to go to saudi we know that saatchi is an important city for russia it hosted the olympic games in two thousand and fourteen. and saatchi has been increasingly. marked. as
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a platform for a different conference is this also being me this syria congress there so it has a reputation for hosting a high level. conferences and events so we decided to use that name and i would like to thank my colleagues father vital and size him in two thousand eighteen my team has been working hard to prepare for these. projects you asked whether all the groups of the suicides you will take part in it yes we will have different groups. i said earlier i met with different n.g.o.s members human rights activists shift it's also important for us to work on. cultural leaders on board religious leaders and board office by the way. so that you know the
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authors can feel what's happening in the world like look. how to little and that they have some spiritual. relationship with the fabric of the world. so we'll have some of the leads is. from the creative community and i also notice that there are a lot of people with books on the subway they're not just on social media what are they mean. and included often very literate if. you know if they so harsh but hunt but we'd like to have critical dialogue for more formal words. it's very important to get or others on board. could you repeat the third part of your question by going out that question
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with a lot of fog ok i got it you must understand. you on your own for seat as i. sucked you want to let him i don't. want to do the principles. but you know i. get in. the second hour of the you principles a barrier in our relationship with russia yes we are camino committed to the e.u. principles we are committed to the. position on the ukraine crisis but there is still no way. where we can cooperate we. russia has. a platform to cooperate or we have germany and france are the level of civil society and so we set up
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a similar format and you know he among. them would buy into the cure all diplomacy or to where you promise see is always. the feeling is always. a benefit fine. but it subverts you so. that's less. of line has represented russia and the un and as foreign minister for a long time it. is very well aware what us for thirty dollars multilateral institutions often. used in terms of positive change but they. there's been a crisis is a martial art show for attention this is why we have to focus on international law
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. and work. hard. you know to buy up hold agreements and treaties like it's something. biological corporation has always held multilateral dialogue. for multilateral for. they have to be. improved. cut through the improvements in bilateral cooperation and this would open up new opportunities and in this case this would bridge the gap in terms of dialogue. i think the purpose of the question was a different one perhaps you asked where the journalists would participate in such a dialogue is definitely. it's the it's a it's. so. so i would like to personally invite you to
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take part in the form that. you're a great advisor thank you for your advice. ok clearly a core deal relationship between those two top diplomats for the past forty five minutes we've been watching the russian and austrian foreign ministers conduct a news conference after the talks in moscow throughout the morning the reason this is worth watching of course is because austria rusher of long had cordial relations stretching back to the way through to the soviet times as well and for that reason austria's long been a good mediating bridge when things got frosty between the west and namely brussels and moscow so that's why this is all king to watch we have heard a running theme of talking about trust and building on dialogue from both foreign ministers on a number of subjects from international security through to ukraine and the route to the north stream pipeline our correspondent was there and got
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a question in very early talking about donald trump's plan to have that while it busting five hundred million spent on countering a rogue forces russia being included among those and foreign minister can isolate saying we believe in diplomacy otherwise we're only escalate tension we have to rely on trust and sergey lavrov saying perhaps five hundred million is what the u.s. calls diplomacy that it's bullying threats or to buy allies as i said our correspondent was there so we'll go through what the main points of that news conference was and what came out of the foreign minister's talks in moscow throughout the morning and that will be a little bit later on. you know no nails here with no headline news for amati international in just a couple of minutes. this is a stick from the water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles
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of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter bugs are throwing us away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that's. their plastic. the new phones at a special projects funded me. on that is the end of it for the teeth of fun now the mountains of waste only grow higher. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse
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objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduce democracy attack solo duo engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what. when you put her into the. roof we'll switch is dedicated to increasing virtue of just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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both of you know what. you. open up a choice you come from up there and i don't think i want to. justify. putting a focus with a couple of that if you show. me. the posts there would be ok sign. what you know full well for you that i think you know how to. say to. you want to. perform. it on faith no nothing. like that in a way out of fear from. one i feel as if the united.
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country has gone into a nihilistic fever. and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatans the genius of the quintessential american hero this is a point around which hollywood is done something we always are on the margins something. called the. party. we're starting last with is beginning headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the bees i think i'm. leave now doesn't get any more than that you may be pleased if it is.
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crunch time looms for the british prime minister us to resume a secures some assurances from europe ahead of a crucial parliamentary folks also coming up on the program at venice well as national assembly position leader wanting. to declare a state of emergency an extensive block out in the country continues its. fatal stoppings reach record levels in parts of the u.k. a leading supermarket chain say's it's to stall the sale of single kitchen knives.


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