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i'm going to talk about football. or else you can see it was going to go. by the way what is the punch line here. crunch time looms for the british prime minister us to resume a secure is some assurances from europe ahead of a crucial parliamentary vote. police in the u.k. investigate after a group calling itself the irish republican army claims to be behind a series of bomb sent to addresses in mainland britain. also coming off. the. national assembly grounds position leader one thora t. to declare a state of emergency an extensive blackout in the country continued.
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just column three pm here in moscow this choose the march the twelfth welcome to r.t. international i mean and o'neill our top story. the british prime minister has agreed several changes to her brakes a deal with the president of the european commission treason may travel to strasburg for a last ditch talks with the e.u. head of tonight's crucial parliamentary vote on the agreement opposition labor leader germy corben has called the negotiations a failure urged the house of commons to reject me deal. got the lowdown. on tuesday night british politicians once again get to vote on some form of withdrawal agreement that the prime minister has negotiated with the european union so what happens next if the government wins the very thought the prime minister will have had a lot. key escape the u.k. will be leaving the e.u.
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with a deal on march the twenty ninth but not scenario is looking increasingly unlikely is expected the politicians will reject terry's amazing beleaguered withdrawal agreement just like they did in january tries to the right two hundred into. the nose to the last four hundred and thirty two. in that case they'll be more votes to decide what to do next on wednesday parliament would be whether it would approve leaving the e.u. without a deal that's not likely to be approved by politicians either pretty much the only thing there appears to be a majority for in parliament is the option of excluding no deal and the potential calamity it might entails priorities to stop no deal. because the. ruler nor do you under any circumstances so by midweek the u.k.
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is likely to have ruled out to raise a maze deal and no deal as well and then politicians would face another vote on whether to extend article fifty in other words delay britain's departure from the e.u. something that until recently to reason may had said wasn't an option with the twenty ninth of march i'm clear that we will not extend article fifteen that we will leave the on the twenty ninth of march any delay is a delay it doesn't address the issue it doesn't resolve the issue to reason maes said that that would be a short and necessary delay just to keep talks going with the e.u. on a potential deal but critics say it would just put off a potential cliff edge bragg's it by another month or so it would be highly dangerous for our country to go. to the european union. and beg for an extension he does not turn. to the situation we face. the term people will do you really been
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moved all of this would leave the field open and he brags that politicians to advance their parliamentary maneuvers to thwart britain's departure from europe one thing is for certain it's going to be a busy week for politicians a week which could define the brags that process or even ground it to a halt polly boyko well international relations professor blunt thinks mrs may remain stuck between a rock and a hard place. the prime minister loses the vote by say fifty votes this might allow her to continue to push for a third meaningful vote on a slightly altered deal just before d.-day but you know this is hopeful thinking by the prime minister's office i think there's zero teams are going to agree to an ability and they have to agree to it we can't do it unilaterally unless there is some substantive reason to do so it's a general election a new referendum but it can't simply be for theresa may to continue to kick the can
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down the line we call me weak day on day. breaks. u.k. police have launched an investigation after a group calling itself the irish republican army or ira claimed responsibility for posting explosive devices to several locations across the u.k. well this is joins me live now with the details now see is some confusion over just to describe actually years what what are authorities making all of the claims. well you've been following our last two week four incidents in london and glasgow the ira have in fact reportedly come out claiming responsibility for planting the explosive devices the ira of course stands for irish part of military army and they are a violent part of military group of that have historically. north ireland. leaving
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the united kingdom and these incidents in question took place on march fifth when there were devices discovered at london's waterloo station which is quite central near heathrow airport and in the area of london city airport as well as on march sixth in glasgow at the university of glasgow now to be clear. authorities handled those devices and there were no injuries however the police are now taking these incidents of course very seriously and looking into them this is what they had to say. given the packages received last week bore similarities to devices sent in the past which willing to dissident groups associated with northern ireland related terrorism officers were already looking at this as a line of inquiry. but we have to be clear that those claiming responsibility have
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indicated that five devices were planted so now with the discovery of four so far the public and businesses have been instructed to remain vigilant while police investigate and they have said that no rests have been made in connection to these incidents so far to see if you're going to guess right off the dates on that developing story thanks rusty. ok moving on to more world news this hour venezuela's national assembly has approved a state of emergency declared by opposition leader and self declared interim president won he say it's necessary before he can request international aid for the country it comes as the nation struggles through an ongoing power blackout and humanitarian crisis president maduro sees the power cut so the result of cyber attacks by the united states adding that his government is working to solve the
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issue he claims to saboteurs were trying to hydroelectric dam on monday an investigation is underway meanwhile mr why dos ses are tied help would be appreciated. if this catastrophe needs to be addressed immediately no we cannot turn our heads elsewhere no we cannot abandon our people and you are in the states you have the right to protest you have the right to demand you have the right to raise your voice you have the right to protest for your relatives you have the right to go out to the streets and demand our rights it's not true that there is normality in the streets in venezuela there is not. this is a lot of psychological pressure on the venezuelan people to be dealing with the humanitarian crisis right now the crisis will be electrical grid think the man on top of back to have the assembly declare a national emergency this is really designed to create more chaos and more. here
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and more division within the venezuelan people their plan of the opposition is to find any way that they can to bring things to a head the military remains pretty much consistently on the side of euro and so this is another attempt to push the military back to and to deep in the crisis. gabrielle from the committee of international solidarity believes the us is exploiting the humanitarian crisis for its own ends take a listen in samples. we think the concept of the humanitarian crisis is the fundamental argument used by us imperialism around the world wherever they develop the plants of intervention and interference to overthrow the national government and violate sovereignty self-determination and independence in order to take control over the strategic resources of countries and we think that this part of the plan for the we cannot to pull the concepts of humanitarian aid which has been
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specifically defined by the us in the country why it's been the zoya we're seeing the crisis of the capitalist system which many of the countries in the world also face and based on this argument of the humanitarian crisis other countries also want to legitimize their intervention you could direct in direct ways. ok another story now with a lot of ramifications in the u.k. a british court as hundred die in the country's first ever custodial sentence for carrying out female genital mutilation comes after ugandan mother practice home surgery and her three year old daughter.
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well female genital mutilation is still card to attain a number of religious and traditional cultures usually to control the girls' sexuality on down say a precondition for marriage day practice is painful and those significant harm to the victim it's performed mostly on young girls it's been illegal as well in the u.k. for decades we must point out according to britain's national health service almost seven thousand women and girls who'd go in the surgery receive medical treatment in twenty eighteen there are fifteen hundred cases every three months in the u.k. now we spoke to the executive director of forward u.k. the foundation for women's health research and development she say's that the practice causes lifelong problems for victims. the reality is that g.m. is a human rights violation and g.m. courses harm g.m. also affects the health and wellbeing of women and girls a number of people are who is through
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a lot of emotional trauma but i'm not able to when we speak to some of the women that we work with women would tell us that the flashbacks when they see the knives or the see blades and these are the things that are part of issues that have actually been suppressed in your mind for a very long time there is also the elemental psychosexual problems as a result of going through the militants. we do know about the worst cases of post traumatic stress disorder and it's something that we are for will be increasingly seeing. through our work loop community women a lot of the supports we see in women after training their request to have additional support particularly on emotional well being. ok what attention back here to russia were there in the country after a deaf woman and her two children abruptly taken off her put into care she's
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accused by tenants in her shared apartment of being an alcoholic who's incapable of taking care of her children she denies that and claims her neighbors simply want to seize control of the entire apartment. bizarre then why. don't you go on yet. her room in a shared apartment raided by custody officials children gone that's how a single mother of two learned that her kids were taken away from her less has lived her life with the hearing impairment and it is so bad that without a hearing aid she's deaf one day she called a doctor for her daughter but didn't open the door when they showed up she says a broke and she didn't hear her call residents claiming she had passed out after a few too many custody officials took the flatmates word ordinary russians though took the side of the mother thousands of vocally outraged by the snap decision to
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separate alyssa from her children there's an online petition to alyse is shocked by the accusations to be a raging alcoholic as she's being portrayed she has simply no time she says taking care of two children alone moreover her son has a serious medical condition and his life depends on the daily early morning inhalations facilitated by his mother alyssa supporters say if it wasn't for her treatment and care the boy would have died a drunk woman could not do as much as a message did for her children that would be simply impossible activists say alyssa went through complete examinations with an archaeologist and they say car tryst and they determined she was stable and didn't have a drinking problem the custody service seems to brush off all of the above the law and now here are these children already turned into two lots in an online database
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for those seeking to adopt and as if taking the children away from the mother wasn't bad enough now they've been taken away from each other they've been placed in two different children homes not you need since is of no. nobody had thought about what's best for the children when they decided to separate the siblings i listen as mother has submitted an application to force to her grandchildren and has started renovating whole flat to get it up to standards. like the way. go to that slower man ok good luck. and while the dispute has already been taken to court it doesn't really see the urgency. of the. good in the said look this is. just one of those looks like. but it's another thing . that's. going to do it to the government must
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hurt him even. if the illegal. trade ties uncultured all stratas top diplomat has been laying out relations with moscow we get into that after the break. with lawmakers manufacture to sentenced him to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round listen to the one percent. nor middle of the room sick. to. relieve.
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one else truths seem wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you're back with our to international russia's top diplomat believes the u.s. administration's request for half a billion dollars to help countries kuntar russia's influence is nothing but an attempt to buy off europe that statement coming from a surrogate during
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a meeting with his austrian cunt apart in russia plenty more the scuffs beyond not as well let's get through some of it with franco our correspondent in what was quite a lengthy meeting and then q. and a session after it or at least the media briefing they got through quite a lot of things that. hi again well i would like to start by saying that there is definitely some sort of special affection that the austrian foreign minister has for this country we've seen her wearing a russian hat she has told us that she's impressed by how many people read books on the russian metro but definitely how much she's keen to be friends with russia isn't only about her cultural affection or about the fact that vladimir putin was a guest at her wedding party or that she likes to share
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a cigarette with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov carrying nice old believes that if because of geopolitics russia and western countries may find themselves on different sides of the diplomatic barricades that doesn't mean that the most senior officials shouldn't talk shouldn't be frank about their issues shouldn't meet face to face she believes that isolation in boycotts aren't the way to go. diplomacy for me is discussing issues on equal terms and grasping the now. sometimes to a clear polite conversation is what we need it's crucial to talk i've noticed an alarming trend where losing the art of conversation we've ended up in the state of no conversation it's only through dialogue that you can cross the hold on and as we say in german that is discussed difficult topics. i got to ask karen
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a question about the collapse of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty initiated by donald trump and his administration she remembered the times when the agreement was struck with great warmth however she felt short of saying she's not a fan of how the agreement is being ruined by the americans as it is seen here although she did say is that without this great example of successful diplomacy today the world one of been a miserable place i also asked sergey lavrov about donald trump's congress will quest for half a billion u.s. dollars to save europe from russia's malicious influence and the russian foreign minister said that this move was some of the worst examples of american diplomacy he wasn't even sure if it can be called diplomacy. the new
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diplomats in libya it's obviously not diplomacy who or it's modern u.s. diplomacy which isn't used to threats sanctions or to attempts to buy allies it's something american taxpayers to decide how much it reflects their interests and it's also up to the countries who are recipients of the generous help by the way i don't know how the countries would like the initiative that someone wants to buy them. there's. a lot of warmth plenty of smiles inside the building behind my shoulder and also loads of plans to do many things together in the near future that's something we don't all. often hear or see when western diplomats come to moscow but today it was exactly like that dan thanks very much for the op to. go. let's move on to the long running controversy and see if this a running technology firm while away china say america's pressure on germany to
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bomb the chinese company from its five g. network shows that washington is only looking after its own interests. the united states come for other countries to sacrifice the legal right for development for the sake of america's self interest calculations. let's get more details on this from our teams of angelo. and he hopes that this was was going to decrease in terms of iraq between the two huge nations it's not going away this. it's getting larger if anything what's being said. it's pretty much continuing this whole and while we're rhetoric from the united states china and the united states is actually should acknowledge and respect any decisions that are made from countries to take actions and dependent decisions when
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they're rolling out any any of their networks or developments in their countries but why is why are we now making this statement and why such a response well it pretty much comes after a warning from the united states government towards germany saying that they would that washington would restrict and limit any of a teligent cooperation between them and berlin. if the using equipment one while rolling out the five generation network with. meant. and this warning comes in a letter from the u.s. ambassador in germany richard grenell towards a germany's. economics minister at last friday and it says that the secure communications system for defense and corporation for delegations between the two countries could be compromised when using a qualifier you quit meant but this is not the only for this is not the first time that the u.s. is trying to pressure its allies to ban the chinese telecom firms equipment. we've seen it happen in the past in australia and new zealand would have to develop them
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to move forward with the band but germany seems like it's only the only country whose kind of holding ground against washington pretty much saying that. we will not bend completely while we from germany rather would actually restrict and create a more razor security criteria one bringing. bringing outside vendors into recon she to help us with our five g. network. but this reaction from the us ambassador though has actually created a lot of reactions from german twitter users who pretty much are saying that after these claims were made from the us government and the us ambassador they're seeing like the the ambassador right now is behaving like a mafia boss and it's quite interesting because the the recall from back in the days when the when washington was pretty much eavesdropping on european politicians and merkel's government but. pretty much they're kind of twisting
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the tables upside down and saying that the u.s. is the one who is actually spying. present. the r.c. . and that's why you representatives remembered actually. statements last week in a press conference and change in seeing that pretty much that what the u.s. is doing there the ones that pretty much are spying on us but it's really interesting though about what the trade war on the table between the two countries and the race to was going to the five generation network this story seems that it's not going to end anytime soon certainly does not amount to beijing. thank you very much for the latest. american and britain is next on his take on the fast approaching brags it on the latest report starts in
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a moment. just . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront ation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of
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time time to sit down and talk. i do think the numbers mean something they've matter us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happens each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent in the world market thirty percent some with one hundred five hundred three per second per second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know board in the one and only boom box.
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oh it. was or. this is the kaiser report. thanks max we finally found a market for our chlorinated american chicken yes it's going to be the brits in this post break so world they have a new trade deal and it's the chlorinated chicken here's the headline u.s. ambassador to u.k. under fire over defense of chlorinated chicken critics a process woody johnson called a no brainer is actually harmful to the nation's health jay rayner the b.b.c. presenter observer columnist and master chef critic said the u.k. should tell johnson where he can stick chlorinated chicken the us is preferred approach for protecting consumers from pathogens such as salmonella and capital back ok. look who served well can i wish that issue
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you can talk about chicken without bringing plucking on because plucky is a monetary policy expert and this whole story does remind me of cheap money and cheap products you know you want to reduce the price of everything reduce the price of money and what was the actual cost. plus you want to know where you got the jacket. this is one of his cohorts on the farm which was a he looked familiar. jerry jerry jerry the cow it is leather i have to say but jay rayner the b.b.c. presenter said about this chlorinated chicken that we know that breaks it is all downsize it is often called an act of national self harm but letting in chlorine wash chicken as well as woody demands will be literally harmful to the health of the nation it makes me sick in so many bloody ways so plucky.


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