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if. you're going to serve god or even. i profoundly the decision that this house has taken to. i continue to believe that by far the best time is united kingdom believes the european union and orderly fashion with a due. second blow in a row britain's parliament rejects to resume a's new divorce agreement from the e.u. with no deal votes coming on wednesday. two decades after the violent conflicts names the troubles in northern ireland and it fears returned that the irish republican army could be behind a string of bomb threats across the u.k. . u.s.
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diplomats are out but as well it gives the american officials seventy two hours to leave the country or the u.s. backed opposition leader one quiet dove receives all bara tea to declare a state of emergency in the country from the national assembly incorrect. a very warm welcome you are watching our c international with mina key air and our top story this hour british m.p.'s have cause their ballots in westminster for jacketing to raise a maze adjusted divorce agreement from the e.u. margin of one hundred forty nine votes it marks another crushing defeat for the prime minister who saw her initial draft deal rejected just two months ago by an overwhelming majority of m.p.'s. a profound the decision that this house has taken to. i continue to believe that by far the best time is you. leaves the european
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union and orderly fashion with the deal. that the deal we've negotiated is the best and indeed the only deal. that force night we will table a motion for debate tomorrow to test whether the house supports leaving the european union without a deal on the twenty ninth of march caution you can really hear her physically suffering from a bad sore throat that metaphorically really did manage to limping politician after this and the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corbyn says he was pretty scathing of in his criticism of the prime minister's handling of the break that process and of the withdrawal deal in particular take a listen the government has been defeated again an enormous majority and they must now accept their deal their proposal the one the prime minister's port is clearly dead and does not have the support of this house. the prime minister's run down the
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clock on the caucus room right now maybe it's time instead we have a general election and the people. who think government should be of course what happens next is anybody's guess but there has already been a pretty steady and prompt response from brussels probably a collective sigh of frustration from the quarters what is happening here with the parliamentary process and brag but michel barnier has tweeted saying that the e's done everything it can to help get this withdrawal deal passed in parliament to get it over the line but the impasse can only be solved now in the u.k. so he's saying that the ball is in the you case court he says that the e.u. the no deal preparations and now more important than ever before so brussels saying really that for the next few days it's up to the u.k. to decide how all this is going to go and necessarily going to be a turbulent few. days because the outcome now depends on
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a sequence of events in parliament that to reason may set out today following the results of that vote the first of all to reason is going to be holding a debate and then a vote tomorrow in parliament on whether or not the house supports leaving the e.u. without a deal at all and then if as expected politicians exclude that option because pretty much the only thing the politicians in the house of commons right now can agree on or can get a majority on is the fact that they do not like the idea broadly of a no deal bragg's it so in that case if as expected that no deal breakers that option is taken off the table well then on thursday there is going to be another vote on whether or not parliament supports delaying britain's departure from the european union the delay is going to leave the u.k. at the mercy of both brussels but also it's going to leave the field open for all sorts of parliamentary and political maneuvering here in the u.k.
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especially by politicians who are dead set against brags that it's going to give them more time to plan and try and instigate all sorts of plans to try to thwart bragg's it altogether so new politics lecturer at the u.k.'s lancaster university mark garnett phase the british m.p.'s haven't considered the consequences of rejecting may still. one could easily say that the e.u. has the then flexible as we see this change its position. to consider ways you could say that the e.u. obviously wants to remain in bed. i suppose all the way through it's a two goals so as long as it's possible to dissuade britain to go back on the vote but secondly that if there is going to be abraxas that they don't want to censor the example of the easy for any of them and that so there is a tell you that inflexibility still businesses. halls of what the review is done
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however does see the problem and tyrion is just haven't been able to really think through the consequences of the way in which they approached and who have visited charge of nominal charge the government is faced with this some palatable difficult situation for the foreseeable future something is going to have to be done in the next two days to make politicians start to really genuinely work together to get some kind of decency out of this chaos. breaks that countdown. has been twenty years since tensions between the irish republican army and british security forces subsided but u.k. police have now launched an investigation after a man allegedly representing a republican organization calling itself the ira claimed responsibility for posting
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explosive devices across the u.k. has an associate check in it with more. following four incidents in london and glasgow last week indeed the ira have reportedly claimed responsibility for planting the explosive devices now the i read of course stands for the irish republican army they are a violent paramilitary group that have historically been seeking north arlen's departure from the united kingdom and these four incidents in question several of them happened on march fifth where packages have been found at london's waterloo station which is very central another in the vicinity of heathrow airport and another at london's in the london city airport area and on march the sixth at the university of glasgow another package now to be clear all of those were handled by authorities nobody was injured and the police are now saying they are of course
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investigating these incidents but they're saying they have seen similarities to previous ira related to divorce sent in the past which ruling to dissident groups associated with northern ireland relate to terrorism. this is one of inquiry well these claims of responsibility were apparently received by a media outlet in northern ireland using a recognised code word and importantly the police have reiterated this is well those claiming responsibility have indicated that five devices were sent but of course as you see as we have just discussed there were four devices found last week so the public and businesses have been called on to remain village vigilant as police investigate this and they have said that no arrests have been made so far. venezuela's government phase that electricity has been fully restored in the
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country on a math blackout president maturer says the power cut. with the results of cyber attacks by the united states and decide to saboteurs work or trying to damage a hydroelectric dam he was the last to russia china and the un for help in investigating the alleged attack on the power grid earlier this week the national assembly approved decree other state of emergency while the u.s. threatens venezuela with a new round of sanctions and president has issued an ultimatum to u.s. diplomats telling them to leave within seventy two hours meanwhile growing doe's ses outside help would be appreciated is also called for protests across the country asking people to rally against the darkness they did. i know it sounds harsh in a venezuela that is bleeding today that is suffering to say that we are doing well i know that sounds tough but it is so obvious that we aren't saying it because of
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the country situation because we know the situation in the country is critical we know it is critical and have condemned it and we have a proposal to improve it when we say that it is because we are united when we see it it is because we are going all out to achieve venezuela's freedom we will not tremble when we make those decisions. u.s. national security adviser john bolton says the u.s. military will take responsibility for protecting the venezuelan people this comes after several days of venezuelan workers being told to stay at home because of the blackouts but washington had a different approach when a power outage struck closer to home donald corso has more. u.s. senator marco rubio has been openly expressing his extreme concern over the situation in venezuela and when the blackout took place he just could not ignore it the nation wide power failure in venezuela no go in known as twenty fifth hours comes in devastating long term economic damage in the blink of an eye the county's
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entire island many improved auction capacity was destroyed by damage caused by the blackout but he was soon reminded about another much longer blackout one a bit closer to home puerto rico's eleven month long crisis became the longest blackout in u.s. history and the second longest worldwide at the time unlike in venezuela it was caused by a hurricane named maria and back then rubio went to puerto rico and had this to say i shouldn't say surprised but certainly encouraged to see so many of my colleagues in the republican conference express a real desire to be helpful both for the short term for the long term unfortunately nice words were enough to bring the lights back on months after the hurricane devastated the caribbean island an explosion took the grid down yet again now of course nobody blamed it on a plan by washington to sabotage puerto rico's electricity but when the same thing happened in venezuela guess who was to blame but was sure to juice and starvation are the result of the majeure regimes incompetence i do respond this is bring
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nothing but darkness. and when the u.s. government was called out for its poor handling of the puerto rican relief efforts well come on that was different it was a deepening humanitarian crisis where the feds were the good guys early response to point a rico hurricane wasn't good but not because federal government didn't care the u.s. government does seem to care a lot about venezuela check out those u.s. aid trucks as for washington's aid packages for puerto rico. a couple months ago donald trump tweeted he wants to end the little aid that is left for puerto rico it seems that crises abroad are much easier to solve than those at home either that or maybe despite all the appeal to emotions for some politicians it's just not really about solving the crisis in the first place. the new york times has posted
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a new os call again blaming my dear and his government for the recent blackouts they are calling deadline accusing sanctions by the trumpet ministration of being a major cause of all that blackouts by affecting venezuela's ability to import feel we also gregory will purchase co-founder of the web site venezuela analysis dot com for his thoughts. the sanctions are having a serious impact on venezuela's economy and life i think the very fact that for example sixteen members of the u.s. congress have complained to the trumpet ministers and sent a letter to the trumpet ministration about the sanctions saying that they should be stopped because they are costly irreparable damage to the economy and to the people of venezuela and that's of course very possible because then as we were depends on almost everything on it for imports and it's become extremely difficult to import anything this specially if it's coming from the united states and it needs replacement parts for its electrical equipment it needs for the backup generators
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and backup power plants and special fuel that comes from the united states so if if it hadn't been for the sanctions the power outage would almost definitely have not lost to those long or not been a serious but because they have the sanctions it ended up being much worse. donald trump is asking the u.s. congress for a record increase in military spending the details coming up after a short break. so you k. wanted sovereignty so with that sovereignty comes chlorinated chicken you know with the good comes the man you know you can get loaded bricks at night you're going to get the clonaid of shit. whether you're for or against the venezuelan government for or against socialism it is obvious the
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mainstream media are committing a lot of journalistic malpractise once again mainstream media echo the policy preferences of those in power to become says still another military intervention to the media because response. shows seem wrong. but all roles just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days to come out ahead and engage with because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back the white house has unveiled plans for a record high military budget next year just months old the president trump decried
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the pentagon's escalating spending caleb maupin has. now we do have the proposed budget for the physical year of twenty twenty from the white house and it includes a seven hundred fifty billion dollars for defense now the budget specifically talks this is the budget proposal we have from the white house about prioritizing strategic competition with russia and china as well as efforts to deter and counter what it refers to as rogue regimes in north korea and iran and also references the defeat of terrorism and consolidating gains in iraq and afghanistan now at this point the white house also is emphasizing budget problems and the issue of spending in the united states and in response to this budget that was put forward we had questions raised about why the defense budget has increased this is some of what went on at the white house briefing the deficit is such concerns be introduced why
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not cut these in for him because he's the commander in chief and he thinks it's important to secure the country as one of his most basic constitutional responsibilities to the military put forward a five year defense plan and it was done over a series of years we're going along with that five year defense plan in addition we're putting additional dollars towards the military construction funds that we have tapped from there we heard quite an interesting reaction as many people were expecting the opposite it appears trump had promised a five percent cut in military spending and this is what we then heard from trump on social media. sometime in the future prison and together with president putin of russia will start talking about a meaningful who has become a major uncontrollable. the u.s. spent seven hundred sixteen billion dollars this year crazy now the united states
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already has the largest military budget of any country in the world by far but it seems that this year that budget will be in. creasing if the white house gets its way you know russia is moving forward with advanced weapons systems on the ground and in the air of the chinese as well the north koreans you know looking at putting a satellite would potentially could be armed and then you've got the threat of iran in the middle east well they're going to allocate a number of dollars to what we call a contingency fund which is a standby fund just in case anything. in the world which would threaten our borders or the united states they're going to put understand and some of the money maybe eighty million dollars for example into the space we're going to purchase a lot of the f. thirty five fighters more bombers more transport air. creasing the naval fleet as well as supporting more special operations forces and so and again we're what we
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call cyber warfare so we're putting a lot more money into that armor she's going to fight everything the president does they want to see a much more money going into social programs road we shouldn't put in our military . and he's ready politician on palestinian lawyer have clashed in a vicious that exchange on b.b.c. news diane about syria former spokesperson for the palestine liberation organization voice has support for the boycotts divestments sanctions campaign against israel but israel's education minister enough to me bennett's responded with this. the palestinians have spent the past seventy one years victimized with themselves they fall in love with it what did you bring to the world beyond suicide terrorists what's your invention. well when i suggested that israel had a lot to the world however basically hit back pointing out that all those inventions had come on palestinian foil earlier my colleague daniel hawkins to
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sketch this but mohsin seven a founder and chief executive of the israel institute forster tape. studies and dimitri delani a member of palestine fossil revolutionary council. the boy court is a means to try to deal with the demise of israel tried. the jewish people's right to self-determination and it's a double standard which is applied only to israel no other country with policy is far more discriminating and far and far more undemocratic have been subjected to such a such a policy so what i'm saying is that the media's is basically an anti semitic initiative b.d.'s is a form of nonviolent resistance it's a statement against the only lasting colonial occupying power in the world today they are not the jewish people they do not represent the jewish people the
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government is not elected by the jewish people they are elected by the people of the state of israel so this is about anybody who says this. so now you take an advantage like here you are used to your cell are so used to taking advantage of people's last minute trying to talk to my right to talk well i'm not going to let you have that now the state of israel has proven day after day that it's committing human rights violations and crimes against palestinian people it is an occupying power this occupation start to end and we have recognized the state of israel the state of israel has not recognize the state of palestine we're going to win this is . going to be really you have the as a stimulus right as he is trying to impose his. ideology which he brought from his home country south africa in one thousand seven one what is going to want to do and we are all trying to stop two decades for three decades or two decades.
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decade if you are not there by another seven or eight years you have killed thousands of palestinians you have this this place. really in fairness to news that is the answer to that you were and you are going by right what i learned some of the people that you have seen in baghdad the other georgian people don't bother to make about one thousand euros or that you want to live today gentlemen let's just try to get to the question here martin if i can just get back to you with a question i know there's a lot of history here a lot of emotions on both sides but let's just get to the point at hand here which was the on the b.b.c. specifically to deal with the boycott israel campaign which is initially how this whole controversy started if we could just get back to that we can talk a bit about history late about speaking not just simply put the heritage and the achievements of people who've been here for thousands of years and tie it to what you concerned or the concerns as his problem which is not true at all much as characterized it's going to be that what he. says you know the people of the major
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portion of the population their population in the land of israel was the result of no no no no no no no no no no no hope for somebody they should want to see me here after the exam. so. no no no no hold on hold on i don't finish my answer i was. just bored so so it was me born in south africa has and the right to somebody who you want in south and you know is not all right and muslims are their own lawyer but they're not going about my hero you know again the saudis in the years. in australia a former defense lawyer is facing jail after he blew the whistle on alleged war crimes by australian special forces in afghanistan david mcbride who has been living in spain for the past two years was arrested at sydney airport last september when he came to visit his daughter he appeared in court on thursday and was charged with leaking classified information mr mcbride didn't answer pleas to
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any of the five charges he's facing speaking off the harrowing he said he wasn't afraid of prison. through going to jail if i was afraid of going to joe why would have been a soldier the documents leaked to the media by david mcbride was the basis of a t.v. documentary series called the afghan files it claimed to expose misconduct including unlawful killings committed by australian special forces in afghanistan among the incidents reported is the killing of a civilian man and his son while they slept during a raid in twenty thirteen it's alleged that australian s.a.'s troopers shot the two by mistake they later apologized to the relatives but avoided prosecution in another case of afghan detainees who were shot dead after he was alone while while he was alone with an australian soldier david mcbride again insists that before leaking the information to the media he had tried to draw officials attention but
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to no avail. i think it was swept under the carpet you saw the police they didn't do anything about it formally i saw the press and it was published on a.b.c. . r.t. asked the australian defense forces for comment on david mcbride's allegations and why his request was not given the green light meanwhile we spoke to a former f.b.i. agent and whistleblower. who told us that even in time of war soldiers should uphold the rule of law. we have been at war since nine eleven for eighteen plus years i think when times of war that leaders lose sight of the law the rule of law is a victim there's an interesting thing because david mcbride you know when he was a soldier he swore an oath to to follow his duty as a soldier and of course he's fighting for the rule of law same thing in the united
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states when you know chelsea manning in other soldiers and even people like myself who are former formerly f.b.i. in the intelligence we swore an oath to the constitution to sustain the constitution which is the rule of law and yet in times of war it seems we revert back to this notion that there are kings and no matter even if they commit murder and crimes agree just crimes of war crimes that everyone has to stay quiet or there's all the headlines for you we're back in thirty minutes with the latest say that. gk. breaks it killed joan.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent instant of public wealth. when the room in clusters and project themselves. in the final merry go round of lives only the one percent. to ignore middle of the room signals. room clean real news is. the world.
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welcome welcome this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact on all of us i'm part of washington and we're so pleased you're on board today coming up it's a busy brecht week especially today and we go after it after the headlines with hilary ford with the c.e.o. strobe mark who is standing by and wall way is in the news yet again and u.s. diplomats they try to thrust conditions on our allies related to the chinese tech giant and germany's adidas the famous footwear and sports holding company is in the news on a few fronts from france to the u.s. we'll have reports from both places plus as numerous nations ban flights of those boeing seven thirty seven max jets the u.s. says don't worry be happy artie's ashley banks reports on the status and there's ample auto news as renault miss u.b.c. n.d.s.
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on all have new board and former chairman carlos gomez is out lauren fix the car coach will be with us with that story and more including trouble as fuck all that directly ahead but first let's get some headlines let's go to. a second landslide defeat for theresa may is brecht's a plan lead to a global report today is the house of commons again votes three ninety one to two forty two to reject ms may's plan throwing the process into greater uncertainty the bright british prime minister travelled to straw's for a guest today to seek flexibility on the so-called backstop from the irish border from the european commission president sean claude juncker has made got some relief from mr juncker ahead of the vote only for the british attorney general geoffrey cox to find in writing that mr junkers to.


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