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events take in the days to come i do want to express myself more forcefully to the masses i do think that would be right but the right honorable gentleman need be in these matters will be fully debated and members will have the opportunity to put their for interview and in all likelihood many propositions will come to be tested on. the original general forgive me i'll just take the point of order first from jacob riis thank you mr speaker i wonder if you might be in a position to confirm that as a matter of constitutional fact a motion of the. colonel to override structure. ok let's see now in the u.k. sense of commons let's go to london and get an update from our correspondent on this to see. a few votes taking place in what's been of quite a frantic evening i think in the house of commons but it seems that we have pretty much got an answer as to what the piece feel about this. well neal you know the
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situation seems to be getting trickier and trickier as the bracks a deadline comes closer and closer and it's no i'm underestimation to call what's going on a crisis really because clearly there is no common way in terms of how to move forward and bracks it is just sixteen days away at least a week things stand tonight now in a series of crucial votes this week yet another one has taken place this evening in a series of votes indeed the house of commons has rejected the idea of leaving the european union without aid the deal now earlier if you remember they rejected twice the deal that the british prime minister theresa may had put forward in front of them so the way things stand now they don't want to leave with her deal but they also don't want to leave with no deal with bear in mind as strange as this may sound this doesn't really mean. anything because they could still leave with no
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deal because time is running out and if there's no alternative found by march twenty ninth they're still going to have to do it because that's the law to put it bluntly and i think it's been made clear that nothing less is left on the table could also still take place so it's very very complicated but at least this week what we have going on is last night this deal was rejected for the second time in a row by quite a considerable margin tonight the house of commons had said no to the possibility of leaving the european union with no deal again what this means really who knows and tomorrow night thursday night they're going to be voting on the possibility of extending the brics a deadline of pushing extending article fifty pushing back the deadline of march twenty ninth which would potentially allow the u.k. to have more time to get back to figuring out what they're doing the problem there is the european union have made it clear they don't want to renegotiate there's
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nothing to renegotiate left according to them because they said the deal that they had agreed on is the best one possible that now the u.k. is closer than ever to leaving without a deal because they didn't want this one and more importantly what brussels has made clear is they want to see some kind of unity come from london to start with so that westminster goes ahead and actually presents what it is that you know m p's would support in terms of practice it so none of this has happened bracks it is sixty days away all of the options as to rescind may put it. said herself earlier today remain on the table so how all of this is going to end up playing out is still anybody's guess jim many thanks and. trying to wade through the. evening of. developments for us in the house of commons when it thanks. thank you
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ok let's get a bit more analysis on this and i think we need it political commentator anthony weber joins me there was a flurry of votes this evening and today we thought it was going to be fairly simple it was voting against the no deal breakers that in the end it turned out that we had like three votes and they were all variations of the same thing basically it all ended up with the common saying we don't want to know deal briggs what do you think about what we've witnessed this evening. well i think your commentary just summed up the situation very well a lot of talk think this is all happening because trees are right he made that was a very beginning town doors. giving macaulay's the opportunity to debate these these protect their proposals i'm going to spain and i'm saying. things trends are going to last for years and everything else who wants a house built yet again. we're in a situation where. the colemans against pressure seen because the parliament is
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treading on the been seen with these very same. is very much stronger each and i remain and i'm also grounds i'm peace will do anything possible frustrate the process so here we are really three years from i'm a very long term he used now we may spend most of the public expects in the u.k. to leave fairly regionally maybe you know the rates are so being off maybe three enslaved so this is why the reaction about among republicans hobbling around there's a very high percentage trading with forty and over fifty percent of the public to one so we know you and this. resolution was written saving in parliament was basically a spike in the face of the public but it's showing these huge disrespectful son
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jaden two point four million people because when people buried today didn't very much for anything other than to leave the e.u. whether they resilient so you will off there was no. circumstance where it was so well i. mean really trying to get so do you i think most members of the bush camp right now are you. what we need is to leave a man into the deal is off to iraq she left but only stressing around an australian could save the ladies. and to hell sussan spiritual. stories or maybe the issue and see for basis and for the public that i think yes she thought what she's dotty is provided even more who say i'm certainly a bit of a constitutional issue because. the policy is somehow limited bursts equal which is
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what one of the m.p.'s in the debates and we cried out while the reasons were out of season where we call upon the head of state her majesty. to intervene if there's any change in the law or which would change while the branch they rule she also has a modified we don't she argue that even in the sense of awe schoolfriend fifty five few months or something which so much three should be who she's got the how to say to her it took that he was in reality the monarchy house of being involved in constitutional issues for many years not since sometimes the century but those are still exists among things the boss of minute supreme court who will be looking to her majesty to step even because. we have this constitutional crisis
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which we've never had before we've never really had politicians photo on sublime to the failings of the public and the public and been absolutely fed off with this crew remain propaganda we're going to fall off a cliff edge for the last three is. what they want is for the company to just go ahead with. this is where the. concern is it seems that the m.p.'s are enough or with the well the barrowman the political elites they're out of touch with the ordinary working people of the earth the paper concrete barriers it's only a map should be respected nothing will show i use it because we've had sufficient he's and the government messed up when to go a shade superstition is only something which some of us felt was going to happen
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anyway because if you have a couple which is led by remain. a lot of her will change i'll remain. in the not going to write the sort of rights are after which we need to read and we need to have a good see you so we are. i think almost all people are going to decide to just read it without a do because by the way we've got more chance of getting in fact to go on record since it's crucial that she gone badly and going off the old ones harvey and it's interesting that this find that has been treated as if they didn't know what. was in reality three relief efforts is often the majority her cross-section of people who are in the country of costs and range are inside x. and their wishes should be respected because of the rockies. she sure after reading
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would would be not considered what from the public's point to be so we've really got to rethink from the government's point of view and just need see even a possible counseling base but it's from our own or something else who fifty years . ago not going to see is any perhaps best known reasons being given for why. there has to be a good reason of course. mediator said so you. may not be logically let me thank you accepts leaving with thousand sales which is perhaps the wrong terminology because without the two girls maybe we will have her to rob a rogue trader who got a surge rulings we will also be more court green berets married generals were coming out of twelve. who. would love to try to further us in here
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those are political commentator anthony webber than to thank you. frank. breaks it countdown on r t. ok let's run of some of the other news from today the cia was behind last month attack on the north korean embassy in the dritte according to spanish media the investigation taking an unexpected twist local journalist martin roberts reports. in a remarkable report today spain's newspaper of record el paice suggested that the u.s. central intelligence agency may have been behind a recent attack on the north korean embassy here in madrid which you can see behind me now two things about this attack a particularly significant the first one is the timing because the attack happened
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on the twenty second of february or just days before the recent nuclear summit between the united states and north korea in hanoi which as we all know ended inclusively the second significant factor here is that the korean delegation to hanoi was headed by none other than kim here choi who is the currently a creditor accredited ambassador here now el peise say that police investigators and also investigators from the security services have managed to identify at least two of the ten presumed assailants and say that they have connections to the cia they are also but the cia have denied responsibility but they are that those denials were quote not very convincing the police are investigating. this attack they say. these ten assailants. forcibly entered the embassy but they tied up gagged beat and interrogated staff before one of them managed to escape from a second floor window and cry for help a neighbor called the police
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a masterpiece or frustrated the attack however they say let's manage to get away in embassy cars taking with them important documents and computer material now if these attacks are confirmed they're currently under investigation by the high court . but the responsibility of the cia is confirmed and that good to have devastating implications for diplomatic relationships between the two countries are not least because of international conventions covering the inviolability of diplomatically geishas. who have asked the north korean embassy and the spanish interior ministry for reaction to the news with the latter already replying that it will not comment on an ongoing investigation. the terrorist group islamic state has passed the finding of a soon to be released documentary. it's
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a process to sell any that's designed for about. thousands of people but realistically. around ten pounds. the conditions of become pretty bad the rest of the soto's of videos of riots happening all the time especially when it's really just being heard if. you know that means or even nothing like it or not you know your. heart or i say i didn't. say oh here they come way behind kill they can steal hundred bucks if you look. at the model. live on the on the housing market the island in the mid north and i might. have gone on that's all done fucked up living off i thought looking on.
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top of it many times to put a camera artist to protect ourselves to go. well the film in question will be released in may we've spoken to his producer about how they ended up telling the story. you know the main reason we chose more is because there were reports of really quite disastrous things happening there but we never ever expected to find out what we really found out this place was was completely sort of uncontrollable there were there were tents scattered up all through the mountainsides there was no security there there was almost no control whatsoever and one of the residents actually told us they were terrified of being attacked one man told us off camera that the reason he fled the middle east was to escape from radical islam's when they arrived in europe within days they were experiencing the
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same thing which was which was really really shocking is because an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness when you're there you know as a filmmaker. director george and laura and i have spent so much time in different different environments different conditions but this was definitely one of the most difficult and also scary this is you know interpol only recently published published a report saying that there's now a new way a terror threat coming to europe from returning to hardy's the residents told us that the reason isis is operating on the town now because of being defeated in their own countries in the east and other coming here and it all fits into the narrative into paul and to out of it to everybody else so so it's. it's quite depressing overall but it was worth it to bring this truth neither the police nor the government responded to requests by the documentary makers on the situation there in the camp we sent our own request to the police as well. french president of on your micron's vision of a reformed european union which he made last week has been met with the region by
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some of the blocs key players the austrian chancellor and then of germany's biggest party angler medicals successor at the christian democrats are among those rejecting his ideas ideas peter all the takes a look at what they've taken exception to. if french president a manual mccrone was hoping this fellow e.u. leaders would support his new vision for the future of europe his european renascence as he called it well he may be a little disappointed austrian chancellor said busty encourages the latest to criticize micron's plan saying it's a utopian comes with too many rules as it to me i believe that many of the suggestions are utopian we plead for europe with as few rules as possible. so what is my crime put forward that court doesn't like well he's proposed creating a whole load of new e.u. agencies including one that would police campaign financing in elections in member states he also wants to see more and more centralized powers for
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a shingle and border force and has even a plan there for an e.u. minimum wage mark or once in an agency for democracy that's ridiculous i mean we have democracy you should reform the e.u. but he doesn't really want to reform the year because it's an intra governmental e.q. built on french design i mean france basically has a vested plymouths there and the e.u. is missing true parliament and the who is missing. french nuclear power on the front seat in the in the security council so for the you to reform we have to talk about everything it's not just the austrian chancellor that is unhappy about this though here in germany the woman widely tipped to take over from angela merkel is chancellor also isn't very king european centralism european status and they can. units arise ation of debt the europeanize ation of social systems and the minimum wage would be the wrong approach c.d.u.
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leader out a good outcome callum did agree with president marc roman it came to security but on not a lot else and members of a christian democratic union party are also critical of the plan i'm quite amazed that on a good come car convoy the new cd you little skeptical because normally german leaders always follow the french leaders of germany thought that would be part of the german reason of state but apparently it's not anymore than you can see in this the turmoil and the the change in europe the pressure by the people and democratic change her has probably brought the party leader to present position herself slightly more skeptical of new french plans and france is failing and this e.u. in some ways is feeling the timing of the release of crohn's plan hasn't helped the french president either it's come out just before european parliamentary elections in which it's expected euro skeptic parties will make pretty decent gains and while he hasn't got the support of key allies within the european union the dream of
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a new european renascence may well remain just a dream peter all of a r.t. berlin. santa chief jeff zucker has slammed fox news as a propaganda outlet he also expressed support for the us democratic party's decision to exclude fox from most of his twenty twenty primary debates they chose to work at fox and they don't get to hide behind the fact that they're excellent journalists so anchors the fact is they work at a place that has done tremendous damage to this country the idea is that of course whoever is in power and whoever i guess whatever platform is more sympathetic that will be state run or what i buy referred to as perhaps state sympathetic. fox and c.n.n. and beneath each of the stars for quite some time down his back out this spot.
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more fake news from c.n.n. this time it's spewing from the lips of the clinton news network president his name is jeff zucker it is really state run t.v. it is a pure propaganda machine so if there is a partisan democrat you cannot understand that something here without understanding . given the world a very distorted perverted view of our country every single day we get the echo chamber effect starting to sell the president's message it's a lot our news anchors don't consult donald trump when something becomes a pattern you don't tell the truth on a daily basis that's a problem at least i'm not responsible for a quarter of a billion dollar lawsuit by smearing a minor they want to press. their intro obsessive coverage it's impossible to watch with this is not personal this is just the truth. big man rebuild a list of all the things that you said and do it again and show that you mean it
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all that's fair and balanced these are the facts as journalists we have to give you the facts we should put c.n.n. six feet you see right there under brown it's scary to. we were inject c n n's worldview completely. folks can do no room. right and i don't think either one of those is right. propaganda means something to somebody else is saying that you don't agree with their ways and the object of your truth if they don't like it calls you propaganda it is impossible for a human being to look at any particular story and not have any as you would say by if you don't. you know the history of something if you don't know if you have no basis and with that basis comes a particular slant perspective there was no such thing as objectivity because
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objectivity means everybody has to agree on it then the person who dorio is or why they got objective and the person who does not particularly like the flavor or the subject of the story going to say that only are you not objective but is it propaganda which brings us right back to the begetting. protests erupted overnight in the venezuela capital caracas where supporters of the country's opposition leader clashed with police. arrest began after people gathered in the western district of the city and as this video shows stones were thrown the police people were urged onto the streets by the country's self-proclaimed president one who i don't. think it was one of the people i know it sounds harsh in a venezuela that is bleeding today that is suffering to say that we are doing well i know that sounds tough but it is so obvious that we aren't saying it because of the country situation because we know the situation in the country is critical we
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know it is critical and have condemned it and we have a proposal to improve it and when we say that it is because we are united when we say it it is because we are going all out to achieve in his way less freedom we will not tremble when we make those decisions. president nicolas maduro says the majority of the country is calm with electrical power having being restored following massive nationwide outages here ledges us hackers were behind those blackouts and he's appeal for help defending against future interference. i want you to know that i have appointed a presidential special investigations commission to look into the cyber attack and i've asked for the participation of international specialists i will ask for the support of the united nations and in addition. i would also ask for the already active support of russia china iran and cuba countries with a lot of experience defending against cyberattacks we really have the support of
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these countries if the us government was concerned about the humanitarian situation inside our business model then they should begin the process of lifting sanctions at twenty million dollars in aid does not in any way reflect the value of what could be lost by the business world and government every day the very notion that the trouble ministration would be concerned about the humanity of people in venezuela is laughable there has been an attempt by the truck administration to manufacture a crisis a crisis that did not exist in this country there was an election that people voted and i mistook him a door was. due to assume his office of the of the constitution but then we have this diversion by the national assembly that is in contempt and now we have this manufactured crisis at this point all of the respectability and legitimacy stairs were built while in government
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a government recognized by the vast majority of the states on this planet. the death of freedom critics said announcing a french bill that cracks down on the l a vest protest movement is the french pound overwhelmingly backed the law to give police more powers even though testers including banning them from rallies the bill now moves to the constitutional council for approval despite many slamming it as a violation of basic human rights and a friend spoke to three yellow vests a break off group from the original movement they told us that president micron is trying to cover all bases but this me. frankly this is a political masquerade emanuel macro neglects opinion as he tries to do different things at the same time on the one. one hand he's on the move past evolves for the war his fellow m.p.'s senators by appealing to the constitutional council frankly this is a political masquerade first of the criminal code that allows bernie those who do
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not have an identity card with them i have rarely seen them to globalist take an identity card or bust birds with them this is the first stage of preventive actions that can be carried out of several police units are deployed during demonstrations the second thing is to actively encourage speakers including myself to coordinate their speeches from the very beginning it should be clearly understood that the government initially here is to a strategy to discredit the social movement that matters of expressing dissatisfaction must change we cannot continue to ask the yellow vests and french people to demonstrate on the streets because it's pointless. european commission's branded china a systematic rival in a new document put forward to e.u. member states the document as ten points to achieve better economic balance with beijing to address what it's called the distortive effect of china's state owned companies the plan also urges all member states to form a unified position on china proposal will be put to the lead this at
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a meeting next week ahead of the china summit that shuttle for next month what we want. is to avoid. in up to the situation. we are forced to we public subsidies we believe in social market economy we are not. subsidized corn. brussels fiz member states moving on to china's influence and to italy said that it was considering joining beijing's giants one but one road global infrastructure plan the project in question involves building interlinked land and sea routes right across the planet has already include sixty five countries on the whole of the world's population accounting for a quarter of global g.d.p. thirteen you can do so already joined in italy might be next with all the necessary precautions it's a lease accession to new silk route represents an opportunity for a country the coming meeting with the chinese president will be no opportunity to
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sign the framework agreement it won't mean that the next phase will be forced to do anything it will allow us to enter into this project and have dialogue averted ambrosio co-founder of iraq's north's investment money just told us that brussels has real concerns about major member states doing deals with china e.u. wants to handle the relationship with china as a bloc and now that italy which is the third biggest economy in the e.u. and one of the d.g. seven countries talking about joining this chinese project of this infrastructure connected the whole word it is quite concerning for them from any point of view not only as a bloc and also in the relationship with other blocs such as the us which is actually engaged in a very clear stance against china lopping this infrastructure around the world let's not forget about the what happened with the chief investment officer of the
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way being arrested in canada and sent to the us i mean it's a it's a global situation and the e.u. is concerned if italy would given the size of the country would join this kind of project. so you can piece of o.t. three times this evening again no deal brags it but it could still happen find out why more analysis at the top of the.

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