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tv   Documentary  RT  March 13, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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in venezuela is laughable there has been an attempt by the administration to manufacture a crisis a crisis that did not exist in this country there was an election that people voted and i mistook them a dorm was. due to assume his all truth of the of the constitution but then we have this diversion by the national assembly that is in contempt and now we have this manufactured crisis at this point all of the respectability and legitimacy stance with the. government the government recognized by the vast majority of the states on this planet watching our tail but that with updates for you in half analyse it. whether you're for or against the venezuelan government for or against socialism it
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is obvious the mainstream media are committing a lot of journalistic malpractise once again mainstream media at the policy preferences of those in power if it comes to still another military intervention the media response.
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thank you. someone. or you. open up a chore and they're gonna pull up there and out of this office i think i get on one of the. folks so they come up with the. bill. bennett and i think about it because if. you're going on. going on then and all. kind of thought i'd just get over. most of the painting isn't it the whole the whole gist of what i know. money came from him enough or took enough.
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for a. ticket for him. to get someone over. here before this takes. out the. and we must. cook something here and they don't want the money. at all. for there is nothing nothing more than. just to get on planes from our stuff not just to. interfere if it is not enough stop cutting off our kids among the fish.
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close you will go. zooming guy. mr more. focused. with a little. singing you just got some new. clothes because it would be ok. my money horoscope if you have one enough. to put it this. kind of i got this right. there's. probably a. little bit of a bra always you go
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a very good cup of coffee tell him we have a dinner with him all again they. are always all. over the custom you know. covered up. one of the most revered. orders. well ordered. the brothers who are devoted fans are forced. to one hundred thirty of little while there's still room for an all girl from the high or cynical fantasy. horror stories of a horrific. human through your monitors or putting on a commercial. publisher who will come out of the. you know.
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you're probably going to burst out of the hearing me of the poor him rubbish and the rest of the pro-slavery military. so you have plenty of that going to him you said this generation. is not listening i may add our he had not nagra an argument not about the idea of the math as it is today because i think you have to have access to mccracken as if it. should be done by the sunni is definitely. a disconnect. many cows. that became massive see. if this. started to give them up but it has. nothing now that will never seem like that this is a good day to come out that is then i know now that ninety percent of them and i tell them up and i think that you know how they operate it and i think that when
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that came as a nothingness it came on that as a person that's the subject matter after i don't connect. their senses act it. is a good habit i think as it. would at. that's. all i. know those i thought would be. stuck looking in there. said. you. know in the cool of
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those his job it was you know and then as you called this a joke and political so could be. good with your thumb toss mary this illusion that you go consistent i don't like you and you want to get. a cue as you. call this and so you. she will do other things to a source that although those at the. cousin particularly. there that i did because of that don't know more it's not our kids go those out there stick with that i think that they push a little good story and. go to. those. focusing an awful. awful. books on this quest.
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for its own. massingale. just who do and. i know you'll. still. it's not in the whole. much until and you are not a mighty. good. poet it did during. the school you saw. so much you could get the ball so mama told them all. sorts of effects not just to the. boys that was. caught you are saying oh i just. got that is.
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not going to. be going to. muzzle on will not come out of the do gooder i thought it in the soca. i did you could. you did not go to the honduras now. but you. did you want to go. but. i just took them you know most people doing most of what i want to look like i don't . hide it you know scorn and that's my. right. to us so as you can only tell i'm not having it.
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can you. not call for me she will tell him. what he she is scared all. the flushing joining us not far. from. shall. but it's not. just. these over. here we do off. mistake of the joining us there was no meeting up they don't.
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want to just pick someone goes on a month or next day don't. just put it. on a monthly figure if one of them were going to shoot him one of the quick. guys have about one heavy focus at that i think if. it was so i think if. i started thinking on a skill. you need to find out. what your i don't know. i don't want to say something. you want i. took a look at other possible for. you know a lot of. people becoming more because they. are so it'll be more focused i got to ask in. the mean you can offer. the quote on double meaning.
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you owe me. so much he. just got to you there and almost they don't take all that out of the what they tell. think i don't want to. be a mother who don't know or pay off their. own i.q. . breaks it count down. the negative interest rates coming to your bank accounts and it's being done on the wholesale level right now between countries and now it's going to come to your local bank account so instead
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of getting thirty basis points on your money market fund or on your savings account the bank will get native three percent so that's three percent will be taken out of your account and given it is someone that a central bank says a systemic claim for. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed. there wasn't it was bit you know much worse objectively than today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america where shape by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy at tax. engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on. one set of rules for the rich opposite.
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that's what happens when you put her into the. roof wilf which is dedicated to increasing virtue of just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. but i don't know how to serve so you would i know down sit it on full force to get us started to mosque good or psyching good day but i was sick on monday. put it on
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did it i see your comedy water down there. you are a good kid who counted if god. was since you can end up with up to ninety or a day on monday on your school at the gym or in mall car and then you struggle. to make up since two groups damani on a monday night. because of the dark in the rain on their home once they're on the memo getting on the hot sound there so there are no need to come in large part in life w. biograph i get this kid in this giggle but not by their own accord enough that the tip of the line. may not that's. the
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mark lunsford be the one who the. took them all thought the whole. minute also missed the curfew they still say oh. still still denying this oh. yeah. almost. always. about book. i thought among adults.
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who. would have to. go whether it's. in media or new. media. was you know. the time when you know. you're going there were connected through. a lot of the summer so you took almost a kind. of strategy to get described this is a study that that. rule .
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never appeared written out of a. scene. i mean by well that i think i can't win with one of the boys here if i said. yeah i mean how about i just you know i'm all. for sound. or they're not going out there and i want to. well you know you know you have you know a little. month affair nothing nothing more for conversation it on disk your thoughts on my mom for you know our poll which will come. from all. year long into this next year i don't know. where i'm going to inform our. you can i have about an hour for me that is fair. mall wise or nothing means you know he was in syria to free.
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me up three of them for just one you know. muscle from the contest enough to. put all my thoughts on my knee i want that's the idea of mine. that you'll wind up with us get to the king of pop for your funny point you owe. me my up to. the price of a whole. lot. more due. to this or they will. come up there from a little. further with either of our it will. put to the north of the.
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woods some of the included with me we are. ready to go over. there are things to go. down not go hard. for fear of our over there other than our . identity. or the void or a day and mamma. some of them are no good to have us here. or that. are their own and then over to the higher as our circle on a similar remove any. fear of.
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failure or. i'm going to go full. case here to. america for. what disarmed us or got some they must. put in the. going to have a thought in law if they are for. the home or the haitian they must. then even if they must. go. i took the throne for all of it who do go want to see me south see. what.
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they have always. been up all night hullabaloo in the house and of best of luck as if i'm to their home and they leave us alone is it a survey or this open fire with nothing for someone. very adult going to sit there in the heart of a penny in a. car as you. know how to balance of it. sunday she took. because it was too small. for. the night the. software the more questions a couple causal cousins of. society would do you know that nothing that they did could almost always known then took it to the way that you can take us
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into account so you could cause a more national policy. opposed to sure you could. put that on the sauce to. get. you off the golf you off. it took the game before on their book what typical torture she got their. little bit of where you must get up until. you have to pick your score. card to pay off their own i. don't know what it was you know caught up with your
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house to stay. with us and i had a. problem supposing it caused this. real. i don't think i'll stick to it up to cause. you know. point to. point out the amount of money what. kind of misses the phone i mean you know what are we always up down the aisle went up not out for. me what i'm getting. for you seriously today. companies that are strong. as you are what the guy from our feel for how many that he's not this. this guy mark my word.
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for your own wonderful. for you right back alberto. why should i care. for. you mara. came back and ask. are. you or do you.
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know what. you're saying kind of one guy point i don't want to. play fair. and i say no more anywhere. i'll go home cause i don't know where i got the. bug out to her she. better off for it i'm all right on knowing the thinking i caught up with us i was hanging over him up out of fear or being scared or. my as yet another take over from all that very sore i thought he would pop conjured up in order to fit in focus tonight or watch a football for you all you could i think you know how hard it is any of us fish and you know how it can all. perform on your part of get on thing now cannot fish
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think on a number that in a way out of your fucking name suppose for a one night all over the night is. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to china judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of. a russian w.b.
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a champion. and a russian mob stuff. show you how and why the crimea bridge was built. witnessed the construction moving you need to transport. that will help them out of crimea. faster most of those you know won't go for more snow year quite a bit but it's clear. although the latest skirmish on the indian pakistani border has faded from the headlines it left to leaders on both sides with approval ratings will the spike in the polls lead to more risk taking when the next confrontation takes place.
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visions in westminster do you put in the spread of votes against a no deal bragg's it raising more questions over the future of the u.k.'s exit from the european union. the cia is behind a mysterious attack on the north korean embassy in spain according to the company's local media. stream gas pipeline project is a tool to destroy liberty and freedom according to the u.s. secretary of state says american energy for the much better alternative. we need to continue to build our energy security and partners.


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