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a phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that. the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should. become but he has promised to reuse the plastic. on. the mountains of waste only grow.
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thank you. someone there. or you. open the door and they're gonna pull up there and out of this office i think i get on one of. the. folks so
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they come up with. bill. bennett and i think about that because if. she will. pull a gun on him and all. kind of thought it is get over. most of the pain meanness and the whole gist of what i know. money came from him enough to not only. forno me. for a. stick up for him. because i want to. get it. before this takes. out the. and we must. cut. you in a little more money. or
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. put in nothing nothing big just for. us to get on planes from our stuff not just to. interfere if it did not come up stop cutting off our cable fish. closely or go. zooming guy yes mr more. focused. with a little. singing you just got some meat. hocus sticky case on.
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my cheek you know call me. by my new horoscope if you have one enough to. put it this. kind of got this right. there's. probably a. little bit of a bra always you go a very good cup of coffee for him we have with. him all again they. told me the old ways. the usual poor words with. one of the most revered. you know here that.
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borders. well ordered. the drivers of the border to foreigners are forced. to one hundred thirty of little let us go. for an older from the high or cynical fantasy. horror stories of a horrific. human through your monitors or protocol or commercial you've. probably heard of more work you are. you know. you're probably going to. be here immediately for him rubbish and the rest of the pro-slavery military. so you have plenty of definition and you said this in an issue. if i'm not listening i may add our he had not nagra an argument not about the idea being that as it is they had to give up the advocacy mccracken as if it.
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should be done by the sunni is definitely. a disconnect. many got that out because i think it matters the. saudis you know that if this. started to give them up right it has. nothing not that we'll never see until i had this debate in my that is than i know now that i'm at the saturday and i tell them up and i think that you know how they operate they're not that one that left a message knocking message them on that as a person that's a cynic and that's after i don't connect. their senses act it. is a good idea that. if you're safe. good. that's
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. all i. know those i thought would be serviced by stuff you know they're going to share with. you and your crew to send. you to meet you on the court the statue of which you know and as you call the spiritual can eat through the silk with a. good will from the us merry solution of that you go can system but i don't think you need to give. equal distance so you. she will do other things to a source that although those at the time standing next to
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a cousin could take you. there but that i did because of that though no more it's not i didn't care to just go those other sick with that i did that good story and. did all. those. focused and awful. awful. looks on this quest. for its own. massingale. just how do all the body i know you'll. still it's not in the hall. much until and you are not in my did. you go to.
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school you saw. so much you killed what are the good of all so mama told them all. sorts of stuff to not do that to the. boys the one. called you are saying oh i just. got that is. not going to. harm. her mother and i will not come out of the do gooder i thought it in the soca. i did you could. you did not go to the honduras.
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but you. did you want to go. but. i just took them you know most people doing most. good job i don't. hide it you know scorn and that's my. right thing us so as you can only tell i'm not having it i don't want to you know. not go call from there she will tell him. what did you scared all. the flushing joining us and i thought. show.
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but it's not. just. one no we didn't offer a. mistake or the running that there was no need an update on your fish. just pick something yourself on a month or next day don't. just put it. on a monthly figure if you want someone to shoot him one of the quick. time you guys have about a point to have a poke at that i think if. it was so i think if. i started thinking on
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a skill. you need to find out more thank you i don't know. i don't want to say something. you want i. took a look at other possible for. a scorpio want to. be able to tell him all day. or so i thought you had to go so i got to ask in. the arena for. the quote on the meaningful. you know me. the most. they mean nothing on my feet and on. comical what they tell me all on they want to. be a mother who don't know or pay off their. own minister i.q.
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. breaks it count down. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of work. a russian w b a h o b a head. and a russian pulp stuff. show you how. long the chromium bridge was built. witnessed the construction moving you need to transpose. that will help them out of crimea
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the. most all those while google for more of the rights group. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the hope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective from i'm used to surprising people and assault why not if you think. i'm going to talk about football nazi or else you can think i was going to go. by the way what is the french line here.
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but i don't know how to serve so you would i know down sit it on the course they would have started to masjid or the psyching good day but i was sick on monday. put it on did it i see your comedy water down there. you are ok to come to that got me. was in second one in no good book deny god they are marty on the cross call the shoe on him all car and then just a little. since to me on a monday night. because out there dark in the rain on their donkey i go home once there and the men will gang on the hot sound there so they are no need to come in without hurting like the value of iraq i get there i get in this get up but not by the on the corner enough it up there for the money.
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not the. no more months of me don't do that. took the i thought the whole. made us amused to see the curfew they still say oh. still still denying this oh. yeah. almost.
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always. about book. so. i thought along with. how good it would have to. go whether it's you know. in the video. was you know. the time when you know. you're going. to know it's really. a lot of the summer so you took almost a kind of. describe as you get describe this is this study that that.
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rule. never written out of a. scene. i mean by well that i think i can handle a little of a force here if i set it. up i mean how can i you just you know i'm all. for sound. or they're not going out there and i want to. you know you know you know if you know the role. model for nothing nothing more for can i sing it on disc your thoughts on my mom for you know our ball which across. the mall. here in the eighty's next year i don't know. where i'm going to
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inform mom and then. you can i have about an hour for me that is fair. mall wise or nothing means you know he was in syria to free. me up three of them for joining. us all from the contest enough there. let's. put all my thoughts on my knee i want that's the idea of buying. a fuel one on top of the ask if you will for funny. if you fly up to.
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christ on the whole that. most of the earth or this. or that will. come up there from a little. further or five hour it will. get to the north of. mali. with some of you to move them with new deal that we are going. to go over. there are some really do. not know how. plus there are other there are there are. even if. you're. a thirty. or even body or a day and mamma. some of them are
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a bit ahead of us here. or there. are there on and then over the holidays our circle on a similar or in a. year or. so you are. going to go full. face into. america for. what you found some they must. have put in the. going to have or thought it was if they are from. the home or the hay from they
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must. then everything was. going. i took the forum for all of it who do a want to see me south see. what. they have a list say you're. going to fall into the holiday we had last night of best of luck as you often do their homework they will best of all is it a survey or this open fire would happen for someone. very adult going to see them in the heart of the pinnacle. stone unit as you well. know how to balance of it. of all charges she took. because it was too small. for.
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the night the. software the more questions a couple causal cousin. society would do you know that nothing that they did could almost always known then took it to the way that you can take us into account so you could cause a more than national policy nothing. to show you could. put i thought the sauce to. get. you off your ass to go you off. it took the game before on their book what the court watchers got there. where you must get a little. bit your score. card
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got they all thrown. around no clue what it was you know was your house to stay. with us how many. hotspots in the court this. growing. up. in a post get up to cost. you know. or not by what. kind of misses the phone i mean you know that we all went out down the aisle went up not out for. me what i'm getting. for you especially today.
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are when he starts to offer. up a foot off. what the guy from our field of any hunting i mean not this. this guy. my work i. really don't want to. for you right back alberto ok. ok. for. you. cain. are.
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you. going. to go same panel one guy point i don't want to. play big. and i say no more anywhere. i'll go home cause i don't know where i got the. bug out to her she. got off it i'm all right on my own to thinking i caught up with us i was hanging over him up out hope you are going to risk it all. my finance your mother take some on the floor i start you
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off contradicting or fit in focus tonight or watch a football for you up next i do care about it instead of a fish and you know how it can all. perform on your cut off get home for a nap not fish on the ground i get on way out of your fucking pain support us for a one night all over the night just.
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whether you're for or against the venezuelan government for or against socialism it is obvious the mainstream media are committing a lot of journalistic malpractise once again mainstream media at the policy preferences of those in power if it comes to still another military intervention will the media be held responsible. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively than today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy
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at tax soloed out engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on. one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of will switch is dedicated to increasing power for just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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yes. you can believe me. as the state provides a clear majority against leaving the house a deal however i repeat what i have said that they saw. that the house was coming. visions in westminster deepened as british m.p.'s voted against a no deal breaks it raising more questions over the future of the u.k. the exit from the european union. the cia is behind a mysterious attack.


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