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tv   News  RT  March 14, 2019 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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please don't do it we are in the constitutional crisis it is a crisis of unprecedented levels the british prime minister's deal rejected no deal breaker rejected and no clear way out with the clock ticking the u.k. parliament tears a tear out over how to overcome the impasse. the cia is behind a mysterious attack on the north korean embassy in spain according to local media. also this hour u.s. secretary of state mike pump declares washington's intention to weaponize its
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energy export and clout in a bid to outdo what he brands bad actors in the political leverage game. and undeterred by their hair raising escape from a failed rocket launch last year a space crew is poised to make a fresh bid for the stars with engines firing up at the baikonur cosmodrome later this thursday got up close and personal with a new craft. the rocket is finally out of the workshop the way it was assembled manually had it's taking to the launch side by train and this is the last time we see this beautiful look at these fifteen min a long construction in a horizontal position. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at r t h q and moscow thanks for joining us this hour. first we bring you live pictures from. westminster and
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london where m.p.'s are debating ahead of tonight's vote on whether to delay the exit from the european union the speaker of the house of commons has announced that before this mean vote m.p.'s will also cast their ballot for amendments one of those amendments will give lawmakers a voice in whether or not a second referendum these debates come out a day after the british parliament rejected it leaving the e.u. without a deal and with the brics that clock ticking tensions in the house of commons flared with a push explains. i think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone arguing that theories amazed in control of the braggs it process anymore after she failed to push through tweaked a deal through parliament a second time on choose day it triggered a sequence of parliamentary vote the first of which was yesterday when politicians were able finally to agree on at least one thing and that's that they don't want no deal bragg's it to reason may says that she doesn't want
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a no deal breakers it either but at the end of that vote yesterday she came out and said that according to the law the u.k. might still get no deal gregg's it was beleaguered for which. you look. at the u.k. released without you do you. unless something else is agreed to the onus is now on every one of us in the house to find out well don't use. the frustration of the politicians that. situation they just voted to exclude the option of a new deal bragg's it and yet the prime minister comes straight out off the back of that vote and says well it's still very much a possibility so following on from that vote last night politicians face another decision in parliament today they're debating on whether to extend article fifty in other words that. bating on whether to delay bragg's it all together so if
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parliament approved this delay it's expected that the reason may we'll have to go back to brussels once again and ask for an extension to article fifty this speculation over how long that extension might be to resume in the past has said it would have to be short and necessary purely technical whereas increasing e.u. officials are coming out and arguing for a extension take a listen to what the council president had to say during my consultations ahead of the european council i will appeal to the e.u. twenty seven to be open to a long extension if the u.k. finds it necessary to rethink its brigs its strategy and build consensus around it and there is arguing for to reason mase deal with saying well look if you ask for a delay you don't know what brussels response is going to be as sort of
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a fed up e.u. already setting preconditions potentially for any of the u.k.'s requests so no easy options here for anyone it's all series amaze clinging to this hope that all the chaos that we're seeing now in this prospect of no deal the prospect of brussels wanting a longer delay might just to force politicians to finally approve with a senior in you negotiator reported to have said that wednesday's the vote was like the titanic voting for the iceberg to get out of the way david coburn a scottish member of the european parliament things that teresa me has made a mockery of bracks it. i mean the government have made the biggest mess in history could have easily gone through breaks it. could've agreed to to leave on the world trade organization terms it would have been a problem i think the house of commons. do not like until at all is worse than being in the european union and that's what she's trying to do she's trying to make
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it look so bad that it will continue on in the european union i think is the end of some of the big parties i get there to the end of the conservative party it's breaking up. breaks it count down on. the u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe has accused several energy exporting nations including russia a posing a threat to liberty and freedom it was one of a number of key points made during his speech at an energy conference in texas either stand up for ports. the us is out of the closet finally an official confirmation that it weaponized oil and gas and its foreign policy doctrine we need to continue to build our energy security in the ways of describing we need to roll up our sleeves and compete by facilitating investment all across the world and
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encouraging partners to buy from us but honestly bad actors but hold up what's with it's about bad acts as well don't you forget america is exceptional it's like no other country in the world really you so when they do it it is a canny tactic but when somebody else does it's a felony some nations are using their energy or malign amps and not to promote prosperity in the way we do here in the west. they don't have the values of freedom and liberty of the rule of law that we do and they're using their energy to destroy ours it's all the usual suspect in this bingo of bodies russia is naturally there as it stands accused of plotting to turn poor old europe into a bunch of gas junkies by building a pipeline we don't want our european allies hooked on russian gas to the north as you through project none of the countries implicated in the project see a problem with it because if we received russian gas during the cold war not only
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in the d.d.r. where i live but also in west germany but i don't see why the times and situation today should be so much more us and we can no longer say that russia remains a partner but uncle sam knows best russia also apparently invaded ukraine to pillage its energy stock and we all know the story in russia that invaded ukraine to gain access to oil and gas reserves so let me get this straight russia world's number one in proven gas reserves with over fifty thousand billion cubic meters to show for it once it's some of ukraine's three hundred billion and when it comes to the black gold the might. energy empires of denmark and it's really more oil rich than ukraine could it be that someone spends so much time in iraq that now sees the fingerprints of its own plays everywhere now of syrian leader bashar assad also got on pay as naughty list well this time the syrian
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president is guilty of wanting to explore some of syrian oil reserves which are well in syria and it is cuba of course taking advantage of venezuela by enjoying its oil not the us that outright seized all assets over venezuelan petroleum company and wired them to an account inaccessible to president maduro and remember us is special in every way so when they earn a buck in energy trade that's a force for good don't mix it up but through this here's my point. we're not just exporting american energy we're exporting our commercial value system to our friends and to our partners so trumps well marketed america first policy may need a little clarification it's not about america solving its problems by itself it's about america trying to solve its problems at everyone else's expense pompei oaths
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seems to believe that whatever the u.s. does is right and moral and whatever russia or china or rare do is this is there really wrong and immoral but you have to remember that the foreign policy team that trump has put together this is really an amazingly inept team and they are very bad at what they're doing no one is persuaded by its arguments russia's customers enter into the relationship voluntarily no one is corrupting anybody as they supposedly free trade free market the europeans they are determined to go ahead with the nord stream to pipeline which the u.s. opposes the no reason not pipe gas from near. russia rather than shipping it from the united states you know thousands of miles away it makes no sense at all unless you're a u.s. gas company. members of anglo merkel's conservative party have lashed out at the outspoken u.s.
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ambassador to germany that's after richard grinnell warned that washington could cut down the intelligence shares of berlin should the chinese telecoms giant while way be allowed to be part of the country's five g. mobile infrastructure project peter oliver has the story. chancellor merkel is far from happy with the latest comments from washington's man in berlin on buses a richard grinnell said that should germany proceed with developing its next generation of wireless internet infrastructure alongside the chinese telecom company who while we're well then would be limited in the intelligence that was being shared with us from washington none of your business says angela merkel even a security particularly when it comes to the expansion of the five g. network but also elsewhere in the digital area is a very important concern for the german government so we are defining standards for . other politicians have also been quick to condemn the u.s.
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ambassador's approach the federal government is in no need of demands or tips from the american ambassador about our competency their address cyber security policies again u.s. ambassador we're now is threatening the federal government the b. and d. is supposed to buy routers from cisco rather than why wait otherwise there will be less information from banda say they see is far from rich should grinnell's first rodeo since the us ambassador arrived in berlin. a few things to say. the.
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terrible business when an ambassador starts to lie. she of the country that they're based in unless of course the country being lectured is venezuela where when it comes to attempting to subvert the politics and constitution of the central american nation germany went further than using diplomatic corps went straight to the executive branch. why don't is now the past not talked about it and we expect him to initiate an election process as soon as possible and for this task he is the legitimate interim president from the point of view of germany and many european partners doesn't mean that germany's ambassador to caracas didn't get in on the act though in fact he was expelled from venezuela after being accused of meddling in the country's internal affairs he left with
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a parting shot the president maduro. nicolas maduro not only lacks the democratic legitimacy necessary for political reasons but he also denied the humanitarian situation given as well as going through which was then doubled down on by germany's foreign minister this will in no way lead us to reconsidering our support for one interim president was a mandate to organize free fair and independent elections anyway the support is irrefutable and it will stay this way it all leaves the u.s. ambassador's comments here paling into relative in significance in comparison german ambassador has met with the self declared leader of the country a person. who hasn't been elected by anyone stood for the presidential election and who now claims to be the president of a country that barely knows him and it's absolutely unacceptable for a german ambassador to meet him at the airport and to support him and to declare
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him the president of the country that is like if i were to clear bernie sanders the president of the united states are to get up close and personal with the science spacecraft as a gears up to do. a global crew to the international space station we'll take you through the launch preparations right after this break. join me every thursday on the elec so i'm i'm sure i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports this knows i'm sure i'll see if.
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the country has gone into a nihilistic fever. thank god it hit the road and get out to traveling across america but what makes america take to charlotte is the genius of the south american hero who says that we've come to a point around which hollywood is gone so we always are on the margins so what this whole culture is really important. was. we're starting last with this is we're going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave no governor anymore no no we may be completely different but in this. welcome back the crew of last year's failed soyuz rocket launch is poised to make a second attempt ahead of lift off from the baikonur cosmodrome artist maria for
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national have a chance to witness their preparations. another recruit on the international space station says day ninety two russian spacecraft will take three members of the fifty ninth expedition to orbit doubling the station's population. two of them russian aleksey and america's nick hague this will be their second take they faced it with much dignity then and full of confidence today. well. there were no such incidents the thirty five years we go to go first flights i think even though we didn't make it to the i.r.s. this it was good training for the crews we have him and for us as well.
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one hundred percent confident it's the nature of. the ninety five percent of words practicing to do one thing. that is where they were or who think perhaps he'll touch down some five hundred one of those from the one fed by funneling this way for a living they've lost on the way to lending that if anything of cheating and nick cave lend it harmed. given that they fled with a fifty kilometers and a ballistic descent many times more than the force of gravity while that was no one was hurt either you want me there single separate obama going to last there we have never mind a power for us really. worth it if they broke our little flowers
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here all they have are sounds that i was wrong with boy brains while they were consistent. says days launch comes right after a successful test flight of america's dragon spacecraft the first commercial food vehicle to ever reach the international space station marking the beginning of a new era of even space flight after. will it be a new era of global exploration further exploration of space or the era of competition between russia us and other countries it is a competition with itself to just get better and competition is only going to help us get a better future so it's actually
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a pretty good way to beat the general i don't know that there has ever been adult time in the history of the internet space station program but i do feel like we are specially going to have a very interesting. history of this station very dynamic and we're going to be on board for that. i don't know about the competition thing but if we look at this topic a little light heartedly i'd say the shuttles deliver pretty cool things to the i assess the progress rockets usually take things that don't expire that quickly and with shuttles but we just make some calls and in a day's time we get grapes or pepper and it all looks pristine if you could take a picture with those goods but for now i could be the oldest largest and busiest spaceport remains the only gate to a full hemans to enter the i have says in things to get done just like sixty years ago when he was getting ready for the first space tourney history.
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is finally out of the way his symbol manually had its taking to the long side by a train using the rail line specially designed and built for just this purpose and this is the last time we see this full look at those speeds to middle one construction in a horizontal position. it's always too radical position in blade so you are here on the ground for the last time and boost the space ship with its international crude into or event. spanish investigators have reportedly linked the cia to last month's mysterious
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attack on the north korean embassy in madrid the incident occurred in late february a group of ten math people stormed mission in spain they were strained and gagged eight members of staff and reportedly put bags on their heads one woman succeeded in escaping from the window on the second floor on the attackers got away with stolen computers and mobile phones it's been suggested that the real target of the raid was to dig up information on the former north korean ambassador to spain he served in the post for years but in two thousand and seventeen it was expelled by madrid following north korean nuclear tests he also played a key role in organizing the recent summit between kim jong un and donald trump and noise madrid based journalist martin roberts has more. spain's newspaper of record el paice suggested that the u.s. central intelligence agency may have been behind a recent attack on the north korean embassy here in madrid which you can see behind
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me el pikes say that police investigators and also investigators from the security services have managed to identify at least two of the ten presumed assailants and say that they have connections to the cia they are also but the cia have denied responsibility but they add that those denials were quote not very convincing now if these attacks are confirmed they're currently under investigation by the high court. but the responsibility of the cia is confirmed and that good to have devastating implications for diplomatic relationships between the two countries are not least because of international conventions covering the inviolability of diplomatically gay sions. the spanish foreign minister has stated he will not comment on an ongoing investigation but we've asked both the north korean embassy and spain's interior ministry for reaction. and their strike by u.s.
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led forces has reportedly killed allied afghan soldiers they're contradictory reports on how many were killed our reporter at the site has more. we have information from an afghan senator who actually happens to be from that village and some other afghan officials who said this incident took place when a group of american soldiers as well as an afghan special forces unit were on their way for an operation and they tried to use flashlights trying to see who was there not knowing that it was the afghan national army position there when there was a gunfight between both sides for several hours inside a residential area then an airstrike was called in the strikes were conducted after afghan and u.s. forces came on defective small arms and rocket propelled grenade fire and they requested air support in self-defense the afghan and u.s.
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partnered forces try to these collate this situation but in the fog of war they continued to be fired upon now that is a huge blow for the afghan national security forces at a time when there really badly wounded they are fighting across the country day and night in there really tired because this was a very busy went or time for them they are fighting now that the spring offensive is on the on the doorsteps. this sort of an incident really is a huge blow and we are still waiting for the minister of defense who has said that they will be investigating this but acknowledging that the incident took place because of lack of coordination it's not the first time an incident like this has taken place so indeed a very difficult year ahead for the afghan national security forces especially in
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the absence of a comprehensive cease fire between the afghan government in the taliban. scandals erupted in porn after it came to light an anti-semitic publication was on sale inside the parliament building the latest edition featured a guide on how to recognize a jew and has been roundly condemned as a disgrace. it's a disgrace that's a rag with such headlines can be sued inside the parliament i hope we will realize how racist publications managed to get away with this freedom of speech is no defense that weekly is called only poland it is one of twelve publications run by the anti-semitic politician and former m.p. let's check but well only poland has been on sale nationwide for more than two decades following the scandal it's now been withdrawn from the parliament. now relations between poland and israel have become more tense and recent month in february israeli prime minister netanyahu and rage warsaw by saying polls
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collaborated with the nazis during the holocaust things weren't helped by the israeli foreign minister who said quote polls suckle anti-semitism with their mother's milk pulling reacted by pulling out of a central european summit in jerusalem which was then canceled in turn poland has seen a large nationalist marches on the country's independence day attended by various far right groups last year's event was attended by more than two hundred thousand people including the country's president. dr you're frying zuroff who's the director for the eastern europe at the simon wiesenthal center believes the vast majority of people in poland don't hold such anti jewish views. judging from the nature of this publication i think this is the kind of things that they they publish i mean agnes lee it is if they're afraid that jews are infiltrating poland the jews are undermining poland then you won't be able to recognize them you need their help to be able to recognize
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a jew i mean it's ludicrous i think that most people in poland do not subscribe to such ridiculous lies about jews but unfortunately this there there are some people who do i mean this is a remnant a vestige of the deep end i seventy's and that existed in poland during the into war period how could such a. publication be published in poland in general not to mention certainly in that in no to be sold available for sale in the polish parliament it's quite outrageous i would say. more stories after this short break.
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welcome to max keiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yonks this is what happens to pensions in britain don't want to. watch kaiser report. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront cation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developments only personally i'm
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going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.


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