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just funding me. on that is the end very pretty but for now the mountains of moist only grow higher. ground it's time for brakes it is lawmakers gather for the third time this week that says they prepared to vote on whether to delay the u.k.'s exit from the european union. the cia is behind a mysterious attack on the north korean embassy in spain according to local media. the u.s. state department changes its description of the disputed golan heights from israeli occupied to israeli controlled experts calling it a move to boost the israeli prime minister's ratings the head of elections next
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month. very good evening to you this is r.t. international. first this hour let's bring you live pictures from westminster in london this is where m.p.'s have gathered the head of a big vote today on whether or not to delay the u.k.'s exit from the european union british lawmakers spent the day debating the motion as well as possible amendments to it some of those are going to be voted on shortly in it you can see them piece falling out those who have formed an opinion and they will because the those votes on audix but will be the first amendment very shortly let's find out exactly what's going to be happening from our correspondents and see churkin who's in london peter oliver is in berlin first june last year it's been a hectic week lots of voting and we're really no clearer to a bragg's it what's going to be happening this evening. well indeed neal of the
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more votes take place the more uncertainty seems to surface in terms of the options that all continue to be on the table it is all quite complicated but it is in fact de three of crucial crunch time votes here in westminster as m.p.'s of the house of commons try to figure out what they're going to do with just two weeks to go before the original brock's a deadline kicks in now indeed tonight they're voting on delaying brock's it or extending article fifty and this of course could go two ways they could either dilute vote to have an extension hopefully put in place or say they don't want an extension so in case of this motion fails the options are they will still have to leave on march twenty ninth with no deal or potentially surprisingly enough votes for teresa mayes deal a third time around believe it or not and the other option is if this passes
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this decision to try to have an extension they will have to go of course back to brussels to try to have them agree to this and then the options are aplenty again we have still the possibility of no deal potentially another vote on teresa mayes original deal that you know she seems to be keeping her fingers crossed that her unpopular deal potentially third time may become the charm since no other deal or alternative alternative seems to exist at this point still a possibility of new negotiations despite the you having said god we're tired we don't want to do this again but pete i'm sure will tell us more about that the possibility of a second referendum general elections a vote of no confidence and still even no bracks it at all with questions if that ends up happening could it all have been for nothing but all of this is a very very long time. from now with all of these questions on the table to be
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decided tonight there are indeed four amendments they're voting on as we speak and this main motion of whether or not to delay bragg's it and push the deadline back from march twenty ninth if you remember earlier this week for a second time in a row they said no to reserve me. arrangements that she had been able to put together with the european union and of course wednesday night's last night they rejected the possibility of a no deal scenario but again everything is still possible ok thanks to the situation in london last cross over to berlin our peter all of us there for us peter now between you myself and the view is we know that e.u. officials don't want the u.k. to leave it weakens the bloc so surely those same officials must be enjoying what an absolute mess the u.k. is making of bragg's it of course they won't officially say that what has the official reaction been. with the message is changing i can definitely tell you that
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neil people are starting to get very upset here with the continuing breaks that on certainty and those comments from the likes of donald to that we heard in the past where he was saying please we don't want you to go stay with us they've been tempered somewhat of late will get on the door to us in just a moment because the issue that stands with the e.u. is that it's up to london it's up to the united kingdom to sort this out because the u.k. can unilaterally pull out of a great city council article fifty that was decided by the european court of justice however if they want an extension even if they vote on it in the house of parliament house of parliament this evening it has to go it has to be approved by the e.u. twenty seven o'donnel to the european council president has said should the u.k. ask for that extension and should they have in his opinion a good reason for it then he will do his best to help them get that extension.
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during my consultations ahead of the european council i will appeal to the e.u. twenty seven to be open to a long extension if the u.k. finds it necessary to rethink its brags its strategy and build consensus around it . junk lord younker the european commission president said that he also doesn't in principle oppose and extensions article fifty but in the european commission president's view it shouldn't go any further than the end of may it basically it shouldn't allow. the u.k. to have to stand in upcoming european parliamentary elections we've also heard from european heads of state on this emmanuel may or so in the heads of government money when mark on the french president said it's not going to be a time for renegotiating but it could be a time for the u.k. t. re-evaluate its strategy that was his opinion on whether or not he would approve a extension here in berlin the german foreign minister heiko mass said now is the time essentially for london to decide what they want. those in london need to do
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what they want and say what they want and decide what they want and rather than having a disorderly breaks it it would be better to do it. well the e.u. deputy breaks it negotiating being away and also had been speaking on the subject she quoted we understand mark the dutch prime minister before the vote on wednesday evening about ruling out. ruling out a no deal breaker that marketer apparently said that that was a bit like the titanic voting to avoid the iceberg that it doesn't matter what they vote for in. the u.k. parliament or not these type of things have to be agreed across the bloc what we do know though is that we've heard from michelle bonnie a in the last few minutes just before it came to speak to you michel barnier of course the chief negotiator on those breaks that talks he was speaking at the e.u.
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event in bucharest he said that he wasn't sure even now what the goal of briggs it is or was. it's a lose lose situation. nobody can try to. straighten me to prove to me the added value of. the overwhelming message from the european union side though is the future of the united kingdom's relationship with the european union whether they're close far in or out well that all lies with west minister with the united kingdom and with the people and parliament of the united kingdom right now they is far as they're concerned in europe they've done their part. ok elaborate is one of today many thanks our correspondents are peter oliver in berlin and in london i'm sure we
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speaking again later this evening. he. breaks it count down on our. on to the news now the united states has changed its designation of the golan heights a disputed buffer zone between israel and syria from israel occupied to israel controlled in one hundred sixty seven and israel captured most of the golan heights from syria a move that was not internationally recognized the state department made the change in its annual human rights reports this appears to reflect a broader shift among the us establishment the top republican senator lindsey graham just a few days ago saying that he wants to recognize the territory as israel's now and forever. i've got a simple message i will go back to the united states senate. working with senator cruz i will start an effort to recognize the goal line as for the state of israel
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now in forever because to give this to tori. would be a strategic nightmare for the state of israel and who would you give it to on this is just the latest u.s. move towards recognition in november washington voted for the first time against the u.n. resolution which calls for israel to withdraw from the golan heights the move was still passed though with one hundred fifty one votes in favor just two against political analyst the middle east expert the only ben menachem feels that the u.s. moves are designed to help create a favorable atmosphere for the israeli pm ahead of upcoming elections. i don't understand this. the administration of the american in me and i think it is done to help benjamin netanyahu the prime minister in the election is trying to create a good. for. to assure the support of the president.
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meeting. and causing our in this is so retention in the region there would never be peace with syria with all these world withdrawing from the golan i. spanish investigators have reportedly linked the cia to last month's mysterious attack on the north korean embassy in the dritte a group of ten masked people stormed young's mission in spain they restrained and gang members of staff and reportedly put bags on their heads one woman succeeded in escaping from a window on the second floor it acars escaped with stolen computers and mobile phones. it's also been suggested the raid was to get information on kim york. the former north korean ambassador to spain nuclear tests he also played a key role in organizing the recent summit between kim jong un and in hanoi. martin roberts has more.
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spain's newspaper of record paice suggested that the u.s. central intelligence agency may have been behind a recent attack on the north korean embassy here in madrid which you can see behind me el pikes say that police investigators and also investigators from the security services have managed to identify at least two of the ten presumed assailants and say that they have connections to the cia they are also but the cia have denied responsibility but they are that those denials were and i quote not very convincing now. but the responsibility of the cia is confirmed and that had to have devastating implications for diplomatic relationships between the two countries are not least because of international conventions covering the inviolability of diplomatically geishas. the spanish foreign minister has stated that he will not
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comment on an ongoing investigation we heard opinion from former cia analyst john kiriakou. this is just not the way that the cia carries out an operation first of all the would have to have the permission of the director of the cia to do such as. a presidential appointee that's all and you know the cia would never do an operation that's so grease and in so public in the middle of the day like that where they're where they're essentially kidnapping diplomats and holding them hostage and beating them and and stealing their print that's just not how it's done if you do something to disrupt that summit something so brazen as a criminal act like this that would be that would be essentially an act of treason really at the very least it would be an act of insubordination and and people would go to prison so no i can't imagine that they would try to so obviously disrupt the
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summit and you know this this was not something that would have disrupted the summit if the summit was going to be disrupted it would have been something far more direct against the north koreans in north korea not in somewhere like spain. we discussed the story also with former british diplomat william mallinson over whether the incident is serious in terms of diplomacy. unbelievably serious just as it was with the cia in chile for example nicaragua and other countries quite obviously the fact that the spanish police were not already there to stop these cars and the rest these people frankly is highly suspicious and it means either the spanish police were totally incompetent which i doubt because with a diplomatic question like that they'd be there within a city of law minutes or speculate why didn't they surround the embassy neatly and stop those people getting out have they arrested anybody how come they know some of the people how come they know enough to say that two of them have cia contacts
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there are spanish forces and u.s. forces at work to try half cover up what really happened so you cannot discount the possibility that there may be in one or two people who might for whatever reason have been involved it could be part of the cia even trying to embarrass the cia or maybe at the end of the day to embarrass john bolton the national security adviser so they could be even be american forces yes indeed wanting to embarrass other american forces that is possible. a team's other vasta the quarterfinals of the champions league and tomorrow stroll will determine who faces same for the first time in a decade half of the last eight are english teams or for manchester united manager is aiming a get his insight on predictions and his new show on our take on the touchline. when you have in the box or on the box that special cue or like the one all the ease and the sync will happen you need to be use these words that i should
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not taught to use the guy that brings everything we tame more than to leave that let me tell you that i'm not happy at all because in the end. only one that one lead into anything for the whole season and now we have to build a team the social media is changing a lot of the way people approach approach football but you really have a half sign up front. not really not really sometimes i run when the distance is. so short or is it a very difficult part of the half time to know. that when i feel that i let it go i would still it would make great television having cameras on the street in august would you be happy without who he has i wouldn't i wouldn't be happy. but i wouldn't when you you would be the cameras to the dressing room before the game
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you fill the position of the dressing room while the dressing room ease where the machine beds of display of the ship of the other one i think the seas go into a walled where you are not able to put the act of the teams that remain the strongest. you know world big partisan lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. so we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race in this spirit dramatic developments only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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welcome back a british army veteran will face murder charges over the killing of two people back in one nine hundred seventy two during a civil rights demonstration in northern ireland known as bloody sunday and of the sixteen people allegedly involved will face no action prosecutors citing insufficient evidence thirteen people died and fifteen were injured when british paratroopers opened fire at protesters in the irish city of derry demonstrators were rallying against the government law to imprison people without constituency that includes the city of derry very good evening to you as i understand you have tweeted that there are many sore hearts today what is your reaction to these charges against the former paratrooper. well i think it's the first three over the set they didn't ever believe that we would ever get the states to see if i had the strength at that they had to hire and say and that won't conviction as
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a conviction for all of them was very very stark i ever we can't we can't dispute the fact that there is a lot of sore hearts and our city today there are a lot of families who have today been once again be traumatized and as a say there's a dark cloud in the city today and a lot of disappointment what do you make of the fact the sixteen others won't be facing any charges. well as i say there wasn't a an assumption that we would have had war at today and faggy in your opening comments you spoke with thirteen people who were really murdered on the street today that it was actually fourteen people a lot of which were children teenagers who were shocked they had their own streets for the british government we obviously went through the savile and player rape and at the end mat you know there was then the cation for all of those families food as
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if they have had a very dignified and to tear and approach to ensure and truth and justice comes of might for their family members but there was a lot of evidence gathered as part of that inquiry and as they say there was the next they can that there would have been more prosecutions that would be dead here today but as i say the dignity that the family showed today to get out there. it doesn't surprise someone like me because they've shown after the entire campaign whether it was certainly something and that was worth watching and as the say they are there to be commanded for all of their efforts to date i understand the britain's defense secretary has offered full support to the officer who's been accused what do you think about. well it comes as no surprise to someone like myself the british government for a long time have been trying to cover up their involvement in the conflict here out
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over the past number of decades so it doesn't surprise me it doesn't surprise the families that that would be the case high over i think for the day that's and when there is so much heartache and retrenchment ties ation for a lot of those families i think it was distasteful for anyone to be sand something and i think of the sort. the brother of a bloody sunday victim says he's relieved that the veteran is going to be prosecuted you talked about the sadness and the disappointment you think there's a strong sense of relief as well generally. as this is where the families were very clear in saying that they do for one was a victory for all and there's a lot of mixed emotions and it's hard to actually explain the emotions here today and i spoke to some of the family members who have indeed got the charge and they have all of their family member but they don't even know what exactly
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because they're looking are buying them and the other family members as you say are quite frankly damast in it today so there's a mass bag of emotions here and say yes you know that the family are all of the families are relieved that that we have some convictions or possible conviction. and certainly a charge but you know there's no point in china away from the fact that there is there are issues disappointment amongst all of us back in two thousand and turns prime minister at the time david cameron called the killings unjustifiable how do you feel about what the british authorities have done since then to try and help the victims families what have they done has it been enough what more could they do . well there's an overall problem in relation to trying to deal with the past here across the way in the bay area and we have agreed legacy
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mechanisms and art and storm and coast agreement which would provide a lot of families and that poor families the opportunity for the truth of what happened to their loved ones and i jury in the conflict here across the way and the british government to date that prevented those lazy mechanisms from being actually from to come to fruition so for a start they could be considering actually implementing the agreement that they had along with their wish government and all of the political parties in the north africa for some time so there is something that they could we do and they have refused to do it and i would once again herb's the british government to implement the recommendations that have come like through the storm and toast agreement there were a lot of their families across there in the bay area and strong form of trent. they sure appreciate you coming on r.t. this evening to discuss this story my guests this hour should fade and play
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a leadership mccallion thank you. the crew of last year failed soyuz rocket launch is poised to make a second attempt to lift off from the baikonur cosmodrome artie's where if i'm not the chance to witness preparations. another recruit on the international space station says day night a russian spacecraft will take three members of the fifty ninth expedition to orbit doubling the station's population russian aleksey and america's nick hague this will be their second take they faced it with much dignity then and full of confidence today. this is where they were a good thing kept. some of the five hundred one of those from the one. lending. pagan lend it harmed. given that they had
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one with the with no one with the residents to get them many times over the course of gravity while on the ground when the world heard either you want me to say or think that we're at the bottom quintile all the more they perish never mind the powerful are really the only thing worth it if they grow power of the hour here on this was found that was wrong with one of the brains called the emergency system. says today's launch comes right after a successful test flight of america's dragon spacecraft the first commercial crew vehicle to ever reach the international space station marking the beginning of a new era of even space flight after. we would be
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a new era of global exploration further exploration of space or the era of competition between russia us and other countries it is a competition we didn't just get better and competition is only going to help us get a. better future so it's actually a pretty quickly to be the general i don't know that there has ever been a dull time in the history of the international space station program but i do feel like we are specially going into a very interesting for the history of the station very dynamic and we're going to be on board for that. i don't know about the competition thing but if we look at this topic a little light heartedly i'd say the shuttles deliver pretty cool things to the i assess the progress rockets usually take things that don't expire that quickly and with shuttles but we just make some calls and in a day's time we get grapes or pepper and it all looks pristine if you could take
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a picture with those goods but for now. the oldest largest and busiest spaceport remains the only gate to a full human stew and to the i assess and things to get done just like sixty years ago when he was getting ready for the first space turning a story. even the kind of rocky please it's for the first time he's holding the same seven am. the rocket is finally out of the way his assembled manually had it's taking to the long side by a train using the rail line specially designed and built for just this purpose and this is the last time we see this full look at those speeds to middle one construction in a horizontal position. is
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always to vertical position in blade so you are here on the ground for the last time and boost the space ship with its international. group into orbit. let's bring along pictures now from westminster in london and in just the last few minutes m.p.'s have rejected holding a nother briggs's referendum it comes ahead of a vote on whether to delay the u.k.'s exit from the european units a busy evening this is a live to london to our correspondent. who's following events coming through thick and fast but we have an early result. well lonia was still a series of votes to be held tonight but indeed the first of the four amendments to be followed by a major motion on a possible extension of article fifty has taken place so the first amendment's the
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results we have is indeed m.p.'s have rejected the idea of eighty five yes votes to three hundred thirty four against the possibility of a second referendum that's a majority of two hundred forty nine votes so quite considerable especially given this was seen as a very.


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