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that's what you put forward to the. truth will which will. be one of the most into one show intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. tensions are high in london as british lawmakers have gathered to try to decide the fate of. voting continues so on whether or not to delay the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. lots of them and it's being voted on this evening. elsewhere the cia is behind a mysterious attack on the north korean embassy in spain according to local media. your state department changes its description of the disputed golan heights from
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the israeli occupied to israeli controlled with experts calling it a move to boost the israeli p.m.'s ratings ahead of elections next. very good evening to you and welcome this is r.t. international. and you know where we're heading first sco to westminster in london the house of commons m.p.'s there very busy this is the scene right now live pictures and they have been voting on amendments throughout the last hour i think we've got results already in from three of them are expecting the big motions still to come though that will be a votes on whether or not the u.k.'s exit from the european union should be delayed let's get an update now from our correspondent about it in london peter all of the first to you and i think it's fair to say u.k.
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and p's are very good at voting against things they've they've been at it again this evening will they have a vote for something is my question brings up today. well let me let's hope so because they will have to agree on something eventually because till the other default option continues to be stumbling out of the e.u. without a deal so it's been made clear that that's what they're trying to avoid it's now a time to figure out what that one thing they should agree on to move forward is hopefully going to be now it is indeed very complicated what's going on here in westminster tonight the house of commons is voting again this is the third d. of crunch time votes on the possibilities of how they're going to proceed now exactly what they're voting on tonight the big crucial vote is whether or not they're going to be extending article fifty eight k. pushing back the deadline of march twenty ninth for breakfast to kick in if you
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remember this is what theresa may has been saying over and over again like a mantra she will not be postponing however this is now going to be decided looks like within the next hour whether or not that is going to be something that the m.p.'s here might favor now if however the idea of the extension fails there is still facing the deadline of march twenty ninth without a deal or potentially even returning back to teresa mayes deal for a third time if they have no options left now if the extension does pos they're going to have to sort of go back to brussels obviously and get them to agree to an extension but then and women meet. a handful i was going to see a billion other options which actually is kind of true because nobody seems to have any idea what the final ones are going to be and in fact tonight they have already voted on a handful of amendments there's still continuing to vote on those as we speak right
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now but they have already eliminated some of the option of a second referendum by quite a considerable. margin of two hundred forty nine votes that's really a lot only eighty five m.p.'s had said yes to a second referendum they have also said no to extending the article fifty deadline a little bit to the end of june and they have also just briefly just minutes ago said no to m.p.'s taking back control of the process with a majority of just two which means half of the house one same piece of control doesn't so go figure what that is all about so now they just have basically one more amendment to vote on quite crucial one that one focuses on whether or not to extension so if they say no to teresa mayes deal one of those that option seems to be off the table yet again for a third time and then they need to figure out if we're going to have an extension honestly if they say no to an extension as well which is quite unlikely because
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there is what are the alternatives left on the table to vote on i don't know i don't think the m.p.'s know either at this point i think they will still find some things to vote against many thanks. let's go to peter all of us a and just to let me just put a nutshell for our viewers who might be scratching their heads at this point and i don't blame them so prior to tonight with the m.p.'s in the house of commons voted no to a deal previously they voted no to a no deal now subsequently voted no to a june extension no to a second referendum surely peter the kratz salute lee loving this or is that not the case. well i think the simple way following on from what i was just saying if anybody wherever they are tells you with any. semblance of confidence they know how this is going to work out not person is a lot nobody knows how this is going to go right now and that's evident by the amount of votes that we've seen on this the the topsyturvy way in which they've
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been carried out but in any way looking at it from the outside from here in in mainland europe in what will eventually be the e.u. twenty seven it breaks it down. as ever go ahead their reaction to what's happening in westminster in their reaction to what's happening in the u.k. has been one of well if you approve. an extension to break this to the extension to article fifty it has to then be approved by the e.u. twenty seven the european court of justice said that the u.k. can unilaterally withdraw article fifty which would be all but essentially canceling bragg's it but if they want that extension they have to have it passed by the rest of the members of the european union o'donnel to the european council president through a little well liferaft to the plan saying that he would help get the e.u. twenty seven on board with an extension but only if the u.k. came to him with a valid reason for doing so. during my consultations ahead of the european council
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i will appeal to the e.u. twenty seven to be open to a long extension if the u.k. finds it necessary to rethink its brags its strategy and build consensus around it . john floyd younker the european commission president has also said he's not opposed to an extension of article fifty however he stipulates that he doesn't want to see that go beyond the end of may essentially that the u.k. doesn't have to field candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections amongst the heads of government a manual on the french president has said that now is not the time for a negotiation he will not accept britain saying we want to extend article fifty because we want to renegotiate he says he will accept an article fifty extension only if. the u.k. i beg your pardon see it's very easy to get confused if the u.k. wants to re-evaluate its strategy the german foreign minister heiko must speak from
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here in berlin he said now's the time essentially for london to say what it wants. those in london need to know what they want and say what they want and decide what they want and rather than having a disorderly breaks it it would be better to delay it or we've also heard from the deputy e.u. negotiator chief negotiator being well and she was quoting the dutch prime minister mark alito who was talking about the the vote on wednesday evening that would take no deal off the table he said that was essentially akin to the people on the titanic voting to have the iceberg move out of the way that just because you vote for it doesn't mean it's off the table doesn't mean it's going anywhere in fact that disillusionment with where things of are going where things are heading and how things are panning out in westminster that's certainly spreading throughout the
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leaders in the e.u. we heard from a shell bonnie a the chief negotiator of the e.u. side he was speaking in bucharest and he said essentially that he's not sure what the goal of break this ever was or certainly what it is right now. two to three. it's a lose lose situation. has no added value nobody can try. to demonstrate to me to prove to me the added value of. not even mr. well the overarching theme from here in the e.u. is the whatever happens however this pans out it's coming to require decisions being made in london in westminster in the houses of parliament and they're really wanting those decisions made pretty soon speech all over in berlin many thanks to peter and the nastier churkin who spoke to us a little earlier they're live from london speak to you again later this evening
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guys. he. breaks it count down on our. ok rounding up some of the news for you now spanish investigators have reportedly linked the cia to last month's mysterious attack on the north korean embassy in madrid a group of ten masked people storm feeling yang's mission in spain restrained and gagged members of staff are reportedly put bangs on their heads one woman succeeded in escaping from a window on the second floor the attackers escaped with stolen computers and mobile phones it's also been suggested the raid was to get information on kim hyuk choice of the former north korean ambassador to spain he served in that position for years but in twenty seventeen was expelled by madrid following north korean nuclear tests also played a key role in organizing the recent summit between kim jong un and donald trump in annoy the dude based journalist martin roberts has more.
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spain's newspaper of record el paice suggested that the u.s. central intelligence agency may have been behind a recent attack on the north korean embassy here in madrid which you can see behind me el peise say that police investigators and also investigators from the security services have managed to identify at least two of the ten presumed assailants and say that they have connections to the cia they are also but the cia have denied responsibility but they are that those denials were and i quote not very convincing now if these attacks are confirmed they're currently under investigation by the high court. but the responsibility of the cia is confirmed to not care to have devastating implications for diplomatic relationships between the two countries are not least because of international conventions covering the inviolability of
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diplomatically gay sions the spanish foreign minister stated that he will not comment on an ongoing investigation we had opinion from former cia analyst john kiriakou. this is just not the way that the cia carries out an operation first of all the would have to have the permission of the director of the cia to do such as . a presidential appointee that's a spall and you know the cia would never do an operation that's so brazen and so public in the middle of the day like that where they're with their essentially kidnapping diplomats and holding them hostage and beating them and and stealing their commitment that's just not how it's done if. that would be that would be essentially an actor treason really at the very least it would be an act of insubordination and and people would go to prison so no i can't imagine that they would try to so obviously disrupt the summit and you know just this was
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not something that would have disrupted the summit if the summit was going to be disrupted it would have been something far more direct against the north koreans in north korea not in somewhere like spain. we also discussed a story from a british diplomat william mullins and i whether the incident is serious in terms of diplomacy. unbelievably serious just as it was with the cia in chile for example nicaragua and other countries quite obviously the fact that the spanish police were not already there to stop these cars and the rest these people frankly is highly suspicious and it means either the spanish police were totally incompetent which i doubt because with a diplomatic question like that they'd be there within a city of law minutes or speculate why didn't they surround the embassy miti and stop those people getting out have they arrested anybody how come they know some of the people how come they know enough to say that two of them have cia contacts
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there are spanish forces and u.s. forces at work to try half cover up what really happened so you cannot discount the possibility that there may be one or two people who might for whatever reason have been involved it could be part of the cia even trying to embarrass the cia or maybe at the end of the day to embarrass john bolton the national security adviser so they could be even be american forces yes indeed wanting to embarrass other american forces that is possible. eight teams have advance of the quarter finals of the champions league and tamara's draw will determine who faces same for the first time in a decade half of the last eight or english sides for manchester united manager as a marine gives his insight of addictions in his new show on r.t. on the touchline which you can watch later this hour for now though is a pretty. you predicted two out of four correctly this week in the general so it does show after all come on to the show how hard it is to predict isn't it when you
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have in the box or on the box that special q. or like on all the ease and the sync will happen you need to leave the use these words that i should not thought of he's the guy that brings everything we team more than the leader of the guy that brings everybody with him let me tell you that i'm not unhappy at all because in the end. only one that one leapt into being for the whole season a great cross. believes will have a phenomenal cif. normally managers we many times we try to find even for ourselves some excuse and now we have to build a team. the social media is changing a lot though we people approach football and it's not just football as is a bald society in general.
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and former british soldier faces trial for murder for his involvement in the bloody sunday massacre in ireland nearly half a century ago will be delving deeper into that story after the break. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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he's gone into a nihilistic theme. i think we've got to hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlotte. but the south american hero this is a point at which elements going so we always are on the current system. we're starting last with. we're going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the b. i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more. you may be completely different but in the. british army veteran will face murder charges over the killing of two people back
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in one thousand nine hundred seventy two doing a civil rights demonstration in northern ireland known as bloody sunday and the sixteen people allegedly involved will face no action this prosecutor assigned to insufficient evidence in total fourteen people were killed and fifteen injured when british paratroopers opened fire at protesters in the city of derry demonstrators were rallying against the government law to imprison people without trial. at least mccallion m.p. for the full constituency that includes the city of derry told us that families in the city of shown great dignity during the inquiry. i think it's first that we should recognize that a lot of these families and and then did a lot of people throughout the city didn't ever believe that we would ever get to see the change the law and the prosecution so the families today were very very dignified but there was a lot of evidence gathered as part of that inquiry and as
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a say there was an expectation that there would have been more prosecutions the movie did here today there's an overall problem in relation to trying to deal with the past year across the end of a random we have agreed legacy mechanisms that start in stormont takes agreement which would provide a lot of families a lot more families the opportunity for a trip over what happened to their loved one side during the conflict here across there and you know there's no point in shying away from the fact that there is there is huge disappointment amongst all of us. the crew of last year's failed soyuz rocket launches poised to make a second attempt the lift off from the baikonur cosmodrome artie's mepham national had a chance to witness preparations. another recruiting on the international space station thursday night
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a russian spacecraft will take three members of the fifty ninth expedition to orbit doubling the station's population. two of them russian aleksey and america's nick hague this will be their second take they faced it with much dignity then and are full of confidence today. inside the thirty five years to go to your first flight i think even though we didn't make it to the eye is this it was good training for all the crews we have here and for us as well. i'm one hundred percent confident it's the nature of the ninety's ninety two ninety five percent were promising to do one thing to. be out of the.
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messes where they were a good thing kept to touch down some of the five hundred one of those from the launch pad was going to live this way for a living they've lost one populated lending very telling thing of cheating and take lend it harmed. given that they tried with it to film it there isn't a t.v. police to this and many times cold war than the force of gravity wow that was no one was hurt either you want to make their thing go separate obama going to long before they perish never mind the power so it's really. think worth it if they rolled our little flowers here all that doesn't sound so bad as well as wrong with one of the brains for they weren't system.
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says today's launch comes right off to a successful test flight of america's dragon spacecraft the first commercial food vehicle to ever reach the international space station marking the beginning of a new era of even space flight after. would be a new era of global exploration further exploration of space or the era of competition between russia us and other country. it is a competition within itself to just get better and these competition is only going to help us get a better program in the future so it's actually a pretty good way to beat the general i don't know that there has ever been a dull time in the history of the international space station program but i do feel like we are specially going into
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a very interesting for the history of this station very dynamic and we're going to be on board for that. i don't know about the competition thing but if we look at this topic a little light heartedly i'd say the shuttles deliver pretty cool things to the i assess the progress rockets usually take things that don't expire that quickly and with shuttles but we just make some calls and in a day's time we get grapes or pepper and it all looks pristine if you could take a picture with those goods but for now. the oldest largest and busiest spaceport remains the only gate to a full human stew and to the i assess in phoenix you get done just like sixty years ago when he was getting ready for the first space journey history. even the kind of rockies it's kind of the first time he's holding the same seven am
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. the rocket is finally out of the way he's assembled manually hand it's taking to the long side by a train using the radio a lot specially designed and built for just this purpose and this is the last time we see this. look at those speeds to middle one construction in a horizontal position. is always to vertical position in black. it will roar of here on the ground for the last time and boost this space ship with its international crew into orbit. ok you can piece are just about to vote on whether or not to extend briggs it'll tell you all about what the decision was in half an hour.
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the state of interest rates is coming to your bank account soon it's being done on the wholesale level right now between countries and now it's going to come to your local bank account so instead of getting thirty basis points on your money market fund or on your savings account the bank will get native three percent so that three percent will be taken out of your account and given to someone that a central bank says a systemic claim for. during the great depression old enough to remember that it was most of the family were employed. there wasn't it was bit much worse objectively. but there was an expectation the things were going to get better. there was
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a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america where shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo duo engineer election manufacture consent and other principles according to no on. one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the truth. is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time. although the latest skirmish on the indian pakistani border has faded from the headlines it left the leaders on both sides with high approval ratings. in the
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polls lead to more risk taking when the next confrontation takes place. q. were like a log always can use a strike you need to leave the use these words that i should have taught it is that a very difficult part of your job to have time to. know na lol they are lucky and they are lucky to be in the same generation a great cross. believe will have the phenomenal safe who would you say is the strongest. so joe's a dentist mantra's the city liverpool and barcelona complete the quarter final
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lineup of the champions league you predicted two out of four correctly this weakening being variables it does show after all come on to that. is the name. of the week because of course it was a fantastic team performance that that result. of the first leg we dealt that personality we dealt that you know how we dealt that special natural ambition and pride. i don't think would be would be possible is one of these situations where a stew of yours because these is the result is the performance of the goals is the is the mental strength and everything everything together i think you are the team of the week. the manager of the week but the if you have to choose the
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man of the week icing has to be him because. you need to leave the use these were not taught he's the guy that brings everything we team more than the leader the driver with outing wouldn't be possible to do this the two goals that score india. to pick over and although goal specially now that he becomes a nine much more than you was before and as i was saying is difficult to score against that lead to go it is difficult to believe that that lead to go can lose a match. but maybe the approach is wrong. on icing juventus was was brave i think allegedly prepared the team in a very good way we did the offensive line very very far from from. the first serve to go ahead
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a shot in ninety minutes and as i was saying when you have in the box or on the box that special killer like the one all the ease and the sync will happen that's why i said two and a half because. was hard to see you have a favorite after losing to a new louis but was also hard to say no chance at all that if any team can can do it does joe and those and let me tell you that i'm not unhappy at all because in the end you're only one that won it into leaving for the whole season. with regard to you now although he's thirty four years old now he seems to save himself the big stage mean you talked about athletic defense very strong i think we had over twenty clean sheets this.

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