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the merry go round lifts only the one percent. female i'm doing all middle of the room signal is. doing the rounds the real me is. the easy. the fate of briggs it becomes more cloudy as produced lawmakers vote for a three month delay says back to brussels for the series of may to seek the permission. of the cia is behind the mysterious attack on the north korean embassy in spain according to local media. and in other news the us state department changes its description of the disputed golan heights from israeli occupied to israeli controlled with experts calling it a move to boost the israeli p.m.'s ratings ahead of elections next month.
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heading for the stars the countdown is underway for the latest rocket launch from the baikonur cosmodrome coming up in the next few minutes. very good evening and welcome this is r.t. international committee live from moscow. we will start this hour with breaking news this is from london british m.p.'s the news just in have voted to delay the u.k.'s departure from the european union it means the british prime minister will have to return to brussels and try to renegotiate the current march twenty ninth deadline date the vote came after a tense week in westminster during this time rejected both reason may's briggs divorce deal and also the idea of a no deal bragg's it. ok let's get an update now from our correspondents who is in
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london for us and peter all of is in berlin let's go first to london said that peace in the house of commons could really agree on much they have agreed on something finally but not really much tangible it's just a delay as i understand it tell us more. well indeed neal you're absolutely correct with your interpretation of the. events i mean they have said no to a bunch of different things throughout this very very hectic week in westminster and they have indeed finally agreed on something which is they're not ready to handle breck said which has become extremely clear in these last couple of days if it wasn't clear before with the original breck's a deadline of march twenty ninth looming just fifteen days from this evening it was clear that there is no consensus on what's going to happen it was vote after vote rejected by m.p.'s in terms of how to move forward so the way things stand now is
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they have indeed supported the idea of pushing back article fifty delaying brax it despite if you remember throughout this whole very gruesome process british prime minister theresa may has been saying over and over and over again she wants to stay with a deadline we're leaving on march twenty ninth eccentrics cetera that apparently for now is not happening because of this vote yes for one hundred twelve votes no two hundred two a majority of two hundred ten so it's a very clear majority that. that many m.p.'s want some more time to figure out what's going on the problem there is now to recently has to go back to brussels that has there they have told her many times that we have given you the best deal possible let's work with that that deal was rejected so what she's going to be able to it's seems likely that she's going to be able to secure an extension however what that extension is going to bring now is the big question because so many other
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options have been rejected and taken off the table just this week alone m.p.'s have said no to her deal which was the best one possible according to may and her colleagues within the european union or in brussels and they have also rejected the idea of leaving without repeat. union or in brussels and they have also rejected the idea of leaving without a deal so where all of this is heading now who knows you know it's been said difficult difficult process it's really i guess at this point going to be up to what it is that they're going to pull out of their sleeves to try to bring this forward something. that's the least of nasty relentless. european reaction i was going to be to all of a who's in berlin. the irony here is thick i believe the u.k. says europe we don't want you and now we're left to go back all of a twist like with begging bowl and so you to e.u.
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officials please can we have more time how do you think you're going to react to this. well i can tell you exactly how the european commission well i can tell you exactly how the european commission have just reacted to this they put out a statement through a spokesperson in the last few moments saying the they have been watching the vote in london with great attention and they've pointed out that if the u.k. wants an extension of article fifty it has to be approved by all twenty seven remaining e.u. members now this statement says the. they're going to have to come up with a good reason for extension now there's a little bit of good cop bad cop going on here at the moment between the european commission and the european council in their various presidents the european commission president john claude young previously said it doesn't want to see a long extension certainly doesn't want to see the u.k. have to take part in any kind of a you parliamentary elections which basically means he wants to see that extension
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lasting no longer than the end of may we have heard from donald the european council president he said he would be an ally to the united kingdom in trying to get member states trying to get those leaders signed with an extension however he said if he's to do that. he's going to need a good reason to sell it to the twenty seven. during my consultations ahead of the european council i will appeal to the e.u. twenty seven to be open to a long extension if the u.k. finds it necessary to rethink its bragg's its strategy and build consensus around it well if we look at statements from other e.u. leaders we've heard from emanuel mark on the french president saying that he would essentially support a extension of article fifty however he was very clear to say that this wouldn't be a time for any negotiations this would be essentially a time for the u.k. to decide if it wants the deal that the e.u.
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has already agreed with the reason may that they will of course it's already being voted down twice and they will go to parliament again for a third time next week or no deal the only other option is of course this the u.k. council's article fifty entirely all but killing brags that that's the one thing they can do unilaterally the german foreign minister heiko massa's also said that if they want if the u.k. wants germany's backing for an extension well they're going to have to come up with a very good reason for it. those in london need to know what they want and say what they want and decide what they want and rather than having a disorderly breaks it it would be better to delay it. now we've heard from the negotiating team from the e.u. side as well the deputy chief negotiator sabine whalen said she'd spoken to the dutch prime minister mark router who described the vote on wednesday evening to take no deal off the table
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a bit like the titanic voting to have the iceberg move out of its way it's not doesn't really mean anything apart from words we've also heard from the chief negotiator michel barnier he was speaking in bucharest and he said as it stood will certainly earlier on on thursday so wasn't sure what the goal of breaks it was or what it what it intends to achieve. it is. it's a lose lose situation. nobody. has been. straight to me to prove to me the added value of. not even. the long and short of it is that now if there's an extension to break that it's going to depend on the leaders of the e.u. twenty seven if it happens or not if not britain still out on the twenty ninth of this month the brig sit downs continues bringing us right up to date with the latest our correspondents in berlin us peter oliver and in london and us to see
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a check in a thank you. breaks it down. ok we just moments away from the latest launch of a mission to the international space station r.t. correspondent. standing by the baikonur cosmodrome waiting for the votes for. any second now maria over to you how preparations going. hello to you i have to say that we are right now minutes away from the launch everybody feels very excited you can imagine here in by car which is by the way the oldest largest and busiest spaceport in the world and today this is the only gateway for us humans to enter the international space station up there some four hundred kilometers from earth very very far i can say in just
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a few minutes we expect russia see use spacecraft i hope you can see the rocket behind me i know it's midnight local time here it's dark in here but i hope you still can see it behind me it's right there the rocket between the two red lights so you see you spacecraft is expected to carry three members of the fifty ninth expedition to orbit who are they russia's aleksei of cheney and the crew commander a very experienced cosmonaut and two nasa astronauts are also going to share space craft this time the hour nikkei and christina cook this will be for them the first to be said to the international space station for alex a nick this will be their second take as you remember their previous mission in october didn't go well it was aborted made flight due to technical problems and just minutes after the lift all for both sneek and aleksei had to return to earth
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in an emergency capsule. maybe you remember these dramatic pictures from the inside of this emergency capsule showing neat shaking a really dramatic sad pictures but it actually was a miracle that they had returned to earth on the haar and here's a short video clip to remind you what exactly happened five months ago. when things. really are. different. this is where they were who think perhaps to pipe down from five hundred to one of those from the launch pad microwave this way to moving they've gone on populated lending very talented gene and nick cave who lended on farm on who moved given that
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they did one with a fifty four majority of the ballistic defense many times over the force of gravity qualified around the world to hurt either you want me to their single stafford obama into law before they leave the area never mind a power for a really cool cooling think worth it they say world powers bring me flowers here on they haven't found that as well as around me who would praise for they were consistent. i had a chance to talk to both the nikkei and alexei of cheney and they have assured me that they are full of confidence ahead of flight and looking forward to finally reach the international space station well the space launch is always a very spectacular thing to watch as you can imagine especially during night time like today so we are kind of a lockie but we are not the only one to witness the launch from the ground people
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from all around the globe come. here to baikonur too to see with their own eyes this is a spectacular as seen and actually two way spacemen while they're seeking already inside the spacecraft funny thing is that spacecraft has no we actually those who are on board cannot see those who on the ground but still it is very emotional moment for everybody involved earlier i've had a chance to talk to some of these enthusiastic tourists let's take a listen. at the question you can see such an event on there was in your lifetime one cannot miss it it's a great event it's very interesting and it's a huge step he just based on all of the country we came last year in october and to see the space launch and as you know is a wonderful experience but they got up and it didn't get all the way up into space it was an aborted mission so we just got our mind to come back again we were five
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years old when they landed on the moon so it's been a long time we were young it was exciting and we're blessed because he lived near where neil armstrong the first man to step on the man he's from really close to where we live it's a special it's a one time experience and i'm glad all these people got to come to here and this is . the dream of mine since i was five years old and to watch a rocky go up is to come here which is the. ok then right now we're. going to you can see the fifty nine thanks petition to the international space station starts oh my goodness look at this light. wow oh. it's.
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this is just. wrong and in this. order rushes. into nasa astronauts nikkei encrease to get here people who have gathered here from all around the globe to witness the launch of loading because that was spectacular. it's been clouded right now here so i can still see. the rocket in this cause just eight and a half minutes it is expected to reach the orbit and then it's going to take on again some emotions from our tourists from gas right here in baikonur so it is going to take another six a round six and
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a half hours to dog with the international space station alexander haig among those and word their previous mission didn't go very well you know for rate was a bourses so this time we expect them to finally reach the eye as as and next time see them on air from there back to you. yes godspeed to the crew the fifty ninth expedition to the isis many thanks our correspondent riff and notion of there at baikonur. the united states changed its designation of the golan heights a disputed buffer zone between israel and syria from israel occupied to israel controlled in only sixty seven israel captured most of the golan heights from syria a move that was not internationally recognized the state department made the change in its annual human rights report this appears to reflect a broader shift among the us establishment with top republican senator lindsey
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graham just a few days ago saying that he wants to recognize the territory as israel's now and forever i've got a simple message i will go back to the united states senate. working with senator cruz i will start an effort to recognize the goal line as for the state of israel now in forever because to give this to your. would be a strategic nightmare for the state of israel and who would you give it to. senior u.s. official from the bureau of democracy human rights and labor said that the change wording doesn't indicate a change of u.s. policy on the territories in question but this is not the first u.s. move towards recognition in november washington voted for the first time against the u.n. resolution which calls for israel to withdraw from the golan heights the move was still passed through one hundred fifty one votes in favor just two against political analyst a middle east expert the only been feels that the u.s.
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marines are designed to help create a favorable atmosphere for the israeli pm ahead of upcoming elections. i don't understand these. moves of the administration of the american administration i think it is done to help benjamin netanyahu the prime minister in the election. trying to create a good that most fear for. the two sure the support of the president. i think this is in our necessary step it is only aggravating the arabs and causing are now in this is a retention in the region there would never be peace with syria without these world withdrawing from the golan i. spanish investigators are reportedly linked to the cia to last month's mysterious attack on the north korean embassy in madrid a group of ten masked people stormed young's mission in spain they restrained and gagged eight members of staff reportedly putting banks on their heads one woman
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succeeded in escaping from a window on the second floor the attackers got out with stolen computers and mobile phones also been suggested the raid was to get information on kim hyuck chaw a former north korean ambassador to spain he served in that position for years but in twenty seventeen was expelled my madrid following north korean nuclear test see also played a key role in organizing the recent summit between kim jong un and donald trump in annoy. us martin roberts has more. spain's newspaper of record el paice suggested that the u.s. central intelligence agency may have been behind a recent attack on the north korean embassy here in madrid which you can see behind me el pikes say that police investigators and also investigators from the security services have managed to identify at least two of the ten presumed assailants and
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say that they have connections to the cia they are also that the cia have denied responsibility but they are that those denials were and i quote not very convincing now if these attacks are confirmed they're currently under investigation by the high court. but the responsibility of the cia is confirmed and that could to have devastating implications for diplomatic relationships between the two countries and not least because of international conventions covering the inviolability of diplomatically geishas. the spanish foreign minister stated that he will not comment on an ongoing investigation but we did hear opinion from former cia analyst . this is just not the way that the cia carries out an operation first of all they would have to have the permission of the director of the cia to do such as. a presidential appointee that's gina asked for and you know the cia would never do an
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operation that's so brazen and so public in the middle of the day like that where they're with their essentially kidnapping diplomats and holding them hostage and beating them and and stealing their equipment that's just not how it's done if you do something to disrupt that summit something so brazen it's a criminal act like this that would be that would be essentially an actor of treason really at the very least it would be an act of insubordination and and people would go to prison so no i can't imagine that they would try to so obviously disrupt the summit and you know this this was not something that would have disrupted the summit if the summit was going to be disrupted it would have been something far more direct against the north koreans in north korea not in somewhere like spain. we've also discussed the story with former british diplomat
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twenty mile ansen over whether the incident is serious in terms of diplomacy. unbelievably serious just as it was with the cia in chile for example nicaragua and other countries quite obviously the fact that the spanish police were not already there to stop these cars and the rest these people frankly is highly suspicious and it means either the spanish police were totally incompetent which i doubt because with a diplomatic question like that they'd be that within a city a full minutes or room speculate why didn't they surround the embassy miti and stop those people getting out have they arrested anybody how come they know some of the people how come they know enough to say that two of them have syrian contacts there are spanish forces and u.s. forces at work to try. cover up what really happened so you cannot discount the possibility that there may been one or two people who might have a reason have been involved it could be part of the cia even trying to embarrass the cia all maybe at the end of the day to embarrass john bolton the national
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security advisor so they could be even be american forces yes indeed wanting to embarrass other american forces that is possible. a british army veteran will face murder charges over the killing of two people back in one nine hundred seventy two during a civil rights demonstration in northern ireland known as bloody sunday and of the sixteen people allegedly involved will face no action with prosecutors citing insufficient evidence thirteen people died fifteen were injured on the day when british paratroopers opened fire at protesters in the irish city of derry demonstrators were rallying against a government law to imprison people without trial at least mccallion the m.p. for the full constituency that includes the city of derry told us families in the city of sunk great dignity during the inquiry. i think it's first that we should recognize that a lot of these families and and indeed a lot of people in the city didn't ever believe that we would ever get one stage to
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see the change love and the prosecution so the families today were very very dignified but there was a lot of evidence gathered as part of that inquiry and as a say there was an expectation that there would have been more prosecutions something he did here today there's an overall problem in relation to try and deal with the past here of course the end of a grand and we have agreed legacy mechanisms that are at the store and it takes agreement which would provide a lot of families a lot more families the opportunity for a trip over what happened to their loved ones and you're in the conflict here across the agency but you know there's no point in staying away from the fact that there is there is huge disappointment amongst all of us. in the quarter finals of football's champions league tomorrow's draw will determine
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who faces for the first time of the decade both half of the last eight the english sides for manchester united manager josie marino gives the inside of predictions in these new show and on the touchline. when you have in the box or on the box that special cue or like wrong all the ease and the sync will happen you need to leave the use these were not taught to use the guy that brings everything we team or don't believe that let me tell you that i'm not happy at all because in the end. only one that won me into leaving for the whole season and now we has to build a team the social media is changing a lot of the way people approach approach football which we have a half ton. not really not really sometimes i run when the distance is. so short or is it a very difficult part of the half time to. know. that when i feel that i
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let it go i would still it would make great television cameras on the office would you be happy with out who he was i wouldn't i wouldn't be happy. but i would in the stand when you you go with the cameras to the dressing room before the game you fill the position of the dressing room while the dressing room ease where the machine pads of display of the ship of the other one i think the seas go into walls where you are not able to put the act of the teams that remain the strongest. ok are you watching our team to national to join me for the latest news headlines updates on top stories and often.
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breaks it down. next as a financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad fill out let's say i'm a strike and here. grease the fight. thank you for helping. destroy that's true. that slavery. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively than today but there was an expectation that things were going to get
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better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy at tax. engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm jones to one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of wilf which rule is dedicated to increasing power for itself just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. is this is a stick for the water bottle found in the stomach of
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a fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was the. let's tell consumers there are the bad ones that are the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all the company has promised to reuse the plastic. soon. that soon. but for now the mountains of moist only grow.
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the latest skirmish on the indian pakistani border has faded from. living believe. and before will these political groups if. the polls after the exchange of fire leads to more risk taking when contention comes forth to discuss that i'm now joined by. and currently the chairman of the national security advisory board and that's there it's great on i talking to you thank you very much for your time thank you very much to.


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