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tv   News  RT  March 15, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization the. breaking news from new zealand where shootings have happened in two mosques reports say twenty seven people have been killed and thirty injured. nine deaths. parliament votes to see an extension to the brags that deadline from the e.u. though brussels has indicated little appetite for further talks. and an exchange of fire between hamas and israel the israeli army launches strikes on targets in the gaza strip following
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a rocket attack on the town of the. mosque and you're watching on t.v. international live from our studio with me in india today welcome to the program we start the program with breaking news multiple people have reportedly been killed and dozens injured in a mass shooting at two mosques in christchurch new zealand police have confirmed that nine people are dead the reports put the number as high as twenty seven it's also reported that thirty people were injured four suspects are now reportedly in custody however the place a warning that people shouldn't assume the danger is over the authorities are advising people to stay away from mosques and school children to stay at home. well we're now joined by stringer david killick who's at christ church at about six
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o'clock in the evening isn't it david can you give us the latest update on this tragedy. well you know dear of the situation is still very much ongoing at this time it isn't over what we do know is that early after in the afternoon our time right in the middle of prayer time at the mosque the mosque in christchurch called mushy down nor a gunman burst into the small screen was traced and military military clothing with a mask and he opened fire with a semiautomatic weapon we think he didn't get reloading and kept shooting shooting anyone he could see indiscriminately. the reports we have we don't know how many people were killed it there's at least at least twenty maybe thirty that wasn't only in one mosque had been there was another more also in christchurch the lynnwood majeed mosque and there was another attack there again it's still unclear
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how many people were killed in that mosque and this is still ongoing very much the police have got the whole city under lockdown nobody is allowed to leave their homes or go home and we are still very much very shocked as a nation still come it's sort of it's opening day with a if the whole place is on lockdown the police must still be worried. they are very much worried and the police commissioner the chief police officer in new zealand. mike bush warned people not to go into mosques and not just in christchurch but around new zealand because although they have four people he said thought legal in custody at this time he doesn't know whether there is still a risk and he warns that it is still very unclear it's a very fluid situation and people should stay at home and just be very careful.
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shocking is it are you getting a feeling of how shocking it is for the people living in the area and beyond obviously it's affected all kind of. absolutely madeira this just has never happened in christchurch this kind of terror attack. people really never expecting us we have heard that the possible suspect one of them has been identified as an australian man a white supremacist and he apparently posted on twitter that he had planned this attack and his motivation was to attack immigrants basically and this is just a revoke a prime minister just send in his spin on. make a statement saying this is not who we are as a people as the resume and as we are tolerant towards immigrants to people from around the world and this just should never have happened david mentioned.
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he that he would want to attack immigrants and he said that this is not like the people of new zealand as the message is getting out there however was there any feelings and movements of this nature. not that we know enough sorry they have been very much under the radar there was one security analyst colby cannon talking on the media saying that this security services really should have looked at the risks when we've you know be worried about this in the midst attacks or whatever around the world but in effect white supremacist attacks as something we sort of never really considered although they have happened elsewhere of course around the world i think what this shows really is that new zealand is not alone and we cannot be complacent and know we are as safe and how long as an old idea how long they get have to stay in their homes how long is that lockdown there last well it's not as you say it's six o'clock in the evening here and it won't be back here for another
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couple of hours but i assume that people are still in their offices they are still shut and i don't think the public transport is running hopefully they will be back . with their loved ones and families tonight. with kerik reporting from chrysler thanks very much david for the update on the ground now a lot's happened in the past few hours here's a quick recap of the key moments. it was unbelievable. in the mean that all. right inside it would burn people plus people some of them were there some of them were screaming the blood is the monument splashing money and i'm thinking oh my god oh my god it's one after the another.
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this is one of new zealand's darkest days according to reports one of these suspects is a twenty eight year old. local who stream the shooting via facebook he previously posted a white supremacist manifesto his social media accounts have since been blocked this latest incident follows a rising number of attacks on muslims in recent years a far right terror attack took place in june twenty seventeen in north london near finsbury park and the man named darren osborn used his van to plow through a group conducting prayers at side the muslim welfare house one person was killed and twelve were injured during that attack and in january twenty seventh in canada saw an attack on worshipers at a mosque in quebec city the perpetrator was a local university student alexandra bissonnette six people died and nineteen were injured it was declared an act of terrorism. r.t.
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asked him bill researcher in asia specialist about the possible consequences and implications of this attack. if he attacks in a mosque one report said he was light skinned so one presumes that he wasn't a muslim himself. so long presumes the assumption would be i think that it is a terrorist attack that somebody has been doing it for political religious a mixture of reasons or compounded by some sort of drive. but a terrorist attack i think is the obvious assumption at this stage there will be this huge psychological and political damage this is tarzan as is the first time this has happened a religious shooting of the sort to sap and in new zealand we've had in the mascot's before people to the range people but this is the first time a mosque has been attacked. and so the implications of that are really very
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very serious and you know you zealand. in a sense is coming into the twenty first century. break that is having a whole yet clear. departure from. the british prime minister. with just two weeks before the current day frustration. we are like a circle in a spiral like a wheel within a wheel never ending or beginning on an airboat spinning basis going on and on and on now we're told that the way that we can avoid any delay is to support the deal that the government has concluded with the european union this house as my own befrienders just mentioned twice rejected that deal most recently only two days ago
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the deal is dead it cannot be resurrected her deal and no deal a simply no longer viable option. it isn't just the prime minister let down by. the country's been misled and now the plan has been mislaid she has bludgeoned us black and blue without bringing food deal on her robotic mantra of it's my deal or no deal this is a waste of time and a waste of time for our chamber and that should not be happening what we should be to is thinking i'm happy now the way forward and why full weight is to extend article fifty british people are sick of it most people in this house are. tres may we'll have a third chance of putting a divorce plan up to vote before the house of commons next week the british prime minister has warned against rejecting it saying it would trigger a lengthy delay period and is to see a choker looks at some of the possibilities to the table as parliament. been
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a very hectic week here in parliament with a series of votes meant to eliminate certain possibilities of what bracks it might end up looking like if you recall just on tuesday nights we saw m.p.'s reject to resubmit bracks a deal that she paying state kling this stating we negotiated with brussels rejects that for the second time around then on wednesday night we saw a big no to the possibility of a new deal bracks it which of course still didn't take that option off the table however on thursday night's the last of a series of crucial votes at least for now where m.p.'s got together to vote on a possible extension of the bracks a deadline the original bragg's a deadline now march twenty ninth as many as four hundred twelve m.p.'s said yes to extending the deadline two hundred two said no that's
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a majority of two hundred ten votes so certainly quite a considerable margin that indicates if there's anything the house of commons can agree on at this point it's that they're not ready for bracks it to take place at the agreed deadline of march twenty ninth now the big question is to resubmit has to get energized yet again find her way back to brussels and try to get an extension agreement from members of the european union so what is this extension going to be used for is the big question and that's an answer that certainly brussels wants to hear from the u.k. but also that's an answer that teresa mayes going to have to find before she tries to get back into any kinds of negotiations or talks or whatever you want to call it attempts to try to figure out what happens with all of this next. across the channel news of bragg's it delay were less than welcomed by brussels eaters have
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thrown cold water on teresa mayes plan to buy more time winning westminster to clarify how and when it intends to leave the block from berlin his peter oliver. almost immediately after the vote in the house of commons that went through with a two hundred ten majority m.p. saying they wanted an extension we heard from the e.u. commission saying that they had been watching the vote intently and they pointed out in this very short but quite distinct statement that in order to get an extension it would require all twenty seven member states to agree to it the european council president said he would be doing everything that he could to try and get the leaders of the e.u. twenty seven to vote in favor of an extension however he said if he was to do that he was going to need a little bit more than just a vote from m.p.'s he was going to need a very good reason why britain needed this extension during my consultations ahead
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of the european council i will appeal to the e.u. twenty seven to be open to a long extension if the u.k. finds it necessary to rethink its brags its strategy and build consensus around it we've also heard from one of the leaders of the e.u. twenty seven who will be voting on whether the u.k. gets this extension or not a money with the french president said this although he was in favor of an extension this couldn't be an extension period that took the form of well a renegotiation period this was very much a period of time for the u.k. to get its act together to get its strategy sorted out the european union's deputy chief of the go see a shin being well and had said earlier on that the vote that took place in the house of parliament to take no deal off the table pretty much what wasn't worth the paper that m.p.'s had voted on well she was quoting words apparently said by the dutch prime minister mark looter who described
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a vote by m.p.'s to take no deal off the table a bit like the titanic voting for the iceberg to move out of its way doesn't matter what m.p.'s there decide it matters whether there's a day. or there's not that in fact we also heard from the chief negotiator from the side michel barnier he was speaking in rumania on thursday and said that he still wasn't sure what briggs it hoped to achieve or where it was heading. it's a lose lose situation. straight to me it proved to me that if you. so as it stands at the moment m.p.'s have agreed they want to extend article fifty they're now going to have to convince the twenty seven leaders of the world who will be the twenty seven remaining members of the european union if the u.k.
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eventually does break that they're going to have to convince them that they've got a good reason to extend article fifty. france's police response to the country's yellow vests protesters putting civil liberties and threat than supporting to a french human rights watchdog. as well. rubber bullets tear gas on the vehicles the way the president mccraw and has responded to the mass anger of the yellow vests movement has sparked widespread condemnation. in france along with the decline of public services a policy of strength and security and repression has taken root in the face of the terrorist threat social troubles and fears about an immigration crisis that has the country's human rights on but simon in his annual report shocked to borne the says
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that the number of people of wasted is unprecedented. and some of the weapons used to disperse the crowd should be prohibited over the course of the protests thousands of people were injured some lost they are as others had the heads blown off the road or you know oh. the policeman sturdy to shoot to help the firefighters to get through and it was delicious thing that i remember because actually that is after the hour and a grenade had my head. cut. was. now let's see who lost and the government is completely blind even with the video footage they can't accept responsibility for what is happening. but the french government rejects the claims saying the police officers were protecting themselves
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you have to ask a simple question do our security forces have the right to defend themselves in the face of the ultraviolence of some demonstrators both the united nations and council of us have criticised the excessive force off mccombs response we encourage the government to continue dialogue and urged. investigation of all reported cases of assessing use of force the heavy handed way the president quelled at the protests and dealt with public anger continues to haunt him policia r t terrorists more news in just a minute including israel responding to overnight rocket attacks. i
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live and i. look out of the gutter i. i i. i. the brags that saga continues a deeply divided british house of commons can only seem to agree on one thing it doesn't want the u.k. to leave the e.u. without a deal the problem is there isn't a parliamentary majority on what to do next maybe this was to resumes play and all along breaks it down leadership.
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is not an ideological crowd is a real labor was. always being in nato you or wherever. it's in our interests to go to russia to fold for russians to understand. welcome back to the program. the israel defense forces have launched strikes on
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targets in the gaza strip following a rocket attack on tell of eve earlier two rockets launched from gaza triggered air defense systems in israel the israeli army reports spotting another palestinian rocket launched after they started strike in the gaza strip they say the missile triggered an alarm in the border settlements but fell inside gaza's territory my colleague neil harvey spoke earlier to israeli education minister naftali bennett and got his reaction to this latest incident. we cannot accept the. rocket fire on our homes here in tel aviv and down in the negev we left the gaza strip about thirteen years ago now and. the moment we left they've been shooting rockets at us so we will not give up any more land it just doesn't make sense when we had learned over to the arabs they turned it into a radical islamic terrorist state and now it's time to fight back to the state and
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we will the un says that an armed palestinian civilians were shot by israeli forces are you surprised that there is an aggressive response coming from palestinians we have the right of self-defense and they do not accept any sort of preach from folks on the other side of the world when we're being shot rockets from a piece of territory that we handed over to the arabs what i can say is that we won't do that again at least no one's trying to preach i mean i think everybody understands no matter what the grasp of the situation in the middle east is that the violence the cycle of violence continues and begets more aggression. howie's you know the what you're suggesting going to improve the situation we left gaza we want peace the moment they stop shooting missiles at my children's.
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home and kindergarten is the moment there will be peace we have no territorial demand over gaza and they just need to stop it if they stop it there will be peace that's very simple. the editor of palestine chronicle dot com to comment. i expect the situation to escalate as far as the israeli government wanted to ask of it meaning that in my opinion what is happening right now is a political ploy you will ated to the elections in israel on april ninth benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister is desperate for any political capital he can get in order for him to defeat his puttin his opponents in the upcoming elections you knows that this time it's going to be a lot harder to get reelected again and he needs anything at his disposal in
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his power to be able to obtain those last few israeli votes. the fight against islamic states last remaining pocket of resistance in syria is entering its final moment that's according to kurds they launched a massive military offensive with the help of us. throughout the bloody conflict in the country millions of syrians have been forced to flee their homes with many ending up in refugee camps inside and outside syria but the conditions that a diet with many in desperate need of basic things like food water and medicine we
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discussed the situation on the ground with pulled out fitzgerald a representative from the international federation of red cross in syria. well the situation is really very serious and i think the camp i'll hold it's probably the highest focus at the moment sees thousands of people arriving every day and the infrastructure is not there to support them what i do know is that paul can yesterday had seventy two thousand people and. people are continuing to arrive in the numbers around sixty thousand so we have a big numbers but most of the displaced people in syria are not living in camps situations a living from place to quayside in the community you know in lebanon where a quarter of the population now of syrian. refugees similar numbers say in
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turkey weighs three million refugees so it's an incredible pressure on the infrastructure and the conversations we're having here and hearing over these few days in brussels is very much around please don't start stop your support for us because the syrian people inside these host and. continue to need services people need to feel safe to start where. they need. water health sanitation education and of course a lot of people need to be able to work and make a living. and to repair their home. to put their lives back on track the u.s. state department has an ounce further financial support for the group in syria known as the white talents and cement of more money for the self described civil defense group was published online the u.s.
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plans to allocate five million dollars to support life saving operations conducted by the group's members this follows donald trump statement last year that the u.s. would stop funding the organization. despite being described as heroes by the state department the white house and its have discredited themselves numerous times they were implicated in fabricating evidence of an alleged chemical attack in duma syria last year and also linked to trafficking here's a look at some of the white house myths other activities in syria but a word of caution some of the images that may be disturbing.
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we spoke to ken stone from the hamilton coalition to stop the war he believes the white house it's all key to western plans for further intervention in syria. if the united states is going to give them yet more money it's because the united states still foresees our role for the white house minutes in syria the united states knows that the russian and syrian governments are poised to liberate it live problems and to drive the terrorists out of there and so they expect the white how much to continue their their dastardly roles that they've played in syria over the past six years now and the first one of which is to create pretax for military intervention direct military intervention as occurred last year
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over the issue of dumas where the white house how meds were widely exposed as having staged a chemical a fake chemical incident they had backed the white house once again to stage an incident which will allow the great powers to unleash a missile attack on syria it's a crime against humanity. now the crew of the soyuz m s twelve spacecraft have successfully boarded the international space station they reach the my s.s. officer a six hour flight nasa astronauts make a christina call as well as russian cosmonauts alexi of chinon were aboard the manned mission of shannon hay part of the mission to the i assess that was aborted to mint a flight back in october of last year they rival of the new crew will bring the i.s.o.'s population to six they'll stay on board till late twenty nine hundred conducting hundreds of experiments in fields such as biology and human research
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artie's mary if an option that witnessed the thrilling takeoff at kazakhstan baikonur cosmodrome. ok. you can see fifty nine six petition to the international space station starts oh my goodness look at . loughborough. time. to. get in this national board rushes. in to nasa.


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