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tv   News  RT  March 15, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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ah. ah. terror in new zealand a mass shooting at two mosques in christchurch forty nine people and injure forty eight others many of the survivors are in critical condition. and single my lord oh my god it's going to happen to me no it was fun. and everybody. goes just to save themselves. four suspects are now in custody one of them is an australian national were borderline streamed the attack
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on facebook posts right before the massacre he allegedly said he'd been planning it for years. also this hour the u.k. parliament votes to seek a deadline extension from the e.u. brussels has expressed little appetite for further talks. and the israel defense forces say they have hit around one hundred hamas linked targets in gaza overnight in response to first rockets launched from gaza at tel aviv since the two thousand and fourteen war. a sincere welcome to the program from all of us here at r.t. h.q. in moscow thanks for joining us this hour. we start in new zealand where mass shootings at two mosques in christ church have killed forty nine people and kicked and injured several more their country's police commissioner also confirmed four
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suspects are now in custody one of them a male in his late twenty's has been charged with murder and will appear in court tomorrow here's a recap of what happened. there buddy distraught over the bad calls just to see themselves is such that if you go one by one it's about you and some people that he too was believe people. in the me in the room. it looked people some of them would be some of them were screaming bloody the monument splashing money and i'm still marveled oh my god it's going to happen to me now. this is one of new zealand's kist days. first reports of the shooting were reported
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at one forty pm local time and the all nor mosque minutes later another mosque just five kilometers away was reported to also be under fire and video of the aftermath of one of the attacks has appeared on social media a warning you may might find the following video disturbing. earlier i just discussed the attack with our correspondent in their patrol go. but the latest we've heard from the police commissioner so far police have made four arrests but almost nothing is being disclosed about these four people we didn't hear any names from them the only thing that we know so far is that one man in his late twenty's has been charged with murder and will appear in court on saturday
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now two other suspects are definitely being held in connection with this shooting and about one person they're not sure whether he or she has anything to do with the attack and i'll tell you what the police haven't even explained what the number of the shooters was and if everything danger has been caught so far still quite a few questions have been left unanswered at this point we are not really looking for any identified because we never assume that there are other people involved that's why we've got a. prison cell. across canterbury and right across musial and we don't have nine or identified people and we're looking for but it would be wrong to assume that there is no want to. something else we learned from police boss mike
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bush and it's actually very astonishing that the agencies and the relevant authorities both from new zealand and australia are nothing about the perpetrators or their preparations before hand so as you said earlier police aren't identifying the suspect yet but media are already naming a name through an alleged live stream then there was this life stream and we cannot confirm that but it looks like the attacker was live streaming everything he was doing on facebook and everything is absolutely disturbing about this shooting spree but the lifestream it's. surreal if you look at it you don't believe that it's something that can happen in real life it's like a video game the authorities asked the media and the public not to show it not to share it but obviously in the first few hours after the shooting it was all over social media we're just going to show you
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a few screen shots from it again if you look at it just. you cannot watch it without crying or anything without getting shocked it appears like the camera was attached to a man's face or somewhere below so you can actually see the gun and the people falling from all the gun shots it looks like the man was shot to kill as many people as possible running around the rooms of the mosque people were trying to escape but they couldn't and so that means suspicious the media accounts could have been traced before the incident yes and quite a few ugly things could have been found in the posts we could actually make a conclusion that the supposed terrorist was preparing for this for two years and one post there were actually photos of gun parts with names of christians who fought muslims in wars centuries ago the names were written on these parts so he was clearly going after muslim believers and a few hours before the shooting happened
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a manifesto by the supposed terrorists allegedly appeared online and this long manifesto law and the motives were racist they were anti immigrant sentiment was clearly there and it was also because of revenge for earlier terrorist attacks in europe now a little earlier the prime minister of new zealand spoke and in a quite emotional way she tried to elaborate why she believes her country became the target for these extremists. we new zealand. we were not a target because we are a safe height. we were not chosen for the sake of violence because we can darn racism because we are an enclave for extremism. we would chosen for the very fact that we are none of these things. in any case we are waiting for more
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dates from the authorities from the police but new zealand will never be the same new zealand before this killing spree and after are two different countries. we spoke to political and social commentator mo answer he believes that new zealand are thirty's have tough choices to make in the wake of the attack. up until then new zealand has been seen on the counterterrorism account radicalisation kind of mapping as a relatively to risk area they've had quite positive programs of integration they've brought muslims community who are contributing and working and living happy lives there and so this is going to be a profound shock to many people not least that there is a soft target they're not seen as being outwardly aggressive towards muslims and are trying to work positively what we're going to now see are the great challenges for new zealand are you going to respond by hardening your borders are you going to
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respond with a hostile environment like you've done in the u.k. one of these guys is radicalized australia who allowed these far right groups to unite in complicity grow and get funding and allowed to spread who are the ones who support them where does the money go we need to follow the money we need to find out how these groups are allowed to thrive because it is a real problem now for more details and live updates on this tragedy you can always head to our website r.t.e. dot com. in other news this hour an exchange of fire has escalated tensions between israel and palestinian islamists in the gaza strip israeli warplanes bombed around one hundred hamas linked targets in response to two rockets sent into television is the first such attack on central israel since the two thousand and fourteen war.
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there were no casualties on the israeli side well four palestinians were wounded hamas has denied it was behind the rocket attacks and media reports claim the israeli authorities now believe the rockets were launched accidentally we spoke to journalists on both sides of the border. in a lot of statements issued by different political political leaders here very nice ryle. particularly can look into some of the. most prominent he does one being any guns who is a serious contender for the upcoming elections among other things he says that it is time that israel and. hamas leaders but also other political leaders saying that they expect out of prime minister binyamin netanyahu with very serious response given what happened last night last night was one of the scariest and most frightening nights for the civilians in the gaza strip as the israeli military carried on airstrikes in the entire gaza strip thousand ministry of health
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has reported that four civilians have suffered burns and injuries as a result of the airstrikes that happened last night all the palestinian factions have denied any involvement with the escalation that happened last night the night before last night hamas said that it's looking into the shooting bowing to take measures against those responsible for it. my colleague neil harvey spoke to the israeli education minister naftali bennett to get his reaction to this latest incident. we cannot accept this. rocket fire on our homes here in tel aviv and down in the negev we left the gaza strip about thirteen years ago now and. the moment we left they've been shooting rockets at us so we will not give up any more land it just doesn't make sense when we had learned
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over to the arabs they turned it into a radical islamic terrorist state and now it's time to fight back to the state and we will the u.n. says that an armed palestinian civilians were shot by israeli forces are you surprised that there is an aggressive response coming from palestinians who have the right of self-defense and they do not accept any sort of preach from folks on the other side of the world when we're being shot rockets from a piece of territory that we handed over to the arabs what i can say is that we won't do that again. no one's trying to preach i don't think everybody understands no matter what the grasp of the situation in the middle east is that the violence the cycle of violence continues and begats more aggression. how is you know the what you're suggesting going to improve the situation we left gaza we
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want peace the moment they stop shooting missiles at my children's. home and kindergarten is the moment there will be peace we have no territorial demand over gaza and they just need to stop it if they stop it there will be peace that's very simple. it is heading for yet another cliffhanger after british m.p.'s voted to delay the u.k.'s departure from the european union prime minister theresa may will now return to brussels and seek an extension to the brakes at dudley with just two weeks before the currently scheduled exit date frustration is building in westminster we are like a circle in a spiral like a wheel within a wheel never ending or beginning on an ever spinning real it's just going on and on and on now we're told that the way that we can avoid any delay is to support the deal that the government has concluded with the european union at this house as my
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own girlfriend has just mentioned has twice rejected that deal most recently only two days ago the deal is dead it cannot be resurrected was her deal and no deal a simply no longer viable option it isn't just the prime minister let down by the way the country's been misled and now the plan has been mislaid she has bludgeoned us black and blue with a brain food deal on her robotic mantra of it's my deal or no deal this is a waste of time and a waste of time for our chamber and that should not be happening what we should be to is thinking and mapping out a way forward and the way forward is to extend article fifty british people are sick of the sprits it's most people in this house are. a third vote on bragg's that will take place next week if m.p.'s again vote to reject theresa may as planned she will have to ask brussels for a long delay which could last years that could potentially trigger
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a general election or a second referendum on the other hand if it is passed the prime minister could request a postponement to the end of june by then the u.k. might either leave the block with a deal or walk away with nothing at all if both sides fail to reach a consensus and to see a church looks at some of the possibilities still on the table as parliament turns on may. it's been a very hectic week here in parliament with a series of votes meant to eliminate certain possibilities of what bragg's it might end up looking like if you recall just on tuesday night we saw m.p.'s reject to resubmit bracks a deal that she painstakingly staking we negotiated with brussels reject that for the second time around then on wednesday night we saw a big new to the possibility of a new deal bracks it which of course still didn't take that option off the table however are no thursday nights the last of
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a series of crucial votes at least for now where m.p.'s got together to vote on a possible extension of the bracks a deadline the original bragg's a deadline now march twenty ninth as many as four hundred twelve m.p.'s said yes to extending the deadline two hundred two said no that's a majority of two hundred ten votes so certainly quite a considerable margin that indicates if there's anything the house of commons can agree on at this point it's that they're not ready for bracks it to take place at the agreed deadline of march twenty ninth now the big question is to resubmit has to get energized yet again find her way back to brussels and try to get an extension agreement from members of the european union so what is this extension going to be used for is the big question and that's an answer that certainly brussels wants to hear from the u.k. but also that's an answer that teresa mayes going to have to find before she tries
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to get back into any kinds of negotiations or talks or whatever you want to call it attempts to try to figure out what happens with all of this next we mustn't get carried away with the idea that this was a great victory for the prime minister in the government tonight and it's it's my. to delay by four hundred twelve to two hundred two this was a defeat and it can't be dressed as a victory remember we must first be leaving on the twenty ninth of march and when no where near that even if let us say by some political miracle she wins next week at the time of asking the terms of the matter is west still going to need an extension because we don't have the domestic legislation in place to be able to leave in a in a reasonable way. more news after this short break. he's
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not an ideological scarecrow russia is a real neighbor was whom we'll have to leave always being in nato e.u. or wherever and. for us to go to russia to told to russia and to understand. the internet is not built for security so we have to take it to a different level and we have to take the new value that is five g. level but you can embed security security is an industry and the security has all they need to expose the fears and only making devices so that people get great and they think that they should know we have to come up with new infrastructure this is
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very important to start thinking positively about the new tools to build a new system. welcome back the fight against islamic states last remaining pockets of resistance in syria is entering its final moments u.s. backed opposition forces they are on one thousand three hundred myself and their families surrendered on thursday in the syrian town of the s.d.f. also claims at least one hundred and twelve militants were killed after a massive military offensive was launched a few days ago with the help of u.s. air support. meanwhile as concerns increased about ring i saw extremists to trial
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in their countries of origin one german father has shared his views on the issue as both his sons left the country to join eisel here's a story. this is fabian my eldest sons who should be in a prison of the free syrian army now. and this is my ul my youngest son's. but. they both embraced islam they said it was their decision and it was the right face both of them left a goodbye letter they both said thank you for being good parents. in opposition. so they were thankful and said we had been the best parents they
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asked us to trust that it just was their faith and their way which they had to follow. the course of. three weeks ago i received a call saying that my older son fabian ended up as a prisoner of the free syrian army which i did. because anonymous but it was very credible no one was asking for money it was simply informational that three days before fabian has been taken prisoner together with twenty other people. being. there are between seventy or eighty german young women children men who are currently being held prisoner in syria from a legal point of view i think the german government has an obligation to bring these children back for two reasons one is that they are german citizens and the
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other is the state is partly responsible for letting so many young people go to syria. the response to france's yellow vest protest by the country's police force is putting civil liberties at risk that's according to a french human rights watchdog. the details of morning you might find some of the images in this report disturbing. rubber bullets tear gas on the vehicles the way the president mccraw and has responded to the mass anger of the yellow vests movement has sparked widespread condemnation. and friends along with the decline of public services a policy of strength and security and repression has taken root in the face of the terrorist threat social troubles and fears about an immigration crisis that has the
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country's human rights on but simon in his annual report shocked to borne the says that the number of people of wasted is unprecedented. and some of the weapons used to disperse the crowd should be prohibited over the course of the protests thousands of people were injured some lost they are as others had the heads blown off you know. i. believe them and started to shoot to help the firefighters to get through and it was the last thing that i remember it was because actually that after the hour and a grenade hit my head if. i. now want to see who lost and i was the government is completely blind even with the video footage they called accept responsibility for what is happening. but the
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french government rejects the claims saying the police officers will fertik to themselves you have to ask a simple question do our security forces have the right to defend themselves in the face of the ultra violence of some demonstrators both the united nations and council of us have criticized the excessive force of mccombs response we encouraged the government to continue dialogue and urged. investigation of all reported cases of assessing use of force the heavy handed way the president quelled at the protests and dealt with public anger continues to haunt him. thomas. that's a wrap up of the day's top news for now but don't forget you can always find us on many of your favorite social media platforms like twitter and facebook for up to the minute reports.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the brig's it saga continues a deeply divided british house of commons can only seem to agree on one thing it doesn't want the u.k. to leave the e.u. without a deal the problem is there isn't a parliamentary majority on what to do next maybe this was to resumes planned all along breaks it down winners. think or a thumb up from what they. thought they acquired to cost. for
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your. vision of a joy on their own a form of fear and i don't think i want to. justify. something i thought it was a couple of. you just got me. well of course through the ok sign here to watch a football for you. i think i want. to go you want to be able to perform your both could think now that they're. fearful. for a while i call them for the night. q. were like the one all the ease can use a strike you need to leave the use these words that i should not thought of is that a very difficult part of your job to have time to. know know they are lucky and
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they are lucky to be in the same generation a great cross. believes will have the phenomenal cif who would you say he's the strongest. so joe's a dentist man just the city liverpool and barcelona complete the quarter final line up of the champions league you predicted to active for correctly this week in general so it does show to the public at monza that. he's the name. of the week because of course it was a fantastic team performance that that result. of the
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first leg we dealt that personality without that you know how we dealt that special natural ambition and pride. i don't think would be would be possible is one of these situations where a stew of years because these is the result is the performance of the goals is the is the mental strength and everything everything together i think you've the team of the week. the manager of the week but the if you have to choose the the man of the week icing has to be him because. you need to leave the use these were not taught and he's the guy that brings everything we team more than the leader driver we've got thing wouldn't be possible to do this the two goals that score india. to pick over and although goal specially now that
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it becomes a nine much more than you was before and as i was saying is difficult to score against that lead to go it is difficult to believe that that that tickle can lose a match. but maybe the approach is wrong. on icing juventus was was brave i think allegedly prepared the team in a very good way we did the offensive line very very far from from. the first serve to go halves a shot in ninety minutes and as i was saying when you have in the box or on the box that special cue or like when all the ease and the sync will happen that's why i said when the house because. was hard to see you have a favorite after losing to a new louis but was also hard to say no chance at all that if any team can can do
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it is your vendors and let me tell you that i'm not unhappy at all because in the end. only one that won it into leaving for the whole season. with regard to you now although he's thirty four years old now he seems to save himself the big stage mean you talked about athletic defense very strong i think we had over twenty clean sheets this season already but they couldn't cope with renowned o. in the air which seemed to surprise no i think. it's career is going through. different phases in his list periods in real in the less d. a couple of years he was already being like a second striker and now i seem key is a striker ease and number nine and he runs less chooses is movements use effort. the defensive help have foot is less and less.


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