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we were teaching these kids about racism about police brutality taking pride in who they are these kids are a part of history. i'd quite like a swim to but there's no time. to. kill people and. this is a special tent. it shields the freshly poured concrete from direct sunlight and rain. this section when be opened until the concrete has hardened enough of. those little both of you look at the time when you will one of the golf club ready just on. the concrete mix is prepared according to a special recipe and it has to be high performance concrete that's extremely stable in water.
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bars are set up with. the i use few. players but for. most of that. anyone who's ever built their own data hasn't afraid of concrete. was what it was or to do or did you know but to show for you when the book was both . ok i know you're sitting there having a loft and thinking there was scuba divers down there waiting for my signal to release a couple of dolphins but honestly the truth is much more straightforward lots of plankton builds up around the pillows and that attracts fish and then you know what attracts the dolphins. it's little boy. do you
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feel. old that. once again rashad is visiting on to reno as he still failed to find the bride will try. if approach later the interest of you so there would. be joint custody she dies of course the whole bundle let you go just to name two months arena just rashad adopting the strategy instead of scouring crimea you should look for a bride here and some on. moving here the last few little words there's a little much to do. here sue cliffs there are more took a. poll on the wrong. point zero itself work. that you know. it's interesting you can you go to them and you put up a sky just like you want you to just have set aside a slight this is how vehicles board the ferry literally bumper to bumper it's hire
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some ordeal first you have to wait in line for tickets then line up for inspection then again to actually board with the music. after all that even in good weather and depending on how many cars there are the crossing can say two to three hours even though the actual sailing time is only fifteen to twenty minutes but if it's stormy forget it you stay ashore praying for the weather to break. but i. just got here of course today with a little well it was a little bit more disconcerting. ferries have the cerro of romance about them i really hope they keep going after the bridge opens. you know and i made it across the straits she's going on to moscow and all this and for shots in some on. all serene this prophecy was friday. it's shots has finally found a bride
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a schoolteacher called elvira. and now they're off to sin for all people to shop for a wedding dress. that circus three hours to get from to monte kirk's because there was no queue at the crossing then another three and a half hours to simferopol it's almost seven hours in total but when the bridge opens for shots no virar will be able to reach them for opal and half the time but . look what's interesting is. friends about this. old guy that the new love us. because it is through michelin. is so short it's in. no way. to turn. that down it was the kopassus one but the most moved. to
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just not. installing the bridges which is the grand culmination of the project before the arch was installed it was just two of the painted sections heading towards each other once the arch is installed it becomes a bridge bit on finished. both arches were built in carriage the railway arch was first to be installed the bridge builders did something quite unique. to shift the arch towards the fairway they laid it all to floating continents. the six thousand ton bomb all started ploughing through the water. here it's been placed over the void between. tellus
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a few hours later that it's lifted into place by special giants chicks. looking to sell out it's hard to believe that the man is capable of anything quite so grant. but just six weeks later the bridge builders pulled the same trick again but the highway arch this time. on the black sea coast is so well as home to one of crimea's most beautiful light houses just fifty kilometers from courage and surprisingly it still works and still lights the way for passing ships. cheerful because those guns and pistols keep
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almost all some sort of mortar the boys thought would sure not most of you to see out of noor. but if you know my. dear calls to look positions you've just heard things get out that. you. just another ten kilometers drive south from the lighthouse and you find yourself in the approx two reserve we can see incredibly beautiful salt lake's delightful babies and the mysterious grotto. itself aerial mantic. up the course across the bay of ideals. and. well the commune the whole idea of this is born of government sent to. the end of this in this week you going to go. to the. i know that.
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it's a very important day for shots and it's there in a car or a muslim wedding ceremony. all of the shots relatives aunts sisters and brothers are here all of them. getting cold feet so she's reluctant to leave the car. with come to the con spec mosque and starry crim it's one of the most ancient mosques on the peninsula. some seven hundred years ago starry crim or caribbean as it was known then was the golden horde's administrative center. it's also the origin of crimea's modern name. this is the location ryszard chose for his in the car. to be honest i've never been inside a mosque before this is just as exciting for me as it is for the bride and groom. i
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don't understand a single word but even so it's very moving. always wanted to come here in winter and yesterday there was literally a stall i can't imagine how the builders can stand this weather. i've been on the bridge for about ten minutes and my face already feels as though it's being caught in a siberian frost during a storm crane operations are suspended but today the wind has subsided and work is on the way you know no course. groups near.
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when you have all the news your. most close your fist pull your voice it will. give you a bit of both a. good hour debacle over how you know it so. big building a but if you just know what the other fellow both are most of the book will see. more. world war two. the working man the canteen is sacred in fact it's like a factory all by itself. it is actually comparable to the construction site. is a typical lunch. one thousand and eighty liters of soup two hundred seventy kilos
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of salad one hundred twenty kilos of me to patties thirty kilos of humpback salmon and vegetables fried chicken forty five kilos not to mention five hundred liters of fruit cody all you have to agree that's pretty epic. either washed or. you can but fear stitching up or you get that only you can not figure what's next for you. you mean your words not show some muscles that are strong. force to push for what you shop or for the us the. canteen works around the clock breakfast is prepared one night lunch is cooked in the morning from lunch time on which they make dinner and this continues. to. put forward. last month or so.
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most of the worst for me is presumes does it work when you say. no to school church school nothing to. live up a little get with your little brother or those portraits on those i'm. told. is that your to. thank. someone. and what they are what they cost. for you. to come forth and i don't think i want to. but i thought it was a couple of. singing it just got me. the christmas spirit the
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ok sign you know what you know full well for you if they think. you want to steal their fun. get on thing now nothing. now that you're fucking in. the united. states. during the great depression which are old enough to remember there was most of the family were unemployed working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hope for. there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn
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principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo down engineer elections manufacture consent and other prince holds according to no on. one set of rules for the rich officer said. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of narrow schecter of will switch rule is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. december squad and had a smile on for all performing artists shows are always back to back this is my new
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album being released. pretty. odd to. make. this. even if. there's an old russian saying from the boats to the ball and that's exactly what i just did but in my case it was the other way around i want to refrigerated fish transport vessel bound for the black sea my first time aboard the big fridge so that arch is now our gateway to the black sea. the channel between the pillars had cyclone. when the arch is when up but only for seventy two hours.
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we're fishing for ham some locals it's a sort of toad some fish residents of courage and some on well know what i mean when life was tough i'm signed potatoes were the staple foods as a curse native i believe is the only place where you can enjoy properly salted ham something good to save. a little. wind up my. good little job of being the one to set up the garden or go out and out of the. neighborhood with didn't even have time soon join our team. i think a little bit i think. you. are trolling that scalds on something that's once meters we're having to drift around to recover what's left of our fishing gear. one of.
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those elections among fishermen about a monster that lives in the black sea it must be true with cauterets. oh. absolutely loose. it will. never go as. well that was good. for the rebels. the arch spans saul thirty five meters above sea level. the builders have to use a lift which of course is operated by the attendant today because students. look at it up with all the all. northbridge
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a good. word good. to start a. new this is a new book and another source of. loving good group large global. water are. looking up. for you to judge. and. takes me back to the joy of being allowed to press the lift button just a few dollars years ago. if i don't. courage to mark it as an absolute must if you ever get the chance from. what i was taught that if
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i were to come was to be missed not of the rest. of the holidays i will agree with that but i mean it. and this is the fish given the press is a must know each and every black sea fish like an old friend you can find all the local specialties here. but i did see when you might yeah i knew she would. most likely. hold up and i love that this mother is. glassy astley. her. be sure to check out this markets you won't be disappointed. this is for this narrative. that i supply details that i'll know it. but i was going to let it die that i'd never be able. to live that. i know what the pioneering plot onto. island where the road is ready. itself is was
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put together in less and that's why it's commonly referred to as the cake. of your current world lost when you were no matter when installing the guardrails world war you're. the third of those learned. here. near. to the fields in. the woods. last year. it took thirteen thousand kilometers of steel bars to reinforce nineteen bridge spans for a fall and wrote. the plane arriving from moscow to sydney covers roughly the same distance. after the spencer finished they were covered with six
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hundred ninety seven thousand five hundred nine square meters of ashfield. i'm so lucky to be here in some on for a stare. at the lovely church of the intercession of the holy virgin is here it is . the cossacks built it in seven hundred ninety three a year after they landed on the team on coast. the church has never stopped working not even during soviet times that's why some very vibrant stations have been preserved here for example during the cross procession they close the triage gates and cossacks stand guard on every entrance to stop evil spirit. answer in the
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temple. was this. construction of the crimea bridge joke to use its official title to cook straight road bridge carried on for eight hundred sixteen days never stopped not even for a day. delicious seventy four bridge designs were submitted for consideration. just imagine the scope of that competition when construction of just begun it seemed an incredibly sophisticated project but through the skill and professionalism of tens of thousands of people the crimea bridge is actually ready.
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but if you were. the first person to drive across the bridge is the president giving it his stuff of the pros. here is your problem with an interview with no flow but the good lord but the important development of the woman who will forgive you is to. watch a great road it only took sixteen minutes to cross from time un to coach. it was immediate in the. deleted going to eat league that only he was when you're sure he knew. less. you sure believe it. do
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a little bit of wash. at the plate it to see the shoes spicy. you know there aren't punin so this is crimea just scats two weeks before the bridge opens the had a baby daughter. says joseph a new. i think she suspects in the middle of the shots they call her malacca which means angel and hans hart looks as though over shots crimea relatives will have to visit them from the. us they're in while she's still driving trucks but from now on she'll spend a lot less time on ferries that are younger brother years are you know the back of a player well now it's time to go home.
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for the long haul before you could ever get them on the must do. on serene i and i had into curch on the bridge our waits wasn't in vain. did. this one do a good review but we don't are still plenty enough to study the tools of more thorough of the order so order more she should be done for the me securely news to genius or both to. use a full of holes in your living room with the can you. still don't get the right to it's what. the poor brain surgeon is through generally speaking. in the few minutes on serene i will meet her sister in curch i you know loser promised to you instead of would you still only scares the shit. more
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photos here want a couple more smug affects of the butler. was camels and other stuff i want people to watch. for little. more. than the innocent little boy you. see. to believe a plea of guilty. pleas from his soon to be clearly. least. couple. consumer more sleep.
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sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep. lucky. lucky. lucky.
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i do think the numbers mean from the matter to us of the one trillion dollars of debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich he put six percent world market rose thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and if we rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overrule. the only number you need to remember in one one business show you know bored to miss one and only boom box. is nonsense ideological scarecrow russia is a real neighbor who will have to leave it always being in nato you or wherever
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and it's in our interests to go to russia too cold for russians learn to understand . oh. dear it's great to know. we've been a real gunshots to begin murders drawls all life. becomes our last community young people are deciding if they want to pull not like their parents not like the liberals. but blacks always struggle school again you always have problems but you are going to focus a lot it's the most ubiquitous going on out there most police departments use it almost over stores in the school tell to take a. get their hands on tom as i'm twenty four hours. through it teaching these kids about racism about police brutality taking pride in the they are these kids are
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a part of history. of. terror attack in new zealand mass shootings at two mosques in christchurch killed forty nine people and injured forty eight others many of the survivors are in a critical condition. the largest is that the monument splashing money and think oh my lord oh my god it's going to happen to me no it was done we believe it will and everybody just on the top of the back doors just to save themselves for suspects are now in.


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